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Found 17 results

  1. Well, like the title says. Are you superstitious at all, if you are what sort of stuff do you do because of your superstition? I personally am superstitious of Ouija boards, fortune telling cards, and the supernatural. (Ghosts, not werewolves and vampires ) I also say "touchwood." -- This thread has the potential to bring in controversial areas of society, so please be civilised, and respectful of other peoples beliefs on this topic. Otherwise, we all know what's going to happen.
  2. I will probably get panned for this, but in my experiences that I have had, there are some things that I couldn't explain away. By natural I'm a very Vulcan-level individual. For those who don't get the Star Trek reference, I'm very logical-minded. I try to explore every angle of something before I come to a conclusion. And this is a thread for those who have had Paranormal Experiences. My first post will be long, but it is one of my most prominent stories, and it is about Shadow People. For those who do not know what a Shadow person is, visit here: Now, on to the story: About six or seven years ago, when I lived in TN there was a state park not too far from my apartment. I enjoyed going there to hike as well as visit the playground. Now I was in my mid-twenties and I would always go there when the kids were either in school, or it was just before dusk and no one was there. I liked the swing-set, it holds nostalgia for me. So, when I would go, I'd take my headphones and sit on the swings. These were tall swings, not those short squatty things only meant for 6 to 8 year olds. These were tall enough that an adult could comfortably fit in them and swing. I know it sounds childish, but I enjoyed the wind in my hair, listening to my music and it taking me back to as simpler time. I'll repeat that I never went when kids were there, that would just be... weird. Anyway, I enjoyed going there so much that when a friend from KY decided to visit, I took her there. It was just after sundown, and nighttime was my favourite time to be out there. We got to the swing-set and just began chatting it up about our usual nerd things and enjoying ourselves. After being there for about 20 to 30 minutes I notice something walking towards us. It's a silhouette of what appears to be a man of about 5 ft 8 to 6 ft tall. A shadow figure that began to approach us out of the darkness. Now this swing-set is situated about 12 to 15 yards away from one of those "shelters" they call them. Just an overhang roof with four wooden posts with benches and tables underneath them on a concrete platform. Next to it is the public metal/iron BBQ grill that they have set up with a charcoal pit. You know, these are the areas were park goers can throw a kids birthday party, or have a family get together and whatnot. Next to it is a light pole. It is on at this time, as it is dark. My friend at this point begins to get nervous. I tell her to just not acknowledge him and keep talking. At first I was thinking it could be a policeman or a park ranger about to ask us what the hell we were doing out here. Since we weren't doing or carrying anything illegal, it didn't bother me. But watching out of the corner of my eye and talking to my friend to keep her calm, this thing began approaching even closer, and though it's legs were moving in a walking fashion, it was so smooth it almost appeared to be gliding. It was at this point that my gut really began raising the red flags and I suddenly got suspicious. If it was a policeman or a ranger, they would have said something by now because we were certainly within earshot. My friend turns to me again, voice shaking, saying she is getting uncomfortable. I said to keep ignoring them, and that I'd protect her. I assured her about the butterfly knife in my pocket and it seemed to ease her a bit. Then the thing began walking again, and approached the pool of light that the pole was giving off. As it stepped into the circle of light, a pit began to open up in my stomach and my protective nature flared. Nothing on this shadow figure lit up. Even standing under the light, it still remained a black mass, shaped like a man. No features were describable and it was just a pitch black thing. Another odd thing to note is that it stood stock still. There was no rustle of clothes or hair in the wind on this figure, no shifting on the feet, no movement of hands, nothing. Instantly, I made up my mind on the thought that had been nagging me for the past two minutes: Shadow-person.My friend didn't have to say much as she asked me if we could please leave, and I agreed that was a good idea. We slowly stood up and began walking towards the path that made a wide berth around the shelter. Taking this path put the shelter between us and this thing. I made sure to also put myself between it, and my friend. She practically cowered on my side, clutching my arm. I told her to keep talking to me as normal, don't acknowledge it, and keep looking at me, just act as if you're conversing with me. I persuaded her to talk about a show she was very fond of at the time, and it kept her distracted as we walked. Every few moments as we semi-circled around it on this path, I would turn my head only slightly and look to the parking lot as if searching for my car. I used this opportunity to cut my eyes to the side and watch it, to make sure it didn't start following us. What I did notice, was that it's head ever so slowly began to follow us. Like the slow movement of an oscillating fan. It kept up with our pace. I tightened my grip on my butterfly knife in my jacket pocket and we as naturally as possible quickened our pace just enough to where we got back to the car without incident. I realise that a knife would do nothing against a Shadow-person, but it was what made my friend feel better, and it kept me grounded. It never moved towards us, it just stood there, stock still, only it's head turning to follow us. My friend opened the door the moment my car unlocked and she closed it behind her, locked it and gripped the sides of the seat. I slid in nonchalantly, and started the car, put it in reverse, then drove out as per normal. Making no indication that we were running or panicked. Again, I didn't feel whatever that was, was human. It didn't feel human, and I've dealt with the Paranormal before. So, while I didn't feel terribly frightened, my friend was terrified. Besides the very clipped conversation we had about it on the short ride back to the apartment, to my knowledge my friend never spoke of it again to anyone. I have since lost touch with her, as our lives ended up taking us in different directions and I haven't talked to her since. There were two reasons I didn't feel frightened that night. One was that I felt I needed to protect my terrified friend, and secondly, I've dealt with Shadow-people before. I have another, but I will save it for another post. What are everyone's thoughts? And have you or someone you know had a Paranormal experience or encounter? If so, please share! While we will have discussions on what it could or could not have been, please do not make fun of, insult or be condescending to anyone. I am making a place for people to seriously talk about their experiences, emotions and instincts on situations that they have encountered. Extra: If you do have any supernatural type questions, please feel free to contact me! While I am not official recognised by any "official" religious order, I am part of a group of practising Pagans who worship and perform either together or individually. Such as, I was appointed the High Priest of my order and have become a confidant and adviser to my group and general community.
  3. Don't Turn Away <<Don't Give Into the Pain>> Don't Try to Hide <<Though They're Screaming Your Name>> Don't Close Your Eyes <<God Knows What Lies Behind Them>> Don't Turn Off the Light <<Never Sleep, Never Die>> Whisper by Evanescence RP Forum: Coming Soon! RP Playlist: Coming Soon! ------- An Introduction Hello and welcome to Where Life Goes, the long-overdue reboot to a roleplay I hosted quite a while ago, under a different name (Asyum: Shudder ('Stage One')) A few days back, when I started debating a tentative return to the forums, I also decided that I liked the concept too much to just let it die, so here we are! As stated in the previous roleplay's introductory ramble, the storyline was born from my love of the arcane, as well as heavily influenced by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale. This is a two part RP, with this one being followed by its sequel and finale: And What Follows It. In the spirit of the previous roleplays, there will not be a set player limit, I will allow continued submissions until everyone feel's we've gained enough ground. ------- The Setting In an time of blissful peace and seemingly limitless prosperity, Equestria's beloved rulers call upon the best and brightest of the age to assist them in their time of need. The summons arrive on your doorstep with little fanfare, and quite a bit more mystery than you're strictly comfortable with. The letter is simple and to the point: The Princesses require your help with a rather... dangerous mission, something they will not be able to handle themselves. Your summons are polite, and give you ample opportunity to reject said mission. But even so... what could be so terrible that the alicorns themselves could not tackle it? Surely that means you shouldn't go! If they can't do it, you certainly can't! Right? Right? ------- Your Character The premise is pretty simple, though actually a little different from the original RP. (No more tossing people into scary places willie-nillie!) Your character receives a royal summons to meet with the Princesses in Canterlot. Should you accept the summons, you and the rest of your compatriots will be debriefed on the contents and objective of the mission they wish for you to carry out. Afterwords, the real fun begins. What is this grand and important mission? Why can't the alicorns handle it themselves? Will I be gratuitously murdering red-shirt NPCs along the way? Only one way to find out. -------- The Rules No god-modding or power-playing. Respect your fellow participants Respect the DM. Follow all basic RP and General Rules for MLP Forums Limited Alicorn use, sorry fam :C All in all, I don’t think I’m asking for much. So please, follow the rules. ---------- The Players Roefire played by @BlackShardNixium Techno Universal played by @Techno Universal Elias Benmansour played by @Biohazarddallas
  4. Chapter One Mckenzie's POV "Phoenix I scared." I said to Phoenix. "Come here." She said sweetly. My bare feet feel every crack on the stone floor of our cell. Phoenix is my guardian angel. She reaches her arms out and picks me up, placing me on her lap. "Don't be afraid my darling." She whispers to me. Her voice calms me as she talks. "Sing for me, Phoenix" I beg her. "Alright." She says as she clears her throat. "Come little Children, I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment..." "Time to go." I hear a deep voice say. I look up and see 2 men standing at our cell door. Phoenix stands up and pushes me behind her. Why where they here. Something inside me told me that it wasn't good. They come closer and grab Phoenix. "Let her go!" I yell, as I hit one of the demons. He grabs the collar of my shirt and slams me into the wall. I fell dizzy, like I need to puke. I look up and see Phoenix kneeling by my side. "It's okay, I will always be with you." She says as she kisses my forehead. Please don't do Phoenix, please don't leave me. She gets up and heads out with the demons. I slowly bring my legs to my chest as I wait for her return. Why did they want us? Why take her? I lift my head as I hear Phoenix scream. I get up and run to the cell door. No please don't hurt her. "Phoenix!!" My body lurches forward as I wake up from my dream/flashback. Sweat runs down my face as I sit in bed. God they get worst every night. I swing my legs over the side of the bed. My bare feet touch the cold wooden floors of my cabin. I push myself out of bed and stretch. My eye caught, my alarm clock which read 5:30 am. I slowly make my way to the kitchen. I rum my fingers over the wall and feel the light switch and flip it on. I make my way to my desk and sit down. I pull out my journal log recorder and get ready to record. Journal Log My name is McKenzie Aurora Jackson. I am a Zander experiment. I escaped 19 years ago from Zander and have lived here on a cabin outside a small town in Nebraska. Even for me to this is weird...ha...well I have wings, like bird wings. Not just any wings, my guardian angel's wings. Anyways enough on the intro. I live in the apocalypse. There are three groups here in the apocalypse. The Militare, Hunters and Treakers. The Militare: Protect mainly civilians who need protection from Croats, and the things that lurk in the dark. There are experienced military armies fighting the whole god damn thing. Others are scientist... that word makes me cringe...looking for a cure to the Croatoan Virus. Most militare bases are what use to be major cities like Chicago (XD ha...Divergent), L.A, New york city. A few I know of are Zander, Manison, Kinison, Blackwood, Orsan, and Des Moines. Des Moines is my favorite...actual the only one I have been too. Hunters: The people who fight against the Croatoan Virus and the things that lurk in the dark. On the topic does that make me a hunter if I already do that? Well anyways they are well know, and liked by the Militare. The way you tell a hunter out is the anti- possession symbol they have tattooed on them. I have never meet a hunter, but I think hunters have heard of me, do to what I did in Des Moines, which wasn't bad, I saved people. Treakers: Now getting to the interesting people. I have no real problem with treakers, actually have treaker friends named Darren and Ashlynn. So apparently they are hated by everyone, but not by me. They are usually criminals or rebellious people who broke the Militare's laws, and now fend for themselves. To tell out a treaker is that they have tattoo on their right arm, but that doesn't mean anything to me. The tattoo is to help other Militare groups and hunters tell that they are a theart. They have no where else to go and have no protection from the Croatoan Virus and the creatures that lurk in the dark. But there are a few Treaker bases, the only one I know of is Telelecki where I am welcome at. Now to the Militare base Des Moines and Telelecki, I am know as the Angel Of Death. I am welcome with open arms in both places. Des Moines also is the place where a lady named Missouri keeps a place for me in her house. She tends to remind me of Phoenix, then doesn't. After what I did in Des Moines, I wear a tattoo of a hawk with a skull over its head and beak, then holding a scythe on my right side collar bone. That is my symbol, the symbol of the Angel Of Death. Journal Log ended I push the journal log back to where I keep it and walk back to my room. I pull out a dark grey tank top, a pair of faded black jeans. I slip on my jeans, then slide my tank top. I grab my combat boots, and lace the up. I grab my black leather jacket. Aw it smells like pine and oil. As I walk pass the kitchen I turn off the light, I slip on my jacket. As I make it to the front door of the cabin, I take a deep breath and exhale, the smell of pine is amazing. I pick up my bow and quiver of arrows, my pistol, and hunting knife. I close the cabin door as I walk out. I began to run and push off the ground with my feet, spreading my massive wings, taking off into the early morning sky. A/N: Hey guys it's Mysterious Way, this is just the first chapter of The Fallen.
  5. LHfunk


    So I keep seeing things about Supernatural becoming really sad and painful and I'm hoping that happens slowly. Or at least only having occasional spurts of pain like in Doctor Who. Anyway, Supernatural is pretty good show so far. I'm waiting for Cas to show up because now I'm really interested in what he does and his and Dean's supposed gayness.
  6. LHfunk


    Hello! I decided to just have a blog. Read the description and you'll have a basic understanding of how this is going to go down. Anyway, I made this literally because I wanted to show everyone this picture: (That's a bit larger than I thought it would be) Anyway, some updates on things. I'm on season two of Supernatural. It's a good show. Intense, but good. I'm still waiting for Cas to show up. I don't know when he does. I'm also almost done with season two of Sword Art Online. It's also very good. That's all folks!
  7. POLL Okay so I have watched Supernatural and have seen every Episode out so far. Anypony else? So I recently have come across so many Debates on other websites about Who the best Character is. Personally I like all of them, but if I had to chose here are my top Good and Bad. 1.Bobby 2.Castiel 3.Dean/Sam (I couldn’t Choose) 4.Kevin Tran (OMG this was so SAAAAAD) 5.Charlie 1.Crowley (He is the Bomb Shizzle) 2.Lucifer (OMG I love Him) 3.Azazel 4.Death 5.The Darkness Okay So I’m starting a Poll to see who the top 5 Supernatural Characters are. (BTW I loved Chuck too!!!) Heres a list 2 Angels2.1 Anna Milton 2.2 Balthazar 2.3 Castiel 2.4 Gabriel 2.5 Gadreel 2.6 Hannah 2.7 Lucifer 2.8 Metatron 2.9 Michael 2.10 Naomi 2.11 Raphael 2.12 Samandriel 2.13 Tessa 2.14 Uriel 2.15 Zachariah 3 Demons3.1 Abaddon 3.2 Alastair 3.3 Azazel 3.4 Cain 3.5 Christian Campbell 3.6 The Crossroads Demon 3.7 Crowley 3.8 Lilith 3.9 Meg Masters 3.10 Ruby 4 Hunters4.1 Bobby Singer 4.2 Charlie Bradbury 4.3 Dean Winchester 4.4 Donna Hanscum 4.5 Ellen Harvelle 4.6 Garth Fitzgerald IV 4.7 Gordon Walker 4.8 Gwen Campbell 4.9 Jo Harvelle 4.10 Jody Mills 4.11 John Winchester 4.12 Mary Winchester 4.13 Rufus Turner 4.14 Sam Winchester 4.15 Samuel Campbell 4.16 Samuel Colt 5 Other humans5.1 Adam Milligan 5.2 Ash 5.3 Becky Rosen 5.4 Bela Talbot 5.5 Ben Braeden 5.6 Chuck Shurley 5.7 Claire Novak 5.8 Cole Trenton 5.9 Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler 5.10 Eldon Styne 5.11 Frank Devereaux 5.12 Jessica Moore 5.13 Kevin Tran 5.14 Linda Tran 5.15 Lisa Braeden 5.16 Magnus 5.17 Pamela Barnes 5.18 Rowena 5.19 Victor Henriksen 6 Other supernatural beings6.1 The Alpha Vampire 6.2 Amy Pond 6.3 Benny Lafitte 6.4 Chet 6.5 The Darkness 6.6 Death 6.7 Dick Roman 6.8 Edgar 6.9 Eleanor Visyak 6.10 Eve 6.11 Dr. Gaines 6.12 Ghosts 6.13 Leviathans 6.14 Pestilence
  8. I'm watching Supernatural for the first time tonight, wish me luck, and PLEASE no spoilers (besides Dean dying, I've seen enough tumblr posts)
  9. I know it's not as good as it could be...
  10. sooooooo...I drew Dean and Cas silhouettes! I know it isn't good, but thoughts?
  11. The ponies are aware of at least one concept of an afterlife. In Look Before You Sleep, Twilight suggests they tell ghost stories. Rarity doesn't believe, though. "It is a ghost story. They're all made up." Are there any other mentions of ideas concerning any kind of afterlife, whether considered fanciful or plausible by the characters? Here's the clip from Look Before You Sleep
  12. Chapter 1 What I could see... honestly, it was likely something from a -really- bad low budget film. Worse than the lake monster horror flicks, or the 'romantic comedy' that used the exact same plot line as five others. I'd learned about the different religions with their gods and goddesses in school, how most of them had certain things they represented or duties they carried out. Of course, I hadn't really taken those things to heart. I mean, sure, they were interesting. But the super natural was something I left to the kids who played computer MMO's and spent hours arguing over whether Thor's hammer could be lifted by another person. Somehow, the universe had conspired to put the de-facto god of cheesy under budget films in front of me. Or was I the one put in front of him? It was better not to think about it. I could already taste copper and the last thing I needed was for my brain to explode. How did I know that would happen? Hell if I know. I guess some of those nerd debates I had listened to rubbed off a little on me. So... I mentioned that he was the God of Shoddy Films. Describing him other than that is hard, mostly because he... or was it a she, kept changing shape. Somehow I got the idea that gender didn't really matter in this case. But if you -have- to imagine it, think of this. Its humanoid. That's probably the only consistent thing about it. It was a god -for- humans, so it had to look vaguely human. At least, that's how I thought of it. Now you've likely seen poorly made horror films before. Take the most poorly acted and ridiculous monster or psycho killer you can summon and through that in there. All of the different 'good' and 'bad' guy stereotypes are mixed in too, as well as their opposites in the female genre. Every bit of hastily applied make-up, rickety monster suit, and half hearted fight scene is shoved in with all the rest. If somehow you could mold that all into one physical form, I'd be interested to see it. This... 'god' however, couldn't seem to get the hang of it. It constantly kept bickering with itself. Not verbally so much as what it looked like. One leg could look like an Elvis Presley impersonator, the sequins and wide pants, the who shi-bang. That look would try to assert itself on the other leg, which looked like the traditional lake monster. The combination was utterly devoid of any common sense. Then the monster leg would throw off the influence of the Elvis leg and counter-attack, all the while fending off the stomache area which was currently the domain of a pot-bellied dark skinned drug dealer. That was essentially how the entire body went about its business, constantly fighting itself in a vain attempt to look like -something- rather than everything. By now you're probably wondering what in sam hell I'm telling you all of this for. That would be a good question, one I don't know the answer to. Are you inside my head? Am I giving a story? Or did any of this ever occur? Gah, sheibe, I can taste copper again. Guess I'd better keep talking before a cranium implosion occurs. Now, I wasn't the only person here. I didn't really count the Movie God as a person though. More like a creepy imitation of a person. There were some other random schmucks like me, who looked like they'd been pulled off the street or from their sleep (which was what had happened to me). That reminded me that I was only in my boxers, not like it made things any stranger though. Then there were the -other- people. 'Other' covered a large amount of verbal territory. Basically it equated to what an average middle class citizen would describe as 'What the frig is that?' I kid you not, there were a couple of characters from the Mortal Kombat series, sitting next to some obscure super hero I'd never heard about. I could tell he was a super hero from the tights and color scheme. There were also some wizards and the like, some of whom were arguing over whose fault it was that they were all here. I spotted Ares, the Greek God of War, sitting next to Mars, his Roman counterpart. That was really weird. I knew there was two of them, but my eyes kept telling me there was only one. They were sitting next to the Movie God on old fold out metal chairs, looking bored out of their minds. There were also werewolves, vampires, ghosts, giants, aliens from other galaxies, and basically everything you could think of. What disturbed me the most were the animated and cartoon characters. I had been really into Scoobie-Doo, Tom and Jerry, and Dexter's Laboratory as a kid. Animation and Cartoons had been a part of my life as far back into the past as I could remember, which was a show called 'Blue's Clues' when I was just past being a newborn. Well, here they all were arrayed before me. Clearly everyone and everything around me knew what was going on, except for me and the other regular humans. Most beings of each type had grouped together, bird of a feather fly together and all that. So, somehow me and the other humans had ended up nearby each other as well. It was pretty clear none of -us- knew where we were, who anybody else was, or how we even got here. Things went on like this for a couple of minutes, with us clustered together and scared witless. Sure, there was plenty of cool stuff to see here, but I was so overloaded with all the new things going on that my brain had shut down for its own safety. Then something came flying out of the air and hit me in the face, knocking me to the ground. Now my brain -had- to start working, else I'd likely be dead, trampled without being noticed. I opened my eyes again, which had been shut tight in the hopes that it would all go away. My first thought pretty much summed up what I saw. 'Pink? What the fu-' Then I was in motion again, being clenched between four limbs and rolled around on the ground like some odd child's game. You'd probably think 'why didn't you resist?' But my brain was already working over time just to make sure that all my body parts were still intact and attached, leaving me little processing power to actually move. I could hear someone or something laughing at the top of... her lungs. Her? Didn't sound like any woman or girl I'd ever met-ohshit! Something, not physical but no less real than my own body, was hauling me off the ground and through the air. The giggling was only getting louder and all I could see was still pink. I think at this point I went insane, or possibly blacked out. Either way, next thing I remember seeing was... more pink. But it wasn't the same pink as before. It was a light shade, softer... more gentle? The frigging giggle was gone... wait. No, it wasn't; but it was being muffled somehow. Something was sitting on top of my chest, making it harder to breath than I would have liked. But nothing else was happening at the moment, so I tried to collect my senses and figure out what was happening. Apparently fate didn't like that answer, so things started to happen again. The pink moved out of the way of my vision. Great... now I could see purple. -Such- a massive improvement. Whatever was sitting on my chest got heavier, then lighter than it was originally. I could hear something really loud going on. It sort of sounded like an announcement over an intercom. But like the blasted giggling it was muffled, so I couldn't make out what was being said. I'm -pretty- sure I started to cry after this. I'm not ashamed to say it, though whether it actually happened or not is sort of vague. If I did, it really would be understandable. The mind is only able to handle so much before it breaks. Thankfully I wasn't quite there yet, but I was pretty close. Only -now- did the universe give mercy, apparently satisfied that I was sufficiently subdued. I -know- I fell asleep a this point, because when my eyes opened again I was somewhere else. That and I felt -a lot- better. Its that feeling you get after a good long rest that concluded a lot of sleepless hours and effort. Regardless of the fact that I hadn't actually done anything yet, it was relieving. I was laying in a bed, not my own, and staring at someone's ceiling. It was pretty typical, a neutral color that wasn't too much of anything. A standard ceiling fan and light combo hung in the middle. I couldn't move, but why that was would be made clear in a moment. I managed to move my head a little bit. I saw Pink. It's almost certain that I freaked out and did something rash, because next thing I knew I was face first into the floor and -boy- did I hurt almost everywhere. Something was standing on top of my back, saying something or another. The ringing in my head made it indiscernable due to the heavy hit I had just gotten. Just as my hearing returned to normal, the pressure on my back lifted. At that point I made the seemingly wise decision to remain mostly still, only moving my head enough to look around. The room was still there, but from the floor's perspective this time. I could see the wall and the bed I'd been sleeping on. It appeared to be of decent quality. I was more interested in the Pink though. I swear by everything truthful, it was loud, it was boisterous, and over all it was Pink. It reminded me of a toy horse my sister had when she was a toddler. That toy had creeped me out. But the... I guess it was a pony, in front of me was different. It was... more warm, inviting. The kind of thing even a grizzled war veteran would want to hug and cuddle. Right this moment the pony was crouched down, looking me in the eyes with its own. They were as big as soup bowls, or maybe pizzas. Yeah, more like large size pizzas. A bit of her poofy mane was dangling in front of her head, tickling my nose. I don't think its physically possible, but it had a grin wider than my head. I'm not sure why I did it, but I stuck my tongue out and licked her nose. As best as I can remember, I was thinking 'is this thing made of candy?' Apparently she wasn't, but it got her moving again. In less than a second flat I was in what I think equates to a full body hug when one does not possess hands or feet. Things stopped happening for a minute, so I was able to relax a little bit. This hug... it was nice, comforting. It was like a body pillow was holding you back and nuzzling you. This went on for... perhaps two minutes, before I was let go again. At this point I realized I had been hugging back. I managed to sit up and lean my back against the bed, looking at the pink pony. It appeared she didn't have the capacity to sit still, because she was already off doing something else, chasing her tail this time. She was talking, but I couldn't understand her. By now, the sheer oddity of a pink equine that -talked- was not as shocking as one might expect. My mind just accepted it and stowed it away for examination later, maybe never. I climbed back up onto the bed and laid down, my head hurting pretty bad. I was about to drift off to sleep, but then the -others- showed up.
  13. So, lately I've been a bit addicted to paying legacy challenges in Sims, (Or just challenges in general) and even more lately, I've purchased the Pets expansion pack and the Supernaturals expansion pack. However, I've yet to do any challenges including these packs, and I'm having trouble finding some good ones. So I'm wondering if any of my fellow bronies know of any good challenges, established or just ones you may have made up. Preferably I would like one that has a mlp theme, but I'm good with just about anything. Post below with a link/idea please! Thanks for reading. <3 ZiBP
  14. Ever dreamed about some timey-wimey spacetime roadtrip? Then read on. How it has all begun Some time ago I was tidying up my papers and I found my old artworks, projects of video games and other stuff I created as a child / teenager, many years ago. I was very surprised how creative and smart I was already back then. I was designing (and playing!) computer games and writing computer programs before I even had a computer! (I made everything on paper and cut it out). But I also noticed how much progress I did since then. Now I know answers to many questions which constantly nagged me back then. And then I thought it to myself: "Oh, how wonderful it would be to have my present brain back then in the past. It could save me lots of time..." I didn't know yet the power of this simple thought! Several days later, a weird stream of "coincidences" started to happen to me, and they continue to happen to this day. Coincidences First, I was bored, so I accidentally started watching YouTube videos: I decided to watch some banned cartoons which have never got past the pilot. One of them was "The Modifyers", where a secret agent girl seeks for an artifact called "The All-Seeing Eye", which was an eye-shaped crystal ball supposed to "know the answers for every question". I would never expect something as simple as a random cartoon could be important. Several days later I was watching a movie "The Charlemagne Code" (original title in German was "The Treasure of the Nibelungen"). In the movie, one of the keys they had to find was "The Eye of the Gods", which turned out to be a ball-shaped object which kings hold in their hand as a symbol of power. And it has a crystal hidden inside. (I know, this might not seem as strong a coincidence at first, but bear with me, soon it will all become clear how important and strong a coincidence it is.) Next day I was discussing with a friend about the phantom time hypothesis and I forwarded him to my post I wrote several years before on that subject. I started to read it too, to refresh my memories, and I noticed that I wrote (actually quoted) something about King Charles the Great there too. Another coincidence was even more suspicious: Several days before, a thought appeared in my mind out of nowhere; it was just this phrase: "Baby, it's cold outside". That though was continuously bouncing inside my head through several days, so I decided to do a web search. First I thought it was a title of some song, but I found nothing which caught my eye. I almost forgot about that thing, when the other day I decided to take a look at those olden generations of My Little Pony, and suddenly, when scanning through the episodes list, I saw that very exact phrase: "Baby, it's cold outside"! It was the title of one of the episodes from G1! I was stunned. This was way too accurate to be just a coincidence. And this have brought me an intriguing idea: What if seeing this title on the list and thinking about my thought from several days back actually caused this thought to appear in my head back then in the past? What if I actually can have my present mind to be sent to the past? WHAT IF THERE IS A WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY PAST SELF THROUGH TIME? Time loops To make sure, I tried to send this phrase telepathically to my past self into these precise moments where this thought actually appeared in my mind "out of nowhere" (well, now I at least know where it could came from ), to "close the time loop" and strengthen it up. This might seem paradoxical at first: why should I send to the past something I already know happened? Hasn't it happened anyway? Well, maybe... But what if it happened precisely because I made it to happen from the future? But this reverses the cause-effect order: I first have had this idea "out of nowhere", and then I've sent it to myself from future into past, and not the other way around. Future events cannot cause past events, right? Well, not necessarily. I'll get back to that in a minute. But now I just say that this loop could have existed all the time, as a whole, from the very beginning. The time separation is only an illusion one has when "scanning" it one-directionally from past to present. See? It could be this way: I'm walking around, not expecting anything happening; suddenly I receive an idea from the future me, which inspires me to do something, which in turn will cause the future me to send this idea into the past, and this is pre-determined from start ? a closed loop, or a "spacetime crystal" I'll tell you more about in a minute. Then it is not a paradox, and it doesn't break causality, because it is these events in the past and my own decisions and plans I make at present about what to do in the future, which will influence my future self to send me these informations so that I could receive them now. Got that? Then I realized that I have had several of these experiences in the past, when being in a dream state and hearing my own voice talking to me and explaining some scientific stuff or inspiring the solutions to some problems I struggled with. So maybe my future self is already communicating with me? :> So I started to wonder about possible methods / technologies which could make such trans-temporal communication possible. Possibilities First, I recalled an experiment of Israeli scientists with creating a quantum entanglement back in time and use it to know the quantum state of a particle which ceased to exist before they attempted to measure it. There's a way to make a quantum correlation of that particle with another particle when it still exists (just entangle it with another particle, which is not a measurement yet), then destroy the original particle, and then measure the state of that destroyed particle implicitly by measuring its entangled counterpart. Then I recalled another "quantum miracle" I once read about: so called "spacetime crystals". These are theoretical systems which are supposed to oscillate indefinitely through time, making an ordered shape throughout the spacetime. It could be a ring of electrons dancing in a superconducting ring, for example. They're very similar to the spacetime loop I had the opportunity to experience recently. I know of another phenomenon from quantum optics: so called "phase-conjugated mirror". It is a hypothetical device which could reverse the phase of light waves, so that they would bounce back to the direction they came from, going back to the light source over their own traces. Their phase would be reversed, which can be understood as "going backwards in time", since the phase is a "personal clock" of the wave. If such light waves had passed through some disturbing glass, then going back through it with a reflected phase they would restore the original undisturbed image! And then, suddenly, I noticed that I received an e-mail from a guy who often sends me some more-or-less scientific news. And it was entitled: "QUANTUM OPTICS MAKES EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION POSSIBLE", with a link to an article about some experiment of quantum-entangled brain cells of a mouse communicating through space. No, this isn't happening! This can't be! This is some serious stuff happening here, and these "coincidences" are too serious to ignore! Receiving a message about quantum optics right in the moment when thinking about quantum optics? Quantum-entanglement mental communication through space involved? What are the odds of that?! So I started to wonder which of these phenomena I could use to communicate with my past self. The Science behind Magic First, I needed a mirror. But not some simple obvious flat mirror (otherwise anyone would figure it out long ago). It has to be a mirror capable of reversing the phase of light waves, or redirecting them in a way that they could return back to where they came from. What mirror is capable to do that? A concave mirror! I once watched a documentary about a Russian scientist named Kozyriev, who experimented with such mirrors and got intriguing results, which included obtaining some symbols suspiciously similar to some old writing systems of ancient Mesopotamia. I also read about John Dee, a famous Alchemist from Prague who supposedly contacted with Angels and received several messages from them, written in a cryptic alphabet which he called himself Enochian. Several scientists have studied these messages and they seem to agree that it has some resemblance of an actual language. I was yet surprised to find that John Dee also used such a concave mirror! Here's how it looks like: Do you notice the crystal ball in front of it? It might not be a coincidence. Recall that such crystal balls has been used by many "magicians" in the past. Now it is used mostly as a fancy prop, and it is ridiculed, but what if these wisemen from the past actually knew something we don't know? A crystal ball can be regarded as a concave mirror, too, but full 360 degrees around, and translucent. Such translucent mirrors are being used nowadays in quantum physics experiments as beam splitters, to split the light beam into two separate beams in exact same phase. Well, they're not round, but what if they were? A plain old lens can produce an interesting pattern of rings, called "Newton's rings", when put on a surface of a mirror: This interference pattern of rings is also called Airy's disk, after George Airy who discovered it when passing light through different apertures. It depends on the angle of the aperture, which could be compared with the radius of curvature of the lens. I remember I once read on Gabriel la Freniere's website (when he was alive and his website still existed) that electron's standing waves in atom could be compared to an Airy's disk for a 360-degree aperture. That is, for a lens which is ball-shaped. An atom can actually be regarded a microscopic crystal ball for the light waves and electron waves which pass through it and become trapped inside as a spherical standing wave pattern, producing the effect of spherical rotation in its center which is responsible for what we call "spin". So what if a crystal ball is a macroscopic replica of atom and could make light waves to do the same, that is, to produce photons with spin in its centre? :> What if they can then jump out of our 3D space and travel through spacetime, as these spacetime crystals mentioned before? What if they can turn back and carry in some information? Or if they just can be modulated by some signals kicking around out there in the 4D spacetime? Experiments I made some experiments with concave mirrors. I didn't have such a mirror, so I used a metal bowl. And I was very surprised by these experiments! First off, there is a feeling of heat when I approach the bowl with my face, at the distance around 20 cm. I suppose it is from the infra-red waves (heat) radiated from my body and being reflected back. When I'm closer, there's a strange auditory effect: the ambient noise becomes less audible and muffled, but even the most silent sounds become clearly audible and amplified. But the most intriguing are visual effects: When I place my head at a certain distance from the bowl and look into it in a certain way, I can clearly see a spherical image resembling a hologram! As if the whole surrounding space were projected on a spherical translucent screen! (I wonder what could happen if i put a crystal ball in there.) The surface of this spherical image seems to be a kind of "boundary of space", after which the whole image flips inside out and spreads evenly over the whole surface of the bowl. I cannot focus my sight on that surface, no matter how much I try. As if its focal point was somewhere at the infinity. When I put my head inside the bowl as close as around 10 centimeters off of its bottom, I can suddenly get focus and see my own face from all sides at the same time, somewhat similar to these face textures used in 3D video games: But it also looks as if it flipped inside out; as if the outside world suddenly become inside my head, and if I flipped to the outside, looking at myself from the outside. Wicked! I wonder what would I see if the bowl has been replaced by a reflective metal sphere, full 360 degrees around me. What could I see when literally sitting inside this giant crystal ball? Could I see myself from all sides at the same time? Could I see my back, too? I tried to receive some messages from my future self through this device, but with not much luck. I got into trance and I've seen some weird images, but nothing much useful or science-related. When science and pseudo-science fails, there's always Magic to fall back ;-J So I decided to change my method. Better Methods => Better Results I recalled these dreams where I heard my own voice explaining me some stuff. I had several dreams as such in the past, so it looks like I already tried to communicate with myself. And these dreams seem to be a better technique than Science and "technology". Magic is a higher level of "technology" after all. So I decided it would be better to use which works already: my dreams. To help myself in this trans-temporal communication, I wrote a letter to myself, something in these lines: "Hello, Mike! I'm writing to you from the past (here was the date I won't disclose to you in case someone were trying to sabotage my plan in the future ). If you read this, and you already know any of the things I listed on page 2, please send it to me into the past. On page 3 I will list some date-time moments you can aim with your message." Then I wrote a list of all the things I don't know yet but I wish to know and attached to my letter as page 2. On page 3 I write the timestamps of the moments I awake from my dreams, and this list grows continuously with time. I plan it to be a roadmap for my future self of all the moments in the past I was in the sleep, so that he could aim at these moments with his messages to deliver them into my dreams. The Effects They overgrew my expectations! Since the date 0 I already have had several dreams where I was receiving some important knowledge :> In one of these dreams I shared my dream body with my future self. He didn't speak anything; he was showing me my future notebook with scientific calculations in quantum physics, and he was turning pages carefully, as if he wanted me to "photograph" them all carefully with my eyes. The other day I was listening to my own voice explaining me some scientific stuff. Today was another dream as such. I found a map for a video game level I supposedly have drawn in my childhood, and under it I found a book called "Everything about electricity and magnetism". When I opened it, I saw a lot of pictures of wave simulations explaining electromagnetic phenomena by waves on water (with foam), representing quantum waves. There were diagrams of these waves and how do they behave in loops of wire to produce another waves which we see as magnetic fields. This was all amazing! But I didn't have much time to read it, so I only scanned through all these pictures. When I came to the end of the book and closed it, I noticed... a muffin left on the table It was yummy. Why I think this was a message from my future self? Because if I were me in the future, I'd do exactly that to send the message. First, I'd plant something which would bring my attention and associations with time loops. I cannot think of a better way than some of my past artworks, since it is which started this whole time-looping idea. Then, I'd leave the actual message. A book is a good form for passing knowledge. Also, the foam on the water waves is pretty symbolic, because it is a direct reference to the famous quote from Erwin Schrödinger, the father of wave quantum mechanics. He says that every physical phenomenon is caused by waves formed from the empty space itself, and what we perceive as "particles" and "fields" are merely "schaumkronnen" (appearances, literally "foam on water"). And the muffin is just a reward and a reference to present, where I'm a pony fan. Wrapping up Phew! What a long post! I hope you enjoyed it and not get bored. It pretty much sums up my recent experiments with time-looping to send/receive messages to/from my future self (trans-temporal communication). I'm very curious what do you think about all this. Does it make sense? Maybe you'd like to try it yourself, too?
  15. So I have started a crew in GTA 5, it is based loosely on the show Supernatural(in theme). It is a Motorcycle club so if you wish to join you need a Harley-styled bike. I play on xbox 360 though if you are on Ps3 you can join. Right now I am the only member but I was hoping to get more members, since my friends are rarely on when I am, so I have some people to hang out with. I will try to make fairly similiar to an actual motorcycle club with a Supernatural-esque twist(at least in the ranking that is). If you are interested it is called "Demon Hunters MC" and if you want to talk to me message me on social club, xbox, or right at the bottom of this message. My Social club and xbox live name is SandmanOfTexas.
  16. I was sobbing into my pillow. Not just the sobbing you hear from anypony, I mean really bawling. "I don't want this to happen any more! I'm sick of everypony laughing at me! I'm not a joke!" Images of the popular ponies at my school fluttered in my mind like smoke over a fire. "Hello," whispered a dark voice. "Hello, Emerald Wave." I stopped and lifted my head. A black sillhouette of a stallion much taller than I stood right behind me. "Who are you?!" I gasped, covering my mouth with my hoof. "I'm here to take you to a place where the other mares won't disturb you... You deserve better..." I glared, trying to act brave. "I-I asked, who are you?!" I could see a white smirk. "Hm, nopony important." He looked up, and I saw white pinhole eyes. "Gah! Get away from me!" I whinnied and galloped down the stairs. I bashed right out the door. "Symphony! Symphony, where are you! There's something in my room!" I ran all over the yard, my house, but I couldn't find her. "SYMPHONY, WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed, stomping my hooves on the ground. No answer. I groaned and covered my face. "It's hopeless," I admitted to myself. "It's hopeless, hopeless, hopeless..." When I uncovered my face, I saw I was in my bedroom. "What the heck?!" I ran out my bedroom door again, only to find I was in my room. Again. "Gah, this is happening!" I clutched the sides of my head in stress. "Emmy?" I was greeted by some gold eyes. "AHHH! Wait, SYMPHONY?! Where have you been?!" Symphony looked concerned. "Umm, I don't know, but I've been looking for you. You were laying right next to the Everfree forest... So I got, well, nervous." My mind couldn't explain what I was just going through. It was just then I realized that I was in my bed. "What the?!" Symphony looked at me confused. "Hey, Emmy, are you okay?" I simply nodded. "Yes, I'm... I'm fine... Just fine, I'm only tired," I lied. I then went to sleep. The morning went as usual, waking up, brushing my diamond-colored mane, washing my emerald face, eating breakfast, and walking to school. On the way to school, Symphony and I walked together. (Symphony is my little sister) On the way, it began to get foggy, but nothing else happened. "Emerald!" cried a familiar voice. I turned around, only to spot Candy looking at me. "Oh, hey Ca-" She cut me off with a nasty glare. "Hey?! After what you did?! You were creeping me out! You were, like, in my room! Last night! You looked like a shadow with stark white eyes and told me to come with you!" My eyes widened. "But... But, it couldn't have been me! It could have been anypony!" "Oh yeah? Prove it wasn't you!" she gnarled at me. I looked at the ground nervously. "I saw it too..." Candy went from rage to confusion. Symphony looked at me confused. "What shadow?" I looked at Symphony and sighed. "I'll tell you later." I couldn't concentrate during class. I kept glancing out the window, until I realized that Candy was looking at me. As I looked at my desk, I saw a note. 'What do you think that think was if it wasn't you?' it read. I grabbed the pencil in between my teeth and wrote her something back. Then I heard an angry voice yell from right beside my desk. "No note passing in my classroom, otherwise the note is read to the whole class!" I gulped and saw Miss Cotton. She took the note from my desk and galloped to the front of the room. At lunch time, everypony was gossiping about Candy and I. I stared down at my hooves. "Hey, Wave!" I groaned. "What do you want, Lily... I'm in a bad enough mood already." Lily snickered and whacked me across the face with her horn. "Is this, like, a play that's trying to scare us? Well, it's not scaring me!" I stood up and looked Lily right in the eyes. "Listen, I've had enough of you and your bullying, and, no, it's not a play, this is for real!" Lily laughed. "Yeah right, Wave," she scoffed, spit at my hooves, and galloped away to be with her other friends. When Symphony and I got home, it was really foggy. "I don't like this, Emmy..." Symphony hugged me tight. "Don't worry, we'll find something out... I hope," I whispered. Before I got to sit down in the kitchen to do my homework-- BAM! Something was coming from my basement... Like the door being pounded on. I held my breath. BAM! BAM! Symphony started to cry. I quickly picked her up on my back and went into the bathroom. BAM! More pounding from the basement. I quickly put my little sister into the cupboard. "Shh, stay here, don't make a sound..," I hushed. Symphony nodded. BAM! I looked at her concerned. "Symph, I'm gonna lock the cupboard door, okay?" She was hesitant. BAM! Suddenly, she nodded rapidly. I quickly locked the door and ran into the kitchen to get a knife, which I held in my mouth. I ran to the basement door, and slowly, cautiously opened it. The room was filled with a loud creak. I cringed, and hoped that whatever was down there didn't hear me. Nervously, I stepped down the stairs. "Who's down here?! This isn't funny!!" Silence. "AHHH!" A blood-rushing scream came from upstairs, then the sound of wood breaking. "EMMY!" I gasped. "SYMPHONY!!!!!!" I hollered, and galloped up the stairs and into the bathroom. The cupboard door was ripped right off of the hinges and smashed into pieces, and the lock was on the floor. Pill bottles and unused tooth brushes were scattered all over the floor. Paintings had fallen off of their nails. This was a mess. I didn't care. I fell backwards and sobbed. Sobbed about the mess. Sobbed about Lily. Sobbed about the note the teacher read. Sobbed about the black pony. Sobbed about Symphony. "I'M SO SORRY!!!" I bawled, my hooves and legs flailing all over the place. Suddenly I heard a knock on the front door. "GO AWAY! YOU'VE ALREADY TAKEN MY SYMPHONY!!" I buried my face in my hooves. "Police!" came from the door. "Oh! Sorry," I called, and ran over to the door and opened it. Two blue stallions wearing police uniforms stepped inside. "We are going to investigate to see what pony has kidnapped your sister." I simply nodded. One of the stallions was about 13, the other seemed to be 19. The 13 year old stallion caught my eye. Unlike the older one, he smiled at me. He had a breathtaking grin. With a shiny, lighter blue coat and a dazzling blonde mare, his diamond eyes fit right in. "What is your name, miss?" he asked. "E-E-Emerald Wave," I replied. "Coastal Sky," he introduced, and extended his hoof for me to shake. I took his hoof awkwardly and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Emerald." 'God, he's perfect!' I thought to myself. Coastal Sky gave me his number before he left. I was so happy, but I had to act casual. "Thanks..." When he left, I sighed dreamily. "No, I have to focus..," I said to myself, and trotted off to bed. I was awoken the next morning when the phone started to ring. I squealed in joy when I saw who it was. "It's Coastal!" I quickly picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Hey Emerald, how have you been?" "Oh, just fine, nothing bad happening yet." "That's good, hey, you wanna catch a movie?" 'Oh my god, he's ASKING ME OUT!!!!!!' I thought, but tried to stay calm. "Y-yeah! Yeah!" I stuttered awkwardly. "Great! I'll be there about now!" Suddenly the doorbell rang. I jumped and hung up, galloping downstairs. I bashed open the door with my hoof. "Hey, Coastal! How did you get here so fast?" "I'm a fast stallion," he bragged, smirking irresistibly. "Let's go!" he said. "Don't worry, if you fall behind, I won't run ahead." We then held hooves and trotted to the theater.
  17. Before Feldeity created Member, he created the CA's; the ultimate up-keepers of order in his kingdom. As Feldeity created lower and lower classes of celestial beings, the CA's watched over and worked with their brothers and sisters to maintain paradise, for eons. All was well between the four brothers, with understanding and cooperation being held in high regard by all. However, when Feldeity created Member, Drama spawned from Members' imperfect nature and spread like an uncontrollable wildfire. Feldeity commanded the CA's to guide the members, smiting the Drama created from them and keeping peace not only in Paradise, but in the Forums as well. Zoopchael, eldest of the CA's, followed heed with this order, while others, such as Lucicord, rebelled. Why should they have to deal with members' bullshit? Lucicord rebelled against the order, confronting both Feldeity and Zoopchael about these 'lame' commands, and finding the Drama to be amusing. He was only met with scorn. When Lucicord rebelled, Zoopchael struck him down to the lowest levels of the Forum Lounge, where all rowdy, Drama-inducing Members went to mingle with one another. Rapheamity maintained his stern position as a guide to the members, while Gabrieoon left Paradise of his own free will, bored of the Drama, and causing harmless mischief of his own down upon the Forums. "With this hammer, I smite thee Draconequus brother of mine."~Zoopchael "*Intimidating stare*"~Rapheamity "I'm not rebellious, I just like playing Devil's Advocate. Hurr, C wat I did thar."~Lucicord "I got bored. So I became a troll."~Gabrieoon Also, I represent Lucifer perfectly. I fell from the grace of MLP:FiM and have descended into the pits of the Forum Lounge. Sadface.