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Found 1 result

  1. Hello again! today I am posting an update the My Little Pony game I posted a while ago. (I am still new here and still do not know if I am posting these things in the right place) This game was and is mainly a project for me to see how far I can get, what I can accomplish and to see if people like it. So far in this game there are three playable characters: Twilight, Luna, and last but certainly not least, Discord, Each character has different abilities, for example Luna can fly and Twilight cannot while Discord has multiple assorted powers such as flipping over houses and changing the time. I have never seen a My Little Pony game that allows you to play as Discord, so I am proud to say that in this game you can indeed play as Discord and flip over some houses along with other assorted powers. Things added in this update: *A Luna level *Discord can now alter the time *Changed/Fixed mouse sensitivity *Multiple bug fixes *unfortunately I am still lacking a proper name for the game. Things that are soon to come: *A changeling level, changelings will be able to do exactly as they do in the show, fly, magic, and turn into other ponies *More houses and if I can accomplish it, ponyville in it's entirety, I have been slowly modelling houses and such things, any help with this would be greatly appreciated because as I am sure you can guess this is a very big project and is very time consuming for one person. Please let me know what you think about this game DOWNLOAD: The help topic for new ideas is here: Please actually read the "READ ME" file, it is very helpful. Disclaimer: Although I made the game and most of the models, I did take a few resources from the web, all credits are in the read me file, or in the about section on the main menu. If by some odd chance you have come across this game and have created one of the things used in the game and you don't want it to be used in the game just tell me and I will remove it (I am not good with copyright and I don't want to piss anyone off)