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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone; I open this topic because I was curious to hear about your experiences (if any ) with having bad roommates to live, either now or in the past. It's also so I can share my experience with you guys and why not hear some advice to how I should act. So I finished highschool two years ago and began going to college ; more precisely EPFL, in Switzerland. Because life there is expensive however, and because I had little time to search, I needed to find a place where I can live with a roommate so the rent doesn't kill all the money I recieve monthly from my family. There were people from my highschool I knew for quite a long time, around 6 or 7 years, who were my friends, who were also going to study there; So I naturally told myself: "I'll just ask one of them to live in a shared studio, no biggie; I know these guys very well." So I settled with this guy that I was seeing everyday and I though to myself it was going to be great! One of my best friends living with me is neato, right? Oh god how wrong was I... he has the worst defaults he could fear with a roommate: NEVER cleaned any part of the studio since we got here, including bathroom, where we cook, etc... sometimes cleans the dishes days after he used them; hugely wasteful person too; I have to take care of everything here, he just doesn't fucking care at all. I did try to talk to him a LOT of times, but he just forgets every fucking time, and does the same annoying stuff barely days after I tell him; and it's really taking over my patience, as I became more and more angry all the time. We barely even talk anymore these days. I have been thinking of moving out for quite some time now, but the studies take so much time I can't concentrate on that. But next year, I'm sure I will not stay with him, I'll find a way to move out (without fucking him over either, don't worry I'll warn him). If I had one advice to give to those thinking of having a roommate? Choose carefully, not because they're your friend; find yourself a respectable and clean person, or believe me you're going to explode. Any of you guys had such bad experiences?
  2. Gallus the Griffon sabotaged the Hearth's Warming tree with a purpose, so that he didn't have to go back to Griffonstone and face the loss of his family. Now, with the help of Twilight and his fellow classmates, he must go to Griffonstone and face the tragic circumstances surrounding that dark day in his life.
  3. This guy has some guts to stick out. What's your take on this image? Bear in mind that a motherload of hate has been spewed all over this image on Buzzfeed, Cheezburger, Reddit, and multiple cringe websites (stay away from 'em )
  4. Hello everyone! I'm curious if there are some students in this wonderful community? What are You studying? And why this? Share Your educational chooses. (If there's any mistakes in my post - sorry and feel free to give me any correct )
  5. Why does abandoning her studies and pursuing her own path lead her to go to the Equestria Girls universe? What benefit does she have of going there? The movie seems to imply she went herself on her own accord and was not banished to there or anything like that.
  6. Basically I am starting this thread for those artists who either seek a tutor or want to tutor others themselves. Preferably tutors. I will be compiling a list of Tutors and potential students here. I will start a list of people who are willing to give tips and help other less experienced artists. This is all devoted to the love of art itself. And art doesn't necessarily mean drawing or digital art. It can also be written works as well. This is to get artists and potential students together to be able to create more beautiful fan art! If you are interested in being a Tutor, post below what you would be willing to tutor. It might also be helpful to others if you could link a youtube video of you teaching. Tutors and their Field (Digital art, Drawing, etc.):
  7. I ask this because my GCSEs are coming up in a few weeks and I'm starting to feel guilty about revision. I've been putting it off a lot. Getting motivation is hard enough, but when I do, I have no idea how to start. I've been told so many times by teachers that just reading the information doesn't work, but I did nothing but that for a biology exam last month and I somehow managed an A*. I really don't know. :/ So I ask you: How would you revise for an exam?
  8. I searched, and never found a topic related to this, so sorry if there is one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all know Trixie. We also all know how Twilight became princess. Now, I know this may never happen, but, what if, Trixie became Twilights student? How would you react? What would you do?
  9. So, are there any of you bronies who know of and or are members of the international group "Students for Liberty", otherwise known as SFL? What are they? They are mainly students from mostly colleges and High schools working to spread the ideas of Liberty and/or Libertarianism to others of their age group. They have a website here were you can learn all about them: The reason I bring this up know is because of their recent international conference in washington D.C. Many Libertarian speakers were there, and about 1400 attendees. There was even an episode of Stossel which will likely be re-airing based in the conference, allowing students come up and ask questions of the speakers. They even had a Republican and Democrat each come in to defend their views and be questioned by the students attending. And all in all this was very fun to watch. So, do you know of this group and/or conference? And what are your thoughts?
  10. Twilight Sparkle enjoying a good book and a warm cup of joe from her favorite mug. Kinda bummed the really light shading doesn't show too well, but oh well.
  11. How did your first experience go when you wore your My Little Pony T-Shirt outside anywhere public? What happened? looks, events, conversations, etc. I just now, today, got back from wearing my "Derpy is Best Pony" T-Shirt from school, and it was pretty awesome the whole time. I can recall that I heard some girl say "Why is he wearing a Unicorn shirt...?" while I was walking to the bus. I wanted to say "It isn't a Unicorn it's a pegasis, see the wings? " but I wouldn't say anything like that, and I just kept onto the bus. I met another Brony today, he's pretty cool! and I showed another Brony friend my Derpy shirt and we just Brohoofed and watched Sweety Belle troll on youtube during lunch. T'was a fine day indeed. Didn't get teased or Bullied, but if I did i'd just Love and Tolerate the Buck out of em'. I'll defintely be wearing Derpy again later in the year, when I don't look like Snow Flake with my unwanted Buzz Cut.
  12. Hello all, i have a strange request that maybe someone out there would help me with. I have the music and the beat inside of my heart and mind but i don't understand how to express it and put it into a program. I'm looking for a mentor, someone who will teach me and take me under their wing, the Celestia to my Twilight if you will. So.....whaddya say?
  13. This was filmed in 2010. Discuss. [media=][/media]