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Found 11 results

  1. How does anyone feel about putting effort into their work? I ask because very recently iv'e come to see just how happy i am with the fruits of my labor. Some people ask me why bother so much, why put effort into everything i do. But i don't feel that way, I find that i enjoy the raw satisfaction of putting a 100% into something (be it studying, work, or your personal life) and see your efforts rewarded. It's something trivial and yet I felt it was worth sharing. What do you guys think? Do you like putting work into the things you do, or do you feel like lazing out here and there?
  2. The Sunshower Gazette Good Evening everypony! This is Sunshower Raindrops with The Sunshower Gazette. The Sunshower Gazette contrary to what you may be thinking is not a Blog for posting World news (or pony news for that matter), but a blog for posting inspiring stories, poems, quotes, etc. The Sunshower Gazette will be posting bidiurnal (every other day) and will have 5 stories all connected around a central theme. Since this is the first Issue there will only be one story due to time limitations. They following Story I was told as a scout by my scout master. I toke this story to heart and I feel it is something that this world lacks persistence. The following story is called The Starfish Story. The Starfish Story Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions. Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching. As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea. The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning! May I ask what it is that you are doing?” The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.” The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.” The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!” The old man listened calmly and then bent down to pick up another starfish and threw it into the sea. “It made a difference to that one.”
  3. Porter Robinson's debut album, "Worlds", is dropping August 12. This album is a landmark in Porter Robinson's career because it is a big shift in his style of music. Instead of his signature Electro House style, he has departed Electronic Dance Music in general to create something he believes is his true style. To quote; "'I found that the scene had got kind of homogenized,” he ssaid. “So I just wanted to cast off the whole EDM thing and make stuff that was super sincere and try to basically write my favorite music…that is meant to be the most ‘me’ thing possible.'" Now, what does this album have to do with me? Worlds has changed my view and belief of what "success" truly is. When I first started producing, I was given the impression that success was being the highest earning music producer (at the date this blog has been written, Calvin Harris is the Highest Grossing Music Producer), or to be the most famous music producer. With that, I knew that I'd have a big chance at becoming the richest or the most well-known because my genre of choice is Progressive House (to some, my main genre is called Commercial House). With this, I worked hard to try to replicate the quality and methods of the most popular Electronic artists, including Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, etc. However, things weren't really picking up for me, even when I made songs that sounded very similar in style to the "Commercial House" artists. I was rejected from Equestria Daily more than once (possibly even 50+ times), leaving me upset and ashamed of my music. I got angry and just decided to give up on EqD entirely, aiming to get a record deal instead. For the past two years, I've been making very "commercial" music, and a lot of people were honest and tried to convince me that it all sounded the same. Overtime, I met more people (including Muffoxx and Tuner Symphon, Nikki Layne, etc.), and these people really helped me improve my music. As my music impnroved, so did my view on music in general. I started to truly see music as a beautiful creation of passion and a vessel to share creativity. I stopped caring about being the richest, or most well-known, and just wanted to share my music with everyone. I started to experiment and try new genres (even found another genre I enjoy producing, Drum N' Bass). This led people to really start supporting me and my music. When I first heard of Porter Robinson's departure from EDM, I was shocked. I thought, "Wow, this is going to be interesting.". When I first listened to "Sea of Voices", the first single from Worlds, I was amazed. It was beautiful in its ambiance and was filled with emotion. As Porter released more singles from Worlds, it helped teach me the most important lesson I've learned yet, "success" in music isn't being rich, or being super popular, it's being able to make the music you love to make for life. This concept helped me add new elements to my music, that are truly starting to give my own twist to it. To some, Porter Robinson's Worlds is just another album, but to me it's a masterpiece that changed the way I viewed music and art in general. It truly taught me that it's not about the money or glory of fame, after all. You can listen to Porter Robinson's Worlds in full, here : (US Version): (International Version): I recommend this album for everyone to listen to. It's not your typical Electronic album, but truly an album of beautiful emotion. Worlds is definitely worthy of its name, as it opens up a door to a new world of Electronica that's ready to be explored. Tracklist (For Those Listening to Worlds): Divinity Sad Machine Years of War Flicker Fresh Static Snow Polygun Dust Hear the Bells Natural Light Lionhearted Sea of Voices Fellow Feeling Goodbye to a World PS. My favourite song is Fresh Static Snow. 【=◈v◈=】
  4. So I recently did a cover on the Success Song and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. I'm getting some hate on it so mind leaving a like? Thank you guys so much! If you enjoyed make sure to say so so I can make more. Thank you!
  5. Some of you may know about my "friendship" with a shy girl named Jaimie. We first met at chemistry tutoring, got closer as we talked about life, and even walked alongside each other through the school when we could. It was bliss. We felt comfort in each other, and I was truly appreciating Jaimie as a friend. I have romantic feelings for her that I eventually pushed aside because of medical school preparations. I still feel for her, but not as much as I used to. But all that was about to fall apart. Before I left for Halifax to take my medical school exam, we clicked so well it was as if the months we spent apart never really existed. We laughed together, talked together, and enjoyed each other very much. We were going to be best friends, and I was happy with that since I hoped to build on it for the future. When I got back from my week's venture, I saw Jaimie at her seat. She nonchalantly asked me about Halifax. She didn't even ask about my med school exam that I told her about before I left. Before I knew it, everything... fell apart. I was tossed to the side like the dandelion seeds that flew through the wind. She was hanging out with other people that I never saw before. In fact, I knew for sure she didn't have many close friends. Just acquaintances. When I tried to spark a conversation with her, it became nearly impossible to hold without moments of long awkwardness. Before I knew it, my worst fear came. I was cut off mid conversation because Jaimie shifted focus to another friend. That moment hit hardest at my gut. Did I care too much? Was I becoming a puppy dog? All I did was just be her friend. Sure I started the conversations, but I thought she was shy. She didn't have a guy friend close to her. I was her first. And I was tossed away. I felt kicked at the balls. All those times we chatted. She probably forgot them. All those cards I sent to comfort her. Probably collecting dust. All the tutoring I did. Heh. She got a B, that's all that matters. I'm probably just a used toy now. Well... Jaimie, if in any unlikely chance you find this, then fuck off. I don't need you. I have many friends already who appreciate who I am. I just wanted to be your friend you malcontent.
  6. On my last blog entry, I wrote about taking part of a successful roleplay by being the individual character you can become with creativity and flair. On this entry, I write about what I learned about roleplaying as a group. Being on "A Tropical Odyssey" was an amazing journey. It felt so great that I felt I was with 7 of the best roleplayers as I delved in for my first roleplay experience. Each of the characters the other roleplayers took were unique in their own way. For example, one of the characters is extremely shy and is talented with illusion spells. Another character was very outgoing, almost a party mare of sorts. All the other characters also had their own background and personality that contributed to the adventure's success. Although my character, Sterling Crimson, had so many other characters to work with for interactions, some of the richest character developments occurred in personal relationships where my character focused on his close circle of friends. In this case, it was Evening Glory (the mare on my avatar) and DJ-BRONI3. Being able to interact with other roleplayers who were very skilled at their roles really helped me give a sense of what I wanted my character to be and become. That sense of direction helped propel the roleplay further and make it all the more creative and interesting! I know there's still a lot for me to learn as I roleplay more often, but from my first experience, I knew that two things were needed to have a good time at roleplaying: making sure you're actively making posts that reflect your character's thoughts and feelings well AND making sure that your group can mesh well with each other, both as a whole and with specific characters. If either of these factors is gone, the roleplay can become hectic and die pretty quickly.
  7. When I was first introduced to the roleplaying world by , I was quite skeptical. I knew people roleplayed all the time with Dungeons and Dragons and I thought those people were pretty weird to say the least. Nonetheless, I somehow got excited at the prospect, probably because it became a new opportunity. It was a potentially new venue to express myself in the MLP world without having to write fanfics, something I was never good at. Before I began my first roleplay, I wanted to make sure I got the basic roleplay etiquette straight, so I decided to visit a roleplay tutorial website to see how it worked. It looked very intimidating, because it implied extremely deep posts and lots of thought. I wasn't sure whether I was ready for roleplaying; after all, I was a science student. I was rarely involved with literature because I was busy with empirical things, gaming, and music. When I arrived at my first roleplay, things were a lot different from my expectations. Often times I wasn't in control of the entire setting. In fact, most of my posts dealt with what my OC saw in his world and expressing that to the best of my ability. I realized that if I wanted full control over everything with the roleplay, that would lead to my personalized fanfiction; how the other roleplayers perceived the world would be completely ignored. What I also found out is that often times, I disregard many posts made by other roleplayers because either they weren't present where my OC was acting, or their post was too hard to comprehend or expand. For the former, it's normal because sometimes the other people's OCs are elsewhere and doing something else. They'll eventually reconvene with my OC and I can connect with them with my own post. The latter problem is the one I'm concerned with. Often times people's posts have poor grammar and spelling, making it difficult for the roleplayer to read and respond to it. Other times, people just post for the sake of posting. They didn't consider character development, imagery, and symbolism. Often times they just wanted to keep the plot moving. It's hard to build on posts that only advance the plot; as a roleplayer, being creative was the original goal of roleplaying, making a strongly sewn story with other people. In conclusion, roleplaying takes a lot of thought. However, it's impossible to do everything alone. That's why it's called a roleplay; other people are involved too, contributing their own aspect to the plot, setting, and theme. To make a successful roleplay, the individual must balance between too expressive and too mechanical. On the one hand, doing everything alone will prevent others from expressing themselves. On the other hand, just advancing the plot with short, uninspiring, and incomprehensible posts makes a roleplay bland. When DJ invited me to roleplay, I underestimated it as an art. It's a wonderful and healthy way to stimulate the imagination. Why not treat it as such and let everyone enjoy it?
  8. Here's the lyrics to an upcoming eurobeat I plan to create The Test Key: F minor/F# minor Time Signature: 8/4 Verse 1 An Empire is in grave danger Who’s gonna stand to stop the one The only Great King Sombra From shrouding the lightness into dark Verse 2 This is her chance, the only one To protect to lowly empire Give it all the joy that it really needs To fend off Great King Sombra Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Short Synth Solo) Verse 3 The legend says this empire Was full of cheerfulness and joy Until evil sprouted out the hole And covered it in sadness and fear Verse 4 The Crystal heart was what they used To keep the joy alive and clear And if it falls in evil hands The darkness reigns forevermore (Pinkie Pie: Forrreeeveeerrr) Prelude to Chorus One chance, one choice To fight, to win To pass the test before us now! (Twilight: THE WOLD DEPENDS ON IT!) Chorus (modeled off Failure Success Song) How can I pass this test before me? Do I have what it takes to Face my fears, swallow my pride and Defeat the evil one? I must be strong I must be brave I must not let everypony down When I fall I’ll get back up For the word depends on me, Yeah! (Dubstep for 8 bars) (Light repeated cadence) One chance! (echo) One choice! (echo) To fight! (echo) To pass the test before me now! (Hold “now” for four beats, cut on 5) (Twilight Sparkle: FOR EQUESTRIA!) (Key Change to F# minor) Last Chorus I gave it all I had and passed! The great test before me! Victory screams loud and clear! Shining bright and gloriously! The enemy is crushed and down! The Crystal Empire safe and sound My friends believe that I could do The test behind me now! (Hold now for 8 bars. Lower voice should harmonize with the cadence) (Final long synth solo) (Syncopated outro)
  9. Even though many will see brohoofs as a pointless numerical value or as an addition of no value. While other attach much of an importance to how high the number is regardless of what they post. I instead see it as a measure of how successful I am. With each post I make, place though in, take time to write, think up and place out there for all to see. It's not hard to overlook a could things about it. If someone agrees with it and thinks it's a well written, brings a good argument, they will be likely to leave a brohoof. if they do not, they will in some sense either try to point this out to me, by quoting me or simply replying to me. Now as I see it, I have earned less brohoofs then I have made posts. What this means to me as a member is that I have been very unsuccessful, or very unliked, and at some points, even simply ignored. And as it stands, somewhat of a failure. Do note, this is not a plea to go and brohoof every single one of my posts, or go ahead and start brohoofing more of my posts. I accept the position I am in now. It's a long time I've felt this. It's why I changed my posting behaviour to match. And rather not put effort into something which is a futile position.
  10. We all know that My Little Pony and its fandom (including fan-work) is well-known throughout the internet and around the world, correct? But what is it about the show that really enhances its overall appeal? None other than the wonderful art created by the fandom itself, and it's all set up amazingly due to the immense charm that the show gives off. In regards to fanfiction, some of the stories you will read are well thought out and manage to capture each and every character with thorough precision and without leaving any doubt that he or she is this exact character from the show. In My Little Pony, the cornerstone of the topic of character design is largely in part of the very in-depth qualities that these characters have - in essence, much of the show is character-driven, and as such, many people may relate to the Mane 6 in many different ways in regards to their own lives and experiences. For example, as you know, Rainbow Dash is a headstrong, brash, and sometimes a bit self-centered, but at the same time is very caring towards her friends and epitomizes loyalty. With these character traits at hand, the story at hand can easily develop all of these traits and what you end up with at the end of the story is a "resolved" character who has matured from the aforementioned qualities in which he/she might have. This ties in nicely with the plot as well, given that whatever the circumstance is, the character's personality will decide what he/she wants to do. To this end, MLP is second to none when it comes to character presentation, and this was demonstrated very nicely in the episode "Party Of One" where we see Pinkie Pie being the fun and loving pony early on, but because she loved her friends dearly, she became highly paranoid at the thought of them abandoning her -- and thus she nearly went off the deep end. Although this is not a fanfiction, it nonetheless manages to convey that the characters are multi-dimensional who live, breathe, cry, and love, and are not stuck with just one trait. Because of this rather heavy influence, bronies who understand this concept are undoubtedly immediately sucked in to a story with such regards, although said story can also manage to capture the hearts of many other bronies who are not quite familiar with the characters and what they stand for on both an interpersonal and intrapersonal basis - even non-bronies. In regards to fanfiction though, the story "Cupcakes" managed to capture Pinkie Pie's "dark side", in that her hyper antics were merely a result of a state of psychosis - an ulterior of a subordinate trait, so to speak. Of course, there are many other forms of media in which the fandom can use to create their own little pony world, such as through music videos. While I've already stated that the show is character-driven, which is the catalyst for said music videos, the setting and plot in the PMV (Pony Music Video) undulate the plot and setting of MLP quite nicely. This can expand further into the realm of the characters themselves -- and the song choice would vividly represent who they are and what they stand for. Not only does it manage to convey the characters traits wonderfully, but it also gives off the vibe that the character at hand could even have yet another trait which would be foreseeable in the near future. For example, making a PMV out of Rainbow Dash with the song "Won't Back Down" by Eminem (this is not a current project, mind you. I only recently came up with this idea) -- the song itself presents itself in the way that the person "saying" the lyrics would not back down from a challenge no matter how big it was. As often stated in the show itself, this is one of Rainbow Dash's major qualities - she will not back down from a challenge. The fact that you have used this song in particular enhances whatever "strongheaded" qualities Rainbow Dash may have, such as her brashness. Of course, these PMVs are not just limited to the characters. They could be very well documenting anything from the minor aspects of the setting (Equestria) to the origin of Equestria itself (more of a digital fanfiction, if you will). Finally, we have music. Many bronies have made their own beats for the show and for all to enjoy, and this sends out a strong message to the community itself in which the show is so fantastic that they have even started to make their own music, or have even remixed the many songs heard in FIM. Usually, these songs in particular manage to capture the personalities of the characters, the moods of bronies, or just conveying the message in which Equestria tries to teach us. Alas, there are many other fan works in the making. Because of the enormous popularity that MLP has attained over the months, many different forms of entertainment with MLP at hand are blossoming - from fanfictions to computer games (we all know of Fighting is Magic, correct?), and it won't be stopping anytime soon. Not only will this generate even more influence among the non-bronies and spark curiosity, but at this rate, the brony community could go down in history as one of the most intriguing and interesting fandoms in entertainment history.
  11. Have you ever challenged someone to anything before? Did you ever think something was going to happen and were so confident that you decided to put a few of your things at stake (or for that matter, your dignity)? Here's the thread where you can post such things here! What items did you win in these bets, or did you manage to make the other person look like a complete fool? For me, I managed to make a 29 year-old woman drink ketchup because I predicted that my NFL team (the Patriots) would beat her NFL team in their house, and lo! It turned out to be quite the personal victory as well as a team victory in regards to some of my football friends. This was at the end of November, I believe. If I lost, I had to record myself eating lots of spicy peppers... but I'm not the one to back down from a challenge, so I gladly accepted, and won! I had a great feeling about that particular game, and my confidence rewarded me with this classic (skip to 5:29 for the start of actual bet): Pretty cool, huh? XD Post some of your victories here!