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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everypony, I'm certain this topic has been posted multiple times, but I was hoping somepony could tell me about the all the Applejack hate going on (Such as memes and stuff) Here's a good example of what I mean: I simply do not understand: She's a nice and sweet, probably the most hardworking. I'm not trying to make a big deal about it , though could somepony tell me why most of the bronies dislike Applejack? :?
  2. Im just curios as to how crappy my car is compared to other people on the forum. I own 2 cars The first is my daily driver and its an 12 year old ford focus (yes it actually dose have a moustache) Its done 147,000 miles and is falling apart I cant complain though I got it for £400 (about $650) The second car is was a 1994 Subaru liberty rs wagon It was a restoration project I started 2 years ago and never finished it is currently in about 4 million pieces in my back garden. so if you drive what do you drive? ps after searching through my computer I cant find any photos of the focus and I deleted all the Subaru pics ages ago Its pouring with rain outside and its also night so Ill try and get pics up tomorrow
  3. What is the real definition of Mary sue? How the hell do you recognize one? What's your opinion about Mary Sue OC? We all know this word. You can easily find this magic words in some fanfics, roleplays, fan made characters, tabletop games, or whatever else. Lots of people seemed to be throwing it around and around with blatant disregard about its true meaning. The more fanmade materials this fandom creates, the more ambiguous the term become. Heck, some even call any characters s/he doesn't like as Mary Sue So what do you say about it? Funmode: create the worst Mary Sue you can get in less than five minutes. Post the resulting horror in a spoiler.
  4. ****Disclaimer: Please don't have a flame war over differing opinions; This article may contain spoilers, if you're reading this, I presume you've watched all three movies***** So the other day, me and my friend; Let's call him Josh..yeah so me and Josh were watching the Equestria Girls DVD when we had an argument over some things (we argue a lot so it's no biggie ^^). So anyways, Josh suggested I ask you guys some stuff, so here we go: 1. Which EG Movie is your favorite and why (EG/RR/FG)? 2. Favorite Equestrian Girl/ Guy? Note: I'm referring to the human world characters, this has nothing to do with the ponies back at Equestria 3. Favorite EQG song? Yes, I'm making you chose one, sorry. So here are what we answered (You can skip this part): 1. R: Rainbow Rocks: best music, well developed plot, AWESOME ending! J: Equestria Girls: Apparently, because it's Theater-Quality.. 2. R: Sunset Shimmer: Well developed character,although FG's ending was kinda overkill. J: Trix...I mean, The GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE (he really likes Trixie). 3. R: Better than ever J: Friendship through the Ages
  5. Since Season 5 is now over, 'tis a while until the next season, season 6. What are your hopes for this next season? New EoH? Extremely new Evil Villain? Celestia Episode? Ships Canonized? New ALICORN?! Put in the comments what YOU want in the new season!
  6. This may be the dumbest question in history. Anyways. I have heard of the full editor where I can make my signature, and use smilies that aren't computer faces (Like : D and : ) stuff like that), and stuff like that. But no matter how hard I try, I don't see a "Full Editor" button, or when I click on a topic it doesn't pop up. I was about to chuck my computer out the window out of frustration, so I finally came to ask the question. How can I turn on/access the full editor? o3o
  7. Rule are simple. Write thing you say or complain about. Why is there no brony convention close where I live.
  8. Hey everyone, As you can probably guess I have been drawing again. (Oh what a surprise!!! ) But I have drawn 2 drawings of Frozen, both of which I would like you to help me get better! They are both portraits but totally different styles. (Also I decided Frozen should have bows in her mane Time goes by and things have to change!) 1) <---- This piece took me about an hour to complete 2) <---- This one took me about an hour and 15 minutes to complete! (Those eyes man!) Please feel free to brohoof and comment. All criticism welcome! Thanks and I hope you enjoy! EDIT - I also struggled with the mane on number 2... Meh Oh well nobody is going to kill me... Or will they...DUN DUN DUN! I will use my force field!
  9. *~WELCOME~* Now look at my art. .....please....? oAo; Yeah, I'm not so good at introductions so I'll just go ahead and post a bunch of the art that I've made. There's a lot, since I've been a fan for a while and made a lot of things. When I make more, I'll post them on this thread too, so you can watch it and stuff. That'll be fun. ^^ To start off, here is my first ever MLP fanmade thing ever. Yeah... Not very impressive. But I had to start somewhere. This was the first idea I had for my ponysona, Sweet Tea. But she went through a few revisions. Later I got better at drawing poses for ponies, and this picture happened. They are Sweet Tea, and two of the ponysonas of my friends, named Muse and Spangle. As you can see, Sweet Tea's cutiemark changed, and I expiramented with a different mane-style. But then later I found myself volunteering to draw the cover page to someone else's fan fiction. That fan fiction was called "Shipping and Handleing" by PegasusRescueBrigade. I volunteered, feeling that I had little chance to be chosen, since I had so few fan art drawings made at the time, but somehow I ended up chosen. Then this picture happened. I highly reccomend that you go look up his fan fictions. They are quite entertaining. Especially if you're a fan of Derpy and pony-shipping. ^^ ....But do not think that I only draw ponies. I am also pretty good at humans. I drew this specifically so that they'd look like somewhat-cartoony "real" people. No funny hair colors... except Rainbow Dash, but hers is dyed so it doesn't count. And Twilight has a science book because I figure that if she was in our world, she'd be a big science geek. ..."Friendship is Science" doesn't really have the same ring though. So then later I started a Tumblr Blog about Sweet Tea, who had then become less of a ponysona and more of her own character seprate from me. She now has a backstory, her own hopes and dreams, her own friends. ...But she still likes tea just as much as I do. XD From left to right, they are Jazz Hooves the blind saxophone player, Number the math whiz kid who is also Jazz' little brother, Sweet Tea wearing some horribly frilly things, and my friend's OC Phenomena the cave-pony who was frozen in a block of ice and awoken in modern times. ...I don't know how ponies can hold tea cups with their hooves either. ....And that's all for now! 8D Might add in more from my dA account if I realize I forgot things.
  10. K so I sent in a song to eqd and got an email back saying "to review" instead of "to the queue" like they normally put. So what does "to review" mean?