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Found 56 results

  1. I've been playing TF2 for a very long time and even played it a lot on my gaming channel and that got me wondering, how many of you guys also play TF2 as well as your favourite classes, items maps etc. I'm just a curious person :3 Personally my favourite is Spy but I'm best with Soldier, I use different weapons almost everyday so it's hard for me to pick one and my favourite map is orange_toyfort. I'm on a server with that map almost everyday xD
  2. I'm a relatively new Pyro main (only at about 75 hours as of typing this out, and in fact at this point it's only my 3rd most played class after Sniper, who was initially my main and remains my top secondary, and Demoman, who's always been one of my secondaries), 300+ hour Pyro mains go easy on me. Also, I'll just leave you all with the list for now. I will say that pretty much every Pyro weapon above D is viable in my experience and f*** even D-tier weapons can be useful aside from stock melee which is worse than every other option than the dumpster fire that is the SVF and the Phlog is more than viable as well if it isn't properly countered by a Direct Hit/Liberty Launcher/Air Strike Soldier or really anybody else (except spies and Degreaser/Flare Pyros) with two brain cells. I will say that I think a couple of these placements are probably controversial, my Detonator placement is likely the best example. Also Dragon's Fury is underrated, even if it still isn't very good. EDIT: A couple of adjusted placements and Rainblower added because of the taunt (which makes it slightly better than stock even if other than that and the Pyroland it's identical). I will however note this list will have no duplicates otherwise because all others offer no improvements over stock.
  3. This will probably never happen, but a crossover that I'd like to see with MLP would be TF2. Here's how the episode would go out: Twilight is in her castle library when Fluttershy shows up and starts rummaging through the books. She then asks where the intelligence is. Twilight becomes confused, saying that all the books have intelligence. Suddenly, Fluttershy (the real one) shows up, and the first Fluttershy turns out to be the Blu Spy, who gets covered in girate by the Red Sniper. The Sniper takes them, along with the other 5 ponies, Spike, and Big Mac, to a place called "The Badlands", where the rest of the team is waiting. The ponies get trained by the Red team, and become the respectable mercenaries: Twilight is sniper, Pinkie is pyro, Rainbow is scout, Fluttershy is Medic, Mac is Heavy, Apple is engineer, Starlight is demo, Rarity is spy, and Spike is soldier. One day on the job, Twilight notices another Twilight on the battlefield, who turns out to be a robot clone. After confronting both teams about this, the ponies learn that the red Demo, medic, engineer and spy, and the Blu heavy, soldier, sniper, scout and pyro are also robot clones. Then the whole badlands (Like in the comics) gets overrun with robots created by Gray Ponne, following the deaths of Redmond and Blutarch Ponnee. With the defeat of the robots, both the Red and Blu team learn to accept one another and stop fighting.
  4. Hello guys! it's been a long time since the last i visited this forum. Well, i am actually busy with other stuffs like animating, drawing, and life activities. And to be honest, i don't really follow the MLP new stories and stuffs including the movie like i used to in the past, but i still make MLP artworks tho' Here's my latest MLP artwork which is a crossover with one of my best games i have ever played, Team Fortress 2!
  5. Just two guys from Boston dancing. Please ignore the corpse in the background. "I'm the real Spy!" "No, I'm the real Spy!" nerf engineer.jpg I don't even know how I got this many points. All I did was build a sentry and shoot people. Kaztotsky tower! The only one of these screenshots that was taken recently. I don't remember why I took this screenshot. I think it was because this was the first time I had ever seen a boxtrot spy, and I thought it was really cool. Man, I used to be such a noob.
  6. Something I worked on a month ago, you can find it on my deviantart page. This took me about 30 minutes? It could've been an hour, I wasn't keeping track of the time while I was drawing it. Here's the link to the deviantart page:
  7. Another Anmation SFM YT : Video :
  8. Mine is the HazMat Headcase for Pyro and Sniper. What's yours?
  9. Guess what. i sure as heck am. The update took tf2 as we know it and shoved it down a blender, then poured that blended mess into a new mess that is cs:go. they literally turned my favourite game into Counter Strike: Global offensive. I am dissapointed and mad at the same time. why? because Pubs are no longer. You cannot choose what map you want to play. you're given a random chance of either map in that rotation. no wait, rotations are no more. voting system is disabled on valve servers. THIS PISSES ME OFF! I was waiting an entire 30 minutes just to find a match of attack/defense and they put me in the worst possible map: cp_Junction. i tried again, i got steel, which pleased me seeing as i like cp_steel. but when we were about to win, the entire enemy team left, leaving us in a 5v12 sorta situation. and guess what. No Autobalance. that's right. however some things pleased me about the update. such as the mediguns now using the Quick-fix speed attribute across all mediguns. Blast jump mirroring is however only for the quickfix. and... thats it. they also killed my favourite primary for the scout: the shortstop. you can now PUSH people???? WHY?! that 20% extra Health from Health packs was a big deal and it was to no harm! so yeah.... that's my semi-rant about the meet your match update...... gee wiz, i hope they don't screw us over again like this.
  10. So when I ask this question, I typically try to have the combatants have some kind of common theme or comparable spirit to their characters. In this case, I suppose it's fairly obvious, both are Russian supermen who are the big muscles and bigger heart to their respective friends and allies. Their methods of combat rely on enduring punishment and dealing it out in equal measure. What's more is that they are both card carrying members of the Soviet Union from when it still WAS the Soviet Union. That being said they aren't exactly the same. The Heavy, though appearing simple minded, is actually a bit more intellectually inclined when not doing his job where Zangief, again not stupid but is more "proletariat" in his intellect to put it politely. Plus while Zangief has close ties to his government, often having meetings with its leader and being the representative of Russia on the World Warrior circuit, the Heavy busted out of a gulag and his father was a counter-revolutionary. So if the two were to ever clash, for whatever reason you want to justify their conflict, who do you think would be victorious? (And before anypony says it, think of how many rounds each member of the Team takes before dying, how often melee kills happen in TF2, and that Zangief is of similar build to the Heavy and the Heavy can take a massive number of shots from another Heavy's minigun before dying.) Now all that being said, let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllllllle!
  11. I recently started returning to TF2 and I was wondering if anyone who looks at this thread as used MLP names or references to weapons and hats. I am wondering if there is any reference or MLP themed name that could go on my Unusual Bonk! Helm (the effect is Circling TF logo btw.) I am also looking for strange weapon suggestions. My inventory can be found here: If you do have a suggestion and wish to help me with suggestions, post it in this format: (TF2 weapon's original name) - (The weapon's new name after renaming it) - (Optional: A description.) Here is an example I have made myself: Strange Quick-fix - Fluttershy's gift of sharing kindness - Default weapon description (basically no description.)
  12. Hello! I, again, ask for your help.. please Basically other than a singing channel I have a gaming channel that I've been kinda neglecting by accident. I was hoping some of you could leave some critique, as harsh or as kind as you want, on how I can improve You can look through the channel but the main types of videos I'm planning to do in the future are ones like this: All you need to know is I only have movie maker to edit... yea I know it's sucky but It's all I can get my hands on Thank you for reading and, if you did, thank you for leaving feedback, all is appreciated
  13. "Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other." -Charles Lamb Read more at HIRING A UGC IRON TEAM! REQUIREMENTS: At least 900 Hours on tf2 At least 30 Hours on the class to play Basic knowledge of map rollouts (Soldier/Demo/Sniper) Must land at least 1.5% of airshots (snipers, headshots count as 2 kills) Microphone THINGS YOU DON'T NEED: P2P status! Hats! Items! Competition Experience To pay! Contacts on my channel! League: UGC Iron Highlander NA Time Zone: PST You don't need a good computer! I use a macbook from 2008! Phone: +1(209)6142980
  14. I would like to start a mostly brony NA UGC Gold Tf2 Highlander team. Add my steam in my profile and comment if interested!
  15. if there's any game that has taken away more hours of my life it's TF2. (With the exception of GMOD, that game was addicting) so to make new players feel comfortable to the game i've made up a good strategy guide for the ninth class: Le Spy. Now be prepared i WILL make TnT's for the other eight classes. now let's get started! The spy is a support class and has a very special attribute to the battlefield. like the sniper, he's an assassin-for-hire. so it's not recommended to just bash into the battlefield thinking you can rek havoc. now back to the topic. his main weapons consists of: The Revolver. The Sapper. The Knife. The Invisiwatch. and the Disguise Kit. Now about this class. This Guy is a complete SNAKE! now don't get me wrong i love snakes, i actually like the Milk snake. they're cute. he is *THE* most hardest class to master and WHEN you get used to him, you WONT change your mind! The class as said is meant to be sneaking behind enemy lines using his disguise kit (When they ain't spycrabbing). and since he is meant for sabotage and infiltration, the sapper, disguisekit and Knife are mostly used more then the revolver. The name is SPY! Not trigger-happy dipsh*t! so don't think you can go as spy wrecking havoc on the battlefield. now the spy wouldn't be so deadly if it wasn't for his Infamous KNIFE! seriously! that weapon. ONE HIT TO THE BACK! GUARANTEED KILL! HE. IS. A. MENACE! As soon as you choose that ninth slot you become EVERYONES worst nightmare! A heavy firing. A medic healing his teammates. a demoman. a sniper. an engi, oh poor F*CKING ENGI! you get the idea! and with the ambassador HE CAN HEADSHOT PEOPLE! now of that SNAKE has a gun you wouldn't want to get close to him! SERIOUSLY! and i'm getting off-topic. okay so the first thing you want to do is to learn your enemies patterns. you want to rely on the following tip. If an enemy is too far away, shoot. if he has a razorback, shoot. if its a pyro, SHOOT! and if they are not aware of you you can just sneak up on them! they won't know what hit em until its too late! but be aware of your surroundings because most players will keep a lookout for suspicious behaviour close to medics, demos, snipers, etc. and the pyro is a spys worst nightmare. the pyro can make the spy visible when he's invisible by lighting him on fire. and if you want to actually have good use of the spy, here's a loadout i recommend. (Weapons only) The Diamondback revolver (Grants crits for every backstab and sapped building) Knife of your choice (YER is recommended) Sapper of your choice. The Dead ringer (Feign Death) If this loadout doesnt work for you then comment with your complaints and i'll come up with a good loadout and strategy for you.
  16. DxDiag.txt Here's my Direct X Diagnostic ↑ I'm at a loss for words as to why I'm having lag and/or rubber-banding in Team Fortress 2. Speed test results ↓ I normally don't get any lag myself, even in Dallas servers I get lag now. It's been going on since last week as of this post. Things I've tried Resetting the router Calling my ISP and having them restart the internet (mine's Time Warner Cable, they're pretty much the devils advocate to Comcast IMO. They don't have game settings for their internet) tried some variations of launch options closed unnecessary processes (I normally do this when I first launch TF2) go to just one monitor set the graphics to their lowest settings Is this a "recent update" sort of rubber-banding? Any launch options I should try? I'm at my wits end here. Also I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this.
  17. hheheh! i forgot i drew this :v welp here yah go medic flutters (i need to stop gaming and draw more xD)
  18. I'm bored and I decided to start this little section, mainly wanted it to be about Team Fortress 2 (best game ever), but stuff about other games or Steam in general is welcome too! I guess I can say that people can exchange usernames and stuff if they want to. My Steam name is AwesomeLDK, feel free to add me and play with me.
  19. So, after unlocking a few crates and trading, I have a couple dozen name tags. Yes. A few dozen. What better way to use them than by naming random TF2 weapons into MLP stuff? This is what I have so far. Black Box Scattergun Loch-n-Load Flamethrower The Enforcer I need some names for the following weapons: Your Eternal Reward. (A knife that allows you to disguise as your enemy as soon as you kill them) The Quick Fix (A Medi-Gun that heals really fast) The Buff Banner. (Heals player over time, allows you to blow into horn to buff nearby players} And whatever ideas you have. Note: I do not want to name the items after the specific characters. I.e- The Medigun called "Fluttershy". Lemme know if you have any ideas.
  20. Hey Guys, I'll be streaming games tonight, and you can find me here. I may not be streaming when you connect, but I will be doing soon after this post. Please watch to support me!
  21. What do you think of my beginner skills? Also, more leaked clips from Hasbro's hidden files:
  22. Well I've just gotten into team fortress 2 and I'm looking for people to play it with, so if you want to play a couple rounds some time feel free to add me. Gamertag: Brony Knight
  23. I spent hours on this, and somebody already did this joke with much better art. Probably made it onto EQD too, which this most likely wouldn't have. In fact, that fact is almost certain. At least I still have hands.
  24. I have played TF2 for countless hours and is the best FPS game I have ever played now I want to know your guys greatest kill streaks. why? because, thats why type it in order like this here is mine Version: Xbox 360 Edition Class: Blu Pyro Weapon: Pyro's Flame Thrower, and his Shotgun Map: 2Fort Kills: 32 with out dying How you lost your streak: a blasted Engineer followed me across the Bridge when I was near death