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Found 12 results

  1. I'm having difficulty finding anyone else that signed up for Nintendo's new online service for the Switch. This is despite the fact that it's so affordable ($20 a year, which divides into less than $2 for each month). Basically, I'd like to find people to exchange friend codes with and maybe play the complimentary NES online library with, along with the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate.
  2. Hello, everypony! So if you follow Smash, the entire gaming community was waiting a week longer than expected due to the earthquake in Japan to see who character number 68 would be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And now we have our answer. This is Isabelle. She comes from Animal Crossing New Leaf, where the player becomes the town's new mayor, and Isabelle will be the player's assistant. In the previous installment which was Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, she was an assist trophy. She is now the third Assist Trophy to be promoted to a playable fighter. The previous two being Little Mac and Dark Samus. What are your thoughts about Isabelle's debut in Super Smash Bros? Personally, I don't play Animal Crossing anymore, but I still care for the franchise and I will use her.
  3. Hello there, inkling and welcome to the Splatoon fan club! Splatoon is a third-person shooter originally developed and published by Nintendo in May 2015 for the Wii U (Japan: 28th May 2015, North America and Europe: 29th May 2015 and Australia/New Zealand on 30th May 2015). The game is about characters known as Inklings; which are human-squid hybrids that can hide or swim through ink. The game features several modes, including 4v4 online multiplayer and a single player campaign. The game came out to critical acclaim when it initially released, with many critics praising the game for its style, gameplay and mechanics. Many critics were also surprised at Nintendo for deciding to enter the shooter genre. Splatoon would later receive a sequel on the Nintendo Switch with a worldwide release on July 21st, 2017. Likely due in part to the overwhelming success of the Switch, Splatoon 2 sold over 6 million units. Making it the fourth best selling game on the console. The sequel is identical to is predecessor, however it does contain some new modes, like the popular Salmon Run and the Octo Expansion, which you can purchase from the Nintendo eShop. -------------------------- This thread was created for fans of the Splatoon games to meet fellow fans, discuss the game, share fan art and theories and share tips and tricks. Discussion about anything to do with Splatoon and its sequel are welcome, spoilers included. If you are lurking this thread and have questions about the game, you are also welcome and I'll answer any questions you might have about the game. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right section, but enjoy!
  4. OMG! There's a nice string of Nintendo games, each one coming every month. Nintendo Labo (Switch): April 16 Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition (Switch): May 18 Mario Tennis Aces (Switch): June 22 Captain Toad Treasure Trackers (Switch/3DS): July 13 WarioWare Gold (3DS): August 3 (right after my birthday) Plus this year is Super Smash Bros. for Switch! And if you like Remakes: the original Luigi's Mansion from Gamecube is coming to 3DS this year and Bowser's Inside Story from Original DS is also coming to 3DS next year! What are your thoughts/ hopes for the Nintendo Gaming future?
  5. So for the uninitiated, here is the trailer for the recent Smash reveal at the Nintendo Direct on March 8th: Now many were speculating on whether or not this will be a new entry or a port of the Wii U/3DS game which most refer to as Smash 4. I, however, am of the belief that I am 90% sure this is a new entry based upon a series of evidence that I have located. Now for the sake of keeping this objective, I'll only include the evidence that is verified or mostly verified. Here is a list of reasons as to why this is more than likely a new entry and not a port: Development wise, Smash 4 came out 4 years ago almost, this is about the amount of time necessary to make a new entry and not a port. Sakurai has returned for this game and has revealed he has been working on it for some time now in silence. It seems pointless to bring him back just to make a port. Link is obviously in his Breath of the Wild Attire , meaning it won't be the same Link. Some could argue it's a costume, but combine that with everyone else and you'd kind of just be grabbing at straws. The logo is different. Every Smash game has had a different style logo, and this logo does not match the Wii U/3DS game. The copyright info at the bottom literally says "Original Game" The same Copyright logo does not list 2014-2018, just 2018. The Copyright information also lists HAL as the developer whom did not develop Smash 4. The most damning piece of evidence though is Bandai Namco is not listed at all, even if you could argue that it is still a port and they just coincidentally only listed 2018 as the year, and were including costumes from Breath of the Wild for Link, you would have a hard time explaining why Bandai Namco is not being credited for their original work if this is just a porting job by HAL. The nature of how it was revealed would not only make no sense for a port, but statistically has seldom been done for a port. Nintendo would not go through the trouble of building up hype over a port when E3 is coming so soon, and this clearly is intended for an E3 reveal. I HIGHLY doubt after that level of reveal it would be a port. More or less to insist this is a port, you need a concrete explanation to explain away all of these. There is still a possibility that these are all VERY convenient coincidences, but currently the evidence is pointing more toward a new game. Thoughts?
  6. If any of you want to add someone else on MLPF as a friend, I'm here to make a thread for you to post your friend codes on here! Maybe some of you would want to share it so we could add each other. (Or maybe some of you already exchanged them in your PMs I dunno...) Also, if anyone wants to add me my friend code is SW-8339-8707-4681! (Also, if someone declines your friend request it doesn't necessarily means that they don't like you, they just might not want to have people on their friend lists. I realized this might be a problem for some.)
  7. Breath of the Wild has officially been named Game of the Year!!! In addition, DLC 2: The Champion's Ballad has just dropped!!! In celebration of this momentous occasion, tell us your favorite Zelda memory! What are your predictions for the next LOZ installment, and the Nintendo Switch as a whole?
  8. -I see no need to buy an XBone or a PS4 in the near future, not even their souped-up versions. -Actually, I'm feeling like I'm losing interest in Big-boxed systems(Consoles, and in some cases, PCs) -Thanks to the upcoming lineup coming to the Nintendo Switch, I'm now weary about all games coming out because it's becoming too much. -On the other hand, even before the Switch announcement, I've been more into mobile/handheld gaming because of the fact that you can take it on the go. -Indie games and smaller, more 2D games, are starting to catch my attention more than big budget 3D Games(I've enjoyed Sonic Mania and Steamworld Dig 2 on the Switch. I also plan on getting Cuphead on PC. But this game really needs to come to Switch) -I like my Raspberry Pi, and the ability to play my old games -Despite that, I have an NES Classic Edition(didn't pay scalper's prices. XP), and I might get the SNES Classic Edition -I'm gonna get a Win GPD this weekend because I still like the idea of your own personal computer in handheld form(Lighter to carry than a laptop) -I'm double dipping on Doom for the Switch because I love the idea of taking Doom on the go. And so far, from what I've heard, it's gud. -I'm not ashamed of modding my games for more....cosmetic reasons. XP -We're getting closer to gaming nirvana on the go with the Switch. I hope Microsoft and Sony follow suit. In fact, give it the option to plug wirelessly into a TV set will suffice.
  9. WARNING: TACTICAL HYPOTHETICAL THREAD INCOMING Lets say you're traveling to work one day right. Everything is A-OK. Meanwhile, in some alternate dimension, some Unicorn somewhere is doing a spell to switch their Mane style with somepony else's. However, it goes horribly wrong, and it swaps your body with somepony's in Equestria! What pony would you want to swap with? Now remember, you're in two different dimensions, and you're in this pony's body, and they're in your body. No pony knows you've swapped bodies except you and the other pony who is in an entirely different dimension. And the chances of switching bodies back is very very very very very slim. Now, for my opinion, I would want to switch bodies with Twilight. Why? Very simple. You see, most ponies would assume I would want to switch with Trixie, and while I would be her, she wouldn't be in the same dimension as me, keeping us apart. So if I was somepony else, that relationship would work. And I chose Twilight because Twixie shipping is so popular, and Twilight would probably have a better time coping with being a human then somepony else. So, who would you swap with, and for bonus points, what would you do?
  10. The Nintendo Switch has apparently been breaking sales records left and right, having both Brazil's and France's most successful launch of any video game system. The system has been selling like crazy and clearly that means a lot of people truly wanted one. Me, I have always been on the opposite side of this fence and have been very, very doubtful on the console. Whether it be the sheer lack of titles in the foreseeable future or the limitations, I simply have not been convinced getting one is worth it. I know I am not the only one in that group. HOWEVER! This thread won't focus on that, just needed to establish the basics. This thread is about those like me that are not convinced to get one, and what WOULD convince us to purchase the Switch. Would there be anything specific that would be enough to convince you? A game, feature, or anything in between. While this may not convince outright because I seriously have a doubtful viewpoint on the thing, what would help out a lot would be them announcing new Wario titles for the system. Wario Land and WarioWare are perfect for a system like this and even a sequel to Wario World would be a big deal. If they ever announce those I will actually start to have the urge to get a system just for those. The character needs a lot more love lately. Why can't this be REAL? They could also make the cartridge taste like garlic to really seal the deal.
  11. Well, I couldn't find another thread talking about it. Sorry if someone else made one I guess. Well today, the next Nintendo console was revealed... And I am very impressed. It shows power, mobility, and most importantly, games. Meet the Nintendo Switch (Previously known as the "NX") a console/handheld hybrid that as of right now... Really packs a punch! It showed Skyrim SE, Zelda, Mario, and several other titles. And that really speaks out many words to me, as it should to you. If this tablet can run Skyrim, the enhanced version, it tells me that it is indeed on par with the PS4/XBOne. And that high performance games will run. Then they showed the few second clip of Mario, oddly enough in a western setting. Very exciting. They also showed enhanced ports of MK8 and Splatoon, not much to comment on those... I'm not paying $60 for games I already own. (Assuming that's what it is. An enhanced port) overall, this machine is looking very good right now. I only hope it doesn't go over $350... ABSOLUTE MOST $400! Love to hear what everyone thinks!
  12. Yes, I know I haven't been writing as much as I used to, but I figured I'd let my last entry sink in for a bit. So what have I been doing? Sitting around, playing Xbox, and screaming my lungs out, but I'll get to that one in a few. Considering I've missed a few days, I'll try to knock out a couple of reviews in one entry. How does that sound? First thing on the menu? Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Why? Well, because it's. . . new in my library? I don't know, just bear with me to the end. Assassin's Creed: Rogue is a story where you take control of Shay Cormack, a former assassin turned Templar in attempts to "seek justice" or something like that. He also really sucks at parkour and whistling. Seriously, I whistled at a guard about four feet away from me and he still didn't catch on. What a dingas. Whistle in AC:Black Flag and you'll be attracting the entire Spanish Navy. . . I thought the game was good, but a bit easy for my taste. Then again, of course it'd be easy when you have 100,000 dollars at 59% completion. . . Yeah, I'm done talking about that. Besides, I haven't even finished the game. There's about three reasons I think you're here and you probably don't care about my bad review of AC:Rogue. So these are my reasons. . . Reason 1: You saw the title and are somewhat curious (Possibly) Reason 2: You actually follow my work (Unlikely) Reason 3: You want to hear about my reaction to the NX Reveal. Well, I'll tell you. I thought the NX reveal was amazing and, while not what I was expecting (It never is), it was an excellent way to wrap up 2016, an otherwise disappointing year. I know there's going to be a lot of people who are going to disagree with everything I say and that I should just go back to drowning myself in the 2 images of MLP G3 R34. (yes, there's only two. I checked, and one of them is just straight up furry) But anyway, I approve of the NSwitch. Do I like the name? No. Do I like the secrecy around it? No, but I do like the concept and the promise. (This is where 90% of the hate is coming from) I believe Nintendo is making the right move toward AAA titles and hardware. From what we've heard, Nintendo just walked up to NVidia, asked if they could make a custom chip and assigned 50 guys to the job. I have to admit, my first reaction to the NX reveal was, "N-Nintendo. . . Switch?" Yeah, I still hate the name. But my second reaction was something like, " :-o " But even that isn't accurate. There isn't enough faces on this Forum to come up with a proper representation. Here, I'll try to type it out for you. *sees Zelda* (Insert Micheal Rosen Here)"Nice" *sees controller break into two pieces* "Huh?" *Sees the entire console pop off the dock* "OOOHOOOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHOOOHOHO OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH" (Repeat for 3 minutes and make as many spasms as you can until neighbors have awoken) But nonetheless, I spent the entire night hyperventilating, dreaming about the NX (which I refuse to call by any other name), and passing out on the bedroom floor (which I did). Well played, Nintendo. Well played. -RealityPublishing (Don't screw this up) Oh, and during the NX carnage, I tweeted this to Ubisoft, who insisted I check out their. . . "flight simulator"