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Found 57 results

  1. I've seen it done, but for how long does someone need to be inactive before you can claim their display name?
  2. Just thought this could be interesting. I buy new clothes once every few weeks or so, whenever I can afford it pretty much. How about you?
  3. Pretty sure everyone here at some point heard about this word. Some describe it as the new cool slang, but some regards this word with blatant disgust. But what the hell does it mean?
  4. Here's what I have: Headcrab plush. I got it about 2 years ago. If you threw this at someone, they might actually think it is a headcrab. Brotherhood of Steel hoodie. I saw this, I just had to get it. I wear it everyday, so it does get used. Anyone else got cool stuff?
  5. dead

    let's talk

    Not quite sure if this is the right area to post this, if not just let me know Anyone want to talk with each other or anyone?
  6. Banul

    Smooze Fan Club

    This thread is devoted to best blob, Smooze -Post Smooze Pictures- -Engage in thought provoking discussions of theoretical blobology- -Please keep all images and discussions of everyone's favorite goopster SFW- -Under no circumstances is the completely inferior Flubber allowed- -That was a joke- -Everybody laugh- I kinda doubt it, but I sure hope we see more of this guy someday. A green blob with a top hat and bowtie is just too good for one episode. He's just so lovable.
  7. dead

    pony.FM app

    Ok, I am sure this has probably been asked for. A pony.FM app that let's you listen on your device (iOS, kindle, android) but instead of having to dowoad it as mp3 from your computer it could just download and be played through the app. I was also thinking that you could add in a radio like pandora where you can set it to a certain genere to play. It plays songs from that genre, and you could like/dislike songs to hear them more or not to hear them again. And of course, then music would be from the fans that have submitted there work. And I do plan on making a few tracks myself in the future. thanks if u read and support my idea
  8. Yo its your home boy albino (/^▽^)/ This club is about the of kawaii faces (≧∇≦)/ they are just the greatest thing ever made. Here every pony must have the swag McOriginalGangsta to use these great faces. With great kawaii comes great responsibility (*´・v・) We must spread the word... You can faces at
  9. Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone else on the forums uses or knew what Swagbucks is? I know this may sound too good to be true or a scam but its' a really good site I've been using for about a year and its probably the easiest way to get giftcards online.
  10. So the Patriots are world champions, after what I believe to be the greatest Super Bowl ever played. I've never experienced emotional highs and lows like that over a sporting event, which truly means something coming from a Boston fan. You could pick out 20 plays from either team that completely change the outcome of the game if even one of them goes differently. It seems fitting that the biggest play of all was made by a Division II, undrafted rookie who was fifth on the CB depth chart before the game. Really this has just been an incredible season. I don't think anyone could have foreseen this after getting our teeth kicked in by Kansas City in week 4. Of course, we're still despised by virtually everyone outside of New England, all because of an overblown scandal from 10 years ago that no one remembers the details of anymore, or ever knew them to begin with. Still the target of absurd witch hunts, and judged by many to be guilty until proven innocent (maybe not even then). The team that everyone wants to lose. All I can say is... We got the swag now.
  11. Everytime I post on facebook, write an email, or send a text, I correct myself more and more for putting in brony slang, replacing everybody with everypony and high five with brofist and whatnot. Anybody else doing this as well, or how about IRL?
  12. During the timeframe of 9 to 10:19, I decided to create this picture. It is a potato... ...But not just any kind of potato. This potato contains the avatars of each member (give or take) that was online during that timeframe. It is all very metaphorical and deep and stuff... ...However, as you might imagine; this forum has too much swag to just have one potato! To counter this dilemma; I used a second smaller potato to hold all of this forum's swag: Yeah. I have way too much time on my hands...
  13. My newest yet older (I made it before Rocks XD) track that I'm sharing with everypony. It's a house-ish remix? I don't know the genre but it reminds me of House. As usual, I had a lot of fun making this one and I hope you enjoy it^^ I remixed some Rarity soundclips from youtube in my style of making nonsensical sound sensical with a kinda irratic beat to go with Rarity's drama vocals. Remember, if you download it you can do whatever you want with it, just give me some credit and link to the download incase others want it.
  14. So of all your favorite cartoons, which one would you want mlp to be crossed with for some sort of special (canon or non canon) I am bringing this up because of that one fimphons (family guy-simphons) crossover coming up, me personally, Gravity falls by far, they are very similar in quality and kinda structure so I see them bouncing well off each other, also , bill cipher and discord trolling each other... A show I dont want to see crossed with mlp is adventure time, because I hate it.
  15. After reading a certain post, it reminded me to find out how to make a topic and I finally found it! (not like that's a good thing). Slenderman.... I personally don't think it's scary, maybe the first time, but not really scary at all to me after that. Did any of you who've played it or watch someone play it think it's scary? If you don't know what Slenderman is, it's a scary game made for a competition in 14 days. It's supposively "The scariest game in the World" and the whole objective is to grab 8 pages as some obese fatty, at night, in a forest for whatever reason, with a flashlight. You don't get a page and eventually Slendy' will come after you, but after you grab a page he'll be after you. To lose, all you have to do is look at him long enough, and your game will exit automaticly. I think Amnesia is 1000x scarier than Slenderman personally. Probably because of the atmosphere, the sanity feature, health feature, and that your lamp is very limited on oil. Just everything about is scary to me I even deleted the icon so I don't have to look at it anymore! I'm probably still completely terrified of Amnesia...
  16. I can't be the only Runescape player on the forums right? I personally don't like RS3 or EoC but I'm addicted to Old School If you wanna add me my name is "VI the Sixth"
  17. WELCOME TO THE SKRILLEX FAN CLUB! Skrillex is a famous musical artist who makes brilliantly made dubstep. In pretty much all of his songs the base drops really hard. Skrillex's real name is Sonny More. Here is how he appears: He has made master hits like "Bangarang" and "First of the Year" So let's all talk about Skillex. What are your favorite songs by him? Have you visited his YouTube account lately? Now if you'll excuse me I'll be listening to "Kyoto".
  18. I have been pondering about what other people's expiriences are on which MLP-FiM helps you through you troubles in your life. MLP-FiM really helps my dreams, where Luna comes and talks to me about private things I would rather keep to myself. She seems to also be in my head talking to me constantly about my desicions I make. MLP also gives me an example to set by all the teachings the show has been through, which makes me a better person because I strive to be like all of the Mane 6's element (except Twilight because her's is magic, so I try to learn alot instead. :3) Share all your personal expiriences here
  19. ~ Ask me something! Anything! ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ lol i dont know i was bored random squiggles lololppp.
  20. Heya, ya stupid jerks. That crazy b**** Fluttershy has a thread for creepers askin' her questions, and so does that weirdo apple pony, so I figured I should make onea them ask threads, too. I'm Rainbow Dash, best flier in all of freakin' Ponyville. I like Wolf Punch, pickin' on my crazy friends, and spreadn' swag wherever I go. So line up, chicks and colts and get those questions started. Oh, first things first tho:Just like that video recording that druggie Spike did of me n' Pinkie playin' Wolf Punch for you pathetic bronies and your con things, I gotta keep the swearin' down for all you babies out there. When I do use swears I'll use asterisks to block out mosta the letters.Nonea you better ask lame questions relating to the fact that Fluttershy killed me in the video series. This isn't canon, so shut up and ask better questions.Well? Whatryou' jerks waitin' for?
  21. So basically a bootleg song is an unofficial remix or a song majorly based off samples from another song e.g. So what are your favorite bootleg/unofficial remixed tracks?
  22. We've all come across those videos that we didn't have any intention of finding yet somehow they find you. Here's a place to share the best videos you never meant to find. Here's 2 I found recently:
  23. This is a club dedicated to the gorgeous and stunning fruit that is the watermelon. I've realized that there isn't a large group of people that enjoy the watermelon as much as I do. I'm here to change that and with your help we can change the world! Please feel free to post pictures of Watermelons. Poems. Art. Watermelon relates things. Talk of other fruits are not forbidden, but are frowned upon. Please enjoy your stay and the free Watermelon.
  24. Eureka

    Ask Eureka

    Ask me stuff but don't tick me off <3
  25. got another idea? post it here NOTE: this is just to be goofy, i am not (that) insane. just for humor.