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Found 6 results

  1. If you had to eat one for the rest of your life, which one would you have? I would eat cupcakes for the rest of my life.
  2. I love sweet things, be it a victoria sponge cake, sour apple laces or a tub of ice cream. I think for me though, the milkshake is the king of sweet things for sheer delightfulness and the massive amount of combinations you can have. Nothing quite like a good milkshake from the local milkshake parlour on a hot summer's day So what sugar cubes do you ponies like the most? EDIT: I know that some of you guys would like an 'all of the above option' but I'm going to be really mean. Try your darndest to pick one! Also, I've added 'desserts' to one of the poll choices to give a little more variety.
  3. Hey everypony!!! Do you remember eating candies/sweets that aren't originally from your home country. Here are mine: 1. Anything from Cadbury 2. Choco Nut/Hany (Filipino peanut chocolate): Even though it crumbles, the taste is mouthwatering and I once put it on ice cream and it even tastes better. 3. Nestlé Caramac: Really unique candy bar 4. Revels 5. Haribo Gummies: Really like how they come in different shapes, themes, and colors. I even tried Minion ones when I went to Europe. Honorable mentions: Mars Bar, European Milky Way, Milky Way Magic Stars, Walnut Whip, Smarties, Murray Mints, Yorkie Bar Hope I didn't make your mouths water
  4. Hello everyone and welcome to Teacup's Dessert Club! I know that there are a lot of people out there that have a really astounding sweet tooth, or some may have a passion for making desserts like me. I have established a club that would appeal to everybody. This will be a place where sweet lovers can come and share what they have made, share what others have made, talk about their favorite desserts, exchange recipes, etc. Do what you will on here, but I may ask that there will be no fighting (let's all be bon-bons here, okay? ) ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? As host, it is only fair that I tell a little about myself and why i'm so obssessed with these sugary delicacies. My mom always told me that she should've known that I would be a pastry chef one day. When I was little, I believe my aunt was pregnant with my cousin at the time. She came downstairs and saw that the ENTIRE living room was covered in nothing but flour, eggs, and ketchup. All she could see was my two hazel eyes staring back at her. I exclaimed that I was "cooking". Now that's not my actual reason. It more of dramatic irony if you ask me. Two years ago, I got the idea of wanting to become a pastry chef from my little brother. Since I was so obssessed about baking, he told me that if I loved food so much, why don't I become a pastry chef? Something just sorta clicked, and from then on decided what I really wanted to do with my life, and someday want to open up a local business. Ever since then, I have been making a lot of "locked and loaded" desserts, like my known (amongst my family) pancake recipe called Chocolate Chip Berry A La Mode Pancakes (also known as Insane Pancakes). This speciality is made with chopped bananas, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream, syrup...and chocolate chips! I like to make sure that anything I create is very loaded, so that in the future, my customers would take a liking to them. It's enough to fill their bellies full in the morning. >_< Here is a picture of my pancakes: Anyways, I hope you guys have some delicious fun in this club. :3 ~Teacup
  5. Yes, a simpler version of the widely inactive Tumblr of the same name! Sweets is here to answer all your questions, and entertain you with her antics and facial expressions! Sooooo...~ Yes, each answer will come with an expression and direct answer from Sweets (The pony)
  6. I found this picture on Google...where can I buy those fruit snacks?? My life will not be complete until I have artificially flavored fruit chunks in the shape of ponies! xD