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Found 8 results

  1. So say I want to start donating to the Pink Fluffy Unicorn subscription, and after a while I want to stop my subscription, how does that work? Does it take effect right away? Do I untick a box, phone someone or tell a member of staff?
  2. If somepony subscribes to a thread that you post in, does s/he get a new notification every time you edit your post? Or does s/he only get notified if you make a new post? Thanks. Edited for testing.
  3. I'm subscribed to 64 channels, mostly of brony musicians. It's very easy to find out without counting. You'll find the number at the top of this page.
  4. I have a MLP roleplay site that I currently have hosted by another third party web hosting site and I am dissatisfied by their services. I was looking at moving the site to be hosted by the Poniverse site using the Webmaster subscription. What I want to know is what are the benefits of having a site hosted by the Poniverse site in terms of support, exposure, etc.
  5. Help my Sub is not coming up anymore is it me or Poni's end someone help me?
  6. As of now, I am currently not labelled as a Subscriber on MLP forums. However, I keep getting emails that have said that I am still a Helper and am automatically donating monthly. The bank I have has recently changed hands, and actually as of right now are of little help in this because of my current limited internet access and the fact the workers locally still are figuring things out. Am I still donating? Do you have records of it?
  7. I would subscribe for $5.00 a month. That's pretty much what an xbox live gold account costs, right? (I wouldn't know, PSN )
  8. Should there be an option to subscribe to a member, so you get notified every time he/she posts a new topic? Or does this already exist and I just haven't found it yet?