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Found 16 results

  1. With Sunset Shimmer Day only a couple days away, I decided to do a drawing of the Equestria Girls protagonist and fit her the way I see her as....A Great, Dark Souls-Inspired, Warrior
  2. I am very mad at how little sword art online is here. As we all know sword art online is the best show and that is fact. Please fix this problem. Thanks. #Openrp
  3. Well, I'm curious. Being the human that I am, I am fascinated by weapons. The look, the feel, the power... I was just wondering what kinds of weapons you guys have. No Guns No tiny razors or like little swiss army knives Exotic and/or Bladed weapons only Here is a small portion of my collection. May post more at some point in the future...
  4. On Equestria Daily, I have been seeing a couple of comics about Rarity fighting a crab. Where does this come from? I'm confused.
  5. In order to make my portfolio more than just fan-art and fan-animations , I decided to make a sword based on classic comedy. Yep, I have too much free time on my hands... Coming to an over-the-top Anime near you! (Not really )
  6. After about 3-4 weeks, I finally finished it.
  7. Fake swords of course, but it was REALLY fun, and I won anyways. Also, anyone good with swords?
  8. There once was an actress, born with lovely, natural pink hair, who was (un)fortunate enough to be chosen to play as Pinkie Pie/"The Rebel Queen" * (a. k. a. "Rebbie" or "Pauline") in a school play. Here's the myth behind this mindlessly dumb spectacle: "An alien girl gets selected by the gods to kill the god-like Painis Cupcake. Armed with only a divine sword, a bow-and-quiver-full-of-arrows, and a pink pony to ride on into battle, she must kill Lord Painis. Without the sword, she and her pony will definitely become Lord Painis-chow, his next kills and meals. The ending varies: you choose your own: 1. Lord Painis Cupcake still manages to kill and eat the girl and the pony. He proceeds to destroy the world, and become king of his new, monstrous pantheon. 2. Rebbie, with the help of the divine, kills Lord Painis, only because the gods aided her, and destroy his body in such that he will never reassemble. She and her pony were forced by the gods to join them. They vehemently reject, but they are now weeping in the heavens as stars." This same actress ("Minnie" or "Minerva") hates this play, and especially her own character. Yet, this play is considered a patriotic play in her country (Nation Y), as it is facing a war against the most powerful dictatorship in her world. "Rebbie" and her pony are even considered national symbols there, despite some opposition, because "Rebbie's Story" is a satrical inversion of the enemy's propaganda, in which Painis (Nation X) is a supreme god who slays the demon Pinkamena (Nation Y, and all other enemies, in general.). So, you encounter Minerva in a park, on a sunny day, pouting and cursing secretly against her character and society. She also hates it that her pink-haired family is seen as "human P*nkies/Bubble Berries" with a high chance of being psychopaths. Here are some questions: 1. What ending would you choose for this retarded play? 2. What advice would you give to her? * Hint: "Rebbie" looks like a rip-off of the EqG Pinkie wearing a blue Mongolian dress.
  9. Sword Art Online This thread is about Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online is an anime about a VRMMORPG (Virtual reality MMORPG) in the year 2022. Main Characters are: Kirito, Asuna, Egil, Heathcliff, Etc, This is Kirito. I VERY highly recommend this show. Here is a link to the entire show: I forgot! Have Twisuna to go with it.
  10. So guys! for my 7ocs project now i introduce you SKilar! without armor this time XD XD we all know why, right skilar? XD nah kidding.. i hope he will like it.. as usuall with gif with some steps
  11. ~Sole~

    New OC art

    It's been quite a while since I've drawn any OC art, and it's been even longer since I've drawn a pony. But now that I made a new OC recently, I thought I'd make some art of him for his character page. His name is Ronin, and he's a samurai without a master so... A ronin... Heh. Anywho, What do you guys think? Ps.- I used references for the sword, but I can't find the artist to credit :/
  12. This picture is the result of all my hype after watching the season 4 premiere. Not sure why she has the sword, but it felt fitting adding it in. I guess if MLP had a darker, more serious tone, this might've made more sense. Oh well, hope you like it!
  13. I finished the series start to finish in 2 days last weekend, and because I got so into the show, I thought it was only appropriate to make a background featuring the main character, Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito). I personally like it a lot. I was planning on making one of Asuna to accompany it, but I haven't found a suitable render yet. Please let me know what you think. I was also planning on making a video, but it turns out fraps didn't want to record (again) and by the time I realized, it was to far in. I may decide to show the .psd file if enough people are interested (pm me or post here). One is with the logo, one is without. without further ado:
  14. I realised I haven't posted any sketches on this forum, so I gave it a try. It's far from my best work, and I'm not exactly proud of it. As always, I'd be very glad to hear your word on it. --- Colour Version
  15. So I've heard a lot of disscusion about this, and I want it finalised so I can begin work on a project I have, So how do you guys think a pony should hold a sword or any other weapon?
  16. My OC pony, Dave, holding a sword. This is my first real attempt at vector drawing.