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Found 19 results

  1. You decide to go swimming at a nearby swimming pool. When reach the pool you find out that a nudist group has rented the pool for the evening it. The swim is open to the public. How do you react?
  2. Hello, citizens of Equestria! Welcome to the official Ask a Wonderbolt thread! I'm Captain Spitfire, as you know. Me and my fellow Wonderbolts are on standby to answer any questions you may have concerning what we do, what it's like to be a Wonderbolt, Wonderbolt history, or maybe you just have a question or two for just one of us. Either way, we're open to any and all questions! My second in command, Soarin, will take it from here. Hey everypony! Welcome to our ask thread! I'm Soarin, second in command to Captain Spitfire and proud member of the Wonderbolt team! When asking questions aimed at all of us, you'll know it's me, by this dark blue text. And now, let me proudly introduce the newest member of the team, and, arguably our best flier, and decorative hero of Equestria, Rainbow Dash! Wonderbolts, the rest of you may introduce yourselves as well. Hi! You're talkin to the most awesome member of the Wonder....uh I mean...ONE of the most awesome members of the Wonderbolts, heh, Rainbow Dash! On standby to answer any questions you may have. Bring em! Hi, I'm Fleetfoot. Welcome! Misty Fly here! Hi hi!! Welcome! I'm Surprise! What questions ya got? Blaze here! A lot of ponies seem to get me mixed up with Spitfire..*rolls eyes*. So please, know the difference haha. Welcome to the Wonderbolt Ask Thread! I'm Thunderlane. And last but not least, let me introduce my little sister, High Winds! Thanks Soarin! Hey everypony! Wonderbolt High Winds here on question standby. Alright! Without further ado, let's start! We thank YOU for taking time with us today!
  3. For those of you who don't know, I'm an avid writer with not quite enough time on his hands. I've only published one fanfic (the only one that's finished so far), but that was almost a year ago. Last night someone messaged me, desperately wanting to know when I'd be writing again. I thought it a little silly, since I'm nowhere near an expert level, but I told him I was felt very honored that someone appreciated my writing, and that I was planning on publishing something in the next few months. Out of curiosity, I checked the stats for my old fanfic, and I found out that I had 31,000+ views! THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND?!? My natural reaction: I never expected anything like that! So that was my awesome happy moment of the day; what was one of your guy's most awesome feel-good moments?
  4. sometimes,your favorite artists surprise you and collaborate with eachother,and when you have no prior information of it,its the best feeling ever. for me it was when Avantasia and klaus meine(scorpions) made a song togather(dying for an angel) and when i first discovered ayreon albums(which have plenty of my favorite artists) and for books,when i found out that Brandon Sanderson will finish the Wheel of Time series so what was yours? it can be any sort of collaboration not just music
  5. Hello everypony Silvermoon here and in honor of the eclipse I bring to you a small bit from the next book of The Everfree Files WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD Book 2: Forever Eclipse (This is a work in progress and is a small edited portion of the rough draft) I felt glass slash my skin as I flew through a window, my rifle hitting the hard concrete floor below. I felt excruciating pain flow through me as I hit my head on an old wooden table and my body bounced on the concrete, 'lets never do that again,' I thought to myself, a groan escaping my lips as I forced myself back on to my hooves. I levitated my rifle in front of me, the shoulder sling swaying left and right as I ran and jumped through the window I just flew into, "Alright bastard lets see how you handle hollow points," I said as I ripped open a velcro pocket and levitated a magazine towards my gun, pushing a button that released the original mag that fell to the dirt, I thrust the new magazine into the slot and cocked my rifle. I took a breath and pushed the butt of the rifle against my left shoulder and tilted my head to look through the ACOG sight, "OI LONGBOLT, YOU JUST GONNA SIT THERE LIKE A BLOODY STATUE OR ARE YA GONNA SHOOT THE THING!" Pip yelled as he shot his modified blunderbuss into the creature. I stared through the sight and pulled the trigger, three bullets leaving the barrel and flying towards the bear, each one a little higher than the one before. I watched each bullet pierce the bear's armored shoulder closest to me making it roar and stand on its hind legs. I smiled and aimed down the sights once more, the dot now trained on the neck, I fired and let the recoil lead my shots towards its head, the roar cutting off as it fell to the ground with a loud thud. I sighed and clicked the safety on my gun before letting the barrel aim towards the ground, "Maybe next time don't give it a chance to call for reinforcements ya bloody idiot," the stallion said as he pulled his red bandana off his neck and rubbed his forehead. "Bears don't travel in groups often especially not now," I said stepping closer to the mutated creature, a pool of blood already surrounding it. The bear was twice the size of an average bear, its six paws twice the size of my head. I checked its vitals to make sure it was dead before stepping away and sitting down next to the brown and white pony. We rested against a fountain, moss covered the whole thing and only puddles remained inside it. I looked around at what used to be Las Pegasus, skyscrapers and smaller buildings were rotting, covered in moss and trees, holes in some of the others, it looked like a war zone, but there hadn't been one, just the battle between ponymade material and the Everfree Forest. Pip looked at me, "Anything from HQ or Scootaloo," I shook my head and looked at my radio, "Not yet, but Scootaloo knows where the rendezvous is she has Applebloom with her and nothing stops those two," I told him with fake confidence. Truth was, I was worried, you never knew what could go wrong out here, anything could happen and those worries were doubled after the Forever Eclipse showed up seven months ago and made the Forest stir. New creatures formed from it and everything became much more dangerous, new storms, new flora and fauna, and finally the darkness. We were lucky to be in Las Pegasus where back up generators still powered up some of the city, but most of it was dark or just pitch black, "Yeah you're probably right, anyways-" he stood up and clicked his Blunderbuss back to his side, the trigger in front of his muzzle, "-we should get moving before anymore unwanted guests arrive," he held out a hoof to help me up. I smirked and took it using his weight to help me up as he pulled, "Agreed," I said as we started our way to our rendezvous, F and F casino. End Preview Alright so there is your preview of the next book in the series, that won't be out for awhile but maybe sometime next year...I may be stretching it, anyways feel free to check out what I have out of Book 1 on my FIMfiction, its on my profile. Otherwise I hope you enjoyed this little peek and I will see you in my next blog...This is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT!
  6. If Lauren Faust's original visual concepts for the Mane Six gone through unchanged, we just might have had this right now (click the pictures for full-size views)... I really like these old, G1-inspired designs, but the current ones look a lot better in the Technicolor universe they've created for the show. Here's some more history for ya!
  7. Every so often, I will stumble upon something online that's adequately goofy or sufficiently strange or interesting enough to actually surprise me (in a way that doesn't inspire me to immediately flee from my computer screen). Some embellishment follows: And, with a curious, sideways cock of my head, I will inquire earnestly of the internet, "Why? Why did you lead me here? How does this affect my destiny?" It is my hope that this topic shall be a place to post such unexpected web-based discoveries. The things you happen upon by accident and by luck when you're searching for practically anything else. Here's the video that inspired this topic:
  8. What do you think was the most shocking moment of the show so far.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love MLP. But what people don't seem to realize is that it would probably be a very different show if Lauren Faust could have done anything she wanted with it. Hasbro changed a lot of what she had planned, and I'm sure if she worked for a looser company she probably would make it differently. (So people stop acting like its such a huge deal that Hasbro made them make her an alicorn, and "its all for toy sales!" because they made her do a LOT of junk, and it was ALWAYS "All for toy sales!" Cartoon Network gives the people who make their shows more creative freedom, in my opinion. The Powerpuff Girls was made for CN and they basically let Craig do whatever he wanted with it. (Just watch: The Powerpuff Girls. Who what when why...who cares? It shows how he made it.) If the Hub/Hasbro let Lauren Faust do WHATEVER she wanted with it, do you think it would be even better? Most of us know she would have used different designs based on G1 ponies. They are Surprise, Twilight, Posie, Sparkler, Applejack and Firefly. Hasbro made her change their names and color schemes to match G3 ponies. Most bronys don't like their ponies to look different so when they see these designs they automatically dislike them, and I'll admit I like some of the newer designs better, but I think they fit Laurens vision, and their personality better. Especially Surprise. First of all, as much as I like Pinkie Pie.......Pinkie Pie? What the hay is that supposed to mean? Shouldn't have something to do with her love of parties, or making ponies smile? And I'm guessing she likes to bake which is why she has Pie in her name but she doesn't love to bake all that much. It could mean something like how clowns use pies in their joke a lot, but I think the name Surprise better. Also her colors are a lot better IMO. They make her look even cuter! Also I think Fireflies color scheme fits her better (although I'm not so much for bright pink and bright blue together) because it shows that you can be a girl (pink) but still be tough and tomboyish (blue) I'm not in love with Sparkler however, because white is a cleaner color and goes with Rarity better. Also, she was planning to name Applebloom Appleseed. She changed other ponies colors and names too. But enough about the colors and names. I think other things would be a bit different too. The Hub is for little kids, so there can be very little violence, or adult jokes. The Powerpuff girls was lighthearted but still had some violence (and surprisingly a lot of adult jokes XD) I'm not saying I like the Powerpuff girls better then MLP, or that MLP isn't good, but I actually think it would be even better if Lauren had more creative freedom and everything was more like in her vision. What do you think? (On a side note, Lauren Faust did NOT creative the Powerpuff girls, her husband did. She had just as much to do with it as the other writers and designers.) (On another side note, does anyone else think they based the CMC on the Powerpuff girls? Applebloom is kind of the leader, and has red hair and a red bow, like Blossom. Sweetie Belle is the cutsie one and a bit more girly and naive, like Bubbles. And Scootaloo is a tomboy like Buttercup.)
  10. Off the top of your head, describe to me some of the most incredible, mind blowing, far fetched plot twists, cliff hangars and surprise endings you've ever seen. This is for research, so details are appreciated.
  11. To get back into digital linework, I picked out a sketch from months ago and inked it. What do you think? Criticism is needed :8 Surprise Pinkie Pie Recolor
  12. Okay so here's another question, I kinda got insired by my little dashie with this one, so here it is: You wake up in the middle of the night for what appears to be no reason what so ever, how ever when you roll over to try and get comfy, something stops you. it takes you a second to ajust to the light but then you see it, your favorite pony, asleep next to you. what do you do? -Subsonic
  13. This is a pretty lame excuse, but I couldn't draw much recently because I lost my pencil sharpener and all my pencils were dull. Anyways, have some Princess Luna:
  14. Simple as that. Fill in the blank with whatever pops into your head. It could be anything. The possibilities are endless! Lions and Tigers and Gilda, Oh my!
  15. Alright everypony, I had an idea today. I was thinking about little items of merch, like blind bags, stationary, that sort of thing, that sometimes are hard to get in certain places and tend to have a lot of variation. Well, seeing as we're quite a tight-knit community of people spread all over the globe, I thought it would be awesome to exchange merchandise with each other. If there's already a thread about this, I apologise now! I thought if anypony's interested, we could have care packages we could send to each other. Those of us that are interested post in this thread, and we pair up. Then agree on a rough spending amount, like say £10 or something. We buy £10 worth of pony merch and put it in a package, and send it to the other person. Then you each end up with a complete surprise, you could get stuff you can't even get hold of in your country, or something you've seen around but never got around to purchasing. I think this is a really sweet idea. This is NOT a trade thread, by the way. Would anypony be interested?
  16. Here's a drawing of my OC Full Moon and Surprise, as well as some sketches. Did this as my 50-Page View Gift on DeviantART (a mediocre achievement, I know). Drew Rarity and colored with crayons. Nuff' said. Some sketches. I really like how Chrysalis turned out. Some more sketches. I'm really proud of how Vinyl Scratch came out. Let me know what you all think!
  17. I seem to have a personality that these forums helped me realized and I am surprised. I am strict with myself and what I do, so you'll notice how organized I am and how professional I approach things, or at least try to. But when it comes to people, I must ask permission for everything. I can't control people because the last time I did that, I was beaten up emotionally. Then the trolls where no help either. I seem to be a know it all, but I don't say anything unless asked. And its not opinions I raise, but rather what I actually know, so I could very well say "I don't know." I kind of dive into things in extreme detail, so that's why I say I'm a know it all, because it feels like I'm rambling. Much like right now. I put other people before me to the point I tip over. You could say you can run all over me. But I do have a mind. Cross me and I'll give you what you deserve, you wouldn't be the first person I yelled at. But this is almost impossible to achieve unless you're drive in life is to ruin me. I use my mind. My heart is second. I understand determination and sacrifice more then "Empathy" as my ex-girlfriend would put it. But yet I feel for those in need. Maybe its because I have been up lifted by the Brony community in many different areas and the general lessons of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Love & Tolerance I guess Does this mean I have a Heart if I'm a Brony? I am starting to get that vibe. I make Music, Videos, blogs/writing material, Minecraft servers. I bit my nails, I scratch my hands. There's so many pointless things I do its stupid. Lets go back to me music! All my lovely music and future videos of all sorts are right Here O I am do art on random times so its not something I do unless needed. At least I finally know how to use the blood GIMP program. Its much like Photoshop, but free. So I can add some nice thumbnails to my videos now Ah yes, I play games a lot. Well I use to be, until I discovered the beauty of art, whether it be music, poetry, writing, animations, or just a plain quote. I found the world of being an artist wonderful. Its why I make music now, and I write. Not something I thought I'd be doing. Anyway, anything you make, I find beautiful in its own way, because it was made out of you're own heart's desire or admiration of another. you put yourself into what is there and I appreciate such devotion to even the smallest of things, because it just absolutely beautiful! Well thank you for reading this far. But I am done now. - Maxos
  18. ( I wasn't sure if this belonged in this subthread, or Sugarcube Corner.. Sorry if it doesnt' belong here! D:) Please please please i'm begging you guys not to get angry at me for this. ;_; But I actually just wanted to share my opinion with you and some research I did. NOTE: I do not hate Surprise! I hope she does appear in the show, but I don't think she will. The only thing I don't like is the whole "Surprise is a Wonderbolt" thing. It jus doesn't make sense to me. :/ So.. *deep breath* here goes. A year or so ago, I pointed out Surprise might've been that yellow-maned Wonderbolt. A bit later, it became a very big headcanon, but once it did, I realized it probably wouldn't work out. Here are my reasons why, from my ask-breezie blog. (I couldn't copy and paste it from there to here because there would be too many embedded off-site images) That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading! I hope i didn't make anyone upset by this. What do you guys think of it? Are you on Team Surprise, Team Breezie, or Team Random Wonderbolts Pony? I'm on Team Breezie.
  19. Talk to Pinkie Pie, or Surprise! Included: Asking, Talking, ect.