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Found 37 results

  1. Just imagine this scenario. You're stuck out in a desert, you have no idea how many miles in either direction the desert goes, not even a rough estimate in miles (or kilometers for you plebs). You more or less have vultures circling you right now. You haven't eaten or drinken (drunk? drank? Idk) anything for 5 days. Verge of death. Suddenly, a bottle of water appears out of no where. Not a mirage, completely 100% legit bottle of water. Filled to the brim, average-sized bottled water (I don't know exact measurements, you know what bottled water looks like). With no more items except the clothes on your back, would you drink that bottle of water, and try to make it back to civilization (or at least get out of the desert), or is the risk of simply prolonging your miserable existence not worth the chances of getting out?
  2. Out of the 4 users above, what is their survival status? Is everyone separated? Do they team up and live? Are they armed but unprepared? Dose one sacrifice themselves for the other? Dose one betray the other only to then die deservingly? First, choose the type of apocalypse. For example: Zombie Outbreak, Alien Invasion, Cloned Dinosaurs, Time Paradox, etc.. Next, state the situation of each of the 4 users above you. Since no one is above me, I'll just add 4 characters to start us off. ⁂ Zombie Outbreak Rarity: She prepared to hold off the undead for a night, boarding up her windows with dresses (the less fabulous ones). She quickly escaped during the day, using only a frying pan with her magic as a weapon. Apple Jack: With the help of her family, the whole farm was on least for a while. AJ ended up cornered inside the barn, surrounded by hundreds of the them, wielding only a pitchfork. It is unknown if she made it out alive. Vinyl Scratch: Having her headphones on, she didn't even notice an apocalypse was occurring. She got bit and is now a zompony. Spike: Being so lazy, he ended up sleeping through the entire outbreak and survived without a tale to tell.
  3. Hello is there anyone with ark survival Xbox one in this forum just curious I've been really lonely since I got raided if anypony is interested lemme know my Xbox gamertag is e22397.
  4. The time is 7:00 A.M., weather is overcast, a dreary, yet non stormy day. As Murdok slowly walks through the streets of him destroyed village, he looks at the destruction blankly, feeling nothing as he looks at the corpses and skeletons that are now the only inhabitants, he feels the desire of craving a new meal, he hadn't eaten in weeks, almost a month now and he was starting to feel a little weak. He growls as he morphs his body, making his leg bones break backwards, also making his arms contort and break, making them shape into large, bone like claws, his jaw breaks open like a snake's would. He twists his upper torso as he falls on the ground on all four, he resembled a hell-hound like creature but much more disturbing and disgusting. He roars and he bounds off, tracking the closest scent of live flesh he could find. He soon sees smoke and he reforms into his normal human-like self. He sneaks around the surrounding brush, making his feet silent as he weaves through the sticks and branches, he soon comes upon a small camp, with 2 humans and a pony around a small fire. the humans had seemed to capture the pony, holding her against her will, tied up and defenseless. Murdok gives an evil, sharpended-tooh grin, feeling his hunger take over his mind. He slowly walks out of the brush and raises his hands, " Hey there, guys. Saw you guys had a camp, wanted to see if you had any spare food or water for a guy like me." The two men swing their guns towards him and one shouts, "Hey, back it up bro. Not too close, as you can see we are dealing with some stuff at the moment, so why don't you screw off." The other man nods and cocks his shotgun intimidatingly. Murdok smiles slightly as he looks down, closing his eyes, hands stiff in the air, " You guys just made the biggest mistake of your life. I know what your doing with this mare, you sick bastards. I can smell the fear, the sex... You both sicken me." The man that cocked his shotgun growls and yells, " Screw you, asshole! You don't know shit! She owes us a LOT of supplies, so we gave her a choice. Pay with her life, or pay with her body. She chose the ladder, so why don't you fuck off." Murdok chuckles loudly, his menacing grin widening to stretch across his whole face, razor sharp teeth being formed from peices of his skull, deforeming his face. The two men curse and open fire, blowing chunks out of his body with each blast og their shotguns. Still, nothing seemed to phase him, he just walked forward, his holes slowly being healed before their very eyes. As son as they ran out of ammo, clicking furiously as they panic, falling over themselves in a desperate attempt to escape. He formed a large sowrd-like appendage with his right arm and he dashed forward with inuman speed. He slices through the first man's chest, causing him to fall to the ground, bleeding profusely, holding his chest tight in an attempt to stay alive. Murdok growls as he launches himself towards the last assailant and cuts him clean in half. Al the while, the mare screaming in fear as she sees the scene unfold before her. Murdok turns towards the mare and stares at her with a blank expression, making his body turn back to normal before he walks over and crouches down in front of her, saying in a quiet calming voice, " No need to fear, I am not going to hurt you." he then untied her and watches her run in fear. Murdok stares blankly as she runs, he then turns to the surviving man, and he walks over to him, "You deserve this. You know you do." the man coughs and closes his eyes before Murdok opens his jaw wide and he bite's the man's head off, begining to feast on his body, bones and all.
  5. PROTO ((Little back ground info, This RP will accept Ponies+ Humans + non-ponies (Human OC's Only from Equestria Girls), there will be a some gore and graphical language, though I'd ask to keep it to a minimum (Due to the PG-13 aspect of RPing nowadays on these forums.)) The year is 2037, October 1st. Five years ago today, a terrible plague mutilated the lands we once looked upon for safety, killing off most of the worlds population. The worst part, our own government reated the plague, known as Necrohemorphage, or in short, Necro,virus started in The Crystal Empire, quickly spreading to surrounding areas and cities, silently infecting hundreds of thousands before symptoms showed. By that time, almost every major city and capital had already been in contact with the virus. As soon as the minor sypmtoms showed, a qurantine was called forth by the Princesses, for they knew the damage that was about to ensue would reach epic proportions. Since the Princesses had previously opened the portal to accept Humans into the world of Equestria, their planet had also contracted the virus, but the effects were aparent much faster on human subjects, warping them within just hours, thus the Princesses closed the portal before all else. One week after initial contraction, all infected started to have internal hemorrhaging, as well as lack of hunger and fear, soon after, maybe a day or two, the infected would start having their bones snap and reshape into weapon-like appendages It takes only minutes for an infected to turn from a normal looking human or pony to a disgusting, monstrous being that barely resembles its former self. At this point, the only desire the infected have is to kill/infect the non-infected, they hunt with extreme prejudice and never stop hunting. The only real way to kill an infected is to destroy the brain (which can be hard to locate at times), every other attempt to kill or harm the infected will be in vain. The infection is only contracted through one method, Direct contact with infected saliva, not blood, but saliva. The Princeses are said to have been hiding in a bunker this entire time, said to be safe from harm, whether or not this is true has yet to have real evidence behind it. As for the current state of the world, few creatures are still alive, even fewer are well off, Though some have banded together and created camps "Safe Zones" their called; Some Safe Zones have even been able to get power and water operational again, though not many at all have succeded in doing this. Some Safe Zones have created Factions, The most prominent of these factions are "Wendigo Alpha", "Black Blood Equine", "Gryphenoir", "Crystal Bone Clan", and "Grenaidia". Some of these factions are rivals, BBE and WA are allies fighting against Gryphnoir and Grenadia, CBC is neutral and wishes not to involve themselves in useless fighting. Firearms and other tools of death dealing have been in play for 20 years, as well as some iterations of AI and robotic ponies, Advanced mechanized armor has also been developed for Humans and Ponies alike, though it's only obtained via The Crystal Empire, which is the Hive of the Infected now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few Rules now! : No OP characters (duh). Life is precious so don't waste it (Basically, once dead, you'll have to drop that character permanently and add a new character). You wil have to eat and drink, and ammunition is not unlimited. You can have supernatural abilities (as my character will have) But no one is immune to the virus (One exception is my character, I'll explain later) But, like I said, no OP abilities including, but not limited to, God Mode, Immortality, Reality warping, and time manipulation. And yes, Characters can kill each other, so keep that in mind. Character Information Sheet (I'll use mine as an example) Name: Murdok Parrish Race: Human Age: 33 Sex: Male Orrientation: Strait Ability: Has been infected with the Necrohemrophage virus, yet his body was modified by the creators of this virus to accept the virus to change his physical being. Thus he can morph his bones to some types of weapons and some structures such as shields. He is resistant to damage, can be killed by a shot to the brain like any other Morph, though any other means of killing him are useless. Though he is infected, the Necros don't recognize him as an ally, so they will still attack him. Appearance: 6,1" in height and weighs 210 pounds, mostly muscle mass. Pale skin, scars on neck and 2 on face, one long scar across his left cheek and another scar above his right eye. Multiple scars on his body. White hair, glowing golden eyes with cat slits for pupils. Bio: He was the first subject to be succesfully mutated by the virus, keeping his human traits and having the ability to use the Necro's powers of bodily warping. He was meant to be the subject of multiple tests and the origin of many useful medicines and vaccines, but he was released from his prison before any type of cure could be established for the plague. He is isolated in his mind, alone on many levels. He has no real emotions, though he fakes emotions to seem more normal. He is also fearless and he never hungers for anything except raw flesh. He is dangerous, emotionless, and always hungering for flesh, though not a real threat to anyone that hasn't been bad. Background: He was just a normal human that made the transfer from Earth to Equestria when he was 20, he was inlisted into the EDF "Equestria Defense Force" that was a joint effort between humans and Ponies to combat other worldly beings that erupted from the Grand Portal that was created for the transferring of humans to Equestria. He was a dedicated soldier that put everyone else's lives before his own. When he showed how profficient he was at battling these beasts, he was enlisted into the program called " RKX" meant to help him battle these beings by enhancing his physical prowess, though it was just a ruse for him to take the Necro virus. After the major containment breach, he himself took the opportunity to escape, feasting on a few of the living and using his abilities to murder his way through the guards and the other infected. Once he was free of the chaotic city, he traveled to a small village that would take him in as one of their own, not knowing of the virus that he was infected with. At the time, he had almost no control of his desire for flesh, so he would feast on the village for a year or so. Finally he could control his insatiable hunger, at that point everyone in the village was dead or mutated. Now he wanders the land, trying to help where he can, yet trying to resolve his appetite at the same time. RP: OCsheet link: (( Also this is what the infected look like )) Pony: Human:
  6. So what is happening with 1.10? Normally I would just assume it was taking a long time to get the new plug-in's set up, but ALL of the 1.10 topics have disappeared, including the update list and the "what will transfer" list. Anyone have any information as to what's going on?
  7. Hey does anyone here play Paladins ? Looking for some people to make a group with how do you move a conversation?
  8. General thread for one of my other interests: Survivalism. I believe that being able to cope in the wild is much more practical than it sounds, as you can almost never predict the next car malfunction, skiing accident, or natural disaster. This thread applies to both "emergency" scenarios (earthquakes, hurricanes, getting lost, etc) and "SHTF" apocalyptic scenarios. Some rules I'd like everyone to follow, if only out of courtesy: Keep "gun talk" to a minimum. No zombies. Zombies don't exist. No using over the top "prepper" language that no one will understand. I doubt this thread will get much attention so I made it as vague and general as possible. You can post pretty much anything that is remotely relevant. Here is an interesting acronym from the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76 to get us started. S Size up the situation (Surroundings, equipment, and physical condition). U Use all your senses. R Remember where you are. V Vanquish fear and panic. I Improvise. V Value living. A Act like the natives. L Live by your wits
  9. A looming disaster threatens your home. The roads out are clogged with cars...a standstill. You have to get out, and that means trekking over some hills to a nearby town. This means two, possibly three nights in the wild. the alternative is certain death! You have a backpack and a sleeping bag (and you are healthy). But time is short, you can only grab three things from your home and then you MUST leave. Rules: 1) only three things, but you can coordinate with each other 2) these will be things that are actually in your home. I will start 1) box of matches wooden 2) bag of rice (5 pounds) 3) cooking pot Debbie said she will bring a bag of dry cat food (not leaving without the kitties). our small tent, and a knife That is what we are bringing. What are you bringing?
  10. Mobley

    Server Concept

    I know that PArc Minecraft is only in early days and I'm not seriously suggesting this as a mode for implementation any time soon, but I just wanted to run the idea past people here for feedback to the idea Currently, PArc Minecraft has a creative server, an SMP server and an Equestria (i.e. roleplay) server. Discounting the creative server, this leaves us with: Equestria server - Great for roleplay, but static in terms of player construction. SMP server - Some amazing building and good roleplay, but it's not governed by any overall unifying factors. What I have in mind is a server which exists in the middle ground between these two. It would possibly have the following attributes: A unifying lore, not necessarily a direct port of Equestria (we have a server for that already) but that wouldn't stop it being MLP:FiM related. SMP aspects: enemies, hunger, no flying (unless race specific) etc. Players can buy plots/build property in the 'countryside' or purchase housing in player-built (but heavily designed) cities that serve as the hubs of the server: Everyone is entitled to start off with a basic 'shack' in a city. Built housing has to conform to area aesthetics (e.g. a 'Norse' themed village would not have a sandstone tower in it.) Mining/resource gathering highly regulated. Profession-based plugins. A respawning community mine/lumber area. Non-instance, required RP: All RP has lasting consequences. (Optional) If it was an MLP-related lore, all characters would be OCs for fairness. That's the basics of it. I don't know of any examples of over servers which still operate something like this at present, though these ideas are largely based off a server called 'Mel-Lenxia' which shut down years ago but was one of the best RP experiences I ever had. So what do you guys think? I think it would be a lot of work, maybe too much, but practicalities aside, what do you think of the core idea?
  11. THIS is a fanfic that I've stayed up till 1:00 AM every night writing! It's a Fallout: Equestria fanfic, set RIGHT after the Megaspells fall. Violet (the mane character) Must find a way to survive, and keep her foal safe from this harsh new reality! Story is currently in its 2nd chapter, and I've just made cover art for it (see below) The story can be viewed on FimFiction here:
  12. So what would you do if A Dragon attack your town right now ? ( would you run and hide / try to fight and kill it / try to help people / or just sit down and let the fire take you cuz there no hope ) ? *(Note) The dragon is not the 2$ worms from Skyrim I am talking SMAUG or any of the bigger ones from Dungeons and Dragon / Pathfinder I am talking BIG !!! So what would you do ? ((What I would do... you don't have to read this) (ME) I think I would try to run..... but my town of (Saginaw / Michigan) is an old run down town with like 2 military guard post (That are 13 miles apart!) and one big high way leading in & out like in SimCity. Even now there are trees too close to peoples houses and they are everywhere & almost all the building in this town are made of wood so ya nice fire fuel. Even then to my knowledge there's like only 47 roads that lead out of town (There might be more.. but my religion now is a bunch of talking horses on the internet and I am building my dream home so ... I don't get out as often. ) and there are alot roads with ditches so if some car gets wreck on that road it is now block off and now you need to back in town to find another road or you try to move and and the dragon see you or your group trying to move it and he kills you! But if he sets the farm land on fire they there like NO WAY OUT cuz ALL the other roads in town go thought the farm land. So if the fire is to hot it will kill if you get to close and it might cook you alive if you try to go thought the fire in your car.So with all that knowledge you see why I might gust sit down and die cuz it a roll of a dice if I can get out of town. But if I do I know where there are some salt mines here that a deep in the earth where he can't go. ( I know the story doesn't show much on how I get out. But I wanted to show how hard it would be to run... let alone fight ... but in short.. I would try to pack my car with food , my shotgun and (Snowflake) my Cat and drive as quick as I can and try to get away in my car.. So that's what I would do. *But still if there a mythical dragon that is flying around anything goes. I know that the portal games take place in a still active salt mine not to far away from my house. ... ... so I might get screw and have to test FOREVER !!! ... ... ... ... ... ...but I will be Still Alive ....
  13. Note: This about real fallout not the game called 'Fallout' or the fanfictions All of your lives are important to us, now even though nuclear warfare is banned it may return anytime and we just might not know it. Some of us have thought this was just some factional story, no it's as real as Uranium it is the result of nuclear or atomic warfare. If it ever returns please follow the steps to this video. Please stay with the subject and take it seriously.
  14. Here's some questions I came up with today: Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic situation. This can be a zombie apocalypse, an extremely devastating world war, a pandemic wiping out most of humanity, maybe a widespread, devastating natural disaster, anything you want to imagine. Let's say this disaster ended for some reason or is not as pervasive as it used to be, and human civilization ended or nearly ended and the government fell. You survived through this apocalypse. If you had a group, they either all died or left you or something. Imagine what you want, but I want you to get this idea: You are a post-apocalyptic survivor, civilization has been destroyed or almost destroyed. The world is anarchic now with a much smaller population and you are alone. What will you do? You are alone and out in this wild, anarchic world to survive. Taking into consideration scarce resources, the fact that you can't trust everybody, your chances of survival, and more, answer these questions: How much will morals and ethics matter to you at this point? Will you try to manipulate, steal from, and even kill people to get what you want/need or more of what you want/need? Will you give things to anybody who asks (even if you need that stuff) and do as much as you can to help people? Something else? Where will you be? Will you be in a city, where there could be a bigger presence of people? Will you be in the countryside, where there would most likely be less people and you could grow food? Perhaps you'll be in the woods or jungle or something, where there would be more food but there could be animals that could kill you easy? How would you feel about groups? Will you try to go it alone and avoid people as much as people where you won't have to worry about trust or conflict or anything? Or would you try to find a group, where there'd be people to support you, solve problems together, even though there's the risk of being killed by someone, there being conflict, losing friends, and such? What about weapons? What would you carry? Let's be realistic and not pick any fictional weapons, rare weapons, and such. Think about easily accessible weapons. What would you carry and why? Think about weight, too. Feel free to discuss this and maybe give a critique of someone else's answers. Also, should I add a poll? Tell me if I should or shouldn't.
  15. I was just wondering what is the scariest video game enemy you have faced? Could be something that scared you as a child, or something that gives you the creeps now! Also I would love too see a picture!
  16. Have any of you played Plants vs. Zombies before? I love it. I was introduced to it at a friend's house several years ago and finally got it for myself a month or so ago. I've already played through story mode and I've made it a little over halfway through the survival mode levels. I've been doing a bit with other things in the game, too, like the Zen Garden and the Tree of Wisdom. I'm not sure yet whether I consider this one of my favorite games, but it's certainly a lot of fun. It's hilarious, too. If you've played it, what do you think of it?
  17. Hey all Bronies! I know that before I've posted topics looking for people to play with on Smite, and other games. But now I'm asking for Minecraft. I'm wanting to get at least 3 people to play with, that all have Skype, have mics, and are able to talk (on weekdays from 1000 to 1600 CDT (10AM to 4PM Central Daylight Time). I would just want to do survival, no creative or pvp or any of that BS. Just normal survival (probably on Hard difficulty). We'd be using the OreSpawn mod (plugin?) on the server, so we get extra gear, biomes, and dimensions to explore. Ok, so that's it. If you're interested, PM me on here or reply to this. Doesn't matter which. Fellow Gamer Brony, ~ Alicornification ~
  18. "The War Z" is a new Zombie Survival Horror MMO being developed by Hammerpoint Interactive, and will be using the Eclipse Engine, which was made by BioWare and used in Dragon Age: Origins. Not much has been released about the game so far gameplay wise, but from what has been announced, it sounds and looks really awesome. Article Links Released Images Notable Features The Beta will be out later this summer.
  19. Hey everyone, I've only been a brony for about two months. I had heard of you guys for the longest time, and only just recently checked it out in depth. I feel like we are a large entity, but I really don't know in comparison to what we might have been in the last few years simply because I wasn't there. Also, I see a lot of people on other forums saying stuff like "Oh the bronies are dying" and stuff. I still feel like we are a large group though. So... are we as big now as we were in the past or are we on the decline? Thanks for helping out a rookie
  20. Hay everypony! So... this is kinda a silly topic to post here, but I thought "Why not?". Let me explain. In school, we're doing sort of a "roleplay" situation for us to better understand why the Articles of Confederation didn't work. We got to guess numbers and then pick colonies. I'm assigned to Pennsylvania. We have to trade with other colonies, agree on things in congress, and deal with other countries (France, Spain, etc.) and deal with other people (colonies, American Indians, etc.) We have certain goods that we can trade to other colonies. Our goods, which I'm not sure if these are all of them, but the ones I know we have are: Corn, Wheat, Whiskey, and Specialized Labor Artisans (People who can make things for us). Obviously, Pennsylvania has more than this in real life, but no colony can be too powerful!) Whiskey and corn are unique to us. This is a very odd thing to do on a MLP forum, but since you guys are all so smart and awesome, I'd like to see what you have to say! So, how do you think we can prosper with our materials?
  21. The rules are simple, you and the poster above you, the last humans / ponies on Earth / Equestria universe, what do you do? There's no particular rules, simply respect the forum rules ( ), but I still have some idea : 1 - You can add, if you want, the cause of the said humans / ponies doom for the user below you. 2 - You can include one or two ponies / members above. (which make the title wrong, but anyway...) 3 - RP-ish acting would be cool, but just a little. 4 - You can choose if you want that the survivor below you act as a pony (OC or Avatar) or an human. Have fun in my first game.
  22. Anyone here play Contagion? I'd like to try it with a team of other bronies, because I've heard it's only good if you have a squad and I don't like to game with people outside the MLP community. Let me know. My Steam profile is here if you want to add me: My Steam (group):
  23. Anyone here play the free to play survival horror game 'No More Room In Hell'? What do you think of it? Fancy a game sometime? If so my Steam Group and personal Steam links are below Steam Group: Steam (personal)
  24. Let's say that you are offered the chance to go to a new planet. You will be traveling with a crew to survive on the planet and experience it first hand. You will study and explore this new world. Don't worry though, you will still be able to keep in touch with Earth. This planet is filled with mystery and is Earth-like with oxygen. After five years, you will come back to Earth. Also, you are allowed to bring three items with you while on this journey. What these three items are, that's for you to decide. So, would you take the opportunity and go? Edit: There are already survival equipment and supplies issued to you and the crew. Forgot to add that. Sorry.