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Found 21 results

  1. Well, it has been a long time since I have made a thread. I have been inactive on this website for a few months now because of school, work, and life in general. With all of that said and done I would like to talk about something that really grinds my gears. That's gay. This a phrase that many a teenager has probably uttered at some point in their life and it really bothers me when they do. I'm sure a lot of us can agree, whether you're gay or straight, that this phrase is used in a very malicious way when it comes to teenagers. It's a put down, an insult, or an overall degrader. It would seem to me that many teenage guys are very insecure in their masculinity since they are the worst offenders when it comes to using this phrase. I never understood why we guys are so obsessed with trying to be masculine. That's why I had no trouble embracing a colourful show about ponies. I don't think that most realise what they are saying and how hurtful it can be. Although, I'm sure a lot of people use it because they don't care about hurting gay people. What do you guys think about this phrase and how it is used. Do you think it is hurtful? Or do you think it is acceptable? Let me know your thoughts and opinions and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  2. So the art style is terrible... horrible colour, disrespectful use of best pone's cutie mark (Trixie) But let's look at the meaning of this piece Ok, fair enough , let's read the description "The mane six have to be one of the WORST characters (Other than the cast of The Problem Solverz and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, as well as Bubsy Bobcat) I have ever seen.Rainbow Dash - Arrogant b*tch. I cannot stand her! I also hate how she thinks she is so "cool", even though she is actually LAME.Fluttershy - Boring overrated Mary Sue. Enough said.Rarity - Whiny,snobby,annoying b*tch. If she was a real person then she would be one my top ten list of people who I would want to punch.Applejack - Western stereotype with an annoying voice. Do I need to say more?Twilight Sparkle - Boring mary sue with a bad design (But then again, the entire cast of FiM have horribly UGLY designs)Pinkie Pie - One of the WORST characters to ever exist. She is an annoying, creepy bratty bitch who stalks her friends and laughs and smiles so creepily. " Fair opinions... though i disagree about your opinion (expect for the evil Applejack and Twilight Sparkle -Twilight is defiantly not a mary sue!-) and the character design (I LOVE THE G4 CHARACTER DESIGN!) I can see why you would see that... Let's read on "I hate MLP:FiM in general anyway!Stamp template was made by who ever f*cking made it. I cannot remember who made it, though." So you hate the show in general... though it seems like your a fan of MLP who isn't fussed on the Mane 6. Just make an anti MLP stamp instead of being a pretentious a**hole and bating fans in Anyway you got banned from DA... Good riddance. Grapefruit Face
  3. ****Disclaimer: Please don't have a flame war over differing opinions; This article may contain spoilers, if you're reading this, I presume you've watched all three movies***** So the other day, me and my friend; Let's call him Josh..yeah so me and Josh were watching the Equestria Girls DVD when we had an argument over some things (we argue a lot so it's no biggie ^^). So anyways, Josh suggested I ask you guys some stuff, so here we go: 1. Which EG Movie is your favorite and why (EG/RR/FG)? 2. Favorite Equestrian Girl/ Guy? Note: I'm referring to the human world characters, this has nothing to do with the ponies back at Equestria 3. Favorite EQG song? Yes, I'm making you chose one, sorry. So here are what we answered (You can skip this part): 1. R: Rainbow Rocks: best music, well developed plot, AWESOME ending! J: Equestria Girls: Apparently, because it's Theater-Quality.. 2. R: Sunset Shimmer: Well developed character,although FG's ending was kinda overkill. J: Trix...I mean, The GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE (he really likes Trixie). 3. R: Better than ever J: Friendship through the Ages
  4. Hello all. I am FM Synthy Bassilicious Poniest Ponypony Pony. I am a member of this website. Yay. Let's see how this goes... Ask me all kinds of stuffs! I am online very often.
  5. Hi guys, if you don't know me, I'm metallic guitar! Just ask me anything, no matter how stupid it is, I like talking to other people on the forums. if you want to know what I like, go to my profile and look at my about me of course. Go ahead now, let the questions start rollin.
  6. For those who don't know, Karl Pilkington is a tv personality that is defined as an idiot and was a part of a show on HBO\Channel 4. The show was called The Ricky Gervais show. It started off as a radio show, then pod casts, then an animated show. ↓ Here's a video of Karl now. My problem with the show is how Ricky Gervais has pointless conversations with him about anything. Just to show how 'dumb' Karl is. Fact is, yes, he has had some misconceptions about alot of things but that I feel doesn't entail him to be labeled as an idiot. I empathize with the guy. I made a lot of mistakes as he did, mostly saying the wrong wording. I can't find Karl or Ricky to be funny. I just see Ricky Gervais as a bully (I'm not labeling him as a bully, but I just don't see Karl and Ricky being friends). Ricky does a lot of bully-ish verbal abuse to Karl). Karl says alot of smart things, they're just worded funny. Am I wrong for thinking this? Am I just a stick in the mud that can't laugh at something so ingeniously funny as an uneducated man being picked on? Am I just as stupid as Karl Pilkington? Also I'm not sure if this goes in the debate pit, general discussion or media...
  7. Something I made today! It was suppose to be my signature but I made it way to big and making it smaller was proving to be a bother. First time I've ever done something like this so tell me how I did for a first time!
  8. So we all have our favorite pony/ponies and though we may love them there might be a time or two where we go "what the hell do you think you are doing?" Don't get me wrong without some character flaws they would all be Mare E Sue's but at the same time sometimes you just want to slap a filly. Since my favorite pony is a three way tie here they all are. Luna: So far nothing she has done has made me want to slap her, sure she was Nightmare Moon and all but I find her redemption story to be very touching and relatable though I think much of the reason why I have trouble finding something is because as a secondary character she hasn't had as much time on screen to do stupid things. Applejack: The only thing that made me want to slap her was how she treated Zecora in Bridle Gossip, sure all the other ponies except for Twilight at least at first and Applebloom did treat Zecora pretty badly but with the exception of Pinkie Pie Applejack was the harshest. Yes she did take the side of the Appleloosans without even bothering to listen to the buffalo but much of that was due to her concern for her counsin Braeburn so though it is not entirely excusable is a bit more understandable. Twilight Sparkle: The one thing that stands out more than anything else is her calling Gilda a "false friend" at the end of Griffon the Brush Off even though she didn't even know her. Like I have said before, Gilda may have acted like a jerk but with how Pinkie Pie acted like a crazy stalker in most of the episode Gilda had every right to angry at her even if she didn't handle things as well as she could have. The only ponies I wanted to slap more in that episode were Pinkie Pie for the crazy stalker behavior and Rainbow Dash for basically abandoning Gilda even though Pinkie Pie was just as guilty as she was.
  9. Let's see who can think up of the most infuriating moment for MLP:FIM. Gilda hates ponies really because she was laughed at back at Flight Camp. And the reason why? Gilda lost a fight to a Diamond Dog............even though the Diamond dog was acting stupid just to get Gilda to underestimate him/her. And the worst part? Everypony, not just at Flight Camp, but in all of Cloudsdale thought all Griffins are weak idiots because of that event. And all of the Griffin Kingdom gets judge by all almost all sentient beings around them because of that event.
  10. Basically, I'm drawing out a bunch of separate frames on, I'm 11 frames in and realising I have no idea how to put these together to the audio. Would Movie Maker suffice? I have Adobe Flash (which I have no idea how to use) and After Effects (no idea how to use either) Feel free to move this topic if it's in the wrong place. Have a rough frame. (I'll be doing colours and backgrounds later.)
  11. As you all probably know by now, I hated this past weekend's episode and would go so far as to consider it the worst in the series thus far. So you can imagine my amusement in a comic poking fun at the climatic deus ex machina. Here's the the original comic by Hapoppo, complete with a link to the page so you can fav that stuff: And here is the horror that followed (click for maximum carnage):
  12. First off sorry if this is already made cause my search function is broke still Now for us that have a job we all know customers say stuipd things to us well lets put in what they say. K for this one i work overnights Lady says to me "Do you know what time the overnight shift runs?" Guy ordering donuts at counter with the showcase of all our donuts next to him he orders 2 we dont have, i tell him we 're out he orders another 2 we dont have so i fibaly say"you can see what we have in the shoecase rigght here" he says"realy thats what thats for?" Nit at work but i was at a gas station in my work uniform on my way in guy says to me "oh you work at Tim Horton's ?" I look at him puzzled like did he just say this to me? And respond "nope i just wear this for the fashion " almost said heres your sign Thats what i have for now, i know i got a lot more so please share your's
  13. Here's what I found today (translation mine): ------------------------------- Hello Kitty and My Little Pony banned from school for promoting occultism At one of schools in Poznań, Poland, wearing schoolbags & pencil-cases with some cartoon characters has been forbidden because of supposedly promoting occult practices -- reports MM Poznań. "Regarding the grim scenery and occult practices carried on by the cartoons such as "Monster Hight" [sic!], "Hello Kitty" and the "My Little Pony" series, I appeal to the educators to schedule in their class register in bold red ink to prepare a talk with students on the above-mentioned subject (satanism, occultism, vampirism, magic). At the same time I inform, that at the area of KSW school complex, kids should be absolutely forbidden to bring any gadgets related to the above-mentioned cartoons (schoolbags, pencil-cases, notebook covers, shoe bags etc.)." Although "Monster High" really can bring some dark associations to mind, since its characters are related to werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein's monsters etc., then suspecting white & pink kitties from "Hello Kitty" or colorful ponies from "My Little Pony" of praising Satan -- the most famous cartoons from the childhood of many little girls -- could be very surprising. - I read about the dark face of these cartoons in the "Exorcist" newspaper. In fact, one of the parents also brought my attention to that article, since many children were coming to our school with gadgets from these cartoons, especially the children from the first grades of primary school – explains Monika Więckowska, the principal of that school interviewed by MM Poznań. – We will talk more about this case at the meeting with parents, but I've already made a statement to warn parents not to buy any more such gadgets to their kids. The principal assures that the ban will not enter into force overnight, because parents need to have time to buy new shoolbags and pencil cases. - Of course it's not obligatory. I can understand that not every parent can afford to buy a new equipment to their kid just like that, so we won't punish our pupils in any way if they continue to bring such gadgets to our school – assures the Principal. But what if some parent will not agree with the opinion that "Hello Kitty" or "My Little Pony" have anything to do with occultism and will insist that his child has the right to bring such merchandise to school? - When applying to our school, parents sign an agreement to obey the rules of the school's authorities – says Monika Więckowska. – To this day there were no problems with it, and I don't think there would be any problems regarding this particular case too. There's a priest, rev. Sławomir Kostrzewa, which deals with tracking occultism and satanism in cartoons and toys. In one of his online presentations we can read, for example, that the characters of "Hello Kitty" has been created by Ikaha Shimizu as a thanksgiving to Satan for the supposed help in healing his 14-years-old daughter from cancer. In "My Little Pony", in turn, there's a motif of transforming into a unicorn – a symbol of the New Age movement and the Antichrist. As especially harmful he also mentions book about Harry Potter and the "Twilight" saga. The MM Poznań has checked if at the other Catholic schools in Poznań "My Little Pony" and "Hello Kitty" are also banned. - We've been receiving informations about destructive influence of those cartoons too, but we've solved it in a different way – explains Anna Piątek, vice-principal of Public Salesian Primary School – We invited rev. Kostrze­wa to our school, who showed his presentations on the meeting with parents. Parents has been informed about the dangers, but the decision of whether they want to allow their kids to have such gadgets or not, is all up to them. Our school doesn't enforce any prohibitions in this case. There's no such prohibition also in the Public Primary School of the Order of Piarists, but the school authorities refused any comments in this case. Author: Jarosława Szmarowska Original source [in Polish]: ------------------------------- I just have no words for the level of stupidity and devious manipulation techniques they use to ban these cartoons and their message from kids in a way they parents will be convinced that this is their own idea ;-/ Looks like they want they kids so much to be mindless zombies washed out of any empathy and positive emotions. I wonder why don't they have anything against the brutal cartoons full of evil and stupidity. Edit: I sent this link to Twilight Sparkle. Take a look at what she replied
  14. Okay so I was surfing the web and found this article. That is just ridiculous. They are pretty much limiting the fun kids could have at recess. That's not the only thing, I have heard from multiple sources telling stories about about how kids aren't allowed to run on the playground, schools not allowing coloring, or shortening recess. That is just stupid. I mean yeah they do it to raise test scores but kids still need that time to have fun and have a childhood. Also these types of people wonder why obesity is a problem. Well this is probably one of the reasons why. They also do this to make sure the kids are safe. I can see where they are coming from but unless it's a serious injury, then the kid would probably just cry or shake it off. Sorry for the rant, but what do you think of stuff like this?
  15. Brony: (n) A fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who is outside the target demographic, and either self-identifies as a Brony (or Pegasister) or is part of the fan community. Furry: (n) A fan of anthropomorphic animal art and/or other general paraphanilia (anthropomorphic can refer to physical anthros or to those who exhibit sapience or otherwise human-like minds), and either self-identifies as a Furry or is part of the Furry Fandom. Zoophile: (n) Someone who bones or wants to bone non-sapient animals, or has a fetish for the same. (Some groups don't even make exceptions for sapience, either) There can be, and often is, a lot of overlap between the three groups, but to consider that being one automatically makes you one or both of the others is incorrect and usually means that you're either ignorant or a retard. I apologize for disrespecting those with mental disabilities, but I want to make a point.
  16. You've done it world, you have created the dumbest person ever. It just makes me cry how dumb people can be, these people are like the internet kkk. come on, really? Who would do this? I know the motto of our people is "love and tolerate" but, really? This is ridiculous.
  17. So my first strike was when I disputed a video about the movie Avengers I made with the song from Soundgarden, using MLP footage to commemorate the cute ponies non being heroes throughout the seasons, even named it The Equestrians. Cute. That damn song is everywhere on YouTube however, and still is. So I am wondering how come YouTube had a fit and then set a "strike" against my channel, then forced me to take a stupid little survey telling me is a no no to upload clips they don't want to upload because they cannot get any money from them, or something like that, you know, they use the word COPYRIGHT as much as President Bush used 9/11 to excuse his stupidity. Fine. I let it go and kept my channel, hoping that when they say I cannot upload anything, then I just delete it and upload anything I hope they let me show to people that enjoy my classic clips from shows and movies everyone loved ages ago. That is what my channel is mostly, a collection of visual memorabilia that many can enjoy watching. But no, YouTube has to suck on Google's e-penis so F-you right? Right. Now as it turns out, a clip I uploaded from Metalocalypse has been deleted with another "strike", making it clear that if "I" do it one more time my channel will be deleted. Hold the mayonnaise. Just hold the F on here. When I uploaded that clip a WEEK ago, YouTube itself stated yes, it is Copyright BLAH BLAH Adult Swim, BUT it also said it was available to watch except in some places where it was blocked and ads BLAH BLAH so on, like any other time YouTube decided to slap me for uploading something people might enjoy watching. I even Acknowledge that crap so they would leave alone so why did they changed their mind afterwards, including with the threat my channel will be gone if THEY do this again? THEY, not me, they decided to turn around and bite my behind instead of telling me from the very beginning, when I just uploaded said clip, that I could not have it in my channel. This to my understanding is not something that deems YouTube "friendly" towards anything. Seems YouTube has become a blood sucking corporation and a merciless tyrant which can do as it pleases while laughing at you. I have already chosen an alternative to this place, so I am not concerned if my channel dissapears. It will just be a shame that after 70+ subscribers and over 70K views these people just go on and be assholes for no reason in the least.
  18. I drew this is five seconds. Not gonna color it because it'll look even crummier. Drawing ponies isn't a regular thing for me. Usually it's just doodles on my Econ quizzes.
  19. This, my children, is why I should not be allowed to have internet. Or art talent. But, yet, I still have both. Drew all my draggie characters, plus one that I haven't reffed yet. We've got Fletcher, Simmer, Cadence (weird coincidence, yeah. I named her before I started watching ponies XD), an- wait... dammit, forgot someone. Eff. Poor Sylvia, I forgot her. Oh well. and we have Brooklyn, Sapphire, and this new dude... who I'll reff eventually xD Enjoy all this silliness... and, that young Celestia... seem familiar? c:< MASSIVE FILE >: D
  20. So i went out today to hang with some friends and i had my scooter in my truck. We went out to eat at the crappiest fast food place we could find. The food was horrible, so horrible in fact that our friend got the runs. We all laughed at him every time he went to the bathroom. Yeah, we are good friends. Anyways after a couple of hours messing around at the local mall and after i bought some MLP merchandise we decided to mess around outside. I decided to get the scooter i was borrowing and ride it around. A lot of people were looking at me and laughing. they were either in cars or walking their kids. So here comes some jerky teenagers who dont know how to handle their hormones. the conversation we had still makes me laugh. BTW i'm using Swag ironically. like a hipster. shut up sub-conscion Jerky Teenager: Oh my hell! are you riding a scooter? HA not man enough to ride a skateboard huh? Me: Measuring ones manhood by the ability to ride a piece of wood on wheels isn't logical J.T: what? your such a loser. good luck getting a girlfriend f**! Me: *starts riding scooter downhill* Y'ALL ARE JUST JEALOUS OF MY SWAG! my friends then witnessed me fall on my ass since hard rubber wheels do not provide traction and shock absorbency. As they walked to me i pretended to be unconscious. Friend: Are you ok or dead....really hope your dead. i want your xbox Other Friend: No, i get his xbox bro. *proceeds to kick me* Me:*gets up* CRUSH.KILL DESTROY.SWAG. Friend: say swag one more time. Me: Swag mother- he then proceeded to punch me in the grapes. after all that, we had a good laugh and continued on to the beach.
  21. So i was sent to the moon for a week for doing something stupid. There was only me to blame. In turn i blame my bad memory for it. Any who, while i was away i had time to think about my fan fics and my roleplays and i think they are going to get 10.67% better. That remains to be seen but if i dont think im good i will start acting like im no good. So now i have a badge of shame and im pretty sure people are going to avoid me now. Oh well