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Found 22 results

  1. There Favorite Marvel Superhero, so is there any pony who fan of DC Comic and/or have favorite DC Superhero? Mine are Superman, Batman & The Flash
  2. When the Caped Crusader ends up in a strange world full of talking pastel horses, he gets more than he bargained for when finds a rival that shares his own name. To make matters worse, he might not be the only one who was dumped here. Manehattan may find out that comic book heroes are no laughing matter. Be sure to read and comment here, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Batman vs. Batmare
  3. Greetings, this is a general update on the state of Equestrian City! Episode 2 and 3 are available on both dA and Fimfiction at the moment. ED I haven't heard a thing from yet. The main Table of Contents for the comic has been updated on the main site and at dA in our supergroup! All links are below! Main Table of Contents for the Comic Equestrian City Supergroup on DeviantArt Equestrian City Episode 2 Equestrian City Episode 3 Equestrian City on FimFiction Thanks for reading!
  4. So, random question popped into my head the other day. What if you could be granted any two superpowers, but they were limited in power? What would they be, how would they be weakened, and what would you use them for? My personal powers would be teleportation and "less need for sleep" power. The teleportation must be to a place I've already been, and can distinctly imagine again, and can only be done twice a day. Less sleep would be simple enough - I only need an hour or two per night, rather than six full hours. I'd likely use the teleportation to simply visit friends on other continents, stay the day, then tele on home. Less sleep mean more time to work or play, of course, and may indirectly help with the jet lag from teleporting back and forth in the Australia and U.S.
  5. I'm looking for artists and writers to work with on a few comic book ideas. One of them may be very violent and may contain a lot of gore (we'll communicate privately for that one to keep the gore off the forums). Another involves characters with silly powers or themes, but it will pretend to be serious. I need to work on my own drawing skills, and perhaps my writing, but I have a lot of fresh ideas if anyone is interested in helping. The first idea involves a hero who can transfer all of his injuries to someone by touching them. I have a few cliffhangers planned for this one as well as a basic plot. There's also an idea for another character that can create phantom pains in her enemies, but the drawback is that she also feels that pain. The second idea I mentioned starts off with a character called "The Not-Invisible Man." After a freak accident with bioluminescent waste, he gained the power of superior visibility, and can even glow in the dark. He wears a neon jacket and carries a reinforced Stop sign. He has many hats to help him blend in with multiple jobs that use the neon vests/jackets. Among the villains he'll face are the Pun-Liner, a bad Joker/Riddler wannabe; The Coin Crusher, which is really just those penny squishing machines (nothing special about them, it's just one of his delusions, he thinks they're his enemy. Did I mention he hates things that are technically illegal? These machines are an example of that because it's technically defacing legal tender); his as of yet unnamed neighbor and his multiple pet squirrels ("I wonder what devious plots he's planning on using those squirrels for. He's giving them enhancements. Those squirrels can do incredible things. I swear, one of them can fly, another can climb walls, and one of them... I saw it... it's invisible!" -The Not-Invisible Man); and The Saniac, a man that by our standards would be completely insane if not for his powers. The Saniac's power is that he's completely sane, not because he perceives the world as it is, but because the world is as he perceives. His power manipulates reality making his delusions into truths. His powers are limited by his perceived limitations only. Some days he may believe nothing can stop him, others he'll believe that cookies make him shrink to the size of a mouse.
  6. So I'm a recent graduate with a BFA in creative writing for entertainment and I have this idea for a superhero character. He's an anthropomorphic animal in a world like ours who fights evil with martial arts training. Think like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, or the Mighty Ducks. Except dissimilar to the Turtles who mutated pretty early into their lives and the Ducks who are just that way because that's there species, my character is more similar to the Sharks in being transformed later in life when they have time to grapple with their new nature. Except that dynamic is in reverse. My character was a simple beast living in the wild and was then uplifted to human level sentience, intelligence, and similar body shape. (Island of Dr. Moreau style) Who is then taken in by a kind master and taught inner discipline and control as well as ethics and humanity. His main struggle is that because he's spent most of his life with nothing but raw instinct to guide him, he has to actively suppress such instincts in order to live a life even approaching that of a human which he desperately wants to be like. Not that he hates himself but after experiencing the wonderful complexities and depth of thought and emotion that can be analyzed and understood only with sentience, he doesn't want to be the baser creature he once was. While I'm not adverse to getting a chuckle out of scenarios, I do wish that the character's instincts actually make human-like life difficult or even dangerous to himself and others. Problem now is, I can't decide which animal I would like him to be. I'm thinking dog or perhaps wolf-dog to better express his dual nature but both those seem a tad played out. I was thinking maybe an elephant since it would make fighting evil and domestic life interesting since he'd be more akin to a full sized Autobot than the Ninja Turtles, problem with that is that it becomes increasingly difficult to up the ante until he's fighting kaiju. One of my friends suggested a sloth, which was probably a joke but it did get me thinking that rather than inner savagery he's trying to battle instinctive lethargy. I was maybe considering a tiger to better tie him to his kung fu but that seems both a tad predictable and there's not much I could do story wise aside from further martial arts tropes. Which while I'm a strong proponent that the genre can be used in more ways it's often thought of, I would nominally prefer more tools to work with rather than one. What do you guys think? Do any of my stated ideas seem good or do you have suggestions for another animal he could be?
  7. Hi, I'm wondering who is your favorite Marvel superhero? Mine is Hawkeye (if you couldn't have guessed by looking at my profile pic )
  8. Hello, Im gonna try out a little forum game with you guys. I found this on Facebook, and found it pretty damn fun. So, do you want to find out your secret superhero identity name? It is simply the color shirt you're wearing plus the object to your right. This is now your permanent superhero name.
  9. it was right in odins vault all along! I believe that the time stone is actually this tablet of life and time, as seen in odins treasure room. the other infinity stones have been seen masquerading as other items in each of there movies so this is not a stretch, also this has the word TIME in it. here is a comparison list of the time stone and tablets powers so you can see that the tablet really could be the time stone time stone powers 1.time travel 2.see into the future 3.slow and speed up time 4. age and de-age yourself or others 5.create time loops tablet of life and time powers and regeneration 2.immortality 3.immediatly evolve to peak potential of your race with near omnipotence see, the tablet is a perfect candidate to be the time stone. the mcu has already turned less plausible things into infinity stones( visions solar gem) the tablet has many of the same powers as the stone. also for you true believers reading this, the mcu version of the tablet has inscribed upon it these words, THOSE WHO SIT ABOVE IN SHADOW. if your a true thor fan you should know what that means. please post your oppinions, do you think I found the time stone or not?
  10. That is to say, the source of the fear he causes not holds in his heart. One of Batman's most powerful weapons is his use of psychological warfare. "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot," and all that. For the most part I get how this works, he allows and actively contributes to his reputation and legend, making his enemies more likely to panic and loose confidence at the prospect of facing him. This works most in stories where he is just starting out or information about him is sparse. What I don't get is how this is supposed to work for his more regular rogues or when he's an active member of the Justice League, or basically anytime when he's seen in broad daylight and has been operating for a few good decades. I mean sure it's Batman so your defeat is all but a metaphysical certainty but how does he create that same level of fear in his foes when they know for a fact that he's not going to kill them? Or that for all his menace and tricks, he is just a man of flesh and blood?
  11. Well now, this was a weird one... The inspiration for this one was very... unusual to say the least. It started out as a pencil with a green eraser and a half broken orange grippie, and to make a long story short, it ended up as a pencil superhero, similar to Batman, named 'Carrot-Man'. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did questioning this thing's existence.
  12. Discussion about one of the most anticipated upcoming movies: Dogeman Begins
  13. Hi Everypony< , I just was wondering, what is your favorite Marvel Movie (or movies)? My favorite is The Avengers, that movie is so awesome!
  14. ...what would it be? My superpower would be to manipulate magnetic fields. What would yours be?
  15. Hello everypony this banner took 2 hours at lease so hope you like my 4th idea ! OK everypony ! here's a bigger picture of the same idea enjoy !
  16. If you dont know what "C-list" means, its basically just a character that isn't well known. So that means no Batman and Spiderman. No Joker and Green Goblin. Mine Heroes: Deadman, Swamp Thing, The Original Flash (Jay Garrick), Fire, Guy Gardener and Kyle Rayner (The other two himan Green Lanterns) Villains: Psycho Pirate, The Crime Syndicate, Black Hand, Starro.
  17. This is, well, he's pretty much a superhero ponysona for me. Part of his brain was replaced with basically a technological brain prosthetic, and caused him to be able to communicate with technology.
  18. Now a little back story: I'm a senior in college. My roommate has enough hours to be a senior but he's still probably 2 more years from actually finishing and getting a degree. But we're roughly the same age and we've been pretty close friends since 8th grade. We found we liked Pokemon (a lot) in high school and gaming is kind of our thing. But we're also pretty imaginative sometimes and we start making up some crazy stuff. Anyway, this is a running gag between us for the last five or six years or so. It started when we were diagnosing cereal mascots with psychotic disorders. Trix Rabbit: Lots of pent up anger because he sees no reason that Trix can only be for kids Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms): Severe paranoia that "they're always after" his "Lucky Charms" Sonny the Cuckoo Bird (Cocoa Puffs): Severe ADHD + Panic discorder. That bowl of Cocoa Puffs is always the straw that breaks the camel's back for this guy. That's just a few. This eventually evolved into creating our own superhero. He was years in the making. He lives in a little of all of us who patrol the internet. He is the Nazi of Nazis. Some accept and love him. Others reject and hate him. He is.... He is...Grammarman. It started with a conversation about people who are too lazy to be grammatically correct. We agreed that people spend 12 years in school being taught the only language they know. We're taught how to read, write, and use English for two-thirds of our childhoods. Therefore there's no reason to suck at it. If you were taught how to play piano for 12 years from the time you are 5 years old, would you absolutely suck at it or would you demonstrate some considerable skill? The same goes for language. We also agreed that if you're multilingual, you get cut a lot more slack on this. I can see how it would be easy to confuse the spellings of various words when you can be thinking in two or more languages at any given moment. Alright, now that I have that mini-rant out of the way, let's move on. . The story starts with a woman. One of those over the top feminist women who think guys are jerk bags when they hold the door because that makes them look weak. The Grammarphone (yes that's a pun on a gramophone--as in a vinyl record) goes off. It's a message from the store owner Owner: Grammarman! We need your help! Grammarman: I am on my way! [Grammarman strides politely into the McDonalds to find our scene] Grammarman: What is the problem here? Cashier: We gave her pickles on her cheeseburger. Woman: And I didn't want no pickles on my burger! Grammarman: [to woman] Did you want pickles on your burger? Woman: No! I didn't want no pickles on my burger Grammarman: Those sentences contradict each other. Woman: I didn't want no pickles and I got pickles! Grammarman: Exactly. Woman: And I told him I didn't want no pickles! Grammarman: Then, ma'am, I fail to see the problem. If you "didn't want no pickles" and you got pickles, then you did, in fact, order pickles. You got exactly what you ordered. NOW SHUT UP AND GO EAT THE FOOD YOU ORDERED! And so, thanks to our beloved Grammarman, a problem that never existed in the first place was resolved because someone was too stupid or lazy to properly use the only language he or she knows. What future struggles await our hero? Find out in the next issue of Grammarman! We had too much time on our hands in high school Grammarman hasn't popped up in conversation in a while, but his legacy lives on. Grammarman is the SSID for our internet router. We've also called it The Awesome Narwhal and NSA Monitoring Station before (thanks to Evilshy for that last one), but Grammarman is its current alias.
  19. I'll point out as many as I can but if I possibly missed one go ahead and comment. WIth a good knowledge of DC and Marvel it wasnt hard to find some things since the episode made most of them obvious. (Considering this episode's complete lack of subtlety) Let's go! Starting off with: -Antagonist named Mane-iac = The Superman villain Brainiac. -Mane-iac's stretching hair power = Power Puff Girl's Sedusa. (Woah, a non-comic book reference?) -Mane-iac's origin story = The Joker's origins story from the DC comic: "The Killing Joke." -The City Maretropolis = DC's Metropolis. (The city Superman lives in) -Rarity/Radiance's power (Making anything she can think of in the form of energy projection) = Reference to DC's Green Lantern and possibly Star Sapphire. -Pinkie Pie/Fili-Second's outfit/superspeed = DC's The Flash and/or Marvel's Quicksilver. -Rainbow Dash/Zapp's power to call weather using the lightning bolt pendant = Marvel's Thor. -Rainbow Dash/Zapp's Lightning bolt pendant Asthetic = DC's Shazam!/Captain Marvel/Captain Thunder. -Fluttershy/Saddle Ranger's transforming/super strength powers = Obviously Marvel's Bruce Banner/Hulk. -Applejack/Mistress Mare-velous' name and asthetic = Marvel's Ms. Marvel. -Applejack/Mistress Mare-velous' rope = The Lasso of Truth as used by DC's Wonder Woman. -Twilight/Masked Matter-Horn's laser powers = Various Marvel/DC magic users (ex. Doctor Strange, Jennifer Kale, Zataro, Dr. Fate) -Spike/Humdrum = The original/older version DC's Robin (Or any other useless side-kick for that matter)
  20. SO, in the SDCC sneak peek at Season 4 I saw some things that I was sad to see, such as Nightmare Moon's return, but others I am really excited about. One certain topic REIGNing ( get it ) above the rest. That was the whole mane 6 and spike as superheroes. I think this is going to be just awesome, and I am predicting might just be my favorite new season 4 episode. What did you guys think of the superheroes preview? I can't really remember who had what superpower, but if you saw it and remembered, who did you think had the best superpower? I am honestly TOO excited for Season 4.
  21. I'm not sure if a topic like this exists yet but I want to get peoples thoughts on the upcoming Justice League movie which is suppose to come out in 2015. Now hear is what we know so far, on June 6, 2012 Warner Bros. announced a new live action Justice League film was in development with Will Beall hired as screenwriter. Everything else is rumors with some of the big rumors being The Superheros, The Cast, The Plot, and if they are going to act like the existing DC movies exist. Hears a link to check out all the rumors. The big question is will the movie be great or will it suck. I feel like the movie could be great if they handle it properly what they need to do is drop this 2015 goal and aim for 2017 and take their time with the material. I would really like to see them do what they did with Lord of the Rings where they filmed all three parts at once and made it one huge epic this could be one of the greatest franchises of all time if they respect the source material. Or this could be one of the greatest let downs in all of movie history if they rush it just to make money.