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Found 51 results

  1. I was wondering what everypony's favourite accessories were. Like, the one thing you wear/take everywhere and never leave home/dwelling/domicile without. It could be anything; A hoodie, a backpack, a tool, a pen, a skateboard, etc. My favourite accessory is actually a tied between my string backpack and my trusty knife. I never leave home without either. I carry everything I or somebody else could ever need or want, from aux cables to duck tape, from survival supplies to sunglasses. I'm addicted to being prepared for anything at any moment, and I always am. Anyway, now it's your turn! What are you waiting for? Post away! EDIT: Wow, I did not expect this thread to become this popular. So far I've responded to every post, but as it picks up I may miss a couple, sorry for that in advance. Thanks to everybody who has and will post here!
  2. As the title suggests, this is the thread where you can compare the style of the upcoming MLP:FiM Movie to the Disney-esque style of the popular fan-animation "The Moon Rises". You are encouraged to tell us your opinion as to which style is better (Or perhaps you think they're similar?), and most importantly why. Don't be shy! Stir up a conversation! But remember to be civil! In case you don't know what I'm talking about or want to refresh your memory, here's a link to the original animation by Duo Cartoonist:
  3. I decided to practise some css for my upcoming school project I put this style out in if someone wants to test it out You can install it there by downloading stylish from I know its bit weird but i tried to put it so you dont have to scroll so much on the index page. If you want the normal index page delete everything after line 897 If you have any suggestions for improvement im happy to hear them EDIT: I changed this a bit better and removed the hovering thing It's now just a normal Purple skin =)
  4. Hey everybuggy, Lately i've been finding myself drawing ponies with my sister, though most of the times we do show characters, sometimes we like to do ponysona's or create OC's, in these cases coming up with mane/tail styles and colors is kind of hard, for picking color you can just use your favorite one, and for mane style we can derive from show characters, ad the ever-popular Rainbow Dash manecut. With that in mind, I ask, how you come up with mane/tail styles for your OC's? Sometimes you canderive from your own haircut but it's not that simple for males. Here is a pic of an unfinished drawing where i went with Doctor Whooves style and found myself in creative block to come up with something new, please ignore the wing, as i said it's a Work-in-progress.
  5. Wow, it's been a while since I've started a topic. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a comic strip and I've created an art style for the project. As of now, I'm playing around with it, but I was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Twilight Sprackle Apple Jackie I still regret inking this one. I'm working on the style with the rest of the Mane 6, but please feel free to give me any feedback (something that isn't, "your inking sucks" or "Get a drawing tablet") "The Quick Trigger" Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  6. first off all, this is not a debate about the quality of these movies, from a storyline perspective. This is just about the art style and nothing more. I must say, that i miss hand drawn animation movies in modern cinema. While i don't particulary hate it, i must say that after 20 years, since Toy Story came around, i long for something different again, because these days, CG Animation is everywhere and it gets put out in Cinemas like Hamburgers at Mcdonalds. It's also something that Don Bluth mentioned in his interview with the Nostalgia Critic (Link to it below) The Animators want to make these characters look more humanlike and more realistic. In that case, why not get an actor? Seriously, the fantasy is being completly killed. CG Characters look like Puppets to me, while hand drawn characters are so full of life, which you can see from their faces. I think hand drawn movies like Pinocchio are impossible to make with CG. What do you think of it? Is there some truth to it, or is it just me? (Here is the link. The part i mentioned starts immediatly and goes for 3 minutes)
  7. It's called I Write Like. It compares your writing to famous writers.
  8. This is a really cool quiz that can help you with figuring out what you want in your games: My results say I prefer fast-paced, analytical, social, deeply-immersed and creative video games. I also let it give me gaming recommendations and it's such a great system, I highly recommend it.
  9. I don't think it worked. Looks poppy outy though so that's nice.
  10. Might change my "simple" styl a bit more, to match the change I gave my other one. P.S. I’ve already settled on 1, but if enough people like 2, I’ll switch to it (it’s easier for me anyway:p).
  11. Hi, to go straight to the point, I am working on a story and I have just begun to introduce my two main characters (both girls). I describe their personality and there and their eyes, hairstyle, you know, the usual stuff. I then felt like, if I really want my readers to be able to get an image of how these main characters look, how can I really do that. So being a guy that is not in to fashion and pretty much dress however I choose to, I found it hard to describe a Women´s figures. I´ve done some research and come up with that many girls follow some kind of figure shape, like Hourglass shape or triangle shape, when they describe their body and choose clothes. But does all girls do this or is it a question about if your in to fashion or not. I think that, if I can use these shapes in my story it would be a great help but I don´t wan to end up with only, you know, just perfect examples of model girls. I want it to sound realistic but still it´s very good to have some kind of scheme to work after. Thanks for taking your time to read this and a symbolic brohoof to you if you reply /) (Oh and I tried to find the right part of the forum to post this but I´m not sure I managed to, so if any admins move it, Thank you on forehand)
  12. So i don't know if any of you noticed this too, but the animation looks different in the newer music videos and in the FG trailer. You can notice it best in the hair animations, because the hair is less individual and seems to be animated more in chunks. It is most notable in Sunset Shimmer, whom they also changed the look of. While we are here, how do you guys like Sunset Shimmer's new look? Besides the outfit, it seems her orange color is also darkened, along with her eyes being more pointed at the ends. Here are some pictures off the before and after. Edit: Now that I look at it, the hair animation appear more sharp. Ill use an example. Sunsets hair is divided into these bacon strips, and in EqG1 and EgG:RR, whenever she ran, or there was wind, it would always bob in these strips. But now, whenever the same thing happens, her hair is sharp at the ends, most easily seen in the My Past is not today music video.
  13. This thread is for any and all discussion of mlp-themed fashion and outfits. By that, i do not just mean pony t-shirts to wear with jeans or what have you (though those are cute too). I mean FASHION, coordinated looks and outfits that even Rarity would be proud of! Handmade items adorned with subtle pony nods, outfits based on pony color schemes, things worn not just because ponies, but also because they just plain look good. Pictures are more than welcome, and this thread is not for any particular gender, so have at it
  14. Hello there everypony I've been feeling creative these days, so I decided to try something new: making an OC. Crazy, huh? So I made Garnet Fire, an earth pony who likes magic and has a special connection with gemstones (especially, plot twist, garnets!). She's self employed as a jewelry maker. She is a cold and bitter mare, but under that bored expression lies a creative and insecure pony. so edgy I already thought about her color pallet and basic design, but then I thought: I have no idea of how her mane is going to look like! Here's how she looks so far and her color pallet (what do you think about my MS paint skills? ) Yeah, she kinda looks like Maud... so that's why I'd like her mane to be unique but simple, like her personality~ Tell me what you think about the color pallet as well, if you want to Thanks for reading, i'm excited to hear your suggestions!
  15. What art style do you like the ponies best in,Steampunk,Clockpunk or Cyberpunk? I perfer Steampunk, I just think it looks so awesome!
  16. I've drawn pretty much ever since I was a toddler and I've come pretty far with my art actually. The thing is, I've started to feel rather inferior to those more talented artists that are of my age (14). It feels like any art I make gets outshown by pretty much anything else. It could just be my low as heck self esteem but I really do feel this way. It doesn't help that I have yet to develope a signature art style like every other person eventually does. Is there any way to get around this feeling or get over it?
  17. hello friends whats your style? for me its girly-casual. maybe a little more dressy than casual. most of my clothes are neutral tones or pastels and i dont own a lot of bright colors. i like lace and chiffon and knitwear and stuff like that. jewelry can be fun too... i like rings and necklaces and earrings. ok your turn
  18. Which of these 4 render styles do you think looks the best? Thanks! UPDATE: Yes, I asked this already on the forum. I just wanted to see if I could get a few more opinions before I made things final. Thanks again!
  19. Rewrite any scene, song, or episode entirely in the style of G3 , I look forward to seeing what you guys will come up with.
  20. So..the official listing for the Rainbow Power Fashion Style Applejack and Daisy Dreams went up on Target's website back in August. It is now January and they still have not been released. The newer line is just now starting to come out at this point. Are these two doomed to never see a release in the US at this point? It has been about 5 years since we had last seen Applejack in a fashion style form. I just hope these were not canceled.
  21. I will be uploading a cover of me doing MictheMicrophone's rap Twas the Night (AKA Rockin Christmas Remix) in honor of the spirit of Christmas!! If anybody would like to support or spread the word amongst other people, contact them, because this'll be my FIRST EVER rap. I do not plan on it being magnificent, but it will turn out how it turns out. Peace!!
  22. inb4 ghostie Ughh...searching this topic was awful. Dug through 6 pages of Rarity topics, and there were at least 2 pages of hate topics from back when Made me sad... Regardless, it ain't stopping me from asking this question! Rarity, being a fashionista, has modeled a multitude of styles and outfits. So, now I'm asking, which one is your favorite? Here's a few of the more popular ones, but I'll leave an "other" category in the poll so no one gets left out. (Because, let's face it, they're all great ) Beatnik Rarity: Crystal Rarity: Grand Galloping Gala Gown Rarity: Camo Rarity: Wet Mane Rarity: Camping Rarity: Garden Party Rarity: Princess Platinum: RariHick: Coronation Rarity: Also, feel free to pick "other" if I left out one I'm doing these all by memory, but there's just so many great ones My personal favorite is Beatnik Rarity She looked so amazing in that outfit, per usual, but in a way that was different and refreshing to me as compared to her other dresses and styles But I also like Crystal Rarity, Peppermint Dress, Princess Platinum, her in Camo, Rarihick...oh, hell, I love ALL OF THEM!
  23. So..There was the announcement of these two: However they appear to not be available. The listing for Daisy Dreams is active but she is not available. As for Applejack, it claims that she is "No longer available" What the buck is going on? Are these canceled?
  24. Not like cosplay or wearing pony t-shirts. I mean like actually wearing clothing thats cute and stylish but is inspired by my little pony. Would you dress like that everyday like at school or work or anywhere?
  25. So I drew this griffon for a DTA (draw to adopt) contest on dA. And I thought drawing ponies was hard... I'd appreciate a critique. How can I improve? This is my first time drawing a griffon, so... Yeah... And yes, that is my watermark.