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Found 9 results

  1. Hey there! So I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts with French Vanilla, Cream, and Extra Extra Sugar. I normally only get coffee on the rare occasion that I need to be pulling an all nighter and tonight was one of those nights! How do you prefer your Coffee or Tea? Is it homebrewed? or do you go to a Starbucks,Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Etc.. to get it? How often do you drink coffee?
  2. I do a thing that I call "Gumdrop Characters". I take characters Oc's/cannon and turn them into gumdrop candy! I know its not the most creative but I enjoy drawing them so yeah. I might do all the main six if people would like to see them.
  3. Lil Pip


    Its the biggest killer in the first world, causing heart disease, and being more addictive than cocaine. A massive(no pun intended) portion(again, no pun intended) of America is obese. Sugar isn't only linked to that health problem, its linked to basically all chronic diseases indirectly, Arthritis, cancer , Now you might be wondering why it does so much bad at once. I researched it before, what I saw was basically some sugars when broken down cause acidity in our blood stream. The bones lose calcium to create something to help balance the ph levels in your blood, calcium loss is one problem related to arthritis. Now acidic blood causes increased vein damage causing problems to the lungs eyes brain and heart which use the veins most. Severe diabetics do have an increased risk of Alzheimer's, going blind, losing their legs due to vein circulation problems, but that could be attributed to lack of exercise right? Yeah, all these problems also usually exercise helps with, but not always. Athletes get inflammation too. A little food for thought, also side note, those with more health problems contribute more to family stress which can contribute more to mental illness, stress being a factor(meaning it could cause all sorts of economic and social problems secondarily). For instance and that's before counting social factors. Having a house full of moody people isn't going to be grand. Also did other related research not much worth mentioning aside from some vitamins can help prevent both hangovers, and sugar damage (because antioxidants prevent inflammation etc yada yada) Also worth noting not all sugars are equal, I had a different chart before but this should do. Studies say though for the brain some carbs are useful but moderation matters, And what kind matters, not just one or the other, moderate the good kind, have none of the bad is the challenge. So you wanna be nicer to friends n family, can't help but be moody? Try a diet change and work in some exercise if you aren't already. Sugar, number one first world problem.
  4. Allow me to explain, you see obesity is a topic that a lot of people are very worried about(because as we all know it's totally someone else's business what you choose to eat). And where I come from(the UK)we've taken a pretty strict(almost soviet communist)stance on products containing sugar or fat. as of now all sugar products are taxed, bullying overweight children is now condoned by the state, and as of now you can't show any kind of sugar/fat based products on children's media, and it was suggested(although I'm not sure if it got through)that all cooking shows that show fatty foods be aired after nine PM at night. In other words showing kids candy is worse than showing them hardcore porn. So where does MLP come into all this, well in FIM there is "GASP" a bakery and Pinkie Pie eats a lot of cake "whilst you're at it why don't you show a naked woman" says the stupid mothers. But despite this MLP still airs in this country, so yeah I'm wondering why no one has complained about there being cake(as well as other sugar products)in this show. Also I would also like to ask if your country is this strict about junk food? P.S The sugar tax is only being proposed(although it will probably get passed anyway).
  5. Put all of your favorite snack foods here so long as they aren't healthy and have sugar and tell us how to make them too Example: Microwave brownie 1/4 cup flour 1/4 cup sugar 2 table spoon baking cocoa 3 table spoon water 2 table spoon vegetable oil (I use melted butter) Pinch of salt Simply mix together in any order Then microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds After microwaving feel free to add chocolate chips peanut butter and/or icecream
  6. Here is the finished product of my drawing of Sugar Note Now, I did try to use the lineart to make it look better but I couldn't get the hang of photoshop. *Sob* Anyway!! Feedback would be great to get your guys' opinions
  7. I am bringing back two old OCs of mine.. Basiltwist, the secretive insect lover and Sugarcane, the shy and weak alicorn. Basiltwist and Sugarcane are both brother and sister. Sugarcane became an alicorn by a rare mutation in her genes where the pegasis gene from her mother and the unicorn gene from her father went into the same pony, creating an alicorn. However, she is very weak because of this. She can hardly use her magic powers to lift anything that weighs more than a pen, and can't stay airborne for more than a minute or two. She often messes things up, so she has avoided doing things in order to avoid messing up. She doesn't have her cutie mark since she doesn't try much things. Basiltwist was fascinated by insects ever since he first saw one. Since he lived in Manehatten, he was pretty much the only one who liked insects. When the others were let out for recess in his school, he went over to watch a dragonfly fly around the corners of the playground. He was also called "Bug boy" because of this. He got his cutie mark, which is two dragonflies, when a dragonfly wandered into his house and was almost killed by his parents. He defended the dragonfly, and when his parents finally accepted the dragonfly into the household, he got his cutie mark. He then named the dragonfly "Galasial" for no reason in particular. Once they were both old enough, Basiltwist left to live in a forest near Ponyville. His sister went with him, and wanted to live with him.
  8. Yeah, so I drew this pony... Yup. Do you like it? Please tell me if you do!
  9. Eating too much sugar can eat away at your brainpower, according to US scientists who published a study Tuesday showing how a steady diet of high-fructose corn syrup sapped lab rats' memories. http-~~-//