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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to know more about you guys from a physical perspective. I am 5'1 and 115 lbs... yes, I am short but I am stronger than I look
  2. So people how tall are you? me 183cm or 6feet.
  3. Feeling kinda bored right now, so I thought I'd make a new topic. I'm curious how tall a lot of you are. As for me, I'm about 5'5" What about y'all?
  4. Had a short discourse with a member earlier, and it got me wondering: how tall do some of you prefer your romantic partner to be? Taller? Shorter? About the same? I'm really curious to see what the community likes. And while the poll doesn't take into account all genders, sexualities, etc., I'd like to see some of the stats on males vs. females in terms of how tall they prefer a partner. I'm also doing stats based on posts, so if you don't fit the bill for any of the poll options, just put up a post! I'm male and prefer about the same or taller. I was married to someone a few inches shorter than myself, so obviously there's flexibility. DISCLAIMER: Just as a note, it should go without saying that there are a multitude of factors that go into what a person likes in a partner – subjective ones, objective ones, values and qualities that hold greater and lesser importance than each other. People also have varying strength sexual drives; physical attraction bears different importance amongst everyone, and for some, it can be non-applicable. There's also the matter of each person's love language: some people are more receptive to touch, others to words, and some to gifts or gestures. This is just a poll to query a preference in a specific area, namely physical height. So don't worry, voicing one way or another doesn't mean you're glossing over all the other things. Also, please be mindful of the language you use. We don't want to involuntarily oust anyone here who might feel one way or another about, well, anything honestly. This thread is just to collect input on where each member stands about the subject, not their thoughts about others' views.
  5. If you've read the title of this thread, chances are you already know what this is all about. If you happen to be against the idea of a global age limit, you may with to read through the rest of this post, in order to gather an appreciation for the reasoning behind our decision. MLP Forums was originally intended to cater to members of all age groups. Given that the very focus of these forums is on that of a children's cartoon, intuition would likely prevent many from assuming otherwise. However, as the forums have grown and evolved, it has become increasing clear to us that some aspects of the Brony fandom (such as risqué shipping, the discussion of NSFW fandom elements, etc..) tend to be more suited towards that of a teen to adult audience, as opposed to those aged twelve and below. Furthermore, many threads located in and around the Life Advice and General Discussion boards carry more mature elements that may not be suited for particularly younger members. In response to these changes, we've decided to implement a global age requirement to the forums. The age minimum will result in the following: All new members are required to be aged thirteen or older in order to participate in the forums. All existing members aged under thirteen will be unable to participate in the forums until their thirteenth birthday, after which their account will become accessible once more. Given the rather hefty implications the age minimum brings, it's worth noting what the requirement will and won't achieve. Below are a handful of responses given for some of the arguments raised in the age limit suggestion thread: Member age ≠ maturity. It never has, and never will. Honestly, I couldn't agree with that statement more. If anything, these forums have proven to be quite an ideal instance of mature discussion across all age groups. However, be that as it may, the mental and/or emotional development of members isn't what we're attempting to filter here. Taking into account that many parents and guardians of younger children do in fact care about what content their children are exposed to on the internet, in addition to those who do consider what they view based upon a recommended or compulsory age limit, such a limit would effectively function as an indicator to those who wish to monitor what they or their children do and do not view. Moreover, a good deal of accountability for what is observed within the forums is shifted from the administration to the user themselves. Can't members simply lie about their age, rendering the whole minimum useless? They sure can, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. I have no doubt that many members will falsify their age to access the forums. Though, as previously mentioned, in doing so any liability is placed directly on the individual, rather than on the forums as a whole. Isn't this just a knee-jerk reaction to the whole Ol' Sarge incident? The incident regarding Ol' Sarge was without doubt the catalyst for change, but it wasn't the only factor. The idea of an age requirement had been tossed around long before the event arose - we'd had time to give the proposal some solid thought, rather than diving in headfirst at the first sign of trouble. As with any sort of blanket measure, a global age minimum is by no means a global cure - the overall effectiveness of the age minimum still remains to be seen. Nevertheless, given the forums current direction in terms of content, I'm willing to say that it's a step in the right direction.