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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, so this was like a week old news but I have tried to search for these in almost all targets and none of the store have them in stock. Is this some sort of error? and has anyone spotted them at their target? I fear it might been a limited edition items or a pre-release item. what do you guys think?
  2. So as you are aware, we have this Target special called "The Toycracker," which is now on its Youtube Channel Apparently, Pinkie Pie and Rarity(in Toy form) make a minor appearance. But it sounds like Andrea Libman and Tabitha St. Germain were voicing them both for the special. Is this true? And if so, who voices the other characters(Kelly Sheridan as Barbie maybe?)
  3. Alongside others in an odd crossover(Ex: Leonardo from TMNT, the Minions from Despicable Me) I dunno who provides the voice of this character. I doubt it would be the original actor unless Target was able to convince her agent into recording lines.
  4. Hello everypony, It seems Mane-Iac will appear as a brushable figure exclusive to Target!
  5. Remember "My Trip to Wal-mart"? well, I said I had more stories somewhere, so here it is! Life Stories #2! This time, a woman's daughter bumps into me, and her mother over-reacts. You will have intense enjoyment. (I am in bold, The woman is in italics.) *Girl bumps into me and drops her pony toy* "*incoherent rambling of some sort about her bumping into me*" "Ma'am, it's quite alright, she didn't notice me." "Oh, look, we have a smart in target! move along! this is our business!" "No, ma'am, it's alright if she bumps into me, there's no need for that language either." "Hm, alright, how about this. you walk out of the ailse before I come over there and whoop your !" "Ma'am! Please, I'm not looking for bad language!" "alright, I wont swear towards you anymore, you little delinquent!" "Oh, yeah, I'm a delinquent when we have some old hag who cant learn to respect someone for five seconds!" *worst mistake I made that day* "Oh, yeah, says the little homo lookin' for a little rainbow pony! you should be ashamed, dishonoring your gender!" "Yep, totally homo. just because I like ponies means I'm a homo. you know there is over a million people just like me who are married? Get out you stupid h ." "Ha! I wouldn't be suprised if you used the "Secretly we are gay" saying! f t! Oh, haha, yeah, why dont you come and say it to my face, you fat disgusting ! HURHURHURHURHUR *not joking, I did laugh like this*, SuWAG! *walks away* So, now that I've gotten my imaginary gold medal for swaggin' it, now it's time for her gold medal for stupidest person on the planet. (I have censored this post because of this womans foul mouth, and mine. I would have gone into a lot more detail, however, I would probably get a warn post on me. This woman is terrible with her language.) Keep calm and brony on. She is the finest example why america is stupid. What are your thoughts on this?