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Found 13 results

  1. I trust everyone's played Monopoly, yes? Good 'cause you'll probably need to know what that's like for this story. So I've done a bit of thinking and, it's been two weeks! Congrats to me for sticking it out for this long. Seriously, content is running short after daily blogging. I feel like Flint Lockwood from the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". Anyway, after a bit of thinking, I thought about extending my "memories" to "beyond bronyhood". Going where no man has gone before with "Reality Publishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails +". It's special 'cause it has a plus at the end . So that would kinda be a Season 2? I don't know, I'll probably do one more week of this before thinking about a sequel. To keep it going for a full month, y'know? Let me know if I should divide the series in the comments. Either way, I'll probably try to keep going; these covers are fun to make. Anyway, today's story goes back about 3 weeks, before I started doing all this crazy blogging. I was in my room, minding my business when me mum calls me down to play a game of Monopoly with her. I shrug and, because I'm sick of playing MW3, I go right ahead. Now, my mom is one of those people who have to collect every version of the same thing. So we had about 20 versions of the game, Monopoly. Naturally, because of this, I ask her, "Which version do you want to play, then?" She thinks for a bit, before opening her mouth to say, "Let's play your My Little Ponies one." Now, I really didn't object to this and that wasn't too much of the problem. The real issue was that I'm an avid viewer of the show, thus, I'd be the MLP brainiac in front of my mom, who had only seen a single episode in all her life (Hearts and Hooves Day). I went through it anyway. We set up the game, got the money out and went about 2 times around the board before suddenly realizing just how twisted this whole thing was. We were playing as ponies, walking around, buying structures so we can monopolize Equestria. Therefore, we were buying Equestria and not letting anypony else reside within it because we owned it. I had to explain all the landmarks and pony personas like a wikipedia page and, in the end, I won as Applejack. Kinda makes her solo in "At the Gala" a bit more realistic, huh? Lesson of today is to be frugal. Don't spend your money all in one place unless you land on The Crystal Empire or Canterlot. Then build a few houses on there and you're good to go until your opponent milks you with the brown properties. -RealityPublishing (I would've explained the game a bit more, but you really don't want to read four hours of rolling dice and buying crap. Also, buy the Orange properties. If you want an explanation on that, go buy the Monopoly Companion. [it's a book])
  2. i have been wanting to post this for a long time but then i forgotten so stuff happens. Anyway,what is your opinion on group work/Projects. In mah opinion,i think it is this:
  3. The worst thing for me would be no summer vacation. I would die if that happened.
  4. Are you sick of snow? I always hated snow, it makes me depressed.
  5. Okay, so living in England is pretty weird. I guess the whole of England is anti-brony territory, because I can never find any mlp FiM clothing in female small size. Anyone got any ideas where to shop, or where to look online? I've found a cool Tee online.. I dont know what you think of it, but i'll need a response soon! I dont want it to look like i'm a brony to other people ~ but only the bronys will notice it. You knowwww, not really 'pony related' unlike this one: I mean, this ones not too bed :3 What do you think? Thanks! I need more clothes anyway.
  6. Now, I dunno where exactly to put this topic, but it's a question-ish topic, that I feel is probably something can be answered due to my near-godlike ability to overlook things Alright, so, dude, I always want to start a topic. Of something or other. It sounds fun to me And, as you very well may know, there's an extremely diverse range of topics already on this site. So, I try to use the search system when I want to start a topic, so I won't be the dude who get his topic locked down or moved when it already was there in the first place, right? So, after I try to use the search system, a similar pattern follows: 1. I give up on the search engine attached to the navigation bar beside the "sign out" button, and go over to advanced search to narrow down the list of topics it gives me. 2. I try to narrow down the list of topics it gives me in order to make it easier to find said possible pre-existing topic I want to create. 3. It goes from around 100 pages to like, 20 pages. 4. I promptly flip my desk over out of frustration, shoot the middle finger at the search engine, and then go back to whatever I was doing before hand Now, I've noticed a recurring pattern here: it just doesn't give me a list of topics. The keywords (Which is generally the topic title I planned on using) could have been posted in a reply to a totally irrelevant-to-what-I'm-searching-for topic, and it greatly extends said number of pages to something I simply don't have the time or desire to scour through in order to create a topic of my own. Furthermore, I've tried finding a search filter system, but the only one that seems relevant to trying to find a pre-existing topic is the "forums" filter, which is what I had it set on to begin with, which led to this mess. So, as much as I want to create a topic, I simply don't and give up my search due to the frustration the search has caused me. This is my 9th topic I've started, I believe, and 1 was my Introduction in the Welcoming Plaza, 1 was in the Forum Lounge, 1 was in Sugarcube Corner, and that was when I was still new, to an extent, so it got locked as to being better suited for a blog or status update, and the rest have all been here. Am I missing a key ingredient for my search, said key ingredient being what keeps a bazillion irrelevant topics from popping up in my search? Because I've tried everything I thought of, but it doesn't help too much. Oh, and one last thing: the Tag System doesn't work to well, either, due to the fact that tags are either absent from the topic itself or generally random words that are, at times, irrelevant to the topic matter, or, like what I've got on this one, relevant, but useless. Few topics seem to be tagged correctly to me, so, ergo, broken system. So, I missing something, dude?
  7. Official thread to share your thoughts on the new YouTube content ID system and it's effect on game reviewers.Now to clarify this only affects 'affiliate' partners not 'managed' partners. I am a managed partner so am not affected However Angry Joe is an affiliate partner so he is affected. Below is angry joe's video on this topic. My own take on this situation:
  8. Very simple. What is something you suck at, but want to master? You know, something like learning the best strategies at a board game, how to be skilled at a videogame, or anything you can think of. I really suck at solving a rubix cube, but I want to learn how to solve it. So, I look up techniques and advice online so that I can figure it out. I then keep practicing and eventually master the techniques and can solve the cube in no time at all every time.
  9. "So you can hum a tune, that's nothing if you can't play an instrument." "So you can play guitar, that's nothing if you can't shred." "So you can shred, that's nothing if you don't have some bass support." "So you can play bass and guitar, that's nothing if you can't get some drums to keep it together." "So you can play bass, guitar and drums, that's nothing if you don't know music theory." "So you know music theory, that's nothing if you can't compose a song." "So you can compose a song, that's nothing if it isn't original." "So you made something original, that's nothing if you can't master it correctly." "So you can master, that's nothing if you can't promote it properly." "So you can promote your stuff, that's nothing if people don't like it." "So you can make something that people like, that's nothing if you aren't happy." "So you can be happy, that's nothing if you aren't helping others too." "So you can help some others, that's nothing if you can't help everybody." "So you can help everybody, that's nothing if you can't help yourself sometimes." GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do these people want from me?!
  10. I cannot help but post this after delving into the realm of fan-fiction for as long as I have adventured into its less-than-stellar reasons. I enjoy a good read on the internet now and then, but sometimes, my comfort is derailed as soon as I find outright "bugs" anywhere that are enough to push me over the edge. I think you might know what I'm talking about. There's universally panned derps in the fandom and ones that find personally annoying/aggravating to look at, but for the sake of the topic I'll try going over a bit of both worlds. 5. Lack of fluidity. Depending on the execution, this cannot really matter in regards to the reader. But from an entirely objective standpoint, this is one of the worst things you can do. If the plot (hyuk hyuk) isn't concise, straightforward (or TOO straightforward making it too simple), then it's a pain to read. Unfortunately I've read a handful of fanfics that have concepts with great potential and though to an extent it's slightly interesting to read, it comes up short and you cannot feel any emotion whatsoever from it. For example, romance fanfiction where two ponies fall in love with each other... and yet, the events that partake surrounding the tension are so jumbled and/or vague, it's hard to make out what's really going on and damages the character development part of the story. It's best to un-track right away if you come across it. 4. Mistaking Rarity's character to be wholly shallow and too vain. This is... one of the most frustrating things I've had to come across as a fanfic reader. For the average fan that has Rarity as one of their least favourite ponies, they will eventually come to loathe her character outright. It's true, she has demonstrated tendencies to be advantageous over one's feelings, but she doesn't overdo it to the point where it's obvious! She is quite really one of the kindest characters you'll ever get to see but the way some people nitpick at her weaknesses shows a lack of understanding of her character. Yes, she does act vain and conceited sometimes, but she keeps it in check. That comes with a Canterlot-esque lifestyle. It's maddening to have to try reading a description praising Rarity's physical beauty and then reading a line from her that's too insulting to another character. Don't go there, guys. 3. Doing whatever the hell you want in clopfics. I get the vibe that in some clopfics, characters are too popularized and "get together" for the sole sake of doing their business all the while giving me a lack of regard for anyone else around them. It makes them look conceited and it feels like a high school environment than anything else. I will not mention any clopfics but there was this one story where Rarity and Spike are involved and it was so obvious that Rarity was being pretentious... going back to the number four reason. Avoid this right away if you come across it. 2. Mary Sues... You know the drill. Loathe Mary Sues with all your heart. It's only fitting that a black alicorn gets to have everything he/she desires so as long as its creator says it to be so. What makes something interesting to read is the conflict it introduces and sticks to that character's head like Ty Law on Steve Smith. There's no point in reading something if you know they can just magically make the problem go away. No, you want to see them persevere and tackle it head-on. I think I've made my case here. 1. Out of character characters. The worst thing an author can do is constantly give one of Mane Six qualities that aren't found to be canon that's not consistent with the story itself. A character can become jaded down the stretch, but suddenly introducing a hardass and tough-as-nails Fluttershy without a very good explanation will more likely intimidate readers rather than intrigue them. Likewise, making Twilight out to be an arrogant punk is a bad route to take. Why are two Elements of Harmony behaving this way? If you cannot answer that, well... maybe it's just time to stop writing or consider watching the show a bit more, just to understand what their actual personalities are like. It's one thing to have an outburst for dramatic effect, but it's another thing entirely to make them an unknown in familiar eyes. That's it. What are your top five nuisances with pony fanfiction? I'm sure some of you might agree with me here, but feel free to write out what you think of them.
  11. Basically I have no interest in sports, especcially football, but everyone tries to tell me I'd be great. This was a conversation "Are you going out for football?" "No, I don't like football at all." "Not like football? What are you talking about?" "I find it pointless and barbaric" "Well, if your not going to play football, then what are you going to do? Wrestling?" "No... I'm not doing any sport. I want to focus on my music, and sports will get in the way of that" "How can you not like sports I mean {insert sports superstar I don't know}" "hold up, hold up, Who?" "You can't be serious" "Actually I'm quite serious" "Wow, your actually dumber then I thought..." "Well, thank you for that, but I better be going" " No, come on what sport are you doing" "I'm not doing a sport now will you please leave me alone" "Oh I see... you must be too weak to do anything other then watch tv and do your stupid computer, where is that going to get you?" I start listing off careers that involve computers "Well, If you don't do sports then your a loser..." "Ok, cool I'm a loser, thank you" Counter troll like a Fluttershy Seriously it's like if you don't do a sport everyone freaks out. Well Indiana is a football state, so I can see why...
  12. So...yeah! Say you're a Rainbow Dash fan, and you meet another Rainbow Dash fan. How do you feel? Excited? Instant friends? Or mortal enemies? For me, finding Applejack fans are like finding diamond ores in Minecraft. It's truly a rarity to see a fellow fan of best pony, so I would be quite excited. Well, what about you? Here's another Clarity scale. (I should really stop making them) OMG NEW PFF!!: INSTANT best friends! You would side with them, talk with them, and just basically get excited. You wouldn't have become instant PFFs with just anybody, though. But if they are a fellow fan, then you will...well, be friends. I can't really come up with a creative, witty description for this... Cool: Oh hey! A fellow fan of best pony, it seems. You feel like you could warm up to them and have discussions about your favorite pony a lot. One more fan to shout best pony with! It's alright, though, if they change favorite ponies. Meh: So what...they're still normal people like everyone else. You'll treat them the same way you treat anyone, no matter who their favorite pony is. It'll be nice, though, to get to know that person. Battle me...: NOBODY STEALS MY FLUTTERSHY! (*cough* Sorry Dimitri, Ponydox, LF, etc. XD) I apologize to the people who were made fun of