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Found 10 results

  1. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the dollar never existed and a different system of exchange was adopted? Could you imagine the average dollar or credit being replaced by something else entirely? Do you think that the age old system used to this day is still the best possible system one could have come up with? To answer questions like these I like to return to the foundation our currency is built on, representation. More specifically, a representation of what you are in possession of. After a while money started branching off and taking on new meanings like promises to fund this to get back more of that. Banks sprung up and so did debt. Money had evolved from something useful to something potentially dangerous. Cautions had to be taken to warn others of this danger and fear finds yet another material thing to inhabit. Money turned from a use to a trade off over the course of time. Representation was the initial goal of money, what it represents though, is what matters. Say money instead directly represented the accomplishments of an individual. How would it change and for good or bad? Say money instead directly represented the respect an individual received. How would it change and for good or bad? These are just some examples that I can think of off the top of my head. What do you think?
  2. The current owner of the System Shock series made an announcement about remaking the game and we could probably expect a 3rd System shock.
  3. So, are there any old school gamers on this forum? Man, I see everybody has this XBox 360 jazz, the Wii, Playstation 5, Kinect, whatever. And I'm sitting over here with the newest system I own being a PS2. XD So, who else likes kicking it old school, and what's the best system? I hope I covered all the most popular ones in the poll.
  4. I think we should have an extra tab for friend requests. Only because I have added like 50 people, and only 10 have added me back. I thought it was just because I am annoying or something. But then I went to my friend requests and I had like 10 without even knowing! That is why I think a new tab should be added. To make MLP Forums a friendlier place. Please Consider This. Or Ill Kill You >
  5. Hello everypony here I leave you an animation I did with a friend about Lonely Day by Soad, its not great but I hope you enjoy it:
  6. So, do you know who this member is that I just quoted? This is a real quote that was taken from a topic right in this section of the message board. It was not posted by me. So why did I use this quote if I'm not talking about the person that posted it? Well, because I think it bears relevance to what I'm bringing up here. You might notice a few things that look out of place about the quote. Namely the fact that, the user's name doesn't show up in it. I typed it in there. But it still doesn't show up. So the short version of what I'm getting at is this. The quoting system used here is extremely awkward. The only time you can properly quote anyone is if you're posting in a currently existing topic, and if the post is not an edit. Otherwise, it shows up like this. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am a person that thinks about what he posts, and as such, I edit my posts. Sometimes I think of ways to respond to multiple quotes, but only after I make the initial part of my post. But when we go back to edit a post with this system, we can't even quote someone properly without starting a new post. And copying the quote doesn't work, because we only get the text, and then it just looks like you're the one that posted it. And if we try to manually type it, then we get the results shown above. This coupled with the fact that we can't delete posts can be a real problem for topics such as debates, where we might want to add something to a post. This is not a support issue that is only affecting me. It is site-wide, because it's a system that was implemented for the site. I admire you guys for wanting to make the site more cutting edge, but this is an issue that has become more and more apparent as of late, especially now that the site is getting bigger. I don't know how else to ask you this. But, please. I implore you. Fix this.
  7. It seems that in the dropdown menu, you forgot to include a "wrong forum" preset. I see it happening often enough for it to be a valid reportable preset. I am currently just using the Other section to do it.
  8. Lets see here I think my favorite two gaming systems of all time were the N64 & Sega Dreamcast I had both systems as a kid and funny thing is I still have both of them and play them from time to time! Favorite games from the N64 Mario Kart 64, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon Stadium Series, Paper Mario, OOT LOZ & MM... Those are just a taste of some of my favorites. Dreamcast Soul Caliber, Marvel Vs Capcom 1 & 2, any of the arcade fighters, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue Favorite handheld- NDS Lite without a doubt! So what are your favorite gaming systems
  9. Backstory: What started off as a stupid bet I lost to Tom The Diamond (seriously, damn you bro), we reached 1000 members on this lovely forum and I had to make an MLP reference on the PA system. In this next video, I decided to make another MLP reference since the first one went so well. That, and this was my last day on the announcements team, so I had only one chance to get it right.
  10. Hey everyone! I have been writing a book for a while that has about 2 and a half chapters so far. It all started from THIS forum adventure on the MSPA forums. I then decided to expand on it in novel form. I hope you all like it!