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Found 2 results

  1. So the following all comes from a discussion i had with someone on the topic of fandoms, in which we hammered this idea out over a couple of days and constant rules and ideas being put into place. You can choose one of the following: A. Bring ANY one fictional character of your choice here to this planet. They appear directly in front of you as if you had just summoned them somehow. They retain ALL of their memories, abilities, powers and skills, EVEN IF they defy this world's physics... If it is a character that relies upon gadgets like Batman for example, they will only appear with what they can carry on their person and would be most expected to carry from their usual appearances, however their gadgets will operate exactly as they do in whatever medium they come from. Thus a character that has a gun that never runs out of ammo or needs reloading like Dante from Devil May Cry, will have infinite ammo and no reloading necessity here as well, despite how illogical that would be. Remember they will also have all of their same weaknesses. Also, if there are multiple incarnations of your chosen character, all attempts will be made to merge relevant personas into one acceptable archetype of said character. Furthermore, you are not changing the world itself, just bringing them into it.... thus the world would suddenly possibly have to deal with a very real Spider-Man, Kool-Aid Man, Goku, etc... thus try to visualize exactly how the world would react if your said choice just suddenly and randomly appeared able to do the incredible things they do. B. You can go to any fictional place of your choosing. You will immediately appear in a random "safe' spot within your chosen universe or setting. Thus you will not appear in deep space or under the sea with no way to breathe, or in the middle of some wild battle if you choose a world like the Marvel universe for example. You will be exactly as you are and have only the clothes upon your back and any items you can reasonable carry upon your person. You will retain all of your memories and knowledge of this world, but you will also be physically exactly as you are. If you choose a world or setting hostile to humans, you will be reverted to as close a facsimile of yourself as can be reasonably attained or you may be placed within a safe zone away from where you actually may be trying to reach and left to your own devices upon how to get there. So for example if you chose Pandora from Avatar, if there were a human settlement upon it with the proper shielding and life support systems, you would be sent there. However, if that was unavailable you would be reverted into a Na'vi. However you would have no experience or skill in this new form. Any world you choose where the main inhabitants are human you will be able to go relatively unnoticed unless you decide to reveal yourself or choose a setting where you are very much out of place (like for example the Starship Enterprise), where as worlds without human inhabitants (that we know of) will treat you as alien. Again, you are not changing the world you are just appearing within it as you are. You do get to send them back if it does not work out, or return to this world if you do not like it there... but once you do, you can not bring them back, summon anyone else or return to that or any other world. It is one shot, so choose wisely. I think I covered all of the rules and explained them the best that I could. So have at it. Who would you choose and why.... or where would you go and what would you do? I'll have to write mine up in a bit but am curious to hear your thoughts. Also if I missed something or did not clarify something, please let me know so i can fix the original post.
  2. So... A group of people in another plane of existence, universe, or whatever (let's say Ponies in Equestria for the sake of being awesome) have drawn a magic circle with chalk and are preparing to summon you to do their bidding... But they need to leave an offering in the circle in order to summon you. What three items would please you enough to come to their realm and receive orders from them until the magic runs out and you return home? (For specific's sake, let's say about an hour or two). Bonus points if you say the reason they probably tried summoning you in the first place For me, the ponies would have to leave me an offering of a bag of Tabletop RPG dice (with dice inside of course, there has to be at least 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20, and 1d%), a laptop computer, and a pre-paid Steam gift card (Riot points are also accepted). In all honesty, they would probably summon me because they're bored at a sleepover or something and heard a rumor about a spell that can summon extra-planar creatures... But once I was there, I'd probably teach them how to play Pathfinder and DM them through a campaign, because I usually carry around my Pathfinder books with me whenever I go somewhere