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Found 2 results

  1. So this is the second modern mansion that I have made, so here we go.
  2. This is a new Fanfiction I am writing. I will post links down below to tell if I have updated. Start here: CHAPTER 1:THE WORRIES. Vinyl Scratch was in her room wondering about something.Vinyl sighed. "I wish I could meet her again..." Vinyl sighed. Octavia peeked in. "Vinyl? Are you alright?" she questioned. "I am fine." she lied. "Vinyl...Tell me." Octavia pleaded. "Its private!" Vinyl said in a low voice. "Octavia, you won't understand this-" "Yes I will." "OK here it comes...I have a secret friend when I was a filly. She was my only friend. We both have the same mane and that. Until you came along...It's not your fault...She moved somewhere else." Vinyl Scracth had a tear falling down. "Wow, what was her name?" Octavia asked. "Lily." she answered. "The one thing we have in common...Is we are both interested in music." Vinyl Scratch cried. A knock was at the door. "You open the door. I'm too sad to move." Octavia opened the door. A black mare with a black coat and Vinyl's mane was outside. Vinyl Scratch walked in. She couldn't believe it. It was Lily. "LILY!!!" Vinyl yelled. "VINYL!!!" Lily yelled. They came to hug eachother. "I missed you so much!" Lily said. "We have a extra room if you wanna stay." Octavia welcomed her in. "I actually wanna stay. I got kicked out of a house. But I will try my best." Vinyl trusted her. "Welcome!" she said. Something strange happened. Vinyl waked up. "IT WAS ALL A DREAM!!!!! Aww no!" Octavia was busy making some Cornflakes. "Oh, just the morning." Vinyl sighed. "I would never share my secret friends name!" Octavia turned as she put in a spoon. "What secret friend?" Octavia asked. "Hint number 1. I might never share it. Or EVER share it, but you know, its a secret." Octavia tried to think but gave up and ate her Cornflakes. "You should have Breakfast." Octavia suggested. "You need to lay off a bit." Vinyl set up some Poptarts. "This is helping a bit. Thanks for the suggestion!" Octavia shrugged. "Never knew that would work." After Breakfast Vinyl went for a walk. "I need to lay off a bit." A black bunny appeared. "AH! I AM NOT SHARING MY FRIENDS NAME!!!!!!!" _______________________________________________________ (Update soon)