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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone in school right now is probably experiencing some level of confusion, whether it’s dealing with online school or social distancing rules in actual school buildings. Whatever it is, it’s probably stressful, so that’s why I created this thread to talk about it. So, for those of you in school during 2020, how has it been for you so far? Are you stressed, anxious, or scared? Are you actually excited or looking forward to something? Feel free to discuss it all here! Might as well lay down a few rules before anyone starts: - If you need homework help, there’s already a separate thread for that. Talking about, for example, how homework is different for you now is completely fine. - If you want to vent, go ahead, but please do not discuss anything overly political or toxic. You are welcome to share your feelings, but let’s not start any fights! - Obviously the virus will be a big discussion topic in this thread, but like the above rule says, nothing too political is allowed or anything that would start a big fight. Just be mindful of each other and everything should be fine Now that all the rules are out of the way, feel free to share all your thoughts and experiences about the new year. It’ll definitely be different, but I believe in all of you! Good luck to all students this year!!
  2. Well? I do online schooling and I never thought to ask my teachers, so I don't know. Are any of your teachers a brony? School just started, so it's the best time of any.
  3. So, yeah. As the title says, I'd like to know your school schedule (as in the order of your classes and at what times) and if you like your schedule or not. Recently, the school changed all of our schedules so instead of school starting at 8:50 AM (I used to wake up at 8:15) and ending at 3:00 PM, it now starts at 8:15 AM and ends at 3:15 PM. Instead of having 4 periods, we now have 5 periods of classes, but in this new schedule, we have a free period, and thus we still maintain our 4 classes and not 5 despite it being a 5-period schedule. Lunch is now at 12:01 PM and ends at 12:49 PM sharp. Since I have a 3rd period spare on odd-numbered days (e.g, April 15), and lunch is immediately after this, I essentially have a 2 hour lunch break. However, it's quite aggravating to get up at 7:30 AM in the morning to get to school by 8:15 AM and if I go to sleep late it kills my mood during the day... plus the 2 hour break is a bit too long for my liking. Classes are now about 70 minutes each instead of 75, but the old schedule was superior because everything was actually balanced Mind you, I don't have the 2 hour lunch break every day, as in even-numbered days I have two separate breaks (2nd period and the Lunch break, immediately after Business class on 3rd period). It's just so inconsistent and, gah!
  4. Champion RD92 started a topic this morning about crappy teachers. We've all had them, but I want to know about the good ones. Personally, I had two, the first in high school, my senior English teacher. I was doing ridiculously well in his class, when he assigned a book review. We were allowed to choose any book, so long as he approved it. Based on a recommendation from an ex boyfriend, I chose A Clockwork Orange. I hated it. HATED. The assignment was due in two weeks, and after completing the book, I asked if I could switch. He asked why I wanted to switch. I told him I couldn't stand the book. I understood where the author was coming from, but it made me intensely uncomfortable. He said I couldn't switch. I told him I could finish another book in time. He said he knew that, and still said no, because he knew this book would challenge me. He was right, and I got a C-. But he did challenge me, which was rare in high school. My other one was last semester, I have dyscalculia, which is the math form of dyslexia. I had already flunked Trig twice, so had changed my major, and was now taking the lowest math possible to get a non science degree. The teacher wasn't great. He was old and decrepit, and often confused himself, which confused me tenfold. I was doing generally poorly in the class, and decided not to take the final, because there was no reason, I was going to flunk the class if I didn't pass the final, which I also was not going to pass. I had a decent rapport with the teacher, and had told him about my struggles. I failed the final, but he still gave me a pity pass of a C, and I'm now finished with math for college. Huzzah!
  5. Hello everypony! I was at school today after 17:00 and got my scores from January to March. Here they are! Latvian Language: i 8 9 7 8 i Very good that reading books in Latvian language Russian: i i 7 5 i i i Russian Literature: 8 English: 8 8 8 Exelent! Math: 3 5 10 7 6 Trying good Natural Science: 7 6 Very good working on lesson, but in house sometimes doesn't Sport: i 7 8 Music: 9 9 9 History: 6 Latvian History: 7 10 Social Science: 8 Wood, metal ect. lessons (Boys): 9 Drawing/Art: 6 8 10 9 Teacher say I am very smart I also love my math score 3 ;( 5 :/ 10 :3