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Found 20 results

  1. So, I was thinking of making some custom t-shirts of my OC's, and thought I'd offer it to other members on here. My (very) limited budget limits me to simple inkjet printer heat-transfer shirts, which have to be carefully worn and washed. But until I can afford a better-quality printer, it will suffice. the idea is that you would limit use of the shirts for special events, like con's or something. shirts would be limited to OC's only (no cannon characters). anyway, just wanted to see if there would be any interest, before I go out and buy a $200 heat press, lol
  2. Don't know how many people here got to go, but Phoenix comicon was pretty fun, at least as a first time at a convention.
  3. Hey, guys! I've made a stamp for a t-shirt based on Jurassic Park and My Little Pony, it turned out sooo cute :3 Hope you apreciate it! You can see it here: Jurassic Pony
  4. Hey everyone! So I've had a couple T-shirt ideas floating around for awhile now but I haven't really felt confident in which site to try and submit them to. I certainly don't want to get hit with a copyright violation but I see pony shirts everywhere! The only place I have any familiarity with is Spreadshirt. Any suggestions?
  5. So I finally got the two t-shirts I ordered a while ago. It is two horror movie t-shirts, on the left you see Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and on the right, a print of the official cover from Halloween (1978). Jokuc is happy today.
  6. Hey y'all my first piece of merchandise came in today and I could not be happier. Take a look!
  7. Hey all Recently my fiance had the idea to make MLP Themed Light sabers! I think they came out quite awesome, i had to share them. Wallpaper ^__^ You can see a full range with individual sabers here Hope you like them!
  8. I figure this is the right section to post this in, if not correct me if I'm wrong. Alright, so one day (actually since I started to like the show) I always wanted a MLP themed T-Shirt. Originally, I went to Hot Topic and found nothing that I actually deemed worthy of purchasing. I than began to search the internet on the matter, same thing, nothing that I really wanted. I then recently found this groovy website called "" which is rather awesome. I love to customize things, and a T-Shirt is a great place to start. Since I still live at my parent's home, I didn't really want to do this (They have no idea I watch this show or take part in a large internet cult) so I was a little wary, but something told me "Do it anyways", mostly it was my incompetence that told me, I just listened. I actually have no idea what my mother's reaction will be when she sees this thing.. I mean she does do my laundry and all.. So yeah, it finally came in the mail, along with another T-Shirt I made and a sticker that is identical to the Rainbow Dash shirt I'm about to show you to put on my car. I woulda gotten more complicated, but it was the first one I made on Redbubble and I wanted to see their product before further purchasing and time was put toward it. I mean, yeah, it's simple, but it almost needs to be. It just says "I don't give a shit" For my next one, I'll probably do a vector of my Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash smashing mailboxes in a Chevy Chevette drawing. That just needs to be a shirt... Anyways, tell me what you think, or don't, or whatever.
  9. Me and my friend head discussion abut MLP comic staring Big Mac, And then start talking abut Lune as she made an apperen's. And all T-shirt's she used. Then funny thought came to mind. What if Luna is T-shirt collector. Would like here your thought on this, if it would be cannon, head cannon our not.
  10. I was looking into getting a t-shirt soon, and I have looked on places like Redbubble and WeLoveFine. I've found some cool designs but I want to know. What are some cool t-shirts that you have seen, or even ones that you have now? Include a link if you have one.
  11. Not sure if someone has posted this already, but WeLoveFine has posted some awesome new pony gear for fans to wear around. Check them out: All of the ponywear is music sensitive, except for the sky blue Rainbow Dash scarf/hat. The shirts are $29, the flying Dashie bag is $39, and the Vinyl Hoodie is $53. (The other RD scarf is only $25.) Get to them quick though - there are only TWO Vinyl Hoodies left in stock!
  12. Finally! After almost three weeks of unbearable longing, my order from RedBubble FINALLY arrived today I ordered three pony shirts on March 9th and it took them this long to actually get them to me... I know, I know... Shipping stuff from USA to Finland... Takes a while, but still... Well here they are in all their glory And man, are these things expensive! I paid 77,14€ (= $98,86) to RedBubble for these three, and as if that hadn't been enough, they got seized at customs and I had to pay the damn high VAT of 24% to... whoever gets the taxes.. Government? I dunno -.-' Anyway, the total price for these three shirts was 95,65€. That's $122,60 for Celestia's sake! Well... I'm broke now, but I don't mind, because I have three awesome t-shirts (that I can't wear anywhere public because aside from my parents, nobody knows I'm a brony -.-) So, what do you people think? Did I get a good deal, or was I ripped? I think the shirts are awesome! Opinions? Also, what kind of experiences do you have with RedBubble?
  13. I started off with a huge men's shirt, and I made it into a cute girly halterneck! You can't see in the picture very well, but I braided the neck straps too, it's super cute now! The writing reads "I don't always watch cartoons, but when I do I watch My Little Pony"
  14. I'm still a bit of a shy brony so I bought something with less pictures and flashiness. Well, what do you guys think? I thought it fitting to get one with my username on it. I have yet to wear it around school but I'm planning on wearing it sometime this week (or once the weather gets a little warmer). Also, what was your first brony t-shirt? Summer is on its way and I'm excited to show my appreciation for the fandom!
  15. [i'm assuming Visua Art basically means drawn art but if it needs to be moved I will be happy to remove it from here and put it in the proper category! :3] I have entered a T-Shirt Design Contest on We Love Fines website. This is my design (not shown on a preview t-shirt. This is smaller then the original.) It is a Bravest Warriors T-Shirt Contest! :3 Here is the preview for the contest: The voting started on the 15th. I am asking that if anypony could vote for me, that would be absolutely amazing. Even if you dont know or like Bravest Warriors, it would be helpful if you would vote. Of course, I'm just asking, not really expecting anypony to vote for me but anything helps! Here is the link to vote. :3 For those who dont know what Bravest Warriors is, it is a Online Cartoon by Pendleton Ward (The creator of Adventure Time) and Frederator. Its shown on the YouTube Account called Cartoon Hangover and its about four 16 year olds. Basically, they help people and stuff kind of like Adventure Time's Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. Its a pretty cool show and I would suggest you guys check it out but its all up to you! :3 Anyway, It would be an extreme help if you help vote. 5 is the best, 1 is the worst. Anything helps but 5 votes are appreciated. Thank you guys! /)(\ (I'm not trying to do this for self advertizing to win, just to help get my entry out there like all the other people in this contest are trying to do. If this post needs to be moved or removed, I totally understand. Just please tell me. :3)
  16. Title sums it up pretty much, i was wondering where the best place to buy brony shirts from, it would be helpful if you post a link below. And i would like to know if the shirts are made of good quality material aswell so that i know i am getting my moneys worth.
  17. So like in the title, what is your favorite T-Shirt? My dad sent me mine while he was deployed to the Arabian gulf (Navy)
  18. So, from what I've heard Welovefine has a different type of prints on their shirts. I've bought from Redbubble and I am now thinking about buying from Welovefine. But after I read this I started to wonder if Redbubble's or Welovefine's prints are best. Is there anypony who has bought from both and know anything about this?
  19. Everypony knows about the BC Children's Hospital charity event going on right now here on the forums; you'd be hard pressed not to. In order to try to do my part (seeing as I don't have any income and artwork isn't accepted) I decided to sell Merry Little Fluttershy (Holiday Fluttershy from my avatar) T-Shirts and put all of my profits made before the charity ends into the donation pool. All profits made afterwards will be donated directly to MLP Forums, so it'll always be donated and I won't be taking any of it for myself. Of course, I only make a small commission off of the shirts since I am selling them through SpreadShirt, but every little bit counts, right? If you want to own a Merry Little Fluttershy T-Shirt or know somepony who would, get one and help out the cause we've got here on the forums while you're at it! You can buy it here: Holiday Fluttershy Cost: $20.40 USD Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL Multiple Color Options