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Found 24 results

  1. I was wondering all my friends at school think day time is better than night time i personally think night time is better i was wondering if i was the only one cause im the only person who enjoys night time its way better than day time cause there isn't a giant ball of fire slowly cooking me
  2. Metaphorical Twilight Journey Then, when the day ends (Celestia), during sunset (Sunset), the twilight makes its brief appearance (Twilight) that unites day and night, but also divides them, brings the night back (Luna at the season premiere 1) next to the stars (Starlight in The Cutie Re-Mark), the entire night would be Twilight's journey (from whens she arrived in Ponyville until she left). The twilight would be from when she moved to Canterlot until the appearance of Luster Dawn. Again twilight appears and welcomes dawn, which means a new beginning, leaving behind the night and the previous day, beginning a new cycle of harmony. Celestia (day); Sunset; ---- Twilight (Night; Luna (moon) and (Star)light) Twilight ---- Luster (Dawn). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- So what do you think? Makes sense? Does it fit the story?
  3. In other words, could certain questions finally get answed , and certain theroies be put to rest. Well, with any kind of closuer on a franchise, the finale always seems to (at most times) open the doors to allow the writers to get a lot of stuff out of their system for themselves and for at most, the fans. But will the final season of MLP : FIM do that as well? Here I talk about what could be finally addressed, if that is the case. Now one of the first things that they (the writers) could finally address, is the whole Spike x Rarity situation. What I mean is, that if the writers choose to do so (IMO I believe they will), this will finally be addressed, and the outcome will be one that is a positive one, and yet be one that not a lot of the brony/pegasister community will agree on. And what the outcome will be, Spike and Rarity together. You may ask "How?" Well, it's quite simple, if you look at the fact, that they've been teasing this since Eps. 1, and throughout the show's run, they've had several episodes centered around Spike, that have also involved Rarity in some major/minor capacity, and with it being the final season of the show, like I mentioned at the beginning at the start, it opens the door for this to take place. And the reason being is, unless the series finale somehow ties into G5 and G5 becomes a soft Retcon/Reboot of FIM, then (IMO) this Spike x Rarity Deal will finally become a reality. 2. A Sugar Belle and Big Mac wedding will most likely happen. The reason being is the fact that this could be looked at as a 3 chapter deal, with the first happening in S7 , and So it only makes sense to tie this trifecta up with a 3rd and final chapter happening in the final season, which would culminate with a wedding between Sugar and BIg. Heck, for emotional sake, have the spirts of AJ, AppleBloom and Big Mac's parents appear to show their love and support, and thus have the kids and Sugar Belle seem as well. 3. Finally Addressing Celestria and Luna's orgins. Yes, before the show comes to a close, this has to be addressed, especially after giving them some moments to shine, first in the Premiere of S6 and most recently, not once but twice in S7, and This is something that finally needs to be addressed and I believe (IMO) that the writing staff of FIM will finally do so in the final season. Espiecally with the fact, that if you go back to the S6 Premiere, they both said, "That the birth of an Alicorn, is something Equestria has never seen", and that it was "Even beyond their understanding." Yeah, when they both said those things, that was enough of red flag, and more of a legit reasoning to wanna know about their orgins. 4. Starlight Glimmer becoming an Alicorn? Yes, indeed, this is most likely the direction they are heading, and if S9 is it for the show, definitely expect the writing staff to go this route. And, why?, you may ask. Because it seems that's what they building towards with her. (at least in my IMO), and would make sense that they writing staff make this a reality. 5. Sunset Shimmer Returns! , and the recent "Mirror Magic" EQG special, she has never returned to Equestria on the "Friendship is Magic" side of things. So with the final season, I truly believe and hope, (like many do) that this will be the season that it finally happens. And all honesty, I feel the writing staff knows that as well and will make it happen. 6. I believe that a G1 character has to be brought in, with a G4/FIM update, and that character should Majesty. And if you want a reason why, well if you watch MLP-Silver Quill's and ILOVEKPALOT's Video they did on Villains in MLP, than you pretty much get your answer there, as to why she should be brought in. Basically make her a character, that believes she's doing the right thing, but in fact is not. Or as Silver Quill put it, make her a rogue element that believes that all villainy, even those that have been redeemed, should be disposed of. Than the writers can build towards something between her and Twilight, and at same time, they could acknowledge a history between Celestria, Luna and Majesty as well, and that could really build the tension between her and Twilight. But that's what I (IMO) feel the writers will/would do in the final season, should it be more freelanced. What are your thoughts? God Bless!
  4. Just something I did of Princess Celestia at her usual place when it comes to sunsets.
  5. Should Sunset have been Twilight's student instead of Starlight? It's a simple debate, should she have been and why? Let me argue for Sunset, see Sunset isn't actually that bad for a character, she made a mistake and it took her actual time to get others to trust her again not just the human mane 6 but twilight and the rest of Canterlot High as well, which can be relatable to many people and can actually teach a lesson to the target demographic like the shows "supposed to". for that reason, I would've like for sunset either pony form or her unseen human form to return or enter back into the portal and become pony twilight's student, shes smart, shes talented, and she has a lot to learn and twilight could easily have taught her and it would've been a lot more genuine than starlight, and maybe even have sunset do something grand and end up eventually making her own friends as the new mane six or even following in twilight's hooves and becoming an alicorn herself. Also having Sunset there for Starlight's capture of the mane 6 during the start of season 5 would have been extremely helpful because she could have easily figured out what was happening, she could have tricked Starlight into thinking she's betraying her teacher, and gotten starlight's true intentions and cutie mark discovered by the rest of the town, and it would've been way more believable then Fluttershy because Sunset herself was a villain at one point, and she's extremely crafty. Not to mention Sunset would end up driving Starlight away, Starlight would have to somehow manipulate the mane six into separating like in the season 5 finale, but without Starswirl's spell, and with them separated Sunset nor Twilight would completely notice because of how Sunset's teachings are really taking primary to Twilights and Sunset's attention, which would lead to a half season to a full season with Sunset learning friendship and making her own friends. This so when the next major threat does happen, (because we all know one will eventually), Sunset's group would have to step up and actually save the day, eventually leading to HER BECOMING STARLIGHT'S TEACHER and teaching her about friendship so that Starlight can redeem herself and become friends with Trixie like she is now. I also think Sunset would teach differently than Twilight, with her personality and all it would be a lot more challenging to both Starlight and Sunset. I also believe Sunset's teaching style would be very enjoyable to watch and to see her make mistakes while teaching Starlight about magic and friendship, which honestly could easily extend the series on to about 16 seasons before it got stale, adding new characters and groups to focus on, and etc.
  6. Oh, Sunset. Even if you're not technically canon on the main series, you're a part of my heart. The image is not Sunset focused, nor Twilight. It's about the feeling and the spectrum of emotions that means to have someone to care about. The decisions we make are all we are, and the way we express our love and care is what defines the relations we make on this terrifying world. Don't let your love fade. Feed it. Make it grow. Maybe you'll save someone else's life. Twitter! deviantArt!
  7. You know... Time flies by. We learn new things, experience new situations, know new people, but at the same time, we forget about the past, we tend to overlap the old with the new, and we lose people around us that once cared, or to which we cared about. And that's okay. That means you're acting in your life. You make decisions everyday, even if they contradict what you stand for in the past. Nothing remains, and never should. What you are now, is the most complete version of yourself that ever existed. You should be proud. You exist. You're a human living in the most advanced world that ever existed, too. And because of that, we should learn by now that society changes constantly because people change. We discover something new on the realms of science, or a new talent hits the stage like never before. Nobody exists without the rest. And that's what brings us here today: Larson isn't writing for the show since season 5, and Polsky isn't involved on season 7. The last remaining "veteran" is Meghan McCarthy, and that mere fact seems to have divided that part of the fandom most involved on knowing who wrote what. Y'know, all of us that spend our free time on forums and news blogs, as we should. They have given us great episodes, and so many topics of controversy through the seasons. They were fun, they were interesting, and kept that inner light inside the fandom so bright that the memes were all over the internet, even until now. Some took them humorous, and others personal. Good writers tend to take risks because of their hyperactive imagination. Their talents and their creations are just consequences of it. sometimes it goes right, others not that well as we could expect. A person can't stand out without making noise, and a creator will drown it they don't emerge and give it it's all. In moments like this, is when things like Ren and Stimpy, the Powerpuff girls, Avatar, and the recent Steven Universe goes to light. But even with the alarms and the outrages and worries that it generates, we should reconsider that our world isn't ending by any means. Media changes, entertainment will not be the same tomorrow. But that moment isn't today. Today we have a chance to move on, let go, and see what the new faces have to offer. I see so much disgust about Starlight, for taking an example and jumping right into MLP. She seemed so powerful, so clever, that even the Mane 6 couldn't outsmart her, that alone without taking in consideration her immense magic talent. Half of the fandom hates her, and I don't share that opinion. I understand that she could be "better" than any of the main characters until then, but I don't consider a physical characteristic enough reason to be objectively a better character. Titles and attributes don't make someone more or less likeable. It's their actions and how they develop in a story what defines them. Alicorns would be best pony all the time if it goes down to "talent" or "inner power". In all honestly, I have enjoyed her a LOT. Her episodes are fun to watch, the lessons we learn from her example are good, and her personality and relationship with Trixie makes me enjoy her even more than some of the remain 6 in the last seasons. I still remember what happenned about Twilicorn, and the memories about Flurry Heart are still fresh in the memory. We used to hate the Equestria Girls franchise, and today Sunset Shimmer is one of the most loved characters even surpassing some of the Mane 6. That's so much to say. We simply refuse to the change because it's new, and because is not what existed before. We fear that Starlight will steal the spotlight, but there is no spotlight to steal. She has her episodes, and still have an arc to accomplish. She's also relatable, likeable and interesting. Sounds familiar? It's like you, me, the Mane 6, and many "minor" characters on the series that have yet to have their own centered episodes. With enough exposition, we can learn to love anybody. We have Slice of Life to prove it. It's not that episode what makes us love these characters, it's all wrong; they were nothing but mere gags on the background. The thing with starlight is that we happen to know her better. We can adopt her too. And for many more reasons. I think that we have very, very high standards of the main characters. We like to think that in the end, they will be the bests. Twilight will be the more talented magic student, Rainbow Dash will be forever the fastest, Pinkie Pie the best at party planning, Rarity the best designer, and so on. We have Sunset and Starlight to prove Twilight's talent wrong (what I mean with this, is that Twilight's talent isn't absolute nor unique), Lightning Dust to slow down Rainbow, and Cheese Sandwish to put Pinkie's hooves on the ground. The only thing that can make them win in the end, is their attitudes. That's one thing that Starlight will never own. So don't fear. Everypony has much more to show. Let her tell her story, and then we can move on to the next character arc. I enjoy My Little Pony because the episodes are great, not because they center on one or two characters. That's not the important thing here. Let me ask you, the first season was that great after all? Before bronys existed, all the characters, all the writers, and for so many people, Lauren Faust herself were mere strangers. Then Friendship is Magic happenned to exist. We fell in love for it. And I don't know you, but I personally, still feel that rejoice whenever a new season is announced. Season 1 is my least favourite, but that doesn't mean that the series will end. They didn't. They won't. Unless, of course, everything we know about it vanishes, and only a few bronys remains. We should see first the episodes, and then, judge if they were good, bad, boring, and why. It's too soon to say that the series will end without Larson and Polsky. Don't remain on the Status Quo. It seems that the series ends every time there is a new season, even a new episode. It's laughable. We still have the memories, but we shall not remain in them. We need to move on, and be open minded. If so, then let go. The only thing safe to say is, we shall see. I have high expectations for the next seasons. It depends on the end result and not on the speculations to whether or not it'll be worth the time. To end with a happy note, my favourite Larson meme is still Princess Big Mac. Behold, everypony!
  8. My OC Nescau Zwart, under a tree, looking at the beautiful sunset with her black mamba pet, Halál. Just testing my skill of painting backgrounds, nothing much actually.
  9. Hi everyone! Wow, i really never meant to let it get to May before i brought a new update on Equestria's Dawn. I promise the final pages have been scanned in and are ready to be inked, and then the prologue will be ready for publishing! I'm still debating whether or not to make a separate Tumblr page for it, it might be easier to do it that way purely because of the navigation system and i know how (sort of) to use tumblr (kinda ha ha). BUT. all is not lost, for a bring you a basic outline of what the Map of ancient Equestria will look like, the who and the where of what things will be where. of course it's going to be different to what Equestria currently looks like, i know, but please, use your powers of suspension of disbelief ^^ please forgive my horrendous handwriting. Also please note, the names at the bottom of the circles are the names of the 6 mane characters, however since then some names have changed. also, big picture is big and for that i am sorry. Also, i really must beg your forgiveness with these following pieces i've been doing - I've been experimenting with the use of Copic markers with my traditional art (not like i do a whole lot of it anymore BUT anyway...) and where I'm currently living i don't have access to a scanner. Lighting is also pretty awful, and my phones camera is a big pile of owl pellets, so please do forgive the poor quality. First up is Party Pooped - oh hush now, i really like Cheese and Pinkie together, they're so cute <3 Next is Zecora - back when i was about 14-15 years old, i became obsessed with drawing HUUUUGE Alice in Wonderland A3 sized pieces, and every single one of them had wooden frames covered in plant life and decorated like this. So i thought i'd revamp the old style a little and see where it took me. I love using the green colours and blending the shades and URGH this one was a lot of fun. Third, I've always loved the idea of Trixie, Sunset, Moondancer and Starlight all being potential candidates for the role of Princess of Friendship - they're all unicorn mares who share similar traits with their personalities, their diligence to study, their attitude towards other ponies...any one of them could've been in Twilights position. So as a part of Equestria's Dawn, I'm adding in a prophecy, one that speaks of this princess of friendship, but only says, "with eyes of the stars". What else do all of these characters have in common? a twilight/evening theme - Sunset, Starlight, Moon(dancer), and Trixie's last name is supposedly Lulamoon, but her colour and design theme also resonate with the evening. and of course, there's Twilight. bit of a no brainer there. ANYHOW. It'll be a bit of a side step in Equestria's Dawn, kind of a nudge at the FiM series going HEY LOOK THIS IS THA FUTURE WHOOOOAAAA. anyway....this one was taken in two parts because some of the closer detail got lost when i tried to take a picture of the full thing. Part One: Part Two: Also, if you'd like to know what the writing says on the side, it reads: To my Master Starswirl, It has been many moons since my last letter, and in my search for the Elements of Harmony I discovered an ancient archway and a plinth that spoke a prophecy of futures untold...that someday a Princess of Friendship would walk among us, a unicorn mare with eyes of the stars. Who do you suppose it means? Perhaps she reigns in years beyond ours. She would have to study and surpass many a challenge to earn the crown of royalty. Perhaps we should seek out candidates to teach and train... ...In the meantime, I plan to activate the archway shrine to see what may lie beyond. Perhaps I may catch a glimpse of this fabled princess... Please, Master - keep me in your thoughts as I venture forth... Your faithful student, Clover Bramblebit, the Clever. ---------------------------------- Next up, once again with bad camera focus and lighting issues, here's a few sneak peaks at some of the sketch designs for the protagonist of Equestria's Dawn, Clover Bramblebit, and her assistant Toulouse. who is basically playing Spike's role, since we needed a trusty side kick dragon. we all need a trusty side kick dragon. Please keep in mind, a hand-draft all of Equestria's Dawn's pages before scanning and digitally inking them, so the process has taken me longer than anticipated, plus with my studies currently time has been shorter for this project than i'd hoped. However i am persevering, and I will soon proudly be able to present the very first installment of this years-overdue project Stay safe everyone, -Wandering
  10. A video editorial about not judging a creative work by their creators actions. Think of this as a direct follow up to a question I was asked about my last video. Sources: Tale of Tales Tweet: Phil Fish Article: The Tweets are not available anymore on his twitter itself, feel free to investigate further. Orson Scott Card Post: It's part of an article he wrote and the title alone reinforces my point the best rather than some of his blog posts, which is what started his controversy in the first place.
  11. Hi! I got some more artwork for you guys! Now this one is a very special one for me, as I'm a fan of sunset and sunrise pictures I tried very hard on getting the sunset to look "just right", because If I could feel inspiration from just staring at it, I'm very sure you all would feel the same as well! If I were you, I would highly recommend listening to this song "Elegy" by Tycho. Every time I listen to this song, I couldn't help but imagine a beautiful sunset over the mountains. It's amazing what music can do to our imagination. Enjoy! Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC Source Filmmaker Imagination Song! (Elegy - Tycho)
  12. What are you expecting from the season finale? While we may still be fairly early on into s5, before we know it, the finale will be upon us. And judging from how the s5 premiere ended, our newest antagonistic villain will be making a comeback. This was the first villain in MLP:FIM's history that made me cringe and left with an unsettling feeling, thanks to her brainwashing/ concentration camp tactics. However, Starlight's biggest error in her debut was holding the Mane 6 captive and not separating them, like the might've done with the villagers that she brainwashed. This is what I think could be done differently, during the finale, when she returns, since she seems like the type who learns from her mistakes and is careful not to repeat them. One thing, personally, I'd want to see from the finale is a 3-parter, if possible. This could shake things up from the “standard” two-parter, allow more time for good pacing and buildup, character development, and all that jazz. Seeing as how Starlight, as creepy as she and her tactics were, did provide an interesting means of attack and control against not just the Mane 6, but other ponies through separation of their cutie marks, I'd like to see this taken up a notch, but with additional twists. First, I'd like to see a battle of wits and strategy from Starlight, perhaps against Twilight, first and foremost. I'm talking Sombra-esque foresight and planning with traps and countermeasures; first separating the Mane 6 from each other, (maybe utilizing the powers of the Smooze, to prevent their powers from being used against her), then taking their marks again, with Twilight's mark being taken last, and makes her getaway, with it being up to Twilight to follow, while Smoozed, get through the traps laid out for her, and find a way- without magic and without her friends or others to help- to save the day. But ultimately, she fails in the mental game, getting stuck, and with a plot twist, it's the secondary group leader, the resourceful and level-headed Apple Jack, who manages to escape, catch up with Twi, reassure her, and continue the chase against Starlight. With how her friends are like family to her, and her determined, “I'll take on anything” attitude that we saw when she tackled the flame geyser swamp and chimera to save Apple Bloom in “Somepony to Watch over me”, I would love to see her taking the heroine role with her friends in danger (especially since many seem to think she's a “background pony”). And further set in stone that she's the secondary leader of the 6. With the theme of this season is “cutie mark magic”, I'd like to see the finale wrapped up with Starlight managing to use Twilight's cutie mark, merging it with her own, or simply taking off her own and replacing it with Twilight's, becoming an alicorn (like I thought she would, with Twi's mark, in the premiere), and ultimately, AJ realizing she's outclassed, about to get defeated, but Celestia (since many people seem to demand more from her =_= ) taking measurements to recall her former student, Sunset Shimmer, who takes Starlight on, horn to horn, reclaims the mane 5's cutie marks (which could possibly still home the spirits of friendship within them, since their friendship came about through their cutie marks, according to “The cutie mark Chronicles”), and defeats Starlight; returning the cutie marks to their owners, making peace with Celestia, and (hopefully) staying in Eqestria, being given over to Luna, by sunbutt, as her student/ protege. But what are you guys' thoughts on how the season 5 finale will go down? What elements do you want to see from it? Guest characters? Continuity?
  13. Fimfiction Link Adventure/Human Discord has won. Everyone in the human world is under his dominion, save for Sunset Shimmer whom he saved for last. Today the world, tomorrow Equestria. Big thanks to Winston, Grand_Moff_Pony, and xgfhj18 for edits. (sorry xgfhj18, I don't know your fimfiction name) Discord laughed as Sunset, his final prize, was held to the ground before him by the very friends that she held so dear. “Oh, dearest little Sunset Shimmer. Do you think you can resist me? Do you think that I can’t turn you against your very nature? I’ve already done it to your friends, your teachers, and quite literally every other sentient being in this world. And, may I cut to the chase for a moment here, we both know that you’re nothing without your friends. I mean, seriously, you gave up your soul and turned into a monster in a vain attempt to capture Equestria. If anything, I don’t even need to corrupt you, simply removing your friends would be enough to start your own pathetic spiral of self pity and greed.” Discord danced ever closer to Sunset, tiptoeing through tulips and daisies as Sunset’s five best friends held her down against her will. Rainbow Dash was the first to talk, looking down on Sunset as she straddled her chest and forced Sunset’s hands into the mud. “Look, Sunny, this place sucks. Just accept it.” “For once I agree with this airhead jock.” Applejack muttered while she and Pinkie Pie tightened their grip on Sunset's legs. “Yeah,” said Pinkie. “This party's pooped. Just accept it and we can all go to Equestria and have some real fun for once. Or at least I will once I’ve ditched these losers.” “Bite me!” yelled Sunset as she struggled to try and free her limbs. “Really, darling.” Rarity strode into Sunset’s view. “Such behavior is so uncouth, even for a monster like you. There really is no reason to be uncivilized. I think it’s the thing I most dislike about you.” “Really,” muttered Sunset. She twisted her face into a crude imitation of a classic Southern belle. “Well ain’t that just a cryin’ shame. Why, that was my favorite part.” “Now now girls,” interrupted Discord as he dipped his head between them. “I don’t think this is working very well and, quite frankly, I don’t find this game very interesting anymore.” Discord bent over and smirked at Sunset as she tried again to struggle free. “Now, close your mouth and open your eyes and you will experience a chaotic surprise.” Sunset opened her mouth and screamed in defiance, only for her voice to suddenly cut off as Discord’s eagle talon reached down and poked her directly between the eyes. Her senses immediately faded. Color drained from her world, the distant sounds of birds lost their sweetness, even the freshly cut grass that was being shoved into her face lost its scent. “Good,” came Discord’s voice from within her mind. “Now do you remember what it was like to be by yourself? How strong you were, or how much potential you had before you got distracted by friendship. Do you remember how good it felt?” “Yes,” thought Sunset. Discord smiled as he observed the color drain from her features. Slowly but surely she, like every other toy in his world was becoming... well, not quite his minion, but a pleasantly chaotic ally. The change, however, was slow... She was strong, independent, and full of friendship and metaphorical butterflies. In short, she was the perfect last challenge to his complete but inevitable conquest. And as soon as she was under his influence he would finally be able to return to Equestria. Discord smiled, praising himself for his victory. He heard the screams as Sunset was thrust into memory after memory, nightmare after nightmare of the past. Nobody could resist his power, especially someone who’d fallen on her own so many times before. This was not how Sunset imagined her first Summer Sun Celebration would go. Sunset and her cousin Misty had gotten lost in the Foal Mountain Forest, just outside of Canterlot, playing hide and seek. Now they were cold and tired and everything was dark and scary. Misty couldn’t go on any farther. She sat down next to a tree and began to cry as Sunset desperately tried to get her to stand up. They had to find the adults or they could be lost in the forest forever. Misty was older and bigger than Sunset by a full year, and though Sunset tried to get her up and off the dirty forest floor Misty was just too big for her to move. That was the last straw. Sunset felt herself falling to her haunches on the dirt and tears began to well in her eyes. She was tired and hungry and she wanted to get out of the forest. She wouldn’t even get to see the Princess raise the sun. She just wanted to sit down and cry, but then, nothing would ever get better if she gave up. The thought of not giving up sparked a memory of something her mother had told her on her last birthday. “Sunset, you must never give up on something that matters. You aren’t just anypony; you’re Sunset Shimmer. You’re my daughter. You are smarter, harder working, and better than just about every pony I’ve ever met except for Princess Celestia. Remember that if you ever start to fail, look inside yourself and you will find the strength to go on.” Sunset closed her eyes, letting them tear up, but she didn’t cry. She looked inside herself to try to find an answer to the problem. She didn’t know what she was looking for or how to find it, but she did know it was there because her mother had told her it was. She was Sunset Shimmer, daughter of Glory Shimmer, and she was as smart and as strong as any other pony. It wasn’t that she could save them. She felt something that screamed that she would save both herself and her cousin. It was then that Sunset noticed that Misty had stopped crying. Sunset opened her eyes and found the entire clearing glowing with a slightly golden white light. She looked around for it’s source, causing the light and the shadows to move. It was then that Sunset realized that the light was coming from her own horn. Sunset wasn’t very good at magic, but she was good enough to recognize that this was completely different from anything she had ever done, and it felt right somehow. Sunset closed her eyes again and began to focus magic through her horn until the light was bright enough that she could see it through her eyelids. She focused more and more magic through her horn until it hurt and then she continued until she felt weak. I can do this. The adults will see the light and then they will come. I can do this. I am Sunset Shimmer and I can do this! Sunset suddenly felt the ground beneath her shake slightly as something heavy landed next to her. She opened her eyes and turned to face whatever might be attacking her and her cousin with a defiant growl, still focusing magic to keep the light as bright as she could. “Easy, my little pony,” said the pony that could only be Princess Celestia. “Your family has been looking for you for a few hours. How about I take you to them?” Sunset stopped focusing magic into her horn as she and Misty looked at each other. They both smiled and then rushed to the princess, praising her for saving them. “Oh my!” said Princess Celestia. “I do believe there is something on your flank, my little pony.” Sunset turned to wipe off whatever was on her flank but suddenly stopped. There on her flank was a cutie mark, and not just any cutie mark, but one that matched the colors in her mane. It was the best cutie mark Sunset had ever seen, and it was hers. Misty drew Sunset’s attention as she began dancing around chanting around her. “Sunset got her cutie mark, Sunset got her cutie mark.” Sunset blushed when she noticed the princess smiling at the display. “Misty,” she groaned, “don’t embarrass me in front of the princess.” Celestia chuckled. “It’s something very much worth Celebrating little Sunset. I for one look forward to teasing you in front of your whole family when they see that I’ve returned you minus two blank flanks as they had described.” Sunset groaned but couldn’t help but smile as looked back again. Everyone in her class would be so jealous that she had been the first to get her cutie mark. “Yes.” Discord's voice in the void echoed within Sunset’s mind. “You never could rely on anyone else, could you? Even as a filly you had to look out for your older cousin. It was her responsibility to look after you, but even then you had to do it yourself.” Sunset threw her empty saddle bags on her bed as she jumped after it. She slammed her head into the pillows and began to scream. This was the absolute worst first day in school that Sunset had ever had. Not only was she in a new school with none of her friends, but the ponies in her class hated her for no reason. She had been tripped, her lunch tray had been flipped over, and now her books had been stolen. Oh, she had tried to tell the teachers that she needed an extra day to get her assignments done because someone had stolen her books, but none of them had believed her. After all, all the ponies in the class were from the highest tiers of society, and who would even think about picking on Celestia’s brand new pupil? Obviously the stress was just getting to Sunset. The teachers said she should go talk to the Princess. It was her who had asked for Sunset to be placed in such a high level of schooling after attending one of the lesser public schools. Well, Sunset would do just that. She wouldn’t be able to meet with Princess Celestia until the weekend but she was told that she could still write a letter and have anypony in the royal guard deliver it to her post haste. Sunset pulled her head away from the pillow and turned to her saddlebags. She found her paper, quill, and ink bottle and went to her desk to begin to write. She had to focus for a moment before her magic flared and she picked up the quill, dipped it in the ink and began to write. Dear Princess Celestia, She went slowly because her penship with her horn wasn’t quite perfect yet. She went to dip the quill back in the ink and when she tried to continue she found the page completely blank. Sunset blinked before trying again. Dear Princess Celestia, This time Sunset watched the ink fade into the page. Her pent up anger boiled over all at once, and she flung the ink, paper, and everything else off the desk. She turned and bucked the desk over and over again, screams of rage accompanying every thud against the solid wood surface. “Ah school.” There was the familiar voice that Sunset just couldn’t quite place. “So much fun with all the kiddies learning to work together, helping each other learn. Well, except for you. They never liked you much, did they? If it wasn’t them ruining your homework or your projects, then it was them provoking you, bullying you. The teachers didn’t even seem to have any sympathy. No one liked you. Well, no one but Princess Celestia.” Sunset pulled the plain framed picture out of the bag. The cardboard box was new and she didn’t have to worry about the rain getting her things wet, at least for a few hours, so she indulged herself. Sunset ran an un-shoed hoof over the image of her as a filly on Princess Celestia’s back. It was right after she had gotten her cutie mark and Sunset was proudly showing it off right above Princess Celestia’s. Sunset set the picture aside in its frame and pulled out her dinner. It wasn’t bad, actually. Generally when it rained ponies were less likely to take the time to appease her begging or spit on her. Today had been different. Sunset had been outside a bakery, asking passing ponies if they could spare a bit, or a piece of food. She had long ago learned to not ask if anypony knew about an open job or if they would be willing to pay her to run chores. No one trusted a homeless pony, but some would occasionally play a prank on her. However, the bakery she had been begging next to seemed to take pity on her while she stood in the rain and gave her two whole loaves of two day old bread. It was a pretty good catch, actually, as it was a well respected bakery that Sunset couldn’t afford. She pulled one loaf out of her bag and then out of its brown paper packaging with her magic. She wasted no time eagerly biting into her score. She gagged and spit out the bitter mess. She lit her horn up to inspect the bread more carefully. It wasn’t two day old bread, it was moldy. She quickly pulled out the other loaf from it’s brown paper bag to find that it too was moldy. Sunset swore. The bakery didn’t have to give her moldy bread to go away. If they didn’t want a beggar outside their establishment then all they had to do was ask, it was a Manehatten ordinance for Celestia’s sake. If any business felt that a transient was causing a loss of sales they simply had to ask the transient to leave. If they didn’t then they had grounds to ask a the local royal guard to remove the individual. Of course, this was simpler and probably more satisfying for those degenerate two faced jerks. Sunset threw both loaves of bread out in disgust, immediately regretting the decision as the insides of the loaves were probably edible. Sunset decided that she didn’t care to go looking for them. This was just her luck. She had no food and it was getting too late to go back out and beg. All the ponies with anything worth giving would be locked up warm and dry in their homes. She momentarily thought about dipping into her few bits and going to buy a hayburger but dismissed the idea. She’d had breakfast, her last few packets of instant oatmeal, and needed to save her few remaining bits for a rainy day. Or rather, though Sunset, a rainy day where she didn’t have a fresh box to sleep in. One of the big advantages to buying food was getting someplace dry and warm to eat it in. Sunset looked at the picture of her and Celestia before tipping it picture side down. Despite her falling out with her mentor she had never been able to get rid of that picture of the two of them. Oh sure, Celestia hated her now and Sunset blamed Celestia for ruining her life. But the picture was the only reminder she had of happy times. After all, that was when she’d gotten her cutie mark. My cutie mark, thought Sunset. She looked back at the bright mark and smiled. It was a good mark. She remembered when she got it by looking deep inside herself. Suddenly a thought occurred to Sunset. She had never really done that again, looked inside herself for strength. She remembered the words her mother had spoken to her as a filly. Remember that if you ever start to fail, look inside yourself and you will find the strength to go on. Sunset vaguely felt like chuckling but it really wasn’t a laughing matter. She was, after all, homeless with no friends and was by far too proud to ever go home without having something to her name. Well, she wasn’t tired and it wasn’t like a homeless pony had anything else to do so she decided to give it a try. Sunset closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She still didn’t know what it meant to look inside herself, so she started by blocking out the world around her. The sound of the rain faded and she slowly forgot the chill that had been growing ever since she settled in for the night. Sunset took another breath and let the feeling of sitting leave her awareness. Slowly an image began to form in her mind. The image was of herself, but as an alicorn. It was very similar to the image that a mirror showed her when Princess Celestia had let her look at some old magical items. Celestia had never meant for Sunset to look in that mirror. Or rather, she hadn’t meant for Sunset to look in it yet. Sunset had only caught a glimpse of herself as an alicorn but she remembered how beautiful and strong she had looked. There had been something else in the mirror that Sunset hadn’t seen well but if she had to guess it would have been many ponies watching her, cheering her, Princess Sunset Shimmer. Sunset opened her eyes, recalling the memory of what that image had done to her. She had defied Celestia and had begun researching the mirror against her mentor's wishes. She had even gone so far as to read some forbidden books in an attempt to either figure out what the mirror was or how to become an alicorn. She had succeeded, of course, finding out everything there was to know about the mirror and the other world it connected to. But Celestia had discovered her unapproved extracurricular activities. For defying Celestia’s express wishes and warnings Sunset had been removed as Celestia’s pupil and expelled from her school until such time as Sunset could provide evidence that she had changed for the better Sunset had tried to redeem her image. But she had been close to graduating and the news that Celestia’s prized pupil had been cast out swept across the country far faster than Sunset could travel. It was a humiliating memory, one that plagued her often, and Sunset wondered why trying to reach for inner strength had reminded her of the root of her failure... unless, perhaps, Sunset was destined to become an Alicorn. Maybe there was a way in the universe that existed on the other side of that mirror. Maybe, just maybe, she should not have given in so easily and followed through with her research by going into the mirror. Sunset pulled out a small journal, quill, and ink. They were valuable treasures to her, something she rarely used because she could not afford to replace them. But she had to plan carefully if she were to try and sneak into the castle to use the mirror. “Yes,” came the reassuring voice in her head as Sunset began to open her eyes. “You did plan and you did succeed. You became a goddess yourself, with no help from the Princess or the world that had rejected you. You’re a loner, Sunset Shimmer, and you deserve the respect of others for accomplishing what only a few had done before you. The masses of Equestria should grovel before you and fill you with pride at being their better.” The world began to focus out of a blank haze as Sunset heard Discord laughing. She realized that the voice that had reached her as she remembered her darkest moments was that of Discord, spirit of Chaos. She remembered how he had appeared, broken free on accident from a statue in a museum by two of her friends’ little sisters and their friend Scootaloo. The statue had been identical to one she had seen back in Canterlot, one that had also depicted Discord as the spirit of Chaos. After Discord broke out he went on a rampage and changed virtually everything he could get his magic on. He had even turned her friends against her and that was why she was now pinned beneath them. After Discord had turned her friends, they had revealed to him the existence of Equestria and how to get there. Discord continued to laugh in victory as Sunset felt tears slide down her face. It still hurt to think about all she had gone through in life and how she had failed; her failure as Celestia’s student; her failure to even get along with anypony or anyone else. Sunset’s hate, resentment, pride, and ego had flared at Discord’s corruptive touch but she managed to keep from losing herself in those emotions. She had remembered, even relived what had driven her to make more and more mistakes in her life. But she couldn’t give in to him. Sunset instinctively began to look inside herself. In her heart she found her friends. Each one was attached to memories that seemed just as vivid to her as those Discord had forced her to relive. Scoring her first goal against Rainbow Dash one on one in soccer. Learning to bake with Pinkie Pie. Working at the groomers with Fluttershy. Rarity giving Sunset a practically new cell phone and helping Sunset bedazzle it to have her cutie mark proudly displayed on its back. Beating herself up for letting Applejack Down by missing a barn raising, and Applejack forgiving her and helping her see the true meaning of friendship that had been around her all along. Whatever Discord did to her, she had to help her friends, she had to free them. Sunset kept that feeling inside of herself and in her mind as Discord began to speak. “Oh, goodie. Girls, I do believe Sunset is ready to help us on our way back to Equestria. What do you say, Sunny old girl? How about you tell us where you hid your journal that connects to Equestria?” Sunset breathed heavily for a moment as the girls got off of her. She stood up and wiped the mud off her cloths. However, as she turned to look up at Discord something stood out against her faded yellow skin. “What’s that on your forehead, hmmm?” Discord said while bending forward. Sunset turned toward the glass windows of a nearby classroom and smiled. In the center of her forehead, right where Discord’s finger had touched her, the yellow color of her skin was pushing the grey back. She turned back to Discord and smiled. “That’s me, Discord. The me I’m proud of.” Discord flinched back in surprise at her conviction, filling Sunset with hope. “Let me tell you something about being a bad person, Discord. I lost myself once, I turned into a bad person after years of being unhappy and resentful toward others. I even grew to enjoy inflicting pain on others. When I stole the element of magic, I even stripped people of their souls and imprinted a blank obedience to me upon the empty canvas of their being. But I have also been reformed.” Sunset felt herself placing her hand over her chest. “I was hit by the full power of the the elements of harmony and they didn’t just take my power, they showed me my redemption. In the span of a few seconds, I experienced the love and joy of friendship, and then the disgust for everything I had ever done to hurt another. The elements didn’t scrub my past from me, they gave me the power and experience I needed to overcome myself and be a better person. “I gave up my hate and anger willingly. Yes, sometimes I still feel those things. But there is a big difference between letting angry, jealous, and resentful feelings dictate your life and feeling those emotions for a short period of time. I wasn’t given anything back and nothing was taken from me. I was given a choice, and I chose to be a better person, to stop being evil. And I was rewarded with better friends than I could ever have imagined. Discord gulped as the rest of the girls stood stock still with rapt attention as color slowly seeped into their beings once more. “After I gave up my negative feelings, it took a long time to accept what I had done. It was a long journey, and that journey isn’t over. From time to time, I still wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats, memories of the cries of others playing over and over in my head. It hurts, Discord, and I never want to cause pain to others again.” Discord sneered, “Yet I offer you relief from that pain and you turn it away. Explain that, you cross species failure!” “Perhaps I am a failure,” said Sunset calmly. “But why would I accept that? Quite frankly, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, or rather, I was before you got here. Now I’m fighting for that happiness, for my friends, and for our freedom.” “You speak of freedom,” spat Discord, “but what do you know of it? Freedom – real freedom – is anarchy, chaos.” “No, Discord,” said Sunset. “Your freedom is in chaos. But when you are full of love and surrounded by real friends, even the darkest prison can be a magical place.” A light began forming around Sunset’s forehead and the symbol of her cutie mark snapped into existence in a magnificent golden tiara. Discord frowned as he picked up his right arm and snapped his fingers, fully intending on teleporting himself to the top of the school where he could mock them and their inability to catch him. Nothing happened. He snapped his fingers again and again. There was still no effect. “Oh, phooey.” Sunset looked up at him with renewed confidence. "Magic’s a funny thing, Discord. This world is void of magic, but you’re a god. If you were in Equestria your magic would be limitless, but here it’s not. But the magic of friendship and harmony, that’s universal. It’s already made you helpless." Discord watched as the light flashed in the other girls. They brought their hands to their chests as their five symbols flared into existence as beautifully crafted necklaces. “This is your last chance, Discord,” said Fluttershy. “Yeah!” yelled Rainbow Dash as the light from all six friends began to grow brighter and stronger. “Get turned to stone, you taxidermy reject.” “Quite,” said Rarity with a simple smug grin. “Oh! If you join us, we can have a party!” Pinkie chirped. “Trust me, parties are much better than being turned to stone!” “Nah,” said Applejack. “I don’t think he’ll listen to us, Pinkie. I think this here is Discord’s last rodeo.” Discord flinched away from the light and covered his eyes. “No! This isn’t over!” As soon as the words left his mouth the six girls rose in the air, enveloped by the pure white light as a multicolored rainbow shot straight for Discord. He felt the pain again, as complete and total order encased his body in stone. He contorted and screamed as his body quickly froze in place. When it was over, Discord could only watch as his vision slowly tilted sideways and he felt himself fall over. The pain had dulled but still took up his entire world. He was barely aware of anything until Sunset stepped in front of him, placing a hand on his head. “Now you realize, Discord,” she said as she patted his head, “that you can twist me, corrupt me, exploit my vices and my past. “But,” said Sunset as she stood to look at her smiling friends, “you will never, ever break me, for I have something wonderful to live for.” Freedom, real freedom.
  14. cant....stawp...shipping...halp Flutterhugger is way to fun to draw for its own good
  15. Sunset Shimmer had one friend before the events of Equestria Girls, a diary. She abandoned the book in her spiral into darkness, but now, with a chance of redemption, she turns back to her old friend for help. Does writing in her diary help her recover her life? Does it help her when the elements of harmony try to befriend her? What challenges will she even face? It's all in her diary, all you have to do is read it. This story is an epistolary, written entirely from the perspective of Sunset Shimmer making diary entries. This means you are getting both the story as she is writing it as well as the emotions and thoughts she has while reviewing the events she is writing about. Half the story is how and why she writes what she writes. Find the story on FIMfiction here. Pre-read by alt-tap, asylum1388, Monanniverse, and totallynotabrony Edited by Nopony_Important
  16. I believe everyone deserves a Sunstache Shimmer! So... Here y'all go! X3 I just decided to do this, cuz I was watching Equestria Girls & I thought of moustaches & how Sunset Shimmer was sinister evil... x3
  17. Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I figured since Sunset Shimmer so far is special to EqG this would be the best place for this discussion. Before I continue, let me just say that I am not saying we should have another go at EgG or have another look into their world, nor am I saying human SS should appear or that this should necessarily be included in season 4. I'll also add to have an open mind here, because my suggestions may seem "out there" to some. I really liked SS for the fact that her back story is incredibly intriguing to me. I've always known Twilight as Celestia's student so to know there was one before her...well, it could've been obvious but to have her referenced in any way really interested me. I want to know more about her. I love new ponies and especially ones with juicy background stories. I'll talk about this more later. She was hardened after her teachings with Celestia and her thirst for power went unquenched. But what was she like before this? Was she a nice, normal pony like TS? I assume she was, if she was under Celestia's "wing" so to speak. But let's say...that in S5, if there is a season 5 that is, the portal opens up. Maybe not in the show as to not reference the movie...but either way, after being redeemed and learning about what it is like to have frtiends in the human world SS comes back to Equestria to make amends. Specifically with Celestia and Twlight. This is the part where it gets kind of crazy, so proceed with caution. What if SS became a mane pony? Like one of the mane 6?, 7? Twilight is a princess and while that wouldn't change her roll in the show or her friends, she could easily take on a student of her own and who better than SS, the one she 'defeated' and got to admit to her wrongdoings? And now SS is back to learn about friendship. And I know what you're probably thinking. The mane 6 are more than friends, they are the elements of harmony. What if (in some way that I'm not talented enough to think up) there could be another element added? A new one, perhaps humbleness. And Twilight could help guide SS to understanding this magic and making friends in Equestria. It could also teach kids acceptence and maybe taking those who are damaged in some way, or are new to their area and teaching them how to be kind and make friends with others like TS would with SS? You know, since its a kids show and morals and stuff. tl;dr I'm crazy and want SS to be a mane pony but It'll most likely never happen, but how would everyone react if SS became a character (not necessarily a 'mane' character) on MLP:FiM?
  18. I couldn't help but make this an image. I mean seriously, Am I THE ONLY one who thinks her mane color reminds me sherbet? THAT STUFF IS GOOD!! I need to make a facebook of this or something including the octavia car
  19. Sunset on the ocean... Or a giant lake... Constructive criticism wanted, PLEASE!!! I feel like I did a bad job, and I'd like to know how I can improve this.
  20. well this is the first scene in Fallen stars story. im still working on writing it so i will update or repost later. in short he is headed to ponyville in this and he has to walk all the way because he cant ride the train
  21. I got inspired by seeing Horseandraisin's sunset picture, you should really check him out. Anyway, i had thought of trying to make a picture of a sonic Rainboom, but then i saw the sunset picture, it's called "by the lake" on his deviantart. Anyway, i wanted to try to make my own picture.. though it is focused on Twilight and the sunset itself isn't that great and there are a lot of errors in this drawing.. But anyway, you can also see Rainbow Dash flying there in the background. The drawing is ok, Twilight looks cute.. But what do you people think.. Also, while seeing this drawing listen to this . It's leave this world behind by Jeff Burgess.. I listened too it while i was drawing and it somehow fitted perfectly.. Here is the link to the drawing: Link. Tell me what you think. But take note that this was a quick draw, i didn't do much planning for it, i just put something random in the picture.
  22. Hello folks! I want to share with you the collective works of my favorite MLP author, Crioton. Since April 2011, he has written nine fanfics, seven of which are linked to his own little universe where he implements ideas that are not in the show. While Crio's stories do have a few tiny flaws here and there, he has good grammar and word choice, plus what made me a fan of his are his two major fanfics: "Sunset" and "For Want of a Dawn", which fall into grimdark territory. I am not really into grimdark, and Crio's stuff are the only ones I've enjoyed. He dosen't let the dark elements become the over-arching point of the stories, and instead focuses on his narrative and premise. I very much recommend giving his stories a read, and I have listed them all below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! And for those who have already read his stories, feel free to discuss them! ***THE SUNSET UNIVERSE SERIES*** Crioton's main series of fanfics. Story elements from each of these stories carry over to the next, so it is recommended that you read them in order or some things may confuse you. All these stories take place in-between Season 1 and Season 2. WORDS ARE LOUDER Crioton's first fanfic, in which we are introduced to his version of Derpy. "Derpy goes about her usual day, but with a slight change; she tries to talk to Twilight Sparkle. Will she be able to make friends with theintroverted unicorn? Or, will she scare her off with her... unique ways?" Original: Rewrite: BLOOD IS THICKER Twilight receives a letter out of the blue from her mother. She has left her the ages-old task of keeping their family tree updated, and hints to it being incomplete. Will she be able to discover this missing relative, or will she fail as her mother did? SUNSET Ciroton's first major dark fanfic, which is five chapters long. "Some things in this world happen by chance. Others do not. Twilight is about to learn a disturbing truth that will turn her world upside down." (Warning: Contains some disturbing images and a bit of graphic violence. Also, please note that what happens to Twilight and Celestia in this story carries over to the other fanfics below. So if you read any of the below fics without reading this one and are confused about some of the things in them, they probably happened here.) Also available as a complete PDF file: MY LITTLE MUFFIN Ciroton's take on how Dinky came to be Derpy's daughter. A normal night for Derpy goes horribly wrong. Can she take the charred remains of a shattered life and nurse it back to health? How will the citizens of Ponyville react to the changes that night brings? Can the Pegasus conquer her demons for a pony who means more to her then anything else? Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: CLASH OF THE HEAVENLY TITANS Weary of the humdrum day-to-day business of Canterlot, Princess Luna decides to do something about it by reviving a holiday lost to the passage of time. However, she gets more than she bargained for when her elder sister, Celestia, decides to join in on the fun. Can the majestic capital survive two warring, immortal Alicorns? THE RELUCTANT REUNION OF THE REDOUBTABLE RABBLE ROUSER Summary: Trixie assures you, no matter WHAT that infernal Twilight Sparkle says, she is NOT the Great and Powerful Trixie's sister, and that mare with her is NOT Trixie's mother! ... And most certainly of all, Trixie is not starving to death or down on her luck! She is the chosen protege of the greatest magician the world has ever know! There is no WAY that Trixie could ever be like that. None! This is the sequel to the "Blood is Thicker" story above, so read that before this one. FOR WANT OF A DAWN Crioton's longest fanfic at twenty-five chapters. In this grimdark epic adventure sequel to Sunset, Twilight is transported ten years to an alternate bad future where Equestria is ruled by the tyrant Queen Eos. Her friends have all gone their separate ways and can no longer agree or work with each other. Can Twilight cope with all of the changes thrust upon her in this dark new world, and can she reunite her friends and bring down Eos? (Warning: This is Crioton's most intense story, and contains graphic violence and death. Be forewarned. Also, it is **required ** that you read Sunset first to understand this) ***STANDALONE STORIES*** (These stories below are not a part of the "Sunset" universe. These can be read without having to read any of the other above stories first) SHADOW OVER PONYVILLE Some things are meant to remain secret; to forever toil in the shadows behind a smiling facade of playfulness and friendship. Rarity happens across such a secret one star-filled night, but can she steer towards the light, or with the intoxicating and seductive brew of power overcome her judgement? After all, that which should be feared the most is the friendly pony with the dagger behind their back. Tagged 'Dark' for mild Horror. (Warning: Contains a bit of graphic violence near the very end. ) Also available as a PDF download: MEZZA VOCE (WORK-IN-PROGRESS: LAST UPDATE: 2/9/13) Crioton's latest fanfic, currently in progress. Vinyl Scratch is a mare of mystery: hard to meet and even harder to get to know. It is an image she has cultivated since her early days as a DJ and is not likely to ever let go. She is the queen of the music scene and her purple shades are her crown. To her roommate, Octavia, she is a vulgar annoyance and a blemish on her otherwise spotless life. However, when she accidentally destroys the one thing that matters most to the unicorn, the cellist finds herself learning more than she ever cared to know about the rock-loving mare.
  23. Alright this is the biggest Digital Paint I've finished up to date! And probably my best too, or at least in my opinion? Anyways, so without further ado, my painting :/ Spent about 4hrs on this one. Tell me what you think! *I mean... if that's okay with you*
  24. The planet called Tramentor is almost the same as your own planet – Earth. But the creatures of this world are creatures that you will never see. And most of them you shall never know. This is a different universe. Some of these creatures can resemble the animals on your Earth, such as the shalas, whose story shall be told in this book. Shalas look like horses – almost. Some of them have horns and wings, although most commonly do not. But these creatures are much more colorful then your own little animal friends. Even though they look like horses, their muzzles are smaller and they are also smaller then your horses. Their eyes are large and bright. They have wrists, and they prefer to stand on their four hooves. But they are also able to stand up like a human. Their hoof isn’t flat and solid; it can bend and grip something. They have different skin, mane and tail colors. They are very beautiful. Their legs are bigger, but much shorter then horses legs, as are their ears. They tend to grow out longer manes and tails and have small bodies. They even slightly resemble cats although if you tried to name what about them resembled a cat, you would not be able to. If you said it is the way they walk, you would doubt it afterwards, then if you were to say it was their eyes, you would go back to thinking it was their walk. They cannot speak your language but they can speak to each other all the same. They do not neigh or whistle, chirp or bark, but they speak a language like English, French or Spanish. It’s their own language and if a human tried to mimic them, they would fail. It is impossible. But don’t worry. Their words have been translated to English. Somewhere on Tramentor is a little land called Maskandro. Or at least, that is what we English users call it. Maskandro is where the shalas live. It is called Maskandro based on the English word, mask. The shalas discovered this word and decided to use it. They use the word, mask, because some shalas look like they have a mask on. Shalas have magical powers. They gain these powers when they have done something great. When they do something very special for a friend, a design appears on their face. Usually, the design resembles a mask which only covers the eye area. Each design is different and beautiful. Like a snowflake. Not one is alike which makes them unique. They gain even more magic when they almost die for a friend. Shall I explain? The most important thing for a shala is their brilliant friendship. Their friendship is the strongest in the whole universe. It’s stronger than the strongest metal. Maybe because that’s all they have. Shalas cannot feel love because there are no males in Maskandro. Strange but impossibly true. No one knows how the shalas were born. They just came to be. Only God knows that answer. No one knows their ages either. They just live and live for a long time. They themselves do not know when they were born. They could not remember their past until one day, they just started to remember the recent past, and as they live on, they still remember that past, going on until the present. Before this time where they are ‘born’, they are very prone and vulnerable. They are able to think, but very slightly. It may have very well been a meteor with an odd mind erasing gas in it that crashed into their land. Who knows. I surely don’t. Their friends are chosen carefully. Once they find one or two perfect friends, they recite a spell to make them into a group. Groups can have any number of shalin but usually there are only two or three in one group. The shalas can’t die from the lack of food or any known illness. They can only die if someone or something else kills them, or if they have a lack of air. But the problem is that they want to die. Maskandro is like your world a long time ago. They don’t have any technology such as telephones and computers. They do have a few cars but not many shalas have enough money to afford them. Not many shalas have homes or food. Even though they can’t die from the lack of food or water, that doesn’t mean they can’t feel the pain – the increasing hunger and thirst. Most shalas try to drown themselves, but the Queen had put borders around the land so they could not get near the water. Even then she cannot prevent the other creatures of the night from feasting on the things that come to them in fear of the incoming darkness, yet the hope of better light. She can try to get rid of the creatures, but they live there, too, don’t they? The Shalas are miserable. They are homeless, cold and hungry all the time. And the most horrible thing of all is that some of these Shalas lost their friendship. To lose your friendship on Maskandro is losing everything. You lose your happiness and every other good feeling and in replace of those is sadness. Deep sadness and misery. And when that happens, all you want to do is die. You get the picture. Every month though, a boat comes. The boat will take fifteen shalas off to find a new island where they may find peace. An island to increase the size of the Queens land. The problem is that there is no island anywhere, so the shalas only go upon this boat to die out at sea, because sooner or later there will be a storm to tip over the boat. And once the boat tips over, you will be lost to the creatures of the sea. To pick the shalas, the Queen will pick shalas at random and those shalas will be sent a ticket. On the day the boat comes, the shalas will hurry to their death cruise and since they have the tickets, they will be the ones to go on the boat. The Queen always picks at random, right? Well there is nothing random about these choices. Every Shala in this group have had their friendship broken. All but one actually. (Don't look at me like that! I came up with this before FiM even existed!)