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Found 8 results

  1. Alright, which superhero weapon would you guys choose to have? Personally, I'd pick a green lantern ring. It's so versatile and looks like a lotta fun! But what about you guys? C'mon, let your inner nerds out. Ya know you wanna
  2. A Brazilian man's body left green because he used the wrong type of paint after he tried to become the Hulk.
  3. Ok, everypony more childhood cartoon movie turning live is JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS next year ? How excited are you ?
  4. give the user above you a super hero name and super power! Go! **bonus points for giving them an origin story.
  5. Fimfiction link: Hey all, I got a fanfic for your reading pleasure. In it, our intrepid hero Starforge will venture to a forgotten city for a powerful magic artifact, forge his magical armor, and (eventually) save the day. The story is complete at six chapters. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Word counts: Chapter one: ~6,300 Chapter two: ~5,700 Chapter three: ~4,400 Chapter four: ~5,450 Chapter five: ~5,500 Chapter six: ~7,250
  6. As everypony knows or some may not know, May 3rd will mark the day that 11 years ago on that day, that Spider-Man the Movie was released to the public. With Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, but since they now replaced him with Andrew Garfield. I ask you, what did you like about the first Spider-Man movie?
  7. Hey there everypony! I wanted to see who all reads comics and what comics you are reading currently! Right now I am really digging the reboot of Batgirl, I like it enough I am buying it by issue vs waiting for the trade. I am also enjoying Batwoman, err as you can see I love some Bat I am also awaiting the first volume of G.I. JOE Cobra Civil War (Love Love Love what IDW is doing with the G.I. JOE series and seeing more storylines with focus on Cobra, which are always my fav) There is also a new mini series coming out by IDW called Smoke and Mirrors I want to read, it is about a magician who ends up in a word were magic is real and he is having to pretend he can actually perform magic in order to stay low key, or at least that is the synopsis I have read so far.
  8. Humanized CMC as super heroes and the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well! ...what does everypony think?