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Found 10 results

  1. DraynaRue

    Tea or Coffee

    What does everypony prefer? Tea or Coffee? If you don't like either then just put down your favourite hot drink? ...and if you don't like hot drinks then just tell me best pony?
  2. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    How do you take your Coffee or Tea?

    Hey there! So I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts with French Vanilla, Cream, and Extra Extra Sugar. I normally only get coffee on the rare occasion that I need to be pulling an all nighter and tonight was one of those nights! How do you prefer your Coffee or Tea? Is it homebrewed? or do you go to a Starbucks,Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Etc.. to get it? How often do you drink coffee?
  3. Aurelleah

    Tea - [Animation] Trollestia Strikes Again! Is no tea safe?? Is no hot caffeinated beverage SACRED??? Whatever is this world coming to? And what was derpy doing snooping on our protagonist? See, these are life's big questions. Hope everyone enjoys the animation!
  4. Boyevyye De

    A good type of Tea.

    Staraborshov. It is a weak black tea that is strongly malted, funny enough. I got one at a wine, coffee, and tea place with a couple of friends here and it was VERY good. Any good tea recommendations?
  5. (OOC thread) Silver Spoon stood outside the office door. The door was a rich, dark mahogany, embossed with the words "SILVER PLATTER". She knocked twice. "Come," came her father's voice from within. The young grey earth pony pushed the door open with her hoof, and walked over to Silver Platter's desk. He looked up from his work and asked, "Silver Spoon, dear, is there something the matter?" Silver Spoon opened her mouth and dropped the magazine she'd been carrying onto his desk. She gave her father her cutest smile and pointed to an exquisite pearl necklace being modelled in the magazine by an elegant white unicorn with a flowing pink mane. "Please daddy," she asked, "can I have one of these?" She knew he wouldn't be able to resist that smile. "Let me take a look", said Silver Platter. His eyes came to rest on the price tag. "What?! Fifty bits?! You've got to be foaling with me!!" "Bit please," Silver Spoon begged, fluttering her eyelashes, "Diamond Tiara's daddy always gets her whatever she wants. She's even got a diamond tiara!" Maybe if Diamond Tiara's daddy paid me a better salary, thought Silver Platter. "No", he said, "I'm not going to pay fifty bits for some cheap piece of tat that you can hang around your neck." Silver Spoon burst into tears and ran off. Silver Platter knew better than to go after her. She needed some time to calm down. Silver Spoon walked to her bedroom dejectedly. The smile hadn't worked. Neither had the tears. She kicked at a teddy pony angrily. She kicked again. "Ow! Stars above!" she exclaimed. Her hoof had hit something hard. She looked down. It was the huge wooden tea chest her father had given her for her cuteceñera. Full of different exotic teas - Earl Grey, Lapsang Stallion, English Breakfast, Daflank Green, and more. An idea started to form in her head. If daddy wouldn't get her the necklace, she would get it herself! Silver Spoon moved the last of the chairs into position, and looked around at the results of her efforts. She'd set up several small round tables and chairs on the lawn in front of her house. Behind a larger rectangular table, there was a cauldron of boiling water, heated by a small camping stove she'd found in the cupboard under the stairs. (Since when had daddy ever been camping?!) One last thing to go. She hung up the banner that she'd made. It read: Silver Spoon's Café. Now she just had to wait for the customers to roll in.
  6. This roleplay is basically a serial 1x1. Silver Spoon is running a roadside café to earn a few extra bits. Any other EQE character can drop in at any time for a cup of tea and a chat. (She makes a very good cup of tea.) There are several tables set up, so she can host more than one customer at a time if Ponyville folk are feeling thirsty. So basically, if you have an EQE character, then feel free to join in this roleplay. You don't need to ask here first. Just turn up. And if you get bored, then finish your tea and leave. Simples.
  7. Eloquence

    MLP in Adagio Tea

    Since virgil_harris recently made a thread to discuss tea, I think it's only fitting for us to have a thread to discuss My Little Pony tea! Specifically I am referring to the MLP related "fandom blends" on, of which there are very very many. So many in fact that even when I'm ready to start buying pony teas there's no way I could try them all, and I won't even know where to start. So I'm putting this thread here for people to post their reviews and recommendations of pony-themed teas that they've tried. You can even self-promote, if you've created any pony-themed blends you'd like to share. Just make sure to tell us why your tea is worth trying, not just that it is! Side note: I don't know if there are any other pony-themed teas out there, but if there are you're more than welcome to talk about those too!
  8. Teh Silly Luna

    Iced tea and forums?

    So I was talking with this one specific person on Omegle and I told him/her what I was doing, which had to be iced tea and forums. After that, they said: "I didn't realize forums and iced tea were sentient." So, I began to think... Are forums and Iced tea sentient? Or is it just a random thing to put while typing to a stranger? But either way, just wondering if they were sentient, and so I made this topic about what he/she said. So... Have fun!
  9. GameRectangle

    biscuit appreciation

    i love biscuits, you love biscuits now is the time to tell us what your favorite biscuit and why! mine is custard cremes and digestives, why? they taste good and are nice to dip into tea
  10. ShinyRibbonsAndSparkles

    Visual Art CAMEOWMILE!

    Boy, was this beauty hard to make. I accidentally erased the first sketch and almost ragequit, but I decided I wanted to make a pic this awesome and redid it. Wouldn't Nep and Jade make the best of friends?