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Found 69 results

  1. So you just basically post a random song lyric. Lemme start ”Ay mamma don’t stress youre mind, we coming home tonight”
  2. I was wondering what everypony's favourite accessories were. Like, the one thing you wear/take everywhere and never leave home/dwelling/domicile without. It could be anything; A hoodie, a backpack, a tool, a pen, a skateboard, etc. My favourite accessory is actually a tied between my string backpack and my trusty knife. I never leave home without either. I carry everything I or somebody else could ever need or want, from aux cables to duck tape, from survival supplies to sunglasses. I'm addicted to being prepared for anything at any moment, and I always am. Anyway, now it's your turn! What are you waiting for? Post away! EDIT: Wow, I did not expect this thread to become this popular. So far I've responded to every post, but as it picks up I may miss a couple, sorry for that in advance. Thanks to everybody who has and will post here!
  3. Exactly as the title suggest. Do you prefer to be alone by yourself or to be surrounded by people? Are you somewhere in between? To be honest I prefer to be alone by far. I do not by any means like being around people let alone socializing with them. Most people in real life hate me anyway. A bunch of people online I'm sure too... XD Even the people who somehow manage to like me in real life, I tend to avoid too, simply because I don't like socializing. So how about all of you lovely forum members? Tell me what your opinion is and why. I'd LOVE to hear it.
  4. The title is pretty self-explanatory. What is your best and worst childhood memory? We were all kids once and some of us still are. *cough* I think my best childhood memory was learning that Santa isn't real because it made me trust my parents a lot more. I know it's a strange best memory but I was so excited to learn that my parents actually loved me and that a huge fat creeper wasn't crawling down my chimney once a year to get a peak at me. My worst childhood memory is probably back when I lived in the country side. In our garage we had a flight of concrete steps leading down to our basement and my father had repeatedly told me not to go near them. He turned his head for two seconds and I was there quicker than ever. The next thing my father heard was: "Thump thump thump thump thump thump" and turned back to see me tumbling down concrete stairs head first. So now I want to hear from all of you! TELL ME TEH MEMORIES!
  5. I searched for this and ended up with no result so I'm assuming this thread doesn't exist yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pretty simply question really. Do you or don't you wear glasses? If you do, why? I do wear glasses myself and my reason is that I'm far sighted. So how about all of you lovely forum members?
  6. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on EQTV, including our iconic Friday movie night, where we watch movies voted by you guys, our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest MLP episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movie Night We will be starting 15 minutes later than usual tonight! Movie Night starts at 5:15 PM CDT / 6:15 PM EDT Tonight we have Luke's Moving Jedi Castle! Howl's Moving Castle 6:15 PM EDT 11:15 PM CET Star Wars: The Last Jedi 8:15 PM EDT 1:15 amCET March 24th. Season 8 Premier! 11:30am and 12:00pm EDT EQTV's CMC Clubhouse! User Events FAQ
  7. On a scale from 1 to 10..... Rules: You must Judge something about the pony above you. No mean things. Low rating is allowed, but don't make fun of them in anyway possible. You must put 4 things about you for them to judge you with. Have sprinkles fun!! Also, the judgement can be about anything. Like if they are a 10 because they love Derpy, or 1 because they hate muffins! I can't judge the forums, but I can put 4 things about me! I love chocolate cake I hate insects I love fantasy and sci-fi novels I have no girlfriend at the moment GO!!
  8. There's nothing that I enjoy more than being psychoanalyzed by hobbyist psychiatrists. I mean, what's not to like? People that don't know you personally and haven't the slightest idea as to what your life is actually like apparently have a far clearer vision as to what it should be like than you ever will. Their wisdom might indeed be infinite... If only it extended to themselves. Different people need different things. Different people function differently. There's this disturbing trend among the amateur psychoanalytical crowd to think that everyone needs precisely the same thing, and that anything venturing outside the accepted "norm" is apparently doing it wrong. This is generally masquerading as good intentions and an overall concern for these poor, pitiful, differently-acting individuals that doubtless wallow constantly in their own, inescapable sorrow. But I know it as arrogance. If you knew me - and you both do not and never will - you would perhaps realize how tremendously erroneous and blatantly lacking in insight your own assumptions (and they are indeed assumptions) are. My life, emotional state, and overall mental health have improved vastly over just the last approaching-two years; this was following a roughly 16-year, seemingly futile uphill struggle against a once severely life-limiting condition. Once severely life-limiting. So, with the help of a love some would deem fictional or wrong or mentally questionable, I have managed to accomplish something in a relatively short period of time entirely without the assistance of psychiatry (amateur or otherwise), and my quality of life has changed dramatically for the better. But obviously I must be personally deluded. Obviously I exaggerate. Surely I was better off when I was afraid of my own bodily functions. Surely my quality of life was comparatively greater when I was nigh endlessly repeating rituals, washing my hands until they cracked and bled, and unsuccessfully battling invasive thoughts. Surely I've misinterpreted these feelings of love and contentment. My improved functionality - as observed by those closest to me - is almost definitely an elaborate shared-dream we're all having. Perhaps I'm asleep right now. How could I really be happy? I've not done things the way others expected me to, and mental health and happiness are exclusively attainable through the applications of by-the-book psychoanalysis and mind-altering drugs. Or, shit... Idunno... Maybe I fell in love. Maybe I found something that matters to me, personally, and I know the damned thing when I see it. Because I am me. And, believe it or not (which you probably won't), your entirely selfish and oftentimes misguided idea of "help" is what hurts people like me. You're the problem, and - were I the psychoanalyzing type - I'd encourage you to get some help for that. Not because you don't believe me. Not because you disagree with me. Not because you're different than I am. But because you fail to recognize the FACT that I am different than you. And I don't need your uninformed, dime-a-dozen analyses. I already have what I need. And you'll never know me.
  9. As EqBeats' days are counted, the next best place to publish pony music seems to be However, I do have a couple of questions about it: So music has to be uploaded in a lossless format. I'm perfectly okay with this, but I have yet to find a song that can be downloaded in a lossless format, preferably FLAC. I know that that used to be possible. Has this feature been removed, and does only offer lossy downloads, or is there simply a setting on the musician's side whether or not to offer lossless downloads? Because that'd be pretty critical for me. Also, it seems like has moved away from the pre-defined genres (the main reason why I originally didn't want to publish there) and adds anything that's in the tags of the uploaded audio files to the list. Am I right? Is this feature here to stay? And what happens if there are multiple genres in the Genre tag which is perfectly standard for Vorbis comments, for example Synthpop; Italo Disco? Does alter tags, and if yes, in which ways? Is it okay with all standard Vorbis comments, maybe even the proposed additional tags (such as Lyricist, Arranger or Original Artist), or does it delete anything it doesn't know (and be it month and day in Time which are standard for Vorbis comments, too)? I mean, I could go look for myself since I should technically have a account now, but I'd like to hear some answers from those who know for sure.
  10. Okai, so I know this isn't exactly a 'topic' but this is just a kinda... THING to introduce myself to you guys :3 I'm just gonna tell you a few things about myself; OC - Harmonic Sketch Instagram - @pegasistersketch Minecraft IGN - ThatKawaiiGeek Fave Pony(ies) - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, AJ, Doctor Whooves, Vinyl. Fave Episode (s) - May the Best Pet Win. A Slice of Life, Canterlot Wedding (1&2), Crystal Empire (1&2) Fave Colours - Orange, Green, Purple, Pink. So yah .3. Dat was some stuff about meh. Oh BTW my Insta page is my second one, that I've only just started. The other one shows ma booooootiful face; wouldn't want anyone to get jealous xD ???? Also I'm from the UK and I'm a mare .-. Dats so normal... So so normal. Oh my Celestia, this thing has gone on for ages. OH WELL BAI <3
  11. The old version doesn't necessarily have to be better than the modern version. Personally, I find CRT screens and muskets are cooler than flat-screens and modern rifles Oh and also old computer games, it wasn't just a bunch of good-graphics shooters that were on the shelves of the local store. What about you?
  12. Everypony we haz bannerz! Here are the May 2015 Banner selections. The theme was Artists Choice (not Luna ... it just happened that way). Remember vote for your TOP THREE banners. Voting will close tentatively on Sunday 11:59 PM EST. Depending on votes cast we may extend it. If you submitted a banner but don't see yours ... don't panic ... PM the Admins directly and we'll sort it out. Also keep your eye on Canterlot Castle as we will be launching the NEW contest very very soon as it is time sensitive. Also if you see Aquila giving me the look of disapproval in here ... it means I made a mistake somewhere. NOW VOTE!
  13. I've noticed something that happens a LOT. I've called it the Nemo Effect. It stands for NEgative Minority Overexposure It's kinda one of those things that happens a lot, and you start noticing it once you point out the effect. Kind of interested to see where I find it, and where you find it.
  14. Just spent a lot of time perfecting my Battlefield 4 beta emblem: So how about you all? Any cool/original/fun/creative emblems to share? I know it's a pain in the arse to make these things work most of the time (I've only ever used the emblem creator in Battlefield 4 but I've seen YouTube videos for other games, and making the random shapes that you get work can be a real annoyance...) Share away! (Also, if you play Battlefield 3/4 on PC feel free to add me! Username is CnC_Eirreann) [Edit: Updated the picture, cuz those ear details make all the difference]
  15. HELLO, I'm The Professor.............But thanks to a Dimensional/Reality Warp & Discord I'm Now Voltron-Defender of............Guess what.......I'm Bored & Unimaginative right now so I'm Going to Play a Little game of Voltron-Defender of (insert what you want me to defend and Why) to add some spice the user above you is my monster of the week that I have to defeat-you tell me how they are defeated......YAY......Form Blazing Sword!
  16. quit

    Ask Link

    Title says it all.... Well this went dead quickly
  17. Hey everybrony, the rules are simple: You get five words per post. Make it interesting! Derpy was delivering mail, when...
  18. I think I'm well over 1,000 by this point- they've become my full stops, pretty much See? Right there! Feel free to go into more detail, if you wish- what emoticons you use more of, where you use them, whatever I did it again!! >_<
  19. I was wondering if anyone else played the amazing game "Osu!" on the computer. If so, what's your favourite beatmaps? How good are ya'? What's the hardest beatmap you can legitimately beat? What's your favourite game type? What's your accuracy? Do you use a mouse or a different device? Any other questions that I can't think to ask right now? Personally, my favourite beatmap (which is also the hardest beatmap I can play without mods) would be this: My accuracy is 86.70% on standard Osu! mode, and 89.(some decimal, I forget)% in Taiko mode. I don't like catch the beat. Taiko > Standard... My best Taiko performance would probably be beating this: I almost full combo'd it.. but no, I had to go and miss 3 on the last section. Probably the most bittersweet victory of gaming history for me. I think I'm pretty good... I mean, for as little I play, I think I'm okay at the game.
  20. This is something about the site I never got. How does one create those clickable spoiler tags?
  21. Here I am.One year later,and still with the same passion that dragged me here on the first place. I'm not precisely the most social of the people on the real world,and I just wanted to make a few friends somewhere,and a place where to stay and be myself,and,one rainy day, I wanted to find that place,and that leaded me to end browsing through the internet and finding a topic from this place,and then I thought that I had found what I wanted so hard during that time.I never regretted the choice of making an account here,and I still don't regret it today. I just wanted to give thanks to everyone on this place. You helped me more than you can think, and, thanks for you all being open to someone like me, I started to be more confident of myself, which made my life better on all the senses. I suck at writting that kind of things... :l I don't know what more to say now.I shared my personal thoughts,and I'm really happy of joining this place. But,of course,there're a few people that are really close to me,and I can consider true friends. Without any hesitation,this people are those who really influected me positively,and I can consider my true friends here: :The most idiot of the ponies by far,but also a person that I know that I can trust.Also,our random conversations practically make my days.Also,platonic crush <3 :A person that I can laugh about practically everything,lel.But also one of the people that I trust the most here.If I have a problem,I know which person I can trust the most to tell it.Do not change,and stay huggable :v *hugs* :I could say a lot of things about my Cackle Brother,and expand it for like 20 more lines,but,with the help of an anonymous user,I wrote a poem for him: Oh,and he also hates Lyra,and is the president of the Lyra Hate Club. <3 :He's a weirdo.That's the best to describe this weird Twily,Coffee and Guns fan.But also a good friend,that always makes me laugh during our conversations *hugs* :v :Pinkeh!! :3 This person is awesome,simple as that.She loves Kaneki Ken,and gives me some of the weirdest nights of my life,for the ammount of surrealist conversation that we both have.Oh,and if you're reading this,you'll get this-> :n( :My very first friend that I made here,and also best Senpai 4 ever <3 But,being serious for one moment,he's a really nice person,and I always enjoy our conversations. Did I got noticed by you...? <3 :Stormfury-Senpai! <3 Another great individual,whose actions and words make people feel better.You really like to wub people,and you deserve the title of Super Senpai <3 :You were missing like a million years,but now you're here again,so you deserve a mention <3 You helped me more than you think,and i want to give you all the posible thanks to you.For being there.For being near me. Those people are the ones that influected me the most,and helped me to become a better person,but,even if you didn't got named here,you're really important to me.Don't forget that <3
  22. Direct your questions at me, if you would.
  23. Now that's two threads about nostaliga : P ''We're losing this battle, start fighting or I'll find someone who can!'' If you played this game, you probably remember that quote. I'm just posting here to see if anyone used to play this game. Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2, and Battlefield 3 pretty much took away the spotlight but BF2's community is STILL running strong. I'm pretty sure there might be a few bronies from here who still play it. What was your favorite map? What was your favorite faction? The Chineese faction sucked didn't it? Also, while we're on this topic, I'd like to show you how the MEC get's down:
  24. ive noticed if i try to look for posts that have a certain tag, i get no results. its strange, cause if i root through the forums manually to find the thread i want, i see several with the tag i was trying to search under, as well as on the thread I'm in. occasionally, it may return one result, and it does it no matter the tag. any ideas why mlp forums won't search for threads or blog posts with the tag I'm looking for?
  25. Can YOU guess where Perry is? I'm bored, so think of some place that Perry might be, and if you are will happen........