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Found 36 results

  1. So today, we got another focus on Starlight and Sunburst and their return to Sire's Hollow. But this is something I have been curious to ask since Uncommon Bond. Should these two get married one day? Starlight and Sunburst being Wife and Husband. Third Wedding of the series. Maybe Chrysalis trying to crash this one like she did Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's wedding back in Season 2. Because judging by their synergy, it feels like they may end up being a couple in the future, maybe settle down and have a foal or two to pass their knowledge of friendship on. What do you all think?
  2. Note: Credits go to I_Am_Number_6 on EQD, @Jerica, and @gingerninja666 for this review. Starlight Glimmer had one of the biggest arcs of the whole series. Debuting in The Cutie Map as Season 5’s top villain, Twilight successful convinced her to reform and change her ways. Rather than condemn her to Tartarus or exile, Twi elected to proactively teach her the Magic of Friendship. Even though she learned all the lessons academically in between To Where and Celestial Advice, she realized she wasn’t ready to lead once more. Throughout Season 7, confidence exuded out of her, showing more comfort in her opinions and ideals once again; Shadow Play and its creative genius helped Starlight show her intellectual bravery at its best, leading to her next chapter of her journey that began in Season 8. With A Horse Shoe-In, today’s chapter continues to near its final destination, and SG has (once again) a fantastic appearance. At the very beginning, viewers are reminded that she will become the next head of the School of Friendship once Twilight moves to Canterlot and replaces the Royal Sisters. However, Twilight’s reminder carries more in-verse weight than in Beginning. Spike issued Starlight’s promotion to Headmare via Royal Decree. As Princess of Friendship, she has the authority to announce it, especially to those she’s close to. More importantly, Twilight exercised this decree with a clear head. Back in BotE, Twilight was in the middle of a massive meltdown, so when she told her the news, she wasn’t prepared for what came next. Now she is. By telling her with a clear conscience, she put in a lot more thought into who’ll succeed her and (like before) trusts Starlight into making the right decisions. Ain't this heartwarming and cute?! Her trust for Starlight is reaffirmed in two other moments. In Act 1, Trixie reminded her that Twilight never did anything alone, including running the School of Friendship. As one of six teachers, they all took care of the students together. Because she had close friends helping her, Starlight told Twilight about her new idea: hiring a Vice Headmare to help alleviate the work. What does Twilight say? After blowing up in Trixie’s face, she and Twilight share a heart to heart in her classroom. During the interviewing process, Starlight really wanted someone she knew well to be Vice Headmare, but because Trixie didn’t take it so seriously the first two tries and then took it so seriously the last that she accidentally put her students in danger, she let her frustrations take over, yelled at Trixie over it, and angrily told her that she would never be VH. Twilight reminded her that, yes, she has friends to help her, but not every friend is right for the job you offer, and that she has to tell them immediately before it gets out of control. Now, is Starlight right to be upset with Trixie? Absolutely. Is Trixie a capable VH? Not at all. But Starlight isn’t fully innocent, either, as she ignored the signs from earlier, insulted her, belittled her worth, and put her friendship with Trixie at risk. Apologizing to her was the right move. As for Trixie herself, she showed aplenty to prove she wasn’t qualified beyond a blind flash beehive transfer. In Twilight’s classroom, she skipped a completely important history lecture on friendship, napped with everyone (with helpful tips from Gallus ), and didn't feel ashamed of it. Afterwards, she shouted at Grandpa Gruff and expelled him from the School of Friendship. Both of these showed extreme opposites of what she looked for. On one hand, she didn't care for the subject the students are learning. On the other, when push comes to shove, she cared maybe a little too much, rightfully defending a student’s reputation to a surrogate who gave little about him and losing her own temper rather than constructively using her anger to maintain her rep as substitute. That said, despite her neglect for studies, extreme measures, and lack of thought, Trixie's certainty she'll be hired is merited. What inspired Starlight to create this permanent position? Trixie’s reminder of Twilight’s friends helping her run the school. Rather than go away and wait for lunch, she followed Starlight, overheard the whole conversation, and assumed that Starlight will hire friends to help them like Princess Twilight. As a result, this whole interviewing process felt like a game to test her meddle, and she won't bite. Read this exchange from Act 2: In Starlight's mind, she wanted Trixie to really show she can lead a school and help the students learn, but she was way behind compared to Hooves and Octavia. However, Trixie assumes Starlight just wants to test her with one final step before letting the rest of the "competition," and the language from both of them is loose enough so you see where they come from while being unable to break through that communication barrier. And it was that barrier that caused Trixie to not take Starlight's anger seriously the first time, followed by confusion, and then hurt once she realized what Starlight wanted and after SG made her feel worthless. In addition to helping complete another chapter to the overall arc of Season 9, the episode carries a message of how nepotism can cause a system to become corrupt if left unchecked. Because she did so poorly, SG almost DQ'd her once and then told her very softly in their second interview she wouldn't hire her. But as a result of Trixie setting the expectation of being hired (and thus placing herself above Octavia, Hooves, Big Mac, and Spoiled), Starlight was caught in a major dilemma. How can she tell Trixie she's not qualified for the job? Regardless of her own temperament, how well will Trixie handle the disappointment? What if she finds out through someone else that she will lose the opportunity? Conversing with "Phyllis" (and protecting her from Trixie) and holding off the truth only added to her dilemma and increased her frustration. Fortunately, when the problems became too big to ignore, she put her foot down, and Twilight's "motherly" advice helped her even more. In addition to how your friends may not always be the best fit for a job, a nice, subtle secondary moral floated in the background, which @Jerica caught and told me about in my Discord convo with her. Out of the five interviewees, Octavia Melody was easily the most qualified. During the substitution, she easily had the most fun while taking part in Laughter class. As she instructed her students to play their instruments, Pinkie Pie suddenly played the yovidaphone loudly behind them. Did anyone get upset? Nope. They continued playing and had a blast playing their favorite instruments no matter how good they were. And, yes, they all laughed. Hard. In her one-on-one interview with Ocellus's parents, she understood her knowledge of music, praised her student for quickly improving in her work, and got along incredibly well. While in the same Bridleway Theatre as the special playing of Hinny of the Hills back in Season 4, her students sat in their seats as Octavia prepared. Initially, Gallus was bored as hell. Then the lights went out. Out came Vinyl. And they began to play an exciting remix of classical music to everycreature's delight (great callback to their remix and friendship from Slice of Life ). Octavia understands that not everyone's tastes are the same, but she knew how to loosen her hair and create joy to those who wish for it. Yet at the end, she turned down the job. Why? Fear she'll lose her time for music. Even though she's so good in those interviews, music's her passion, and she doesn't want to give it up. Sadly, you sometimes have to choose, which isn't easy. Bittersweet it may be, watching her tell Starlight she would love to accept the offer but decline would add a major gut-punch to the episode and add some real, down-to-earth weight to this episode. What would also add weight would be to see Gallus tell Trixie how much he appreciated her passionate defense of him to Grandpa Gruff. Most ponies won't have the guts to tell off the temperamental griffon like that, including Starlight. No matter how narcissistic Trixie can be, she knows her limits and cares for at least her students' psychological health. Apathy for his guardian's growth and openly belittling him while he was already down were massive signs of disrespect towards her and her students, and she showed Gruff he hasn't earned her respect in return. If there's a scene showing Gallus thanking Trixie for defending him, it'll show both some chemistry between them and how her presence matters. Containing it off-screen softens the impact, but his off-screen gratitude meant she has some a place in the school after all. With the changing of the guard approaching, the School Counselor spot needed to be filled, and Trixie more than showed she qualifies. As clichéd as this sequence can be this season, adding a montage would really help Sunburst show his credentials. In the climax, she hired him after Trixie contacted him via scroll, a passionate interview, and admission of not having to take much care of Flurry Heart anymore. If we see him have a world of fun teaching his students in one of his classes, conversing pleasantly with the students' parents, and then go on a very fun field trip together (maybe to The Crystal Empire to greet Mistmane, Cadance, and Flurry Heart), then you can really sell his passion for teaching. Having her hire him in a quick, expository flash-forward makes the resolution feel a little rushed. Nothing close to ruining it, but makes his hiring as Vice Headmare tough to sell. To end this review on a high note: This episode does a fantastic job reintroducing the Vice Headmare occupation without contradicting continuity, a point brought up by I_Am_Number_6 on EQD. Back in A Matter of Principals, she hires Discord for the same position after she lost her temper and ruined the buckball field, but he loses his job instantly after the RM6 returned from their "friendship quest." Here, she went through the process with a lot more care and thought, especially since Twilight's soon leaving for Canterlot. In addition to in-episode growth, Starlight shows continual growth, too. Back in No Second Prances (her first self-contained episode post reformation), she forces Big Mac to talk against his will. Here, she understands not everyone's so comfortable to talk and won't force him to do a job he feels he can't. Thank @gingerninja666 and his friend for pointing it out. Also… BAD idea, Whooves! What a big, pleasant surprise to see a brand-new writer take on FIM this late in its running! Ariel Shepherd-Oppenhein did a splendid job in her Pony debut and executed a very solid, very good episode, one that may be Starlight's last once it's all finished.
  3. Note: Expanded my thoughts from here and here. Being Starlight's first episode of Season 9 and from a prior synopsis, one could guess a low-stakes episode, magic-oriented, or possible repeat of a Every Little Thing She Does. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Magic's involved, but it wasn't central to the story. With her friends off for Spring Break, she's running the school now until they return, and she needs something to organize her time in school while also not being in office. Casting an alert curse on a bracelet was convenient and made sense: Once they need her help, she'll be right there. Unfortunately, she didn't foresee what was to come. Her schedule just before Spring Break became so hectic that she not only got many ponies lined up, but Silverstream came over several times for very small problems related to an unnamed project. And to make matters worse, Starlight was unable to help Trixie gather the right objects for Maud and Mud’s spring solstice party the next morning (with Sunburst invited, too) and Trixie had to prepare it all by herself. The episode spends a good amount of time gradually building tension, starting with the innocent(ly funny expressions by Trixie) and ending with the stressful. Some examples include: Trixie casually drinking tea and eating sandwiches as Starlight juggles between her office and the picnic. Starlight helping her students while trying (and failing ) to hide her nerves. As Trixie reminds her of the errands, Starlight stays conspicuously silent as she looks around and taps her hooves. As Ocellus deals with her identity crisis, Starlight tries to solve it while rushing through. Starlight leaving the store once her bracelet buzzes, accidentally dropping the streamers she plans to buy. After Starlight realizes she missed out on everything and failed to keep her promises, she crouched and smacked her muzzle on the ground. Suddenly, her bracelet rang again. During this first third of the story, a lot of great faces were animated to accentuate the stress building up amongst themselves and each other, like their eyes increasing size, Trixie's sneers, Smolder's smirk, and Starlight's anguish. The dialogue was also top-notch, adding to both the humor and drama. Additionally, despite being Starlight-centric, Haber doesn't write Trixie in the wrong for expecting her to keep her promise, too. Yes, Starlight was justified to not keep 'em, even though she tried her hardest to keep up. Being in charge of the school for now, she's responsible for their safety and guidance if need be. To her, rejecting any help could mean missing out on something truly important to solve and letting Twilight et al down. Nevertheless, Haber doesn't let Trxie's feelings go or feel marginalized, spending good time airing her frustrations and then confronting her after taking care of the party arrangements. So when Silverstream asked for help one more time, the moment when Starlight turned her away and took off her bracelet until the Break ends made sense and didn't feel rushed through. So when Terramar alerted her that Silverstream vanished and then called her out for turning her away (Thanks, Trixie ), could you blame her feeling terrible for the whole thing? By closing the school early, she believed she could've solved an actual problem rather than any nerve-wracking nitpick from earlier. After realizing that she was in the Everfree Forest to likely research cockatrices, the tension climbed hundredfold and added further uncertainty for Starlight. Early in the open, Starlight explained how becoming a counselor allowed her to use her "checkered past" to get to others' shoes and aid them below the surface. The guilt she felt from seasons ago disappeared. But that guilt returned and only increased as the episode and danger progressed. Even after they all realized SS was safe and sound, that guilt never went away. The communication between the rest of her friends also felt very complete with plenty of humor. Some of the best moments were as follows: The anime-like blood vessels ready to burst and SG's shock really sell the joke and immediately show how even he gets on her nerves. Trixie standing up for Starlight to Terramar and eventually accepting partial blame for her disappearance. After Terramar criticized Starlight's party for not being "perfect," everyone, including Maud, glared crossly at him, shutting him up. In acts of desperation, Starlight looked in even the most unconventional places, such as inside Pinkie's party cannon and on a crowded bookshelf. Moments like these show both the panic creeping from within and the guilt that she already possesses. This little exchange: In the final two acts alone, there was plenty of flirting between them in comparison to Maud Couple from last year. Mud's little smile after Maud's reply feels genuine and shows appreciation for each other. The lesson has some similarities with Zeppelin, but they’re not the same. In Zeppelin, it’s about how it’s not selfish to have time with yourself. Here, it’s about not getting bogged down with a very stressful job to spend quality time with others. It’s a really good lesson. There are two problems. When Starlight and the others made it inside the open ruins of the sisters’ castle, they assumed the cockatrices won’t fly in and only surround. One big problem. Cockatrices can fly high, and they got too close to a flock of migrating ones by watching them from a cliff above. What if the provoked cockatrices decide to fly over the walls or through the old windows? They were just as vulnerable inside the ruins as out, yet the episode lowers the stakes a bit here and assumes they’re safe until they walk out. It was really dumb of everyone to gather and breathe there. At the very end, Silverstream admits to Starlight that her advice didn't amount to anything in the long run. First off, the joke wasn't funny. Secondly, it all but made Starlight's stress over "not doing her job" pointless and marginalizes the moral, as SS's visits didn't factor at all into the conclusion of her Spring Break project. Had Trixie not interrupt, Starlight would've completely lost her temper and given her the riot act. That said, it’s really good, and given the fact that Starlight’s takeover of the school may be inevitable, she really needed this episode. Good work, Haber!
  4. Random idea I had for a while: Glimmy tied to a bunch of balloons and floating and trying to say hi to Sunburst.
  5. I don’t usually do episode reviews but this episode is so good that I thought I should review this one. Student Counsel by far the best episode of the season we finally got another Starlight solo episode and it’s with none of the mane 6 bonus. Which was great because we haven’t gotten one since season 7. We got to see Trixie, Maud, Sunburst, Mud briar and Terrmar again and they all played a great role and were all in character. We also get to learn a little bit more about Cockatrices and how some can be friendly which was very nice to see. And of course the funny facial Expressions of Starlight and Trixie was highlight of the episode. This episode also has a fantastic lesson and moral. It’s okay to be busy but you need to be able to balance time between your job and friends. Overall a spectacular episode. Score: 1000/1000
  6. Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like: Speculations based on leaked information! Spoilers ahead. Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM). But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know. 😊 God Bless and Take Care. Speculation on What Season 9.docx
  7. In other words, could certain questions finally get answed , and certain theroies be put to rest. Well, with any kind of closuer on a franchise, the finale always seems to (at most times) open the doors to allow the writers to get a lot of stuff out of their system for themselves and for at most, the fans. But will the final season of MLP : FIM do that as well? Here I talk about what could be finally addressed, if that is the case. Now one of the first things that they (the writers) could finally address, is the whole Spike x Rarity situation. What I mean is, that if the writers choose to do so (IMO I believe they will), this will finally be addressed, and the outcome will be one that is a positive one, and yet be one that not a lot of the brony/pegasister community will agree on. And what the outcome will be, Spike and Rarity together. You may ask "How?" Well, it's quite simple, if you look at the fact, that they've been teasing this since Eps. 1, and throughout the show's run, they've had several episodes centered around Spike, that have also involved Rarity in some major/minor capacity, and with it being the final season of the show, like I mentioned at the beginning at the start, it opens the door for this to take place. And the reason being is, unless the series finale somehow ties into G5 and G5 becomes a soft Retcon/Reboot of FIM, then (IMO) this Spike x Rarity Deal will finally become a reality. 2. A Sugar Belle and Big Mac wedding will most likely happen. The reason being is the fact that this could be looked at as a 3 chapter deal, with the first happening in S7 , and So it only makes sense to tie this trifecta up with a 3rd and final chapter happening in the final season, which would culminate with a wedding between Sugar and BIg. Heck, for emotional sake, have the spirts of AJ, AppleBloom and Big Mac's parents appear to show their love and support, and thus have the kids and Sugar Belle seem as well. 3. Finally Addressing Celestria and Luna's orgins. Yes, before the show comes to a close, this has to be addressed, especially after giving them some moments to shine, first in the Premiere of S6 and most recently, not once but twice in S7, and This is something that finally needs to be addressed and I believe (IMO) that the writing staff of FIM will finally do so in the final season. Espiecally with the fact, that if you go back to the S6 Premiere, they both said, "That the birth of an Alicorn, is something Equestria has never seen", and that it was "Even beyond their understanding." Yeah, when they both said those things, that was enough of red flag, and more of a legit reasoning to wanna know about their orgins. 4. Starlight Glimmer becoming an Alicorn? Yes, indeed, this is most likely the direction they are heading, and if S9 is it for the show, definitely expect the writing staff to go this route. And, why?, you may ask. Because it seems that's what they building towards with her. (at least in my IMO), and would make sense that they writing staff make this a reality. 5. Sunset Shimmer Returns! , and the recent "Mirror Magic" EQG special, she has never returned to Equestria on the "Friendship is Magic" side of things. So with the final season, I truly believe and hope, (like many do) that this will be the season that it finally happens. And all honesty, I feel the writing staff knows that as well and will make it happen. 6. I believe that a G1 character has to be brought in, with a G4/FIM update, and that character should Majesty. And if you want a reason why, well if you watch MLP-Silver Quill's and ILOVEKPALOT's Video they did on Villains in MLP, than you pretty much get your answer there, as to why she should be brought in. Basically make her a character, that believes she's doing the right thing, but in fact is not. Or as Silver Quill put it, make her a rogue element that believes that all villainy, even those that have been redeemed, should be disposed of. Than the writers can build towards something between her and Twilight, and at same time, they could acknowledge a history between Celestria, Luna and Majesty as well, and that could really build the tension between her and Twilight. But that's what I (IMO) feel the writers will/would do in the final season, should it be more freelanced. What are your thoughts? God Bless!
  8. Note #1: This is one of the episodes leaked a few weeks ago. If you watched the episode already, keep all discussion under the spoiler tag until after it finishes officially airing. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) DO NOT LINK OR POST THE LEAKED MATERIAL! Note #2: Over the last few months, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names, episode titles, some summaries) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. Title: The Parent Map Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): May 5 at 11:30am Writer(s): Dave Rapp Summary: Neither Starlight nor Sunburst have visited their parents in a long time, but when both are called by the map to their hometown, they discover their parents are at the center of the friendship problem. Episode to be linked after it airs. CMC Clubhouse on! SendVid:
  9. Note: This episode's scheduled to air on Treehouse TV (Canada) the morning of Sunday, October 15 at 10:55am EST. It'll air on Discovery Family October 21 at 11:30am EST. Additionally, this was one of the last four of the season to be leaked. If you watched it and want to post comments, please be courteous and contain it within the "spoiler" tag. (For those who don't know what it is, it's the human eye icon in the text toolbar; click it to initiate it. Title: Uncommon Bond TV release (U.S./Disc. Fam.): 10/21/2017, 11:30am EST TV release (Canada/Treehouse): 10/15/2017, 10:55am EST Writer(s): Kevin Lappin & Josh Haber Summary: "When Starlight gets a visit from Sunburst, she discovers that he has tons in common with her friends and starts to wonder if he still has anything in common with her." The pirated version won't be linked here, but the TH TV one (or Discovery Family version, whichever comes first) will be when published. A poll will come up either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.
  10. Hello there friends...I think that we need a thread for a very important stallion thanks to this season's premiere. Rules: no profanity no bullying/flaming/what have you...this is a MLP forum! We're all friends here. no NSFW images! thank you
  11. So someone mentioned that Pinkie Pie Day was a thing, so I hastily cobbled this image together; this is supposed to be a companion image for the image I was gonna enter for this month's art contest but I was gonna draw this anyway. I have several more images related to this image planned, so watch out for updates to this thread; for now, the standalone image where Pinkie pie is pretending to be a k<spoilers>, but Sunburst isn't amused. EDIT: minor corrections to image (shadows were missing).
  12. Oh hello there, totaly forgot this place existed! Well well, why not throw in som drawings I've made that I don't think I've shared before.
  13. I'm actually surprised that either very little or nothing has really been said about this series. Overall, I feel this series has thus far been the most consistently strong series in the MLP comics lineup. Granted, not everything has been perfect, but I have had little complaints! That said, we have 10 issues of a 12 issue series released with a 48-page annual issue coming in December. Much to be excited about! Any thoughts so far of the series thus far? Issue 1: Star Swirl the Bearded Issue 2: Rockhoof Issue 3: Mistmane Issue 4: Flash Magnus Issue 5: Somnambula Issue 6: Mage Meagowbrook Issue 7: Part one of Stygian's story and his journey to find the Pillars of Equestria Issue 8: Issue 9: Issue 10: Issue 11: Issue 12: 2018 Annual:
  14. Yes, from what I was able to count off, for a season that's main selling point and focus is the School Of Friendship, there's only 10 episodes focusing on it. While the other 16 are more along the lines of what we've seen in pervious seasons when it comes to the Mane 6-7-8. And honestly , I think it works. I mean you still get to focus on the selling point of the season, that being the School, but you still get to (for majority of the season) keep the Main Focus on the Mane 6/7/8 and retain what made the show what it is to begin and what brought it to the dance in the first place. So what are your thoughts on this? God Bless!
  15. This is a story I wrote back in July 2017, shortly after Mirror Magic premiered. Featuring Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst in the other world. Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst's Other World Experience One day in Equestria, Starlight Glimmer was just relaxing in Twilight Sparkle's castle. For a week, she has nothing important to do, so she could just relax all week. However, she doesn't have anything to do, period. "So, what can I do?" Starlight Glimmer thought to herself, "Twilight Sparkle is away at Cloudsdale for the whole week and I've got nothing to do! It's so boring now! At least Sunburst is in Ponyville now. So I could go and visit him whenever I want. Hey, wait a minute." That's when she felt something strange. "Hang on a minute," Starlight Glimmer thought, "I feel something heavy." It was a heavy sensation, but sometimes, it changed into a zero-gravity feeling. "This is weird," Starlight Glimmer thought, using her horn to figure out where is it coming from, "What is it? Oh, wait a minute, it's a distortion." That's when Starlight Glimmer had made a conclusion. "It's an abnormal distortion," she said, "And I bet it's coming from the other world, where my friend, Sunset Shimmer lives." She ran to the large room, which Twilight Sparkle keeps a big mirror. It's actually a portal to the other world. "Yes!" Starlight Glimmer said, "I knew it! It's coming from there." Starlight Glimmer had to make a choice now. "Should I call Twilight Sparkle?" she thought, "No, I don't want to interfere. So, I'll do this myself!" Starlight Glimmer was about to walk through the portal when she had another idea. "Maybe," she thought to herself, leaving the room, and then the castle. Starlight Glimmer had decided to ask her boyfriend, Sunburst if he wants to go with her. So she ran into town to find him and immediately, Starlight Glimmer found Sunburst as the local Ponyville Day Spa. "Excuse me," said Lotus Blossom, one of the ponies who run the spa, "Would you like to have a relaxation?" "No thank you," Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst said together, "Whoa!"That is when Starlight Glimmer ran into the Spa. "Starlight Glimmer," Sunburst asked, "What a surprise." "Yes, surprise," Starlight Glimmer chuckled. "What are you doing here?" Sunburst asked. "I came to get you," Starlight Glimmer answered, "There's a distortion.""Oh, I see," said Sunburst, "I was looking for it, too." "Oh," Starlight Glimmer replied, "So we've both felt it." "I was here because I was trying to find where it's coming from," Sunburst explained. "Well, guess what?" Starlight Glimmer asked, "I found where it's coming from!" "Really?" Sunburst asked. "I found out where it is coming from," Starlight Glimmer said, "And I came here to ask if you want to come with me." "Well," said Sunburst, "Ok. I don't have much to do anyway. Lead the way." "Ok," Starlight Glimmer said and both ponies left the spa as quick as a flash. "Would you like a massage?" Aloe asked, but she couldn't find the two unicorns, "Oh well." So Starlight Glimmer explained most of the details to Sunburst as they returned to Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Castle. They arrived back at the large room with the mirror portal. "So you're saying this mirror is a portal that leads to another world?" Sunburst asked, "And now it's open?" To demonstrate, Starlight Glimmer placed both of her front hooves through the portal and started to transform. "Golly," Sunburst thought. "Well, Sunburst," Starlight Glimmer said removing both of her hooves from the portal, "I know we won't run into each other there." "What?" Sunburst asked, confused. "You'll figure out what I meant," Starlight Glimmer said. "So the distortions are coming from that realm," Sunburst said, "And we're going to do something about it." "Right," Starlight Glimmer said, "Ready?" "Yes," Sunburst answered and thus, both ponies ran through the portal together. They disappeared in a flash of bright light and they both emerged into the other world. "Wow," said Starlight Glimmer, "That was quite a ride, wasn't it, Sunburst? Whoa, I forgot. Two legs." Of course, both had changed and Starlight Glimmer looked back at her boyfriend. "What happened to me?!" Sunburst asked, surprised as he saw what happened to his front hooves, now changed into hands, "What happen to you, Starlight?" "We've changed into something different," Starlight Glimmer answered, "Into people, they call it." "You're different now!" Sunburst exclaimed. "Exactly," Starlight Glimmer said, "My friend here told me so. Those things on our front legs, which are arms now, they're hands." "Your horn!" Sunburst exclaimed, "My horn!" "Yeah, that's true we've lost our horns," Starlight Glimmer said. "What about our back hooves?" Sunburst asked, looking at his back legs. "Those are feet," Starlight Glimmer said. "Oh," Sunburst said as he got down on all four and stood on his fists. "No, no," Starlight Glimmer said to Sunburst, "We don't walk on four legs anymore. Here let me help you. It took some time for my friend here to help me out like this." Starlight Glimmer then helped Sunburst onto his now only two legs. "I see," Sunburst replied, wobbling as he tried to keep his balance. Nearby, the three friends, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were watching the two. "Say, isn't that the four-legged girl from a while ago?" Sweetie Belle asked. "And that must be her boyfriend," said Scootaloo, "A four-legged boy." "Shh!" Apple Bloom said, "They might hear us!" "Now we walk," said Starlight Glimmer, "Here, left foot out first, then right." In no time at all, Sunburst was walking on two legs now. "There you go," said Starlight Glimmer. "Thanks," said Sunburst, "Also, where did you get that watch?" Starlight Glimmer didn't know. Oh, and like Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst is now wearing a pair of pants, and a shirt, and some shoes. Also, he has a bandana now. He kept his glasses and beard, though. "So," said Starlight Glimmer, "Let's figure out what we're going to do now." "Yes," Sunburst agreed, "We should figure out where the distortions we've felt in Equestria is coming from." "Right," said Starlight Glimmer, "Let's go." They've started to walk away from the portal. But Sunburst started to walk on all fours. "Oh, brother," Starlight Glimmer groaned. So after helping her boyfriend with walking like a normal human, they were on their way. While they were walking, they looked at some other people. "So this is what this other world is like," Sunburst said. "Yep," Starlight Glimmer said, "That's why my friend told me, or showed me." "Ok," said Sunburst. After a few minutes of walking, they stopped by a motorcycle rental shop. "Hmm," Starlight Glimmer thought, "Maybe we could use a set of wheels." "Ok," Sunburst agreed, "What are those two wheels?" Soon, they were at the front desk of the rental shop. "So," said the clerk, "You want to rent a motorcycle, am I right?" "Yes, mister," Sunburst said. "Have you ridden a motorcycle before?" the clerk asked. "No," Sunburst answered. "Then you need some training," the clerk said. "Yes, mister," Sunburst replied. A few hours later. "All right," the dealer said to Sunburst, "You may choose a motorcycle now." "Thank you," said Sunburst, "Well, Starlight, let's get going." And they both picked out one motorcycle. "Oh, safety first," the dealer said as he handed helmets to both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst. "Thank you, mister," said Sunburst as he put on his helmet. "Yes," Starlight Glimmer said taking off her beanie then putting her helmet on. After they put on their helmets, they got on the motorcycle. Sunburst was in front to ride the motorcycle while Starlight Glimmer hopped on behind, holding onto Sunburst. "Hold on tight!" Sunburst called out. However, when Sunburst turned the handle, the motorcycle did took off, without Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer! It then crashed into a wall and exploded upon impact. "Whoops," Sunburst said meekly. "Grr," the dealer growled. So Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer got onto another motorcycle. But the same thing happened. The motorcycle shot forward without them again and ended up colliding into a stupid person named Mountain Moron. The motorcycle exploded and send Mountain Moron flying through the air in a ball of fire. "WEEEEEE!" Mountain Moron exclaimed. "That didn't happen," Sunburst said meekly. After a few more failures and mistakes, and of course, more motorcycles, Sunburst finally got used to riding a motorcycle. "Choose where you want to go!" the dealer told Sunburst. "Right!" Sunburst called and when he turned the handle, they were both on their way now. "Good luck!" the dealer called, "And now, to get those destroyed motorcycles replaced. Clumsy hoodlums!" Soon, Sunburst got used to driving a motorcycle throughout the town. "You're surprisingly good at this," Starlight Glimmer said to her boyfriend. "Thanks," Sunburst replied, "I know." "Yes," said Starlight Glimmer, "Now we need to find where the Equestrian distortions are coming from." "I think I have an idea," Sunburst said. So Sunburst stopped at a nearby gas station and got out a device. "What's that?" Starlight Glimmer asked. "It's a warp sensor," Sunburst answered, "I've made it this morning and it'll detect irregularities in the air. It detects distortions. Kind of like when we've detected it with our horns. Actually, it's easier to hold this device with hands." "Oh," Starlight Glimmer said, "That's smart thinking, Sunburst." Sunburst was about to answer his girlfriend when his device went off. "Yep," Sunburst replied, "And the distortions are coming from this direction." "All right," said Starlight Glimmer, "Let's go see what's it about." So they drove to the place where the distortions are coming from. Soon, the two arrived at an unknown building. The device Sunburst had suddenly went off like crazy. "It's in there," Sunburst Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer got off of the motorcycle and took off their helmets. "Let's go check it out," Starlight Glimmer said as she put her beanie back on. Carefully, the two snuck into the building without being noticed. Sunburst turned off his device so to not attract any attention. "Smart thinking," said Starlight Glimmer. "Yeah," said Sunburst, "At least I've learned some things from Princess Celestia." Without another word, they explored the interiors of the building. They were careful not to be seen. After a few minutes of searching, they came across a door. They opened the door carefully to see what is on the other side. "I think we're close," Starlight Glimmer whispered. "Yes," Sunburst replied, "Let's find another way in because there might be guards on the other side." "Good point," said Starlight Glimmer and thus, they entered the room through a medium sized vent. They successfully entered the main room without being seen. They were in for a surprise. "Wait a minute," Starlight Glimmer said, "I've recognized that big crystal." "What?" Sunburst asked. "It's a crystal from Equestria," Starlight Glimmer said, "With unstable properties." "Then that's the source of the distortions," Sunburst said, "But how?" "It is obviously that those people are tampering with it," Starlight Glimmer said, "But for what purpose? Oh, I saw it in a book that I've read years after you've left me." "Oh," Sunburst replied, "Sorry." "Hail!" all of the men shouted. "What?" Sunburst said. That's when both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst saw a tall man walking into the room. He had a monocle and a black moustache. "Zarroz!" one of the men shouted. "Zarroz?" Starlight Glimmer repeated, "Never saw him in Equestria before." "What does he want with that crystal?" Sunburst asked. "Today," Zarroz said, "The crystal is starting to break. When it does, I want you to harvest all of its powers from the core. With it, we will travel to other worlds. From there, we will harvest them for even more power. With all of that power, we'll rule the universe! Trans warp tyranny! For all of us!" "Hail!" one of the henchmen shouted. "Hail!" the other said. "So that's it!" Starlight Glimmer said, "That's what's going on!" "We're not going to let him succeed!" said Sunburst, "He must not be allowed into Equestria!" "Sunburst!" Starlight Glimmer said, "Settle down! You're going to get us caught!" Too late for that as one of Zarroz's henchmen saw Sunburst's hair. "There's someone here!" one of the henchmen shouted, pointing to where Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst are hiding, "Over there!" "Really?" Zarroz said as he took out a gun and fire a shot above where Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst were hiding. "Holy cowfish!" Sunburst exclaimed, jumping up. "Sunburst!" Starlight Glimmer cried, getting up as well. "Intruders!" Zarroz shouted, "I want them killed now!" "We've got to go now!" Starlight Glimmer shouted. "No doubt about that!" Sunburst agreed and both began to escape. "After them!" Zarroz ordered and his henchmen started to chase after Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer. Luckily, they managed to avoid being captured for the moment. "That was close!" said Sunburst. "We've got to stop that man!" Starlight Glimmer said. "Right!" said Sunburst, "Sorry for almost putting you into danger." "Well," Starlight Glimmer said, "It's okay. But let's try and figure out how to stop him!" "Right!" said Sunburst, but immediately, they were confronted by a thug. "Oh bonkers!" Sunburst exclaimed. The thug was about to smash Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer, only to collapse onto the floor. "What?" Sunburst thought. Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst saw what happened. An elderly man with red moustache had crunched the thug's left shoulder area. "Thank you, mister," Starlight Glimmer said to the man. "You're welcome," the man said, "Well, are we going to just stand around here and get caught? Come on!" "Right," Sunburst replied. "This way!" the man said and he led both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst safely to a building that is kind of far away from the building in which Zarroz is unleashing his evil plot. "This it?" Sunburst asked. "Yes," the man said, getting out his keys and unlocking the door. "Thank you so much, mister," said Sunburst. "Mister?" Starlight Glimmer said. "Hornet," the man said, "Hornet Advancing." "Thank you, Mr. Advancing," Sunburst said. "Hornet Advancing, kid," the man, named Hornet Advancing said, "Some call me Hudson. Now what are you kids doing here?" "You see," Starlight Glimmer said, "We were detecting some kind of disturbance." "Yeah," Sunburst exclaimed, turning on his scanning device, this time, it gone off like normal. "Let me guess," Hornet Advancing said, "You're not from this world. Are you?" Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst gasped in surprise. "How?" Starlight Glimmer asked. "A good guess," Hornet Advancing said. "My name is Starlight Glimmer," Starlight Glimmer said, "And this is my boyfriend, Sunburst." "Hi, Mr. Advancing," said Sunburst, "Nice to meet you." "You too," said Hornet Advancing. Sunburst was about to hug Hornet Advancing. "Hey!" Hornet Advancing said suddenly, "What are you doing?!" "Hugging/" Sunburst answered meekly. "Well, don't!" Hornet Advancing said. "Sorry," said Sunburst, "It would be nice." "I would have been," said Hornet Advancing, "But I'd never imagine Zarroz would cause something as serious like this." "That's the man who is responsible for this!" Sunburst said, "You know him?" "He was my friend," Hornet Advancing said, "We were a team at our old job. Yeah, look around." So Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer did. "Wow," said Sunburst. "These are cars and automobiles," Hornet Advancing said, "I know that you don't have these where you live." "No, sir," Sunburst said. "But we use chariots," said Starlight Glimmer, "Does that count?" "You see," said Hornet Advancing, "Me and Zarroz used to look after these old cars and we gave history lessons to many visitors." "Wow," said Sunburst. "Then one day, we were laid off," Hornet Advancing said, "And Zarroz never took it well. He vowed to get his revenge one day. And after what I've seen, I couldn't believe he would take it this far." "What?" Starlight Glimmer said. "I saw what he was up to," said Hornet Advancing, "And then you two cause that commotion which forced me to retreat to save you two!" "Oh," exclaimed Sunburst, "Sorry about that." "Never mind that," said Hornet Advancing, "Zarroz must be stopped no matter what!" "Oh, brother," Starlight Glimmer thought. "Isn't this like-" said Sunburst. "Yes," Starlight Glimmer said, "I know." "Well," said Hornet Advancing, "Nonetheless, I must stop Zarroz before he hurts someone!" "Or actually, destroys dimensions," said Starlight Glimmer. "Enough chat!" Hornet Advancing said suddenly, "I must go! You kids stay here where it is safe!" "No!" Starlight Glimmer said, "We're coming with you!" "You know what we are!" said Sunburst, "Kind of." "That's why we've come here," said Starlight Glimmer. Hornet Advancing thought about it for a moment. "All right," Hornet Advancing replied, "Follow me!" And thus, all three returned to the main building where Zarroz resides in. "It is time," Zarroz announced, "Prepare to enter the first dimension!" "Yes!" the henchmen called out. "So," a voice said, "You think this is the answer, Zarroz?" "What?!" Zarroz exclaimed, "Hornet? Is that you?!" "Yes!" Hornet Advancing answered dramatically. Standing behind him are Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst. "We're here to stop you from doing whatever you want!" Sunburst said. "Yeah!" Starlight Glimmer agreed. "Fools!" Zarroz said, "Minions, attack!" "I'll take care of the minions," Hornet Advancing told Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer, "You take care of that crystal!" "Right" said Sunburst, "Let's go!" Immediately, Hornet Advancing knocked out some of the minions. "For an old man," Sunburst thought to himself, "He sure knows how to kick butt." "Sunburst!" Starlight Glimmer scolded. "Right," Sunburst replied. "I'll murder you, kids!" Zarroz shouted, pulling out his gun and firing at Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer. "Look out!" Sunburst shouted and they dodged the bullets. "I'll have your heads for a trophy!" Zarroz shouted as he continued firing shots. "Sunburst! Starlight!" Hornet Advancing shouted as he punched another thug, "Don't get shot!" "Easier said than done!" Starlight Glimmer shouted. "You're insane!" Sunburst shouted. "Yes," said Zarroz, "I'll break you to achieve my goal!" "I won't let you do that!" Starlight Glimmer said. Then Sunburst threw his scanning device at Zarroz's face. "That hurt," Zarroz said as the device broke apart upon impact, "Not! You can't stop me from going forward with my own plan!" "We need to try!" Sunburst said. "So Hornet Advancing, my old friend," said Zarroz, "I see that you've decided to betray me." "Why are you doing this?" Hornet Advancing asked. "To become more powerful," Zarroz answered, "For me! I will go to these other world and get all of the powers for myself. That will show the world to fear me! The one who is discarded!" "So you decided to put innocent people in danger because of your selfish desire for revenge?!" Hornet Advancing asked demandingly. "Why yes," Zarroz answered. "Listen, Zarroz," Starlight Glimmer said, "I know what you feel. But do you think this is the answer to your problems?" "Let me think, you little child," Zarroz said, "Yes!" And he aimed his gun at Starlight Glimmer. "No!" Sunburst shouted, knocking the gun away, saving Starlight Glimmer. "Thanks," said Starlight Glimmer. "No problem," said Sunburst, "I'm not going to let anything happen to you!" "Listen," Hornet Advancing said, "Zarroz! It's not too late to stop this! Undo everything! Now!" "Well, let me think," said Zarroz, "Nope. Perhaps I'll kill you, my old traitor!" And he aimed his gun at Hornet Advancing. "Good bye, you old codger," Zarroz said sinisterly. "No way!" Starlight Glimmer shouted, knocking Zarroz aside. "Thanks, kid!" Hornet Advancing said to Starlight Glimmer. "No problem!" Starlight Glimmer called back, "Other than we're running out of time!" "Yeah!" Sunburst said. They saw that the crystal has already reached the point of no return. "Oh no," Hornet Advancing said, "If this keeps up, who knows what will happen?""Yes," said Zarroz, "The time has come!" "Now what?" Sunburst asked, "If this keeps up-" But then, Starlight Glimmer spoke up. "I have an idea," she said, "Maybe I can tap into my forbidden magic." "Wait, the magic you used to manipulate other ponies' cutie marks?" Sunburst asked, "How? You're not a unicorn now." "I know!" Starlight Glimmer said, "But I must try!" Starlight Glimmer stood there and strained herself. "What are you doing?" Hornet Advancing asked. "Trying something different!" Starlight Glimmer answered until finally, she was surrounded in a strange aura. Hornet Advancing gasped in amazement. "It worked!" Starlight Glimmer said, now surrounded in the strange aura. "It did work," Sunburst said when suddenly, the strange aura that surrounded Starlight Glimmer now surrounded Sunburst. "What's happening to me?!" he said in surprise. Starlight Glimmer didn't know the answer to that. But there was no time to ask questions. "Well, kids," Hornet Advancing, "Figure out what to do with that magic of yours!" "Ok," said Sunburst. "What trick is this?!" Zarroz asked. That's when some of the magic emitted from Starlight Glimmer spread onto Zarroz's gun and it melted like butter. "ARGH!" Zarroz growled. "Ok," said Starlight Glimmer as she and Sunburst faced the unstable crystal, "Ready?" "Let's contain the energy!" Sunburst shouted, "So that the crystal can't do any damage!" "Right!" Starlight Glimmer said, "Here we go!" And with that said, they both surrounded the crystal with their forbidden magic. "What?!" Zarroz and the henchmen said. "Keep going!" Starlight Glimmer said and they both continued using the magic on the crystal. Suddenly, the crystal began to crack."What?" said Zarroz. The crystal developed far too many cracks on its surface until it shattered completely. "Wow," Starlight Glimmer said. "No!" Zarroz shouted, "Fool!" "Sorry," Starlight Glimmer said, "It had to be done." Then Zarroz grabbed Starlight Glimmer by her shirt and picked her up. "You have no idea what you've done, you stupid fool!" Zarroz shouted. That's when a black hole suddenly appeared where the crystal was and it started sucking everything in it. "Oh no!" Hornet Advancing said. "Let's get out of here!" the henchmen said, running away from the disaster area. "That thing is unstable!" Sunburst shouted, "Starlight, get away!" "Never!" Zarroz shouted, "You'll be lost! Just like my chance!" And he threw Starlight Glimmer closer to the black hole. "No way!" Sunburst said as he grabbed a rope, tied it to a steel pole and himself and he jumped towards Starlight Glimmer. Luckily, he grabbed Starlight Glimmer before she got too close to the black hole. "I got you, Starlight!" Sunburst shouted. "Thanks," said Starlight Glimmer. "I mean what I've said," said Sunburst. This angered Zarroz. "I'll get rid of you, pathetic, stupid brats once and for all!" he roared and he charged towards the two. "No!" Hornet Advancing cried, "Wait!" Zarroz refused to listen and he charged towards Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer, trying to knock them both into the black hole. "Hold on!" Sunburst shouted. "I am!" Starlight Glimmer replied. But Zarroz ended up grabbing onto Sunburst's bandana. It untied from Sunburst and now there was nothing preventing Zarroz from being sucked into the black hole. "No!" Zarroz screamed as his skin started to disintegrate into the black hole. Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst and Hornet Advancing watch in horror as Zarroz's body was ripped apart and completely sucked into the black hole. "We've got to get out of here now!" Starlight Glimmer shouted as the building began to collapse. "Hang on, kids!" Hornet Advancing shouted and he pulled the rope. This made it easier for both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst to get away from the black hole's gravitational pull."Thanks," Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst said together. "Now let's scram!" Hornet Advancing shouted and they managed to get out of the building before the black hole self-destructed and collapsed the entire building. "Is everyone all right?" Hornet Advancing asked. "Yes," Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst answered, "We are. Thank you." "You've saved the world from disaster," Hornet Advancing said to the two, "You're the ones to be thanked." "We know," said Sunburst. "Tell you what," said Hornet Advancing, "I'll let you sleep with me until you return to your world? How about that?" "Thank you for your offer," said Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst together. "Let's call it a night," said Hornet Advancing and they all went to his home. That night, both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst slept in a room at Hornet Advancing's place. "So," said Sunburst, "Now that we've taken care of the weird distortions, what shall we do?" "I don't know," Starlight Glimmer answered, "Have fun?" "Yeah, we'll go with that," Sunburst answered, "Now let's get some sleep." "Right," Starlight Glimmer replied. And thus, both went to sleep. The next morning, Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst got up and start their new day in the other world."So, Starlight," Sunburst asked, "What do you want to do?" "I have no idea," Starlight Glimmer answered, "But we'll find out eventually." "Ok," Sunburst said, "Let's." And so, they went out together to have fun. Also, all of the henchmen who worked for Zarroz were all captured and arrested a few hours after the incident. For the next few days, both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst had fun in the other world together. They went out to restaurants, played video games at arcades and went to amusement parks. They had fun. Also, they still used the rental motorcycle to get around places. "Glad we have our wheels!" Sunburst said. "Right!" Starlight Glimmer called out from the back, "Getting around from place to place is much easier this way!" "That's correct," said Sunburst, "Wheels to the roads!" "Wee!" Starlight Glimmer called. The two sped by the Flim Flam brothers. "Lovers," said Flim. "We could build a better invention than that," said Flam. Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer continued having fun driving down the roads on the motorcycle. They even visited the automobile museum that Hornet Advancing showed them on the night of the incident. "Wow," said Sunburst, "This is amazing." "I agree," Starlight Glimmer said. And they both enjoyed a good time at the museum. Hornet Advancing thought so, too. Both Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer enjoyed listening to the history lesson about automobiles. "I think these automobiles that they have are amazing," said Sunburst. "Yeah," Starlight Glimmer agreed. Thus, the two continued to have a good time doing other things, too. One afternoon, though, both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst went to go to see a movie. However, things got kind of messed up for the two."That was an unfortunate mistake," said Starlight Glimmer. "We've got the movie's show times for 4:00," said Sunburst, "In the morning!" "Yeah," Starlight Glimmer agreed, "That was a big mistake. Should have thought twice about that." "True," said Sunburst. "You know what I was thinking about that ticket clerk?" Starlight Glimmer asked, "Mountain Moron." "You mean what dumb pony back in Equestria who wanders around stupidly?" "Yeah, him," Starlight Glimmer said. "Well, that's a good comparing," Sunburst said. Meanwhile. "I'm in Alaska!" Mountain Moron said. Actually, he's in Greenland now. How will he get back to his home? Who knows? Despite that mishap, Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer continued to have a fun time for many days. "We should do this more often," Sunburst said. Starlight Glimmer agreed. Then after a few days, it was time for both Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer to go home. They were all at Canterlot High School, where the portal is. Hornet Advancing was there to see them off. "Thank you for taking care of us here," Sunburst said to the elderly man. "You're welcome," said Hornet Advancing, "You take care of yourselves." "We will," said Starlight Glimmer, "Good bye, mister." "You too," Hornet Advancing said, "You've proven yourselves worthy in this world." "Yes," said Starlight Glimmer, "Thank you for saying that." "Well," said Sunburst. "All right," Hornet Advancing said, "Before you go, come here and give an old man a great, big goodbye hug!" And so both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst gave Hornet Advancing a big hug. "Isn't this nice?" Sunburst asked. A few seconds later. "Ok, that's enough," said Hornet Advancing and Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst let go. "Well," said Sunburst, "It's time." "Right," said Starlight Glimmer. Then both Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst held each other's hands, getting ready to return together. "Ready?" Starlight Glimmer asked. "Yes," Sunburst replied and thus, both jumped through the portal back to Equestria. "Farewell," said Hornet Advancing. Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst both returned to Equestria, now as ponies. "We're back," said Starlight Glimmer. "Yes," said Sunburst, "Back home. Equestria." "Right," said Starlight Glimmer, "Back home. Equestria." "Say, weren't we holding each other's hands a minute ago?" Sunburst asked. Starlight Glimmer had to laugh. Note: This story went through a few changes. Mid-quels are planned.
  16. Okay, so we already know that the movie's production began around Season 4's timeframe. They had no way of knowing what new characters would be introduced, or how drastically the status quo of FIM would change back then. Yet they decided well in advance that regardless of how the last three seasons panned out, the movie would take place specifically between Seasons 7 and 8. With that in mind, the show's staff will have a lot of explaining to do, within the context of the show itself, as to why Discord, the Pillars, Ember, Thorax and his reformed changeling hive, were never around to help save Equestria from the Storm King. And why Shining Armor, Starlight, Trixie and Sunburst apparently decided to sit the whole thing out. If they don't have a good reason for being AWOL, that will just make them look like the worst friends ever. The Mane Six would not appreciate abandonment, and neither would the princesses. Especially Cadence. I mean, she gets turned into a statue, and her husband isn't around to give enough of a flying fuck to save her? That's messed up. How do you think they'll patch all this up?
  17. Hey all. I haven't been on this board in some time, but I wanted to post something I've started to work on and get ideas and input. EDIT: Does this thread go in Photo Finish's Magics if I'm just looking for input? If so please move this. This guy. <3 I've been having a growing adoration of Sunburst in recent months. He and Starlight actually really speak to me a lot, what with their personalities and stories. Plus Sunburst is a serious cute dude. I started to get the idea: I should make his cloak! I did a lot of looking in fabric stores and such, and I bought the right material for what I want to do. A dark teal fleece fabric, which I was pretty particular about finding the right color. For the border, I originally wanted to use a light blue ribbon, but I found something even better that's specifically made for blankets and things. "Satin blanket binding." Light blue threads to sew with. Not pictured, but I got printable cotton that I'm going to make the stars out of. The fabric I got is a yard long, and like about 5 feet wide. Here's my idea: The most basic thing I can do, and the one that I wanted to do in the first place, is pretty much a throw blanket thing that I can wrap around me. But then I realized that if I do this, I might want to go all the way and make a for real cape or something, one that would have the popped collar and his symbol as a clasp, I could probably make that with wood or something. I don't know how to do a popped collar, or even if I want to. Not to mention this is being made for a biped, not a quadraped like Sunburst. As such I don't need it to match his body type and positioning in a perfect way. His doesn't have arm holes, it's just a drape, which would be best for me. Issues and questions: I wanted the stars to be iron on vinyl at first, but I learned that you really can't do that with the fabric I chose, so I found one that you don't need to iron on. You need fabric glue, which I don't have yet, I should know which one to get. I have practically zero experience using a sewing machine, I have a tiny one that I experimented with with the intent of making plushes, though that went nowhere, but I have an absolute basic basic knowledge of how to use a super basic one. And sewing a border like this onto fabric is a lot less complex than plushes. Anyone have any suggestions or comments? As far as I'm aware, this is the one of the only times this has been attempted. I've seen a couple of Sunburst cosplay images, but I don't think they have the stars. If I make this, I can't wait to show you!
  18. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! It's the penultimate episode of Season 7 folks (considering the upcoming season finale is, as we would expect, a two-parter), and given how those have gone throughout the show's tenure, I think it's safe to say that most of us were very much anticipating this one. Let's rundown how penultimate episodes in previous seasons have gone as a quick recap: in Season 1 we were graced with "Party of One," easily Pinkie Pie's best episode of that season and still one of the funniest episodes of the show in general; in Season 2 we got the awfulness that was "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," a bitter pill to swallow considering the season as a whole was so outstanding, but quickly forgotten as well given how the season finale turned out; Season 3 saw "Games Ponies Play" as the penultimate episode, a fun little romp in the Crystal Empire that saw the Mane 6 having to help Cadance and Shining Armor get the Crystal Empire to win the privilege of hosting the Equestria Games (it was also a bit odd in that it was kind of the second part of a semi-two-parter episode in that the previous episode, a Spike-centric one, was tied into the events of the following episode); Season 4 saw a follow-up to the previous season's penultimate episode in "Equestria Games," which featured, what else, but the Equestria Games themselves, an event that had been built up starting at the end of Season 3 and throughout Season 4 as well, so while the episode itself might not have featured as much content from the games as we would have liked to see, it was very interesting seeing the payoff of so much build up; Season 5 had probably the greatest penultimate episode of the show to date in "The Mane Attraction," featuring one of the greatest songs the show has ever had and a very stirring, emotional episode as well about Applejack helping her old friend, Countess Coloratura, find her way again; and Season 6 had a fairly fun slice of life episode in "Top Bolt" as its penultimate episode, which was basically just another Cutie Mark Map episode. As we can see, penultimate episodes of the show's seasons (with the exception of the terrible "MMMystery on the Friendship Express") tend to turn out one of two ways: (1) they turn out as gems like "Party of One" or "The Mane Attraction," or (2) they're simply very fun slice-of-life episodes that may try some interesting things, like "Games Ponies Play" or "Equestria Games," but often just function as nice, quiet set up for the season finale, like "Top Bolt." So what did Season 7's "Uncommon Bond" turn out to be? Interestingly enough, it was mostly the latter, and I think some people were surprised by that. Sunburst hadn't appeared in a major role in the show since his first debut in Season 6 (not counting Starlight's flashback about him in the previous season's finale) and given their close history together, I think many of us were expecting a more, shall we say, impactful episode. Now that's not to say that the episode as is disappointed, far from it, in fact I very much enjoyed what we got. It was just a far slower and quieter episode in its execution, smaller in its scope, than I was expecting, but again, for what we got I don't believe that's a bad thing. Let's take a look at just why that is, without further ado, this is "Uncommon Bond"! As should become quickly apparent in this review, bobthedalek had a BLAST with this episode So the heart of this episode is definitely Starlight Glimmer, very fittingly I might add, and if there's anything in the episode that could be described as powerful, it's definitely her. Starlight has a very emotional performance, one which very much unfolds in the background of the episode, interestingly enough. She's hoping that she and Sunburst have a splendid trip together since he's visiting her in Ponyville for, more or less, the first time (at least for an extensive trip) and that they'll be able to reconnect the exact same way they used to as foals. That in particular is key here, and it's at the heart of Starlight's insecurities in the episode. As I've said before, Starlight is different from Twilight when it comes to making friends in a very big way; whereas Twilight is very comfortable with a large group of friends (and being the center that keeps it all together in the case of her and her closest friends), Starlight in contrast is someone who prizes each individual friendship for what it is for her, and each of her friends are not part of some close-knit group, but largely connected simply by their friendship to her. This is why things get awkward between her and Sunburst, because really, the last time they were truly close in their friendship with each other on a consistent basis was as foals, so most of Starlight's memories of Sunburst are from spending time together at each other's houses playing board games and dabbling a little with magic. Now, obviously Starlight has grown immensely as a character and overcome a lot of her old insecurities when it came to making and maintaining friendships since the end of Season 5, but it makes sense that her realization as to how different she and Sunburst have become over the years as they grew apart would panic her just a bit. It's her oldest friendship, and one which so many of her greatest mistakes and decisions stemmed from after Sunburst grew apart from her and she didn't feel like she had anyone else to turn to or rely on. Seeing the very ponies she's befriended in her time in Ponyville getting along more easily with Sunburst than she was (outside of when they got to play Dragon Pit together earlier in the episode) had to be dismaying for Starlight, and probably at the least convinced her that she was a bad friend to Sunburst, or at worst, that maybe they weren't really that close any more. It's an interestingly mature lesson for such a quiet slice-of-life episode, that being that over the years, we may grow very different from our friends, especially our earliest friendships, and to some extent that can be scary because it may seem like you can no longer recapture the magic of the friendship you two shared in your younger days. The episode's solution to such a conundrum is surprisingly simple, with it being a simple, quiet reminder that just because you and an old friend may grow very different from each other over the years, that doesn't mean that you two can't still be friends with one another or very close. As long as you find ways to enjoy each other's company, even if it's different than it was when you were younger, you'll both be fine, and you may even learn to appreciate the ways in which you are different from each other now. The key is simply to find a way to make the friendship work, not simply have it be the exact same as it has always been. That can be scary because old memories of how friendships used to be can be among the best one may have, and it's tempting to want to recapture that exact same experience, but it's not very realistic, especially as friends grow older or even closer. I have friendships on this site itself that used to largely be simply about me having a fun time with other fellow bronies, but these friendships have since grown to a point where both friends, myself and others, confide in each other our fears, insecurities, worries about our lives and the future, and what we're struggling with and how we can help each other as friends. These are not always fun topics or conversations, but they are fulfilling things to share with other friends, and our willingness to confide in each other make for very meaningful moments in our friendships and are testament to just how close we have become. For Starlight to learn that here, even in a little, quiet way, with Sunburst was great to see, and even though it may not be her best episode of the season, it was definitely an invaluable lesson for her to learn and a treat getting to see her learn it. That and, let's be honest, Starlight in a dragon costume looked BUCKING ADORABLE!!! Sunburst, for his part, was... a mixed bag, if I'm being honest. I don't think it was so much him as the type of episode he was in. While the lesson in this episode was great, we've seen this type of episode in cartoons before: the "this old friend of mine gets along better with my current friends than he does with me" episode. The difference between this episode and others like it is in the intent; other episodes like this one often paint the old friend as a douche for how they've changed, or are about the main character learning to appreciate their current friends more and moving on from their old friend, realizing they're not as close as they used to be. That was not the case here, as Sunburst was not an antagonist nor did he and Starlight end their friendship. The purpose of the episode was for them to find a way to reinforce their friendship. The problem is getting to that resolution, no matter how good it is, can be annoying, namely in that it required Sunburst to be unaware of the fact that the way he was behaving was hurting Starlight. He may have been having a great time in Ponyville, but considering it was Starlight who invited him in the first, who was the whole reason he was there in the first place, he should have been more attentive to how she was doing and realized she often didn't have much of anything to do in many of his activities. Yes, she tried to put on a good face for him, but even he asked early on if she really had enjoyed his antiquing all that much. The other problem with how easily he got along with Twilight, Trixie, AND Maud is that it came close to making him come off as Gary Stu-ish in some respects; I can buy that he and Twilight would share a hobby as dorky as antiquing, and even Sunburst being into geology isn't too unbelievable (though I'm not sure at what point he would have gotten into it considering his studies have always revolved around magic), but him being into parlor trick magic like Trixie too, that seemed a bit much. I get they needed him to befriend all three of these ponies in order to make the episode work, but it just seemed far fetched that he'd share all these interests with all three. Starlight may share connections with all three as well, but they're far more personal ones which makes them easier to believe. So overall, Sunburst's ease with finding so many things in common with so many of Starlight's friends, combined with his lack of awareness about what was troubling Starlight as the episode unfolded, made him frustrating to watch at times. Still, on the whole it's not like he had ill intent or anything. He was on vacation after all, and even though Starlight was his host, that didn't mean he just had to do everything with her. Sunburst didn't seem to be worried about their friendship at all until he realized what she had, that they really might not have much in common these days (though why they didn't dabble more in having fun with magic I have no idea considering we know they did this as foals, they both love studying and practicing magic, and they even had fun at first when Starlight did it with him later in the episode, at least until she upset him), so for all he knew she was having fun just like he was. And the solution he came up with to make Starlight feel better about where they stood was quite cute and heartwarming, not to mention he actually had some pretty fun scenes with Twilight and Trixie especially (his scene with Maud when he befriended her was a tad annoying, but again, mostly because his interest in geology came out of bucking nowhere). He even had some rather funny scenes throughout the whole episode, such as when Starlight wakes him up wayyyyyy early in the morning and I swear it looks like he looked down at himself in embarrassment because he realized he had morning wood. I know, I know, he's just embarrassed that she walked in on him naked in bed (same as Fluttershy way back in Season 2 with Rainbow Dash), but c'mon, it's so easy to think that's what he was embarrassed about! Overall, while he was quite frustrating at many points in the episode (mostly in order to make the story work), Sunburst was on the whole quite likable, had a nice return, and, if the ending of the episode (a bit of a cliffhanger/set up for the season finale) is anything to go by, should hopefully be playing a larger role in the show going forward, which would be nice. Our supporting cast here was essentially the rest of Starlight's closest friends, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie Lulamoon, and Maud Pie, and like Sunburst, while they were fine on the whole, because of what this episode's storyline demanded, they were frustrating at times. Twilight was probably more frustrating than the others since, if I'm being perfectly honest, she's got the most going for her in her life, and on top of that she's Starlight's mentor, so it kinda felt like she should have been most aware of any of the three as to how close Starlight feels to Sunburst and how important she would have considered spending time with him. But instead she merrily geeks out with him about antiquing which, while cute, she should have realized Starlight wasn't enjoying. Her reaction to playing Dragon Pit was, admittedly, adorable. Trixie and Maud, to their credit, had never met Sunburst before and didn't know how important Starlight considered this trip, so them making connections with him were just pleasant surprises for them that they ran with, but like I said, for Twilight to not consider that Starlight wouldn't be thrilled with her and Sunburst antiquing for hours on end while she was stuck there as basically a third wheel, bored out of her mind, was just a bit disappointing to see from her. Overall, however, all three were quite fun to watch for the most part. Twilight had her cute scene playing Dragon Pit with the two of them (seeing her geek out at her dragon falling was too adorable), Trixie and Sunburst bonding was pretty hilarious (not to mention she had some fun bits of continuity from earlier in the season, like seeing her, once again, turn something into a tea cup, and struggling to but managing to help carry Sunburst's luggage at the end of a the episode, a clear sign that her magic is improving), and Maud was, well, Maud, she's always a blast when she shows up. I quite enjoyed them all for the most part, even when they were making the conflict in the episode worse (unknowingly), and it was pretty cool seeing all of Starlight's closest friends come together for her at the end. Trixie, I... I think you may have a teacup problem. Like, for real. The animation, it's not really worth commenting on. I mean it wasn't bad, but there weren't any particularly ambitious set pieces. The same goes for the music seeing as there were no new songs (not surprising). The most interesting bit of world building was that spell Starlight came up with which apparently created a projection of Starlight and Sunburst's childhood homes but ALSO seemed to actually regress them in age; it was most disappointing that we didn't get to seem them as foals for a longer time because I was interested as to whether or not their emotional state was actually effected by their age. Starlight clearly had the same level of magic so it seems it didn't affect their physical capabilities (outside of how big they were, of course) but again, some of their reactions seemed a tad more adolescent, namely the way Sunburst had an outburst toward her and how Starlight teared up afterwards. That was really interesting to consider and, again, we unfortunately didn't get many answers since they weren't foals for very long. Also, holy shit was Starlight adorable as a filly!!! So what are we left with? Well, despite the issues I pointed out with the supporting cast to some extent, especially with Sunburst, I really wasn't that bothered by them. I mean, the most annoying thing about the behavior I had a problem with is that it was there strictly to make the plot happen, but at the same time it's not unbelievable (as we've seen in this show multiple times) that well-meaning individuals would make mistakes that, compounded, would really hurt a friend of theirs, and I always commend the show for not pretending that even its biggest characters are Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Those issues aside, this was a very quietly mature episode with a just as subdued lesson, but one which was very smart and mature as well. I appreciate when the show goes out of its way to show smaller behavior having a large impact on someone; this certainly wasn't an instance of Starlight unnecessarily "sweating the small stuff," but rather a nice highlight of just how important little things in life, like sharing a vacation with a friend and spending some quality time with them, can be, especially when things don't go the way you wanted and you're even left questioning the friendship itself. The set up for the season finale was very appreciated as well (not even the first time we've seen a book teased as a plot device for the season finale *cough cough* Season 3 *cough*), and I'm looking forward to seeing how Sunburst gets himself involved in it this week as well. All in all, for a quieter and more subdued penultimate episode, this was a very solid one and a nice, final starring appearance for Starlight Glimmer this season. Can't wait for the season finale to the most exceptional season of MLP in a long time, and I know the rest of ya'll can't either! I'll see ya'll this weekend everypony, until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* What's the only thing that might possibly be cuter than filly Starlight? THIS!!!
  19. So, anyways, looking at this panel from the Recent IDW comic on the legends of magic... Do you think they're going to introduce new elements/virtues that the six represent? We got 6 Virtues here that represent the six as well as the legends of magic after all (Sorcery for Twilight, Courage for dash, strength for AJ, beauty for Rarity, healing for fluttershy and hope for pinkie)
  20. Here is a fanart of Equestria Girls Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst.
  21. Parashy


    A very simple drawing of my husbando. Lineless is most definitely not my friend! Post on Deviantart Feedback on here/Deviantart is most appreciated!
  22. It's been a month since I've started doing a daily drawing. And Oh Boy, it's been a blast. I didn't liked it at first, but little by little I think I became better... Maybe. It all started with this "thing" which I didn't take too seriously, but it was my first pony in a while. Close to 5 years without even touching a pen to draw. It hurted. Then I did this. I like this style better. It reminds me about those old joke magazines like MAD. I tried to replicate the last drawing's style, but didn't work. Her face is derpy without the cute. I actually like this Octavia, but i have to admit, the lightning doesn't make sense. It's a problem I'm struggle with even today, but sooner or later I'll overcome such flaws. Aaand, here I began to make those horrible intrusive text highlights. They take a lot of space and later when it's not 22 days anymore, it became useless. With this one I took a little risk. I like the colors, but they're oversaturated. Here's when I tried to do a background that wasn't just clouds or two colors. I didn't detailed that much, but I liked it when I did it. Today, not so much, but I kinda have respect to it.Was the first time that I tried to do a good shading... "good" xD well, it's not that bad. With this one, I tried an old, OLD comic book style which I didn't know how to do. It turned out decent, but it's nothing compared with other styles. I kinda like it even today though. This Luna brings me issues. I liked the concept, but the final results are... Special. The perspective is so messy, oh goodness. This I don't like. Not at all. Moving on! This was the first one that I really liked how it turned out. I like the highlights, the background is okay, and the lineart is charming. It was the best I did since the beginning imo. Besides, Dashie with Tank is an idea that I'd love to do more often. This was the time that I've started to do certain things, like the mane style, the shadows and highlights, and more "dynamic" poses. They're still stiffy, but here I noticed that I was improving after a long time. ... And I watch this one, and I laugh. Oh god, look at the expression, the proportions, the background! I thought it was ok, but now I realize that it wasn't that good as I expected xD It's not terrible, and it's better than the others, but still, it's not as good as the next ones, thankfully. That's a good sign. I like to mess with the ways of doing the magic effect. This one is... weird. The style is weird, the expressions are weird, and even the shading is. I kinda, sorta, maybe like it, but I feel ashamed every time I look at it well, it was more than 2 weeks ago. I think I've improved. Maybe. Now, this is one of my personal favourites. This is when I really liked how it was turning out, and I can't find any major flaws besides Luna's face. But even still, I think it's funny and doesn't ruin the whole image. Here's when my shading started to look good. I mess up sometimes, but I've learned my lesson since the Crusaders one. Oh geez... Welp, this was the image when all my mane styles started to be like silk... Not really, but I love Celestia's. And this one... I messed up with the shading in a couple of ponys, specially in Rarity, but I LOVE the feeling I receive from it. It reminds me about those promotional posters from movie theaters. And I love how Sunset, Pinkie, Starlight and Twilight look. With this one I tried to do a "good" background, but... Well, it's not that bad, but the pony proportions are messy, and the color is oversaturated again. I try to improve that even today. Keep it light and smooth, Eifie. Don't over do it. This one was simple. Notice the sense of movement and the way the ponys point to the next part of the text like they're dancing. They point to each other in a way, and I think it's fun. I really like to do Pinkie's mane, it's so messy and weird Even when I like the Fluttercord idea, I don't really like this one that much. The background is weird, and I could do the characters better. even though, I like the feeling it emanates. what I enjoy the most are Discord's wings. This one was fun to do. I love the Crusaders, and I enjoy doing them whenever I can. Even if the "18 days" image was just... Ugh. It's my least favourite. But this one redeemes that, right? (Redeemes? That's how you spell it? English is not my mother language, so don't mind me D: ). Oh my. The Apple-Pie family is tricky, but certainly fun. My thing is doing portrait drawings, and the style is weird but charming to me, haha! (Marble's mane is my favourite. Maud's expression is priceless.). And this one right there is special. Why? It was the first one that I send to Equestria Daily. And it was published. I won't lie to you, I was happy the rest of the day after I noticed that. Then Sethisto started to notice my drawings, and ever since many more of them were published on the page. I'm truly glad of that. I'm willing to do so much more because I have a little more feedback. The brony community is the best. Oh, and another one following the trend of the "13 days" one. Notice how now they're more balanced. Now is Twilight who has her eyes open, and the rest has them closed. She really is the princess of friendship, and I'd love to do more tributes about this fact. Kinda reminds me about the PPG. I think this one is my favourite. The shading is the best 've done in my opinion, and the message is fun. Celestia is used to be captured, so we don't have to worry. Some magical thing will save the day at the end of the afternoon. Should i say i really like the manes? This has a special place in my heart. Ember looks good, and the lightning is divine. (Sounds bad when it's my own drawing. I'm sorry! ) This one is a close second because the colors. This one is charming, and it's okay, but not of my favourites. I think I messed un a bit with the background, and the proportions are a little bit off. And Oh MY, what happenned to Sunburst's beard? That's not right! Besides Starlight's magic is light blue. Whoops. (Oh, you noticed the tea cup? Trixie approves. And the prediction came true, Spike and her shared a moment in the season premiere!). This was fun to do, but MY GOODNESS it take a lot of time, and it isn't even that great. The shading could be better, but that happens when you're on a schedule and try to do so many characters. Don't do that, people! Outside that, it's fun to watch and the illustration looks okay. This was the last one. Was the day before the season premiere, and I couldn't be happier. Notice how I get rid of the intrusive text since the "7 days left" one. I'm so glad about it. The countdown remains in the title, not in the image. And here's some others before and after the episode. The "meme" ones are too fun. I'll do some more this week. The title of this one is "Hiatus was just a nightmare, everypony!". It was published before the episodes aired. Those ones, you know. I hope you like watching them as I love doing them! Twitter! Follow me on dA for more!
  23. I was going to put Derpy somewhere in there... i really like the idea of Sunburst meeting Trixie and hanging out. Also, I consider Spike as a really good friend of Starlight. I hope they do some more stuff together. Twitter! deviantArt!
  24. The background character Warm Front used to have the placeholder name 'Sunburst', until somepony else took the name. Sunburst has tons in common with Warm Front, heck, Warm's even dressed like a wizard, but do you think the creators thought of G1 Sunburst when they designed the new Sunburst?
  25. Basically this is two posts in one, so you can talk about either or both! So you know what would be an interesting episode next season? What if Starlight was owed a friendship lesson one day, and Twilight can't do it? What if Spike was the one to give Starlight a friendship lesson for once? Nope, no list this time! Spike has to teach her completely on his own! How do y'all think this will end up? Could end up like a typical Starlight manipulation episode, could end up like a typical Spike episode, could even be as good as The Crystalling during Starlight, Spike, and Sunburst's scenes! I really liked how Starlight and Spike got along in the season 6 premiere, and it would be awesome to see it again in a full-length episode, but this time focusing on their friendship, and not Sunburst's. Another cool thing to see would be Sunburst and Trixie meeting! I mean they're both Starlight's best friends; however, even though Sunburst is Starlight's childhood friend, Trixie is Starlight's current BEST friend, since she was the first thing that came to mind during the finale. Wonder how they would feel if they met each other. Would they get along? Or who they end up arguing on who Starlight's best friend is? Either way, this would make an interesting episode! (Art by AppleDashy, I think) The reason I put both of these posts together is because this could all happen in one episode! Spike might have a hard time teaching Starlight a friendship lesson, so he decides to summon both of Starlight's best friends in an attempt to find a great lesson for her! I bet Trixie would be pretty excited to rub it in Twilight's face because Spike (Twilight's closest friend) invited her to hang out! XD So what do y'all think about Spike teaching Starlight a friendship lesson, and how do you think Sunburst and Trixie would behave if they met?