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Found 2 results

  1. ChB

    The Teacup Reaction

    It seems that the Teacup Reaction has no inherent meaning in this forum. Thus, it seems that it can mean anything the user wants it to mean. To those who give the Teacup Reaction to some posts, what does the teacup reaction mean to you? What kind of posts do you give them to?
  2. Ok, memes are funny and great, and are used very frequently; however, I hate that some memes are being used in an area that should not have them. I hate to be the hater, but someone needs to address this issue before it becomes very problematic, and that person might as well be me. Remember, this post is just a suggestion that I have, nothing more. The problem: I have already seen plenty reactions of "I see", "Number one", and “teacup” and I can already tell that abuse is on its way if not already here. The reaction system already feels like a meme in and of itself when it's supposed to represent how someone feels. Seriously, how could one possibly feel like they are "teacup" about the post, or "I ‘I see’ this post". It's very odd, and I don't normally use those reactions because I don't take them seriously and they don't fit in most of the time, yet others do it anyways. It just makes the post less serious and more of a meme and funny than anything, unless you ignore the reaction system. Putting memes into the reaction system provides any forum user unrestricted access to memes and encourages them as well. Doing this makes the memes appear frequently and makes them more annoying. Who wouldn't press the "I see" button? It makes us laugh, so why not? My point is, it's too tempting to not consider pressing a meme reaction button, unless the topic is something very serious like something about death or pain. Problems that could arise and maybe are arising from this: Let me list the consequences of placing a meme in the reaction system. First, you eventually kill the meme due to abuse and constant exposure to it in most topics. Second, it's hard to express your feelings when the reaction system has memes and is becoming a meme itself because of it. Third, it's hard to understand how people feel about your post and what their reaction to it is when there are meme reactions. Fourth, it's annoying for memes to pop up everywhere, especially dead memes, not saying that any current reaction meme here is dead. Fifth, there are memes that some people dislike anyways, but having them on a forum reaction system is even more annoying. My solutions: Here are the solutions I propose. (1) One could make a forum section/subsection that holds all the meme topics and posts located and take out all the memes from the reaction system and place them there. (2) Move the reaction system memes into the emoji system instead, though I wouldn’t prefer this solution since the memes are still there. (3) Erase the memes from every system altogether. Posts and comments can have memes, just not the reaction system and emoji system, or so forth. One last thing I wanted to say. I actually don’t care about there being memes in the reaction system, and I personally find them to be somewhat funny. To be honest, if they left I just might miss them a slight bit. Also, I'm fine with temporary meme reactions, the ones I'm referring throughout to this post are those that are permanent. The reason I posted this is because I speculated that these permanent meme reactions could become annoying and could lead to a few problems, since meme abuse is a common crime on the internet these days. Apologies if I offended anyone. Disclaimers: I know the “Number one” reaction is temporary, and I also know there are other reactions in the reaction system that aren’t memes and that actually show how one feels about a post.