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Found 3 results

  1. In 2013, Season 3 ended, giving MLP to that point a total of 65 episodes. That's the usual number sent to various channels for syndication. Hasbro was gonna try and expand the reach of the show past the Hub. As we all know, this never came to pass, episodes being posted to Youtube & Dailymotion, combined with the decline in TV ratings overall. But what if Hasbro did land a deal to syndicate MLP in 2013? How would that have effected the growth and perception of the fandom? What channel would have been best for MLP to be aired on? Cartoon Network? Nickelodeon? Disney? Would syndication on something like Sinclair Broadcasting and their network of local affiliate channels across the U.S. have been a wise choice? Would the boost in viewers have remained consistent? Or would it have just been a short term fad?
  2. I've asked this in another forum, but I'd like to ask here for some more input. I've heard many times that Hasbro originally intended to stop at Season 3, because of the 65 episode syndication. Supposedly, a 65 episode series would give one episode per weekday for the whole summer, so that children would finish the whole series before going back to school. My question is: Is it true that the Brony fandom played a big part in convincing Hasbro to continue the series, after Season 3? I've heard it many times, but don't know if it's true, as I haven't even joined the fandom, until 2015. I would think that it was rather toys and merchandise that played a primary role, but that's just speculation on my part with no hard facts. What do you all think? Thanks.
  3. Do you think Hasbro will sell at least the first 3 seasons of FiM in syndication someday? I think season 1 can work on something like qubo (for those unaware, its a digital kids network that plays mostly educational shows for 3-10 year olds) as its the most kid safe of the bunch. Or they can just have the first 65 episodes air on local stations.