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Found 50 results

  1. Before I begin I want to clarify that this is not an attack against any particular users who use emoticons in Debate Symposium. In regards to the usage of emoticons in Debate Symposium, I suggest that it should be restricted at the least and outright banished at the most. Support for a restriction is as follows: 1) Emoticons are being overused and abused in Debate Symposium. 2) It normally comes across as condescending when emoticons are used in a post there. 3) Emoticons often infuriate your opponents and overemphasize your points. 4) Emoticons are not essential to a debate. Although they can be used to emphasize your point, other options are available to emphasize your point instead, such as putting your text in bold, italicizing it, or underlining it. Therefore to restrict it would not hurt anything. There are three ways I suggest to restrict emoticons: 1) You can create a Debate Symposium rule that prohibits the usage of emoticons in that forum. 2) You can change the code in the forums to where it is impossible to use emoticons (not sure if it's feasible though). 3) You can create a rule that prohibits a particular usage of emoticons, such as in a condescending or infuriating way, just like the "laugh" reaction. With that said, there is one other thing that I want to address. I highly suggest considering whether to ban certain emoticons or ban all of them. Some emoticons do not necessarily come across as condescending and can be used to emphasize a point. For example, let's say Joe Biden wins the election. I respond by saying, "I am greatly worried about what will happen to America now with Biden in office! " or by saying, "This is not what I want to happen! The election was rigged! ". In both cases, my usage of emoticons do not come across as condescending and they both emphasize my point. Therefore, perhaps outright restriction emoticons is not the answer, but rather restricting them being used in a particular way or particular context.
  2. Ok, memes are funny and great, and are used very frequently; however, I hate that some memes are being used in an area that should not have them. I hate to be the hater, but someone needs to address this issue before it becomes very problematic, and that person might as well be me. Remember, this post is just a suggestion that I have, nothing more. The problem: I have already seen plenty reactions of "I see", "Number one", and “teacup” and I can already tell that abuse is on its way if not already here. The reaction system already feels like a meme in and of itself when it's supposed to represent how someone feels. Seriously, how could one possibly feel like they are "teacup" about the post, or "I ‘I see’ this post". It's very odd, and I don't normally use those reactions because I don't take them seriously and they don't fit in most of the time, yet others do it anyways. It just makes the post less serious and more of a meme and funny than anything, unless you ignore the reaction system. Putting memes into the reaction system provides any forum user unrestricted access to memes and encourages them as well. Doing this makes the memes appear frequently and makes them more annoying. Who wouldn't press the "I see" button? It makes us laugh, so why not? My point is, it's too tempting to not consider pressing a meme reaction button, unless the topic is something very serious like something about death or pain. Problems that could arise and maybe are arising from this: Let me list the consequences of placing a meme in the reaction system. First, you eventually kill the meme due to abuse and constant exposure to it in most topics. Second, it's hard to express your feelings when the reaction system has memes and is becoming a meme itself because of it. Third, it's hard to understand how people feel about your post and what their reaction to it is when there are meme reactions. Fourth, it's annoying for memes to pop up everywhere, especially dead memes, not saying that any current reaction meme here is dead. Fifth, there are memes that some people dislike anyways, but having them on a forum reaction system is even more annoying. My solutions: Here are the solutions I propose. (1) One could make a forum section/subsection that holds all the meme topics and posts located and take out all the memes from the reaction system and place them there. (2) Move the reaction system memes into the emoji system instead, though I wouldn’t prefer this solution since the memes are still there. (3) Erase the memes from every system altogether. Posts and comments can have memes, just not the reaction system and emoji system, or so forth. One last thing I wanted to say. I actually don’t care about there being memes in the reaction system, and I personally find them to be somewhat funny. To be honest, if they left I just might miss them a slight bit. Also, I'm fine with temporary meme reactions, the ones I'm referring throughout to this post are those that are permanent. The reason I posted this is because I speculated that these permanent meme reactions could become annoying and could lead to a few problems, since meme abuse is a common crime on the internet these days. Apologies if I offended anyone. Disclaimers: I know the “Number one” reaction is temporary, and I also know there are other reactions in the reaction system that aren’t memes and that actually show how one feels about a post.
  3. Hello, i would like to suggest a change to the status update system. When somebody replies on a status update, you can't see what status update it is that was commented on. It's just plainly "a status update". It would be nice to know what status update somebody commented on and you usually follow multiple status updates so it can get really confusing real fast. And i know it's possible because when somebody reacts to a reply you made on a status update, the notification you get tells you what status update it was. Alongside that, and i know this was already suggested by someone else, i want to suggest the option to unfollow certain status updates, as more often than not you don't care about a certain status updates anymore but still get the notifications for it because you commented on it once.
  4. I see a LOT of "help! My OC needs a name!" So… seeing as how I do enjoy helping, I thought I'd start a naming thread. If you have an OC, or are just writing an MLP fanfic that needs background ponies, names can be a right challenge. Especially since the MLPverse has a bit of a naming format. But just call me Bastian Balthazar Bux! Because giving names is a favourite past time of mine. (Okay, that reference may be a little dated, but Never Ending Story is still a classic!) Just post with a little description of your OC, include as much as you can: Cutie Mark, Colours, occupation, relations if possible… maybe a few personality traits (like lazy, hyper, talkative, friendly, emo, stuff like that)… I'll reply with name suggestions. And (hooves crossed) others can put their suggestions in, too.
  5. Just a quick suggestion: add a command to allow players to toggle TNT world damage within specific zones. This would be immensely helpful for large scale excavation, as I have around 150,000-200,000 blocks that I need removed, and I would rather build a redstone machine to blast it to oblivion than sit around and try and do it by hand. (Even with an EFV Pick and a full power beacon, it's taking an eternity.) As this would be on a per-claim basis, the only people who could place/detonate TNT (or TNT-purposed redstone machines) in a claim would be the claim owner(s) themselves (as block placement/removal is already protected via claims).
  6. I'm not sure if it's just me or if there's some way to change this; but the character counter (since the recent Ponyverse upgrade), has been nothing but an annoyance by obstructing the view and disabling right-click (spellcheck) on any pieces of text underneath it. Is there anyway to move the counter back to the margin around the text editor as it was in the previous version? Thank you. -Rebus
  7. Hello there! This time I'll try posting something without images and in-depth description. I'd like to ask if you could add extra buttons to the text editor. Namely, the one called "Remove Format". I kept using it a lot in the previous version and I'd like to have back in the current one. It is really essential for me. Why? Let's assume, that I modified one word to highlight something like THIS. Now when I want to continue typing with the default format, I need to reset the font size manually, then reset color manually, remove bold and italics. Whew, a lot of clicking for such a simple thing, don't you think? Also when I have a formatted text, then even - going to next lines doesn't work, so in some cases it gets kinda tricky to 'escape' that, because you have to reset it manually, unless you've made an extra line before formatting, so that, going down will allow you to write further with the default settings... There are tricky (yet kinda glitchy ) workarounds though- 1) Go to next line; type one character; go back; type again - if that doesn't work - backspace to previous line, go to next line again and type. Still doesn't work? Keep doing this until it will work... 2) Go to next line; type one character; highlight it; cut and paste it without formatting (ctrl+shift+V) - sometimes it doesn't work though, so you'll have to paste it normally and then paste it without formatting.. Still doesn't work? Keep pasting with both methods until it will eventually work. A workaround to avoid all of this is to make the whole post, then format it at the end. But all of that could be replaced with one working-anytime solution- 1) Highlight text; press the button; Done. Increase Indent and Decrease Indent would come in handy too, but that's optional. What do you think? Thank you! Still a wall of text... but I tried!
  8. I was thinking of an online currency for the forums. Like bits, and it'll show up on the top right of the page. You could get this by doing things like.. - Getting a new rank - Becoming a mod - Signing up for PFU (Pink Fluffy Unicorns I think?) - And donating You could also get bits by buying them as well. Plus there should be a shop where you can exchange your bits for things such as.. - Custom ranks - Extension to your signature (Basically if your limit is 600x100, you could go up to 700x200) - MORE bits - And plenty more! I know this idea wouldn't work, but it'd really cool because it would allow people to get on the forums more. Thanks for reading my idea!
  9. "Back to pony!" As they say. This is the official beginning of "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails: Season 2", and I am glad to be back. After a month and a half, I'm finally going to release part 2 of, "My Interpretation of the Brony Fandom". It's been a while, but I'm glad I waited because while surfing the web, I discovered something that I thought I'd share. Last time, I talked more about why the fandom is dying and how it's nothing more than a perception of what we think of it. This time, however, I've got a little more up my sleeve. Something that really bends the behind-the-scenes. Now, originally, I was going to pin everything down on EquestriaDaily, but I suddenly realized they weren't at fault. Someone else was. So let's return to our original question: "Is the Fandom Dying? If so, how can we save it?" Now, why is this fandom different from all other fandoms? What many believe is that we are all together no matter what. We'll stick up for each other because we have been seen putting the morals of Friendship is Magic to heart. While this may or may not be true, we're not all together. As I said in Part 1, in order to save the fandom is to create content of our own, but here's a contradiction: "How can we save the fandom, if nobody watches our stuff?" I'm going to talk about something that is relevant one way or another. Whether or not you want to be one of these people is completely up to you, but it still decides our fate. I'm talking about Horse-Fame, a level of respect gained in the Brony fandom. Horse-fame is depicted by the amount of content and attention that person is getting and whether or not they can keep up. The problem about Horse-Fame is that it's been established since the dawn of MLP Season 1. We all know who LittleshyFiM, KP, BlackGryph0n, EurobeatBrony, and TheLivingTombstone are. Sure, they weren't horse-famous overnight, but it was a lot easier than what many of us have to do today to hit that first thousand views. With those big names set in stone, who are we to argue with the big leagues? How can the fandom survive if they disappear? Now, the reason I was going to give EquestriaDaily the blame was because I thought they only posted "big names" and their work. No, that is wrong. EquestriaDaily is the one promoting smaller bronies and their written work. However, there are some groups that continue to promote the more popular ponies instead of turning to the surviving talent. Yes, people are growing day by day, but there is much more talent going around than we appear to see. We can't stand in the shadows of those whom cast them. We have to create a name for ourselves. Write what you have on mind! Play the songs that appear in your head! Be inspired! There is nothing wrong with Horse-Fame, but when it is used as an exclusive club to promote themselves, then it is at fault. What does this have to do with a dying fandom? Everything. With our figureheads stepping down from their throne, only to leave a legacy, it makes us all turn our heads and think. When the empire falls, so do the people. We need to create figures of our own; we need to decide. I have seen many underrated works in this community, the MLPForums, but they don't receive the attention they deserve. Music creators all gather here and share their works; they collaborate. Writers come here to show off their work and help others to edit. These forums have an entire section devoted to helping those in need. If brony community is generally known to help others, where are the Horse-Famous ponies when we need them? -RealityPublishing
  10. (song starts at 0:22) It's funky and cool and 80's as heck and I love it. I feel like we need to make a cover of this. Whether it's just of brony celebs singing it with an animation, or a full-blown ponified remake, somebody needs to do something with this song. XD You guys think so too? :3
  11. Now I haven't played Overwatch, fuck my Mac which I'm getting into the habit of saying, but I do know a thing or two about the game. I know there IS a story being told by Overwatch not only through its excellent animations but also through webcomics and even background details in the stages or voice clips from the characters. It all builds on a trans-media narrative and it's been a great ride so far delving into this world and these characters. Which leads me to something I've seen suggested a few times. Even with all of this excellent setup and alternative methods of conveying narrative, should there not be something resembling a conventional story mode for those of us more interested in the characters and over-arching plot than the strictly multiplayer experience? A large part of me wants to say no from my experience of what is to me, Overwatch's true predecessor, not TF2 but Street Fighter. That game series has a relatively simple over-arching plot but a deep if not complex progression of events when it comes to individual character's lives and how they interact with one another. For years this was told and established to the point that Street Fighter actually has a canon at all that can be debated. Why can't Overwatch follow in it's steps? I mean it already has WAY more story meat and tools than Street Fighter did for the longest time and the game's barely even out. On the other hand, I am a bit disappointed that I won't get to (eventually FM ) actually play as Reinhardt slaying an omnic dragon, or Zenyatta defending his temple from invaders, or McCree gunning down his old gang when they take a small town hostage, or Hanzo tracking down Genji to finish what he started only to at last accept his brother and ultimately let go of his self-loathing. I mean even if Blizzard wanted to do that, could they even add it at this point? What do you guys think?
  12. UPDATE To be honest, most of what I've mentioned in this post I'm not to concerned about anymore, however, I have a new issue I hope can be looked into right away. So far I've not got word back about it yet. Here's my quote from my reply down below that I want to be looked into: Introduction Okay, it's been over a year now since I've been a member on here; It's about time I made my own feedback topic. Now this opening post is extremely large, so prepare for a long read. It would be best to read only if you have the free time to spare and plan on reading the whole post. Please remember that nothing I say in here is directed towards any individual as I won't be using any names. I want this to be as complete, and as honest as I can, so it's a constructive feedback topic. The whole idea here is to give both the positives and negatives of the site, while being honest with it. I strongly believe there is room for improvement, which I'll get to in here. Also, I'll spoiler tag the main feedback and suggestion sections to minimize scrolling. Anyway, read away and enjoy Edit: I'll make a reply to all replies in here when I have time Thanks for the replies though. I'm glad this was acknowledged ^^
  13. So subs are yellow, sections are pink and so on... would it be possible that once two people are friends could the user's hud (interface) be changed to say green or something? I guess it may help to see who you are friends with and who you are not. So you can scroll though posts and so on and find what your friends are saying for example. Many of us here have many friends and well being able to tell users apart may be rather helpful. Thoughts? (or am I just suggesting something stupid again)
  14. Hey im new here Just wondering if this would be a great game? And if anyone could make it I would be happy to play it Thanks...
  15. Thanks to a suggestion*Cough*Bet*Cough* from several friends, I will be making this pointless and ultimately doomed-to-fail suggestion, for a Mystery Lord emoticon. Of course, if this shall (Somehow) get accepted, I will either make the Emoticon myself, or find an artist to help with it. I eagerly await your response
  16. Hello! My suggestion is very simple: I would LOVE to see some Google Calendar integration for the calendar events on this site, like say the friday night movie thingy or any other special event posted to that little segment of the site, so that those who use Google Calendar can get reminders of when such and such is gonna happen. The reason I think this would be a good idea is as followed: I LOVE going to the Friday Night Movie Night thing. However, I often times forget when it is on, and I miss the whole first movie and half of the second. And anyone who knows me knows that I believe that it isn't worth the confusion to watch the second half of a movie if you hadn't seen the first half, even if you've seen the movie already. While I cannot think of anymore personal experiences that would require this integration, the movie night thing is VERY importaint to me, and I'm sure their are others with similar problems regarding site events and being forgetful. So here is what I'm suggestion: find a way to insert Google Calendar into this site, so that those who use said calendar can get reminders of when such and such is gonna happen. Another reason for this, is that with Google Calendar, you have better selection options for recurring events. Like say you have an event that would take up monday, wednesday, and friday for three weeks. You can do that with Google Calendar, but with the site's calendar, I'm pretty sure all you can do is set it to weekly for one day to reoccur for weeks. Also, I'm aware of the settings in the options for e-mails, but I dunno about others on this site, but I rarely check my emails. That's why I turned off all my email notifications that I could. Because I can't handle more junk that I already read on here when I visit this site. Also, I am one of many who spends about 90% of their online time on a phone or tablet. What I need is pop-ups while I'm doing stuff on said device(s) to remind me of stuff on this site. And that is what Google Calendar does. Give me pop-ups for stuff like Movie Night when I'm, let's say for an example, I spend too much time watching YouTube videos and I lose track of the time. Thank you for reading this and giving me the time of day. I hope to hear from you guys soon, and I hope you agree with me on this!
  17. I noticed on the other MLP forum I am on, that there is a list of the site's staff currently on the website at the time. I feel like this would be a useful feature for quick access to a moderator/administrator and not have to search around for one that is online.
  18. John Noble (Walter from Fringe or Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Knight) was at a convention signing autographs. I presented him with a fan vector rendering of Starswirl the Bearded. I asked if he was interested in doing some voice acting for MLP and I showed him the picture. I was trying to be passive and said "it's up to you sir, it's cool if you're not interested". His handlers got him up to speed about the show in one sentence. In the end he said he would consider it so it's more 50/50 rather than a "I'd rather not" so I'm happy with that. I have no proof other than the signature I got from Mr. Noble.
  19. Alright, what I'm suggesting is more days like Villain day, but not just about villains. Last villain day was hilarious and I'd love to see more days such as - Celebrity day (dress as a celebrity, also, saying quotes from them would be funny) -Opposite day -Hero day (perhaps right after villain day, if someone was a villain the next day they could be the hero that goes against that villain, almost like villain day ends when Hero day comes and defeats it.) -Too Many Mods day (Or maybe just too many Forum members day, people make their accounts look almost the same as someone else's, although things could end up a bit out of hand, so I'd suggest a few rules, such as: You must be able to tell the two accounts apart, so they can't be exactly the same, like maybe you have to have something signifying what user you normally are. or: You need to ask the person you want your account to look like first (I guess since mods will have a million people asking them someone can make an official thread for the day and the mods can say if they're okay with it or not.) and you need to make sure that by having a similar avatar you aren't stealing someone else's artwork. -Dynamic Duo Day: Forum members can change their avatar/account names to look like two or more characters that go together in some way, like flim and flam, for example. Adding any special day would be really great (Especially if it's one from the list, because if it is, that means a moderator-senpai noticed me!
  20. Just a short time ago, @HawkeyePierce and I started a little conversion about about an idea he has. We know that in the Welcoming Plaza that we can say hello to new members and talk to them about our site. But Hawk has a rather interesting idea to have Vet be able to properly give advice to a new member. Almost like assigning a camp councilor or the most experienced member show a new person around the the location, or at least explain a little about what we do here. I can redirect you to what we talked about here, so you can get an idea of what we were talking about. I just thought it would be something to bring to the attention of someone who can see if this would be worth while or not.
  21. I was only on this site for a few days now, and i'm already getting at least 50 notifications overnight. So I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a sorting system? for instance, my forum games notifications would go in one folder, my fan club notifs in another. or does the IPS coding make that impossible?
  22. I would appreciate it if there was an option to hide a topic so that you personally don't have to look at it but it's still visible to everyone else. I think it would help people stay out of trouble by allowing them to ignore topics that they might find objectionable.
  23. Hello I have to make a logo for a transportation company and if they like my idea's, they want me to make their site as well. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what I have so far? First one is with illustration (being the little truck) Second is just a simple color mix They wanna use the colors black and yellow mostly. The company name is ACRONOS and freight SRL is a subtitle that I may use if I want to use it in the logo. Any constructive feedback is appreciated or maybe some suggestions? Thanks in advance
  24. I feel there is one forum/topic/whatever missing: The Celebration Forum! There you would be able to make a topic when you have something to celebrate, either related to the forum (100th, 1000th, 10000th post or brohoof, membership-anniversary, winning a contest or something), and related to RL, but this in a sub-forum. What do you think about such a Forum?
  25. Well ever since i finished Bakka and test i've been looking for an anime that's pretty much the same style, i mean something with no deaths like in fairy tail and bakka and test but with really funny and humorous moments. Does anyone know what i should watch now?