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Found 20 results

  1. There Favorite Marvel Superhero, so is there any pony who fan of DC Comic and/or have favorite DC Superhero? Mine are Superman, Batman & The Flash
  2. (If this topic is too risky, feel free to put it in the debate pit) It is certainly no surprise that everyone is very hyped for the newest Marvel superhero movie Black Panther and i have no problem if anybody else has, because i also like to watch these movies, because they are mostly a great time and are great popcorn flicks. However, over the last few weeks, i saw a very strange trend going on in the mainstream media and several news outlets telling us what a big milestone is supposed to be and how it will inspire millions of minorities, for finally having their own superhero. It goes even so far, that whenever somebody is coming out in public, saying that this movie is far from perfect, is being labeled a racist and is part of Trumps America. We gotta make something clear here...This is a superhero movie and not the color purple (which came out 3 decades ago and also had all black cast) saying that this movie is revolutionary is delusional. Also, black panther dosen't belong to anybody, neither do other superheroes like Spider Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, or whoever. I know of black children playing pretend some of these super heroes and nobody was thinking of race or any sort of that kind. I fear that this will, no matter if this movie is good or not, hurt the sales of the movie. Whenever it's people being totally tired of the media pandering to it, or worse, radical black groups trying to stop non black movie goers to watch it because "this movie dosen't belong to you." Also, got a short vid that summarizes the whole situation (WARNING: Heavy language) What is your thought on the current situation?
  3. Hi, I'm wondering who is your favorite Marvel superhero? Mine is Hawkeye (if you couldn't have guessed by looking at my profile pic )
  4. Okay just putting this out here because I haven't really kept up with T'Challa, but why the Hell is he protecting Hell's Kitchen in Daredevil's stead? For all I can find it doesn't make mention of exactly why the two had this arrangement. Is Matt taking cases in Wakanda like a superhero exchange program?
  5. I did a thing! This is my hero OC by the name of Nightlight for the "Return of the Age of Heroes" roleplay! Made him a while ago, but I just got around to posting on the art thread, 'enjoy'. ^^ ...And that is a he... just in case it isn't clear.
  6. I've been a long time fan of comics ever since I was a little kid and have yet to find anyone who shares the exact same feeling I get on Comic Book Wednesday. So my question for the forums is..there's still anyone who reads? Currently i'm reading: Marvel - All New Inhumans - All New Wolverine - All New X-Men - All New, All Different Avengers - Carnage - Deadpool [Mercs for Money, Spidey/Deadpool] - Drex - Extraordinary X-Men - Magneto - Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Moon Knight - Ms. Marvel - Old Man Logan - Punisher - Red Wolf - Scarlet Witch - Star Lord - Thor - Uncanny Avengers - Uncanny X-Men - Venom - Space Knight - Wolverine. [re visiting later volumes.] DC - Batman - Cyborg - Death Stroke - Detective Comics - Harley Quinn - Starfire I need to read through what I have on my phone before I can add anymore.
  7. Hello there, everyone! As you can see, I've decided to start off a topic about the greatest movie villains! Because we all know you can't have a good action movie without a great villain(s). Some of you may already know that Loki is most certainly my favourite villain. I swear, I tried not to become one of those mindless fans, I really did... But he's just such an amazing bad guy! I don't know where to start! His story, his powers, his look, he's just a great villain. But who - or what - is your favourite movie villain, and why?
  8. Discussion about one of the most anticipated upcoming movies: Dogeman Begins
  9. Hello there, I'm a big nerd and stuff, so here we are... To be honest, I was a little embarassed to make this since I didn't know how much of you actually like this stuff, so I made a thread... for funs and giggles. To @LatinoChurro for suggesting this topic awhile back. :3 I wasn't super specific with the title for a reason, so post anything about DC and Marvel following the site rules. Okie dokie Loki?
  10. Since they're practically dominating the box office now.... Have a chart...
  11. I would love to see She-Hulk in a movie, but there don't seem to be a ton of actresses who fit the bill. Thoughts?
  12. After the absolutely huge announcement last night of Marvel's Phase 3 I thought it'd be handy to have a single big thread where we can all talk about the latest news and our thoughts on all the goings on in the Superhero movie business...Yes, I think it's a business unto itself now separate from the rest of the film industry, or about to devour it all. Anyway, after last night's announcement I'm pretty stoked. We knew Dr Strange was happening and Black Panther was likely, but to see everything finally up there and confirmed is just amazing. Those are the two I'm most looking forward to I have to say. A Captain Marvel movie is interesting too, and nice to see Marvel finally getting the diversity they needed. No casting announcements for Captain Marvel or Dr Strange, but Bennedict Cumberbatch is believed to be in final negotiations, for what that's worth *see Pheonix, Jaoquin*. I was kinda holding out hope that Keanu Reeves might get that one, just cause I've a bit of a soft spot for the guy. Black Panther casting was announced though, with Chadwick Boseman landing the gig. Not really familiar with his work, but will see him soon as James Brown in Get On Up, so can't say I'm overwhelmed by this yet. Hulk isn't getting a solo movie but will be appearing in quite a few of the other films apparently (best theory I've seen is Planet Hulk is happening, but with appearances in Marvel's cosmic films; Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2 and Inhumans, instead of as a singular film and then all tying into Avengers Infinity War I/II.) After all these announcements from Marvel and DC in recent weeks, the crazy schedule of superhero films now looks like this: If you like superhero films then this is a great time for you, if not...well, you're really not going to be pleased for the next 5 years, at least.
  13. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! The unexpected has finally happened. It has recently been anounced that the Marvel Universe will have an official crossover with Attack on Titan. What does this mean for the future of comics and manga? Will we see more crossovers like this, or will this just be a one shot deal? Source:
  14. This is made for the Marvel/DC bronies to come, and express their love for superheros. Comics, movies, cartoons, tv shows, whatever you watch/read we allow all! Now, back in a flash!
  15. Lately there have been too many superhero movies. They get WAY too much attention. I should change the title to "Why superhero movies are overrated" The movie industry used to be awesome, where it would have epic action movies or badass kung fu movies where fist fights were amazing! Now the industry is just a nerd that only love comics, superheroes, and all of the sorts. There is never a time where there is NOT a superhero movie. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was not that bad. I have a changed opinion about it, but don't think it was...needed. If they ever stop with this repeated genre, I will be happy. The Avengers was good enough to be a final superhero movie for Marvel, but then they went and made Thor 2, TASM2, Cpt America 2 and then an Avengers 2 as unnecessary sequels, but I still watch them. What do you think personally about this? I think that the genre is overrated, but I still watch the movies anyway. And most of the time I end up liking them. There a handful I didn't like such as Man of Steel. Hollywood can do more, they just have to look deeper. Novel-based motion pictures weren't a bad genre, you know.
  16. The Avengers was the greatest movie of 2012. Or, so we all heard. Personally, I preferred The Hunger Games. That and TDKR. I remember seeing the Avengers in theaters, though, and really enjoying it at that. One could even say it blew me away. But for some reason, I decided to rewatch it just a couple hours ago, and I'm afraid I've come away with a very different conclusion this time. Oh yeah, spoilers. First and foremost is to say that I still like the movie. It's very original, the acting is superb, the characters are a blast, Joss Whedon is a great director, and the dialogue, when it hits, can be very clever. But I'm sorry to say that it has a great many massive flaws that detract greatly from its overall quality. The greatest among these, I'm sorry to say, is the very thing that most critics are in agreement is its best aspect. When Joss Whedon signed up to direct, he was given perhaps the best deal in film making history. He was dealing with a posse of characters that all came prepackaged with their own backstories and fully-developed personalities. All he needed to do was make them work well as a team, which of course he did. This sounds like a great thing, but then it hit me that this movie's greatest real accomplishment isn't something that it even accomplished at all. Rather, it was something it found a good way to avoid doing. It squanders every opportunity to develop its characters beyond what we've already seen in their respective films, and then finds itself at a loss for how to fill its massive 2 1/2 hour runtime. So, when we aren't engaged in an action scene (of which there are actually only a select few), characters prefer to spend their time... talking. Talking about what? Just... whatever. The film's second act grinds to a screeching halt as Black Widow dryly exposits her backstory, Iron Man uncovers a super-secret conspiracy to do absolutely nothing of any relevance to the plot, and Bruce Banner... exists. The dialogue isn't poor, in fact it can be very funny at times, but it's rarely in service of any end aside from its own. Take this scene, for example: It was a perfectly good joke. Good comedic timing, suitably dark without being offensive, the works. It's a fine bit of humor, through and through. But the problem is that it doesn't add anything to Thor's character. Thor might not have been the best of the Marvel movies, but I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if there was anything in the title character about being exactly semi-devoted to his brother. Willing to attack SHIELD heroes to free Loki from a dropship, but disowning him on a whim the second he feels embarrassed. I think Loki had already killed far more than a mere 80 people by the time that this movie takes place. Thor obviously knew that his brother was a psychopath, so this leaves him the choice to either stick up for him or disown him. He can't sit on the fence like he did here. It was a joke for joke's sake, and one that Whedon only put in there because he wanted to keep the tone as light as possible, even at the expense of the characters. Whedon's lucky that Iron Man already adapts so well to his half-n-half style of writing, but other characters have no such luck. Hawkeye, for example, comes away completely without character. He spends most of the film being Loki's Dragon, then has exactly one conversation with Black Widow after turning good, which is wasted on some pseudo-philosophical hokum despite the fact that he's already in desperate need of a personality, and then we never hear a peep out of him again. All the time this movie wasted on having its pre-owned characters chew on each other could have been much better utilized developing new ones, and while Black Widow and Nick Fury end up at least becoming likable by the time the credits roll, the other new characters all unanimously strike out. And this ticks me off a great deal, since modern superhero movies are, when you get down to it, all about their characters. If your characters are lacking, then your movie is lacking. But what about the action sequences? Do they make up for the mediocre comic book plot or the undercooked supporting cast? Not really. The battles may be exponentially bigger than what we see in other superhero movies, but they are no more thrilling or compelling. What this film has in originality, it lacks in common sense. The final battle is an alien invasion of New York, wherein no named characters die, no important questions or plotlines are addressed (aside of one line by Banner), Loki himself is defeated anticlimactically, and nothing in general happens besides constant fighting. Whedon tells a few more jokes, but even these serve little to break up the monotony. I know this sounds really negative, but again, I really don't dislike this movie. It still has plenty of redeeming qualities that make it well worth recommending, in my eyes, I just think that it has a lot of faults, as well, and that we really should address these instead of glancing over them like they don't exist.
  17. 'Ello! I'm a first time poster, aspiring author, and border brony who was introduced to MLP by the album The Pony Way by All Levels at Once. "Muffs" came from binging on the track Fluttershy's Lament, and I love it too much to just let it sit on my computer, but the core ideas of my some of my other projects are more promising, so I'm putting it to pasture here. Also, I'm a recent high school grad and a Mormon, which means I'll be serving a 2 year mission. I start May 28th, working in Northwest Utah. I'll be putting the internet on hold for that time, and will likely have little opportunity for writing. Which just makes me more anxious to get this in the hands of those who might enjoy it. So put on your headphones, crank up the techno, and (hopefully) enjoy Muffs-Fluttershy's Lament.pdf. Edit 1: Shortened the topic title. Edit 2: "Muffs" is set in modern Earth, albeit with a splash of fantasy.
  18. It occurred to me a thought... What is my own favorite super-power? Probably invisibility. What's your favorite super-power? Which would you choose if you could be granted one? Above in the poll is a list of common super-abilities I have complied from memory. What is your super-power of choice?
  19. Today, I'll be showing a video about superheroes in general. What people say about the movies and comics on what path that superheroes follow. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the video! WARNING: Try not to take the video seriously.
  20. Even with mods, this forum is very unsafe. Thus, the in-forum Justice League is needed. So far we have Batman and Spider Man... We need more!