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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there! Thought you would like my version of one of the most epic songs in Game of Thrones, the Rains of Castamere, featuring Maria Jongeneel on vocals. Enjoy!
  2. Hey there! Welcome to Thunder Dash's Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective and Vivid Classical Music! In this guide, I will be going over the basics of creating orchestral music according to musical theory and the rules of classical music. Now do understand that many composers these days break the rules in classical music. Please understand that this guide doesn't make you have to follow the rules. The rules are just a mere reference of how to create music that is organized and easy to follow Let's start with one of the most common forms of classical/orchestral music Sonata-Allegro Form The Sonata-Allegro form has been around since the 18th century and is one of the most popular forms of classical music, besides standalone piecces. The sonata form is comprised of 3 movements, each with a specific pattern. We will go over each of these parts seperately. 1. Exposition The Exposition is the main theme of the current movement. Let's say you're writing a Sonata in the key of C. This part of the sonata will be in the key of C. 2. Development This part of the Sonata is a further expansion of the orginal theme. It usually modulates to the V of the original key, using the V of V. In the case of C Major, the V of V is D. Resolving to the I of V will put us in G major. 3. Recapitulation This part of the Sonata is the return to the main theme. Like the word says, it "recaps" what the sonata has done through the piece. The transition before the recapitulation returns us back to the main key. In our example, we resolve from G to C. Here's what it looks like visually: Not only do Sonatas have three parts, but also three movements, like I said before. Each movement follows the above format. Sonatas usually start of loud, but not all the time. Take Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The loud movement is not until the 3rd and final movement. Furthermore, the 1st and 3rd movements often reflect each other. The 2nd movement is more often completely different. Returning to the Moonlight Sonata, the 1st and 3rd movements reflect each other due to the fact that the third movement is a more developed and complex version of the first movement with a faster tempo. Below is the full Moonlight Sonata. Listen out for the Exposition, Development and Recapitulation in the 1st movement Next, we're going to shrink down a little into what is called... The Sonatina The Sonatina is basically a "mini sonata". It follows the same exact exposition-development-recapitulation form of the sonata. Nothing else to really explain about this one. Now that we've gotten the bulky stuff out of the way, we can now move on to the standalone classical forms. Standalone classical pieces are known for their individual character. There are many forms, and some of these forms can come together to form what is called a Suite. The forms that can create a Suite are as follows: Gigue Courante Gavotte Allemande Minuet These forms are also early dance types, each with their own character. For example, a Minuet is an early form of a waltz. From the basics, we know that the waltz is in 3/4 time, meaning 3 beats to a measure and the quarter note gets the beat. Upping the tempo, the Gigue is a faster dance but this time, it's in 6/8. Now, you might say: "Oh 6/8 can be reduced to 3/4! They're exactly the same!" Well you are true in that they're the same, but remember, the minuet always uses 3/4 and the gigue always uses 6/8. A Gavotte is a 4/4 dance that uses much staccato or detached rhythms. Gavottes in the baroque period were often played on the harpsichord. If you listen to some of the music of MLP:FIM where Canterlot is featured, or Rarity, you can hear a Gavotte-like style. Though it was full of staccato rhythms, the gavotte is quite an elegant dance. Moving on past the dances, we arrive at two very techincal styles of classical music: The Toccata and Fugue. Now if you're a musician and you hear those two words, this piece right here comes to your mind right away: The Toccata is a very fast moving piece, and it promotes the dexterity of the performer. When writing a Toccata, be sure not to push too far. Don't make it impossible just because. Make it reasonable. Another thing, make sure your notes match up to each other. The Fugue is more complex than a Toccata. It does focus on dexterity and touch like the Toccata, but it has multiple voices. Most fugues have two parts, one for the right hand and the other for the left hand. However, some fugues have 4 voices, which are very tricky to play. You've got two parts per hand. These fugues usually stack up on voices. They start in the bass and increase to treble. It's like SATB (Soprano Alto Tenor Bass) form. When writing a fugue with more than 2 parts, be sure your notes harmonize with each other. Here's an example of a two-voice fugue Well, you may be overwhelmed with all the information in this guide so far. This thread will be updated in the upcoming days with extra form, until then, happy composing!
  3. Two years...1 movement to go. Ladies and is with honor that I present to you...the first two movements of my most highly anticipated works... The Lunar Symphony: A Tribute to Princess Luna Critique is greatly appreciated.
  4. This is an OC theme I did last year for a user on these forums. It's a symphonic metal piece. Critique is wanted!
  5. Welcome to the thread devoted to all classical/Symphonic music. Feel free to discuss and any classical/symphonic song you want. Please keep the music classical/symphonic and please no symphonic metal or Orchestral Hybrids. Here are two songs to get things rolling.
  6. This is part one of a three part orchestral suite that I'm making for a video game. I can't give too much info on the game right now but it is in production as we speak. I had a hard time deciding how much electronic bits I wanted in this because I wanted it to stay orchestral instead of electro-orchestral. I decided to only add in atmospheric sounds and my own voice in the form of chant to give it some flavor. Either way I'd like your opinions on this. If you have constructive criticism, give it to me straight. I wear big-boy pants. I'm still in charge of the game's music either way so it won't hurt my feelings. Everything done on this was done by me and it is 100% original. No samples. If you liked this and want more, follow me on soundcloud to get all of the game music.
  7. So I've been doing a lot of motif writing, meaning I write music to depict a feeling or theme. I started a thing where I make a music piece for a best bro of mine once a year and this year was no different. He struggled with depression for a long time and I've had it as well (though not nearly as bad). I felt it necessary to call it Loss. So here it is. If you enjoyed it, maybe you would like my other works on soundcloud. If you do, I'd appreciate your likes and follows. Means a lot to me. More to come soon.
  8. Ahoy, partners! I'd like to share with you the news. As of yesterday, my very first album "Tales from Far Away" has been released for free. "Tales from Far Away" is a compilatory album of all my pony tracks (as listed in the video teaser), featuring various instrumental genres. Enjoy the journey along an adventurous day through Equestria, and let the music of every moment, scene and memory flow through you. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more! Download available for free (check video's description) or donation if you may. Thanks for your time, and have a beautiful day!
  9. Hi there, folks! Okay... it's done! After so much hard work, this track AND my very first album are finished. It's all thanks to you guys. If it weren't because of your huge support, I wouldn't even be here. Thank you so much! Anyway, this track is a mix of all my previous pony tracks, completely re-orchestrated and organized into one huge track. It works as the finale of the album, mixing all the stories, scenes and feelings of a big journey: Tales from Far Away. It took me weeks to complete this track... no kidding. You may think it was easy because mostly of its composition were done in the other tracks... but you'd be wrong. This was a whole new challenge, and to modify and combine each track, while maintaining its sense and essence (and the sense of the overall track) was surely a hard task. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every second of it, and with patience and hard work, I was able to pass this challenge... and I'm really glad and satisfied with the results. I hope you enjoy it, guys. It's been a beautiful journey so far! Thank you hugely for your time and support! As some of you may know, I'm a composition student, and therefore, I plan to make a living out of my music. Hence, I'd love if you could support me by buying the album. Or maybe just the track alone! Both links are here: Album from Bandcamp (16 tracks, $5 USD): Only this track ($1 USD): I really, really hope you enjoy it. Until the next time, everybody!
  10. Hello there, folks! It's been some time, but I present to you my first new track of the year. I uploaded this track around a month ago, but never made a post about it in here. You may or may not have heard it already (probably not though!), but still, I'm happy to share it now, with any of you who may be interested. I've been having this idea of making a big orchestral piece around my mind for various months now, and I finally got the fully inspiration I needed for it some time ago- so, I started working on it, and I kept doing it for various consecutive days, trying to fully express both this inspiration and these feelings... and then, this track came out. It all started with a simple melody... I'm going to be truly honest with you (and sorry if I'm being arrogant by saying this), but this track is, undoubtedly, the one I have most gotten into so far. I love it. It's really expressive, and I put a lot into it (and I'm not talking just about effort). I hope you can enjoy it as much as I enjoyed composing it, and I really hope you can feel the scenes, story, and feelings I've tried to put into it. The track name is all you need to make yourself an idea, and I won't tell you any further than that, because, as I usually say, half of the expression is shared by me, but the other half corresponds to you, the listeners, who perceive it in your own way, and give it your own shape. Thank you so much for listening, for the support, and I hope you have a wonderful day. Download links (and donations, if you may as well! thank you!) can be found in the video's description. I really, really hope you enjoy it. Until the next time, friends.
  11. Salutations, guys! I bring a new track I just finished composing. This track is called "Deception", and it's instrumental (a mix of orchestral, rock and a square lead). It is a perfect example of what happens when you want to compose a track but are unable to do so (because of lack of time) for a long time. I exploded. Although, of course, not a disorganized explosion (even though it may sound like it the first time!), but a full expressive one. This track is, in one word... weird. I mean, comparing it to my other pony tracks, at least. But it expresses exactly what I wanted to, the scene I crated in my mind for it: chaos, discord, and deception. Yes indeed, this track was inspired in Discord, and I couldn't be happier with it! I'm not really sure what genre this track is, so I'll go with "Progressive". Excuse me if I'm wrong! But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. I really did enjoy composing it! See you later, and thanks for your time!
  12. Greetings, everypony! I bring you today an orchestral track I've composed for Filly Gamez's game 'Welcome to Ponyville', which you may know (and if you don't, check it out, because it's an amazing game!). I tried to create a victorious, heroic scene with this piece, and I'm very satisfied with the result. Anyway, I can't give any further details about the track, but I really hope you enjoy it! Thank you always for your time and support, guys, and see you later! Filly Gamez's main website: