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Found 14 results

  1. 1. Go to your profile 2. Look at your recent visitors (under friends) 3. Post there names and a confession/something about them ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EppalJack - I think you're creative and a good writer I also like how we both like DBZ Deidre Asada - I'm flatter by your undying admiration of me Arctic Wolf - I think you're sweet and you'll make a lucky girl very happy one day Kochi - We both like the song 'Sex n Candy' Sweet ! Strong Hooves - my favourite person to RP with ~
  2. We know this wonderful forum's numbers are pushing up to 20000, but that's got me wondering... How many (or what percentage) of those members still come onto the site regularly? By which I mean, at least 2 or 3 times a month at the lowest? Discuss.
  3. So...what's cookin', good lookin'? What would your reaction be if the member above you gave you roses? ^-^ Try not to murder each other!
  4. I thought I'd keep it secret until I get it sent but it turned out ugly so I'll just post a picture of my mess anyways. I made a few, Fluttershy is the best but she's already bagged. Twilight looks like a goofy Halloween monster and Rarity looks like she melted. They're still yummy at least. (I had some extra white so I made a bonus Rarity and ate whichever one was uglier.) I still have a few other things planned though!
  5. Alright, have any of you heard of a chocolate bar called Cadbury Flake? If yes, have you tried it and what's your preferred way of eating it? I myself really like eating these. My preferred way of eating it would have to be crumbling it up and sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream since Cadbury Flakes are crumbly. While I like eating it by itself, it's a bit hard to eat it because of the crumbliness. I've also tried it topped on a vanilla ice cream cone when I was in London.
  6. Goodbye, Sweet Billy. Game Informer has learned from sources close to the matter that Orth is no longer with Microsoft. A call to Microsoft's main switchboard confirmed this fact. Our sources, who wish to remain anonymous, suggest that Orth resigned in the wake of last week's events. We haven't been able to confirm whether this was a voluntary or forced resignation. Re-posting because it's funny: His outbursts, which included some snarky comments about the merits of living in certain cities, prompted an apology from Microsoft, who said "This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers." Asked for confirmation from Microsoft, Kotaku was told by a spokesperson “We do not comment on private personnel matters.”
  7. this is my 2nd submission to a contest on tumblr where you ship an OC with her character (the character being Mimie -right-) and i shipped her with my OC, Colorful Crescendo -left- this is a huge improvement from my previous submission :3 hope i get a good chance at winning that contest, what do you guys think of this? how did i do?
  8. I made this comic in advance, about a month ago(before the newest Trixie episode) and had been working on it since. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload it here... Sorry and I've missed quite a few pieces... I felt, well, awkward, about the last square- Hence the blur. I felt that no one would be on during the holiday so I uploaded early!
  9. this is sort of like a ask thing, you ask what pony and you get to see this cute little guy hugging him :3 ill do OCs and original characters on the show (mane 6 etc.) so just ask in the comments bellow what pony you want to see, if you want to go to my tumblr and ask here ya go Me and my friend, Neon Voltage. I tried to go up to her and give her a draconecuddle, but she was to fast and picked me up and countered with a pegacuddle... I shall try harder next time... still an awesome hug ^3^
  10. I decided to try and edit a video for the first time. I like the song from spongebob in the Band episode, So I made a PMV of it. Don't laugh if you think it is bad... I do admit, I think it turned out OK. What do you think of it?
  11. I felt I needed to post this here as well because it took SO LONG... (I have no idea how to embed the image from dA...) I hated leaving it without color, but I felt I wouldn't do as good a job as I could to make it look awesome, so a pencil it stays... Unless one of you guys decides to color it. Just be sure to credit me and send me a link if you do. Brohoof, critique, or just say whatever. It's not often I post on the forums when the forum came out with their own dA group.