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Found 21 results

  1. Which pony has the cutest tail =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) I would say Rarity =)=)=)=)=)=) Btw I like her hair =)=)=)=)=) Fan art Its pretty =)<3 :grin2:
  2. Maybe you were on your way to work, or perhaps you were just chilling out at home one evening. You suddenly witness an extraordinary event. A white unicorn nomming the tail of a yellow pegasus, while that pegasus nommed their tail. Your reaction? Edit: Not sure why this was moved to Forum Games. That's strange.
  3. So which pony of the mane 6 has the most cuddly tail
  4. YAY! I just finished my first glowing tail tonight! I'm going to bring it to the con with me and perhaps show it off a little. I want to make more but I'll have to wait until I'm free enough. I might make the next glowing tail a light pink!
  5. Hey everybuggy, Lately i've been finding myself drawing ponies with my sister, though most of the times we do show characters, sometimes we like to do ponysona's or create OC's, in these cases coming up with mane/tail styles and colors is kind of hard, for picking color you can just use your favorite one, and for mane style we can derive from show characters, ad the ever-popular Rainbow Dash manecut. With that in mind, I ask, how you come up with mane/tail styles for your OC's? Sometimes you canderive from your own haircut but it's not that simple for males. Here is a pic of an unfinished drawing where i went with Doctor Whooves style and found myself in creative block to come up with something new, please ignore the wing, as i said it's a Work-in-progress.
  6. Sometimes, even though the Mane 6 are fine being themselves, we would imagine them being different in some way or another. How would you change the appearance and behaviour of each member, if you can do so? Would you turn Pinkie into some Punkamena chick? Or Dash into the incarnate Rainbow Factory horror? Or Twilight into some insane, green-furred earth pony who is nothing but data and bytes?
  7. Her tail so beautiful sculpture of her skilled hoof of fashion beautifully styled perfect lovely wonderful creation of divine angel artist fashionista pony lovely princess jewel <3<3<3<3 Rarity <3<3 Her tail is so unique magnificent and lovely absolutely darling to look at soft silken huggabble smooth warmth feeling <3<3 Lovely purple shade of royal elegance and beauty shining inside <3<3 emerging from her endless source of inspiration her lovely burning generosity passion for hrer art sand the beautiful skill displayed in her unique perfect creations<3
  8. I tried draw this Rarity =)=)=) :grin2: :grin2: *hides*
  9. What do you think about the game? Have you played it? Do you hope for a sequel? Post your thoughts. (Please do not post spoilers!)
  10. So here is my new OC, Dark Star. Born and raised in Canterlot. Lost his parents early on and was forced to living on the streets. Later adopted by a noble family. Dedicated his life to learning magic and combat[Mostly sword]. Part of the Lunar guard until Luna's banishment. Later sent to prison for acts of conspiracy. There being interrogated and tortured, later the cause for the loss of his horn. Released of Celestias order but never to be the same. This is him confused and somewhere in before all the bad happened in his life. And his cutie mark[Had to be on grey background or else you would not see it properly ] Tell me what you think ^-^ I know I messed up on many things.
  11. From what scene or ability do the Mane Six/plus Sun-Shimmie get those?
  12. The materials from my last entry have been made into stuff! Yay! Anyway... First, I made my hooves. You can't tell, but the color is very nice. On the right are my back hooves and on the left are my front hooves. I showed them from the back and front. The back does have the paper fasteners but I think it looks neat xD I'm not sure if I'll use these because they are a bit silly. Then, I made my tail. The tail is absolutely ridiculous. I'll have to attach it to a belt as well, to get it on. And its so...flat. And like the hooves, not sure if I'll use it. Finally, the cutie mark. On the right, its shown on the foam of my tail, so you get the idea. On the left, its shown on the skirt I'm planning to wear. I mean, come on, the skirt just screams Twilight Sparkle. I'll say more about that in my next entry. I thought of showing you how the hooves look on me, but I'd rather not...
  13. Hey Every pony! I Recently Drew An Oc! (YAY ME) but i have a problem (awe) I DON'T KNOW A NAME!!?? OR A HAIR COLOR??? so can you ponies help me on this problem and give me your opinion about my pony! Her Talent Is Fashion Designing ( Hense The Dress Form Cutie Mark Yes Its A Human Dress form Which I Now Just Noticed But Its Fine Right?) She Loves Mix And Matching (hense the socks/shoes)
  14. hulloo all, im having a bit of trouble finding good sites for referencing hairstyles. pony hairstyles are difficult for me to invent, and yet it is one of the few ways to define one pony from another. yes colour is always a reliable option, but a unique silhouette is important as well. anyhoo, some links to good hairstyle galleries would be appreciated.<--that's my point.
  15. So how powerful is a ponies tail anyway and can they control it? In the episode Baby Cakes, we see 3 characters using their tails in order to do task that look very hard to do and would require a lot of control. Mr. Cakes is able hold 2 baby diapers on his tale. It kinda looks like he can control it. Next Mrs. Cake, is able to balance a tray with two bottles of milk on her tale. Pinkie Pie pushes it. Her tail can support her whole body and even lift a bucket of water. Now she maybe able to do this because her tail is very fluffy then the other. So do all ponies have very powerful tails or could it just be something earth ponies can do?
  16. this is the continuation of this:
  17. So I was wondering if there was anypony around here who has ever customized or altered a G4 pony in any way, either to make the pony more show-accurate or to create your own pony or a pony that doesn't exist as a toy (eg Derpy Hooves). I for one like to style my manes so that they are as show-accurate as I can make them. They're not perfect (and I've seen people online do a much better job than me) but I'm satisfied with them and I prefer them now than I did when I first unboxed my ponies. I have styled the manes for $5 brushables who are not canon to the show. I own Snowcatcher, Lulu Luck, and Feathermay. I've given each of them a unique hairstyle that does not make them look quite so much like recolors of the mane 6. I have also repainted 2 ponies: Celestia and Cheerilee. I painted Pinklestia white and she looks beautiful. I painted Cheerilee because her toy is more like her G3 character than her G4 character, so I painted her a darker purple (although it's probably too dark, but oh well) and I repainted her cutie mark. I also sorta dyed her mane a more purple color using a purple sharpie and rubbing alcohol. I hope to never need to do anything like that again... Now I'm currently rehairing Rainbow Dash so that her mane and tail can become more show-accurate. I haven't bought her hair yet, but right now I'm in the midst of getting her old hair out of her head (and it's a pain in the butt, but hopefully the finished product will be awesome!) So, does anypony else customize their ponies in any way?
  18. It's also the image I'm using for my pixel art tutorial, and I show it step-by-step how to make it while using it also to teach people new techniques of pixel arting
  19. 4th video of Mission: Impossible is premiering soon, so I thought I'd try out something pony related to it. Then what better episode to use than Feeling Pinkie Keen ? =)