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Found 1 result

  1. Subversion is a really great strength in this show. Several episode take existing concepts and twist them up to make the conflicts and characters feel more authentic. The Best Night Ever is a fantastic satire of Cinderella stories. Starlight Glimmer ain't no monster, but she's their best villain so far. Green Isn't Your Color and Sisterhooves Social tackle jealousy and sisterhood conflict realistically. Cheese Sandwich is Weird Al in a nutshell. Each of the Mane Six are subversions of common archetypes, especially Rarity, Dash, and Pinkie. However, for each couple of clichés and stereotypes subverted, at least one of either is played straight. Snips and Snails: Stupid, annoying little boys. Their concept is a stereotype. Bridle Gossip: This episode plays off the cliché that white supremism comes from white people being scared of blacks. Whether it's intentional or not, I don't know. (I'm going to assume it's not.) The implications come from how convenient the plot is laid out. Swarm of the Century: Despite the clever Star Trek reference, the whole episode is a cliché played straight: a character doesn't tell them ahead, but does at the end, and the whole conflict would've been over before the theme song. Owl's Well: Unlike Green Isn't Your Color, OWtEW is the "jealousy" cliché, in which the jealous character plays as the antagonist. Teenage dragons: Misandrist and misogynist stereotypes of male bullies. Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon: Flat antagonists. Written simply to be stereotypical bitches. Equestria Girls: Way too many to count. Flash Sentry is a combo of several clichés and is the stereotypical hunk for Twilight. As a villain, Sunset Shimmer is the stereotypical alpha bitch. The while school is a cliché, including the divisions within their school and the Fall Formal. Spike at Your Service: The "life debt" cliché played straight. Make Friends, but Keep Discord: The storyline is the same as Owl's Well, but a little better. Tree Hugger is the stereotypical hippie. You get the point. For a show designed to be pro-feminist, the fact that several clichés and stereotypes are played straight damns this show's credibility. Despite a really fleshed-out mane cast and some really great secondary characters, FIM complacently uses clichés, often with no success. Stereotypes don't work because they create false representations of certain people. Clichés have a lot of difficulty working because the journey has been done before too often and feels like a waste of time afterwards; if the journey is bad, I'll hit the remote. With that, I have some groundwork. Keep in mind, they must've taken place in FIM. What clichés and/or stereotypes do you recognize? Why do the clichés and stereotypes not work and/or bother you? Is it due to their convenience, unfortunate implications, filler, etc. Please explain the problems. How would fix them? In other words, how would you take the clichés/stereotypes and subvert them? How would you make the cliched and/or stereotypical concepts from FIM unique and captivating? Please explain the solutions well and spend some time thinking about how it would work while staying true to the show's atmosphere. I have a couple in mind, both from this season. Tree Hugger Problem: Stereotypes have no business in any family product today, and TH's biggest problem is how convenient her character is. She was a plot device for Discord's jealousy. But what makes her not work even more is how one-dimensional she is. Yes, she helped present various humor, but it comes at the expense of making her a unique character. By making her so stereotypical, her friendship with Fluttershy is as convincing as a young kid who claims to be selling dollar candy in the subway in order to fund for his school's basketball team. Solution: Borrow from the Rarity Micro and make her fully-fledged. Rather than make her the typical hippie, she branches out from the culture. Rather than look high all the time, her personality is silly, but knowing, and her eyes are never half-shut. A good reader, craftsmare, and hardworker. But rather than make Discord feel jealous because 'Shy gave her the ticket, Fluttershy gives up her ticket so Discord and TH can spend the time at the Gala. The purpose is to present the conflict, make Tree Hugger's friendship with Fluttershy more genuine, and present Tree Hugger as a character instead of a plot device. The yaks Problem: I have no idea what this is about, but these three yaks feel a lot like stereotypes of one or both of the following: Natives, vikings. Natives due to their pride of their culture, the location of their country, warrior personality, and broken language. Vikings due to their war-first ideology, lack of knowledge of current technology and other cultures, and violent reactions. Like the dragons, they paint false impressions on the entire yak race. I don't think the racism is intentional, but there's a reason why some on EQD decried their portrayals. Solution: Give them pride for their culture, but come with it at a cost. Rather than make the yaks act like they're in the wrong, portray the Mane Six as in the wrong with good intentions. Rather than be war first, make the yaks rough, firm, proud, but not have their language be broken and not act so violent. Frustrated, but not war-first and certainly not declare war. Yakyakistan is difficult, but more accessible with a variety of diplomats. When the Mane Six realize what went wrong, they realize their mistake and share to the yaks what they cherish. That way, the yaks can share what they cherish and show each other the best of their cultures.