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Found 2 results

  1. PurplePony

    My Piggy

    Before this entry I would like to thank every pony who took the time to read my last blog and current/future blogs. A special thanks @ TwistedShadow Thank you for the support man, even if you don't read them all (i don't expect that lol) it is nice to know others care and got your back in a moral support kindda way. So thank you all and on that note here is my next entry This started out as a writing excersize it got really deep, really fast. All the things I wrote there looking back was about things me and my dad shared. I wrote this before he passed.... I think I am going to print out the bit about my piggy and tuck it in his suit pocket.. Finally feelin good! So I am going to set a timer for I think about 15 min, For this period of time I am just going to express the emotions in my face. There will be no backspace button so sorry for the really bad grammar. Feel free to comment or leave your own 15 minutes of writing! I wanna hear what is on your mind too guys! Ok, I will start with a bit about me, I am stubborn, I like cheese. Cheese is so good! My favorite way to eat cheese is fried in a fry pan.... gooey on the inside crispy on the outside. It's so good. I make myself hungry too often lol. What else is on my mind today? Racism in chocolate bars! I am unsure if this is unintentional or not but I can't go around calling people dark if they are black they get offended. So why do we call it dark chocolate? Also has anyone else noticed that white chocolate is always before the dark and milk.... just puttin it out there. People get angry over such dumb political correctness I bet one could actually create a chocolate up roar and have the name change to sound 'right'. NOT trying to be racist or anything I was just thinking of how people are offended by the Red Skins team name, it got me thinking that people take things way too far. I would like pudding right meow. What kind of desserts do my readers like? I made a black forest cake the other day and oh my gosh was it ever good. I feel out of touch with what is going on in the world.. anything cool lately? I miss my piggy he was the ugliest, most cutest piggy I ever did see. My daddy gave him to me when I was born, ever since then my piggy was always there for me. I remember if I had a bad day at school, if my friends were picking on me, whatever happened good or bad piggy was there lookin at me cheering me on from the confined space of my bedroom. In my mid teen years I forgot how important he was to me and I stopped telling him what was going on ( I know this sounds weird but I had no one and I have had no one for as long as I can remember.) Little by little I neglected my piggy. Then something tragic happened, I lost my home and for a long while I lost my family. Its a long story that ended in flames. My house burnt and I moved away to finish school even more alone than I ever realized possible. I worked full time and finished high school, I didn't graduate at the top of my class but I exceeded my expectations, and as much as I would like to say I was completely alone, I wasn't my piggy was there through it all. Through all the crazy moves, the guns that were pointed, the frantic struggles, my piggy was there through it all. The worst incident was the first house I lived in, I was threatened by my land lord with a gun and ended up leaving with the police I had 20 min, to get everything and leave he was there. He was there when the next house I could find was a crazy ass nun who went through my personal stuff and destroyed my ability to go to church. He was even with me at the next house I could afford... my roomate was a coke head! It pains me greatly to write this next bit, the tears won't stop. The last move, the place I am at now 2 years since my life went to absolute shit my piggy is no longer with me. I lost him in the last move. I don't know where he went. My only friend, where did you go? I am so sorry I wasn't there for you like you were for me. I am sorry I could not be as faithful as you. You always were there to listen and soak up the tears. You would remind me of when things were good. Now you are gone. gone forever and it pains me so. I have not mourned the death of family like I have mourned the loss of my piggy. I cry almost every night thinking about him, it haunts me every night. All I want to say is I miss you dear friend, you will always be greatly missed. Like my piggy daddy you are gone, my dear friends you will be greatly missed. I cherished every moment we had together <3 ~PP Leave your own 15 min rant or response to mine? Tell me what you think
  2. Hey guys, Peregrine Skyhawk here and I'm in a bit of a bind. Ever since I got into the brony community I've been trying to get around to making a life-size pony plushie. Of course, I'd need to select one and only one possibility, so I ended up choosing Rainbow Dash (since my brother likes her too, so we came up with a choice we could both agree on) I'm talking about a soft toy about 4 feet tall from head to hoof. Of course, the overall thing presents itself with logistical problems, which I shall address here: Finding a good pattern; never mind the fact that the final result would have to support itself somehow, it's hard to figure that step out in the first place, despite the disparate sources I've seen. What I wonder is what would be considered a good tried-and-true show-accurate pattern to work from. Cutie marks/eyes. My first assumption was via embroidery but I just don't seem too certain about it... Never mind the various colors I'd need to use. Mane/tail. I can't even wonder what would present itself as a good substitute for rainbow hair that is more than the mohawk used in the Canterlot Twilight Sparkle pillows at Target (I have three of them *squee*). Plus that they are rainbow colored *shudder* which would be a problem in and of itself in my choices. I guess that's about it... I've tried looking in the forums w/o success. All I need is to have someone point me in the right direction as to how to approach a project like this. My mom would be willing (and more than able) to execute said project once we have an overall sense of direction. Thanks for your replies! Sean