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Found 4 results

  1. Questions About Furries? Does that make this a reverse-FAQ? Anyway, I'm not a furry, nor do I ever really intend to be. Occasionally, I do anthro art, but that's it. I've written about this subculture on more than one occasion, but realized that there's a lot that I don't know about it. So I have some questions. First, I suppose the definition is something that I'm a bit unclear on. I've given a definition before in arguments, but I'm uncertain as to whether this is accurate or accepted among the furry community. My definition was having a fursona in one way or another, which may include, though not necessarily exclusive to nor limited to, dressing up as them partially or fully, referring to yourself by your fursona or acting as your fursona online. Is this an accurate definition or is there a better one? Is there something I'm missing? Is there any in-community debate about it? Second, I know that most (particularly the mammal-based ones) are called furries. If you're something like a snake or something, you're a scaly. But what about other animals? Birds? Fish? (I assume they could be called scalies as well, but I don't know.) Insects? Amphibians? I think that probably they all fit under "furry" as an umbrella term, but do other terms exist for these animals without fur in the way that one exists for reptiles? Or are there not enough of them to justify their own terms? Third, controversy. I think most communities have controversy or divided issues within them. From an outsider perspective, the experiences I've had with furries are mostly positive. However, is there anything that the community disagrees upon? Is there even anything upon which to disagree? Fourth, how much is role playing a part of the furry community? In my above definition, I've assumed (though could be wrong) that most furries have a fursona that they take on. Given that, you sorta need something to do with it, I think. This makes me think that RPing is probably a big part of the community, but I also have the sneaking suspicion that I'm very wrong. How much is RPing a part of it? Sorry if any of my questions offend. I'm not trying to be presumptuous or judgmental. I just want to understand this subculture better, as it seems to have a lot of overlap with several of the subcultures I'm involved in (including MLP.) Plus it would be nice to actually know what I'm saying when I write about furries, which happens more than you might think. Thanks for any and all answers!
  2. Is anyone else here a therian or otherkin?
  3. Hi all, What are your favorite subcultures on YouTube? Examples include paramotoring (Tucker Gott), skateboarding (AndrewShrock), modified cars (ThatDudeinBlue), political/societal commentaries/critiques (Sargon of Akkad), etc.
  4. For example, much of my works involve these: (LOOK CAREFULLY) * absurdism * medieval kingdoms * romance * horses, ponies (especially miserable Shetties), blue jays, crows, ravens, and cockatoos doing weird things * aliens * wars * politics * a lot of anachronism * fictional kingdoms vs republics * people visiting and "civilising/influencing" exotic lands * diplomacy and international politics * space * music (and poems) * descriptions of media and services (e.g. TV stations and railways) * mockery of fangirls, Average Joes and Janes, and Shetland Ponies(* gods and pantheons) But never these (hopefully): * cliches * cliches * moar cliches * childish elements * worthless elements YA novels and Twilight (the novel) has * sorcery * sex of any form. I would fear that if a fanbase emerges from any of my works, they will fall into the twisted path of the Beliebers and Twihards. Can you help me do things to avert/stop this from happening, otherwise my future works will end up in the trash-bin/bonfire of history?