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Found 14 results

  1. This is an interesting one. Basically, the question is which crying scene in MLP gets to you the most and who is it? The show has had its fair share of emotional moments throughout the nine years it’s been around and they can be, in the words of Pinkie Pie, ‘Just... heart-wrenching!’ Here, I tried to use the best examples I could. Some were easy, some not. Some were obvious, some were more difficult. I tried to go for the most emotional ones, rather then ones that were more funny than sad. Honestly, as you all know, all of the Mane Six are my favourites so when any of them cry, it’s pretty difficult for me to get through. Anyway, here are my examples: Fluttershy: Applejack: Twilight Sparkle: (This is the saddest scene in MLP history for me) Pinkie Pie: Rarity: Rainbow Dash: Or all of them together: Let me know below!
  2. I was inspired by SveciaDash,'s thread of Have you ever cried during an episode, and thought that "Yes I have, but more so from the songs.". I have downloaded and regularly listen to various songs from the show and the movies and there are some that, even though I am not watching it on the screen, make me tear up or flat out sob because of the emotional cord they strike with me. Mine are below, please tell us which ones have made you emotional and why!
  3. After watching this from Think Tank, I couldn't agree more (which means I fully I agree with their thoughts). However, I would like to know what you guys think about this. I'm talking to both genders (male and female). Do you think it's ok for guys to cry? Please be thoughtful and don't make your answers too shallow (if possible). Because this question can be answered in many ways.
  4. Hey, hey! Listen here! Today, after my training, something came to my mind, without any apparent reason: I thought I could ask you here if during the song "We'll make our mark" someone poured some tears... I did...many times... It just felt like it was a magical moment. I was seeing the CMC realizing their biggest dream, and I guess I got commoted!
  5. This doesn't have color for the simple manner in that I cant color well. But the drawing aspect I handle just fine. Mostly. I hope. Anyway, here you are.
  6. I want and need more movies like this. Ones that speak about how hard life can be but then show how people get through it all. As I am sick of the bad endings, heart breaks and hurt in this world.
  7. ~Sole~


    Drew another picture, but there is something different about this one. I drew more then just sole... And for those of you who haven't read his backstory, the grave is of his best friend that was killed right before his eyes. I know it isn't nearly my best work, but I like it. It's sad, and it kind of reflects my feelings as of late. So as always, please leave feedback and constructive criticism. (Also, I know the talon really sucks and I apologize. I just couldn't get it to look natural.)
  8. It was a bright sunny day and pinky pie just woke up to a knock at the door, pinky eager to see who it was opened the door and saw a large dark grey pony standing at the door, kind of scared pinky said hi. the dark pony opened its mouth and there was a flash of light and pinky passed out upon awaking saw was rocks and gray shadows scared pinky asked were am I , a sound came from the rocks like morning but higher as a black mare walked over and said welcome to hell
  9. Things bring you down, are things in your life not so cheerful, our is your life just down toilet? Well fear not come here and we will try look on bright side of life, on what you should be happy abut and not whats make sad and timbrel in despair. Now everpony sing with me!
  10. Spent all day cooped up in my room making this. Totally worth it, because this may be my favorite pony art that I've done so far. Made for the training grounds "grieving pony" theme. Decided to cut the schtick and do something serious for once. Had this image in my head for a while, so this was a stroke of luck that I had an excuse to this. But I need you guy's opinion on something: does this work better with just that empty, desolate feel, or with this slightly modified quote from the Third Doctor's final adventure, "Planet of the Spiders"? I need to know soon so I can submit to EQD and DeviantArt before midnight, so have an opinion like there's no tomorrow! Edit: Deviant Art, yo!
  11. its funny how fast everything you work so had for can fall apart. this is a fallen star after he runs away from ponyville and hides in the everfree
  12. We all have heard fan music on the My Little Pony series. The question is: have any made you at least tear up a bit? It can be a song, or music video. These two made me tear up a bit; I cannot explain the feelings I had while watching, which resulted in single manly tears.