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Found 10 results

  1. Dunno if this has been posted yet, but apparently a trailer was released at San Diego Comic Con for the second half of the current season (videotaped quality, but it's the best so far I can find) Looks pretty exciting with the return of the villains (including Storm King, my favorite Rafiki-Yeti dude XD) The Mane Cast also seems to be headed to Tartarus to check on Tirek, and we even get to say Chancellor Neighsay return. And it looks like he's an outright villain at this point, locking up the students (and declaring "The Reign of Twilight Sparkle is Over")? My thoughts? To be honest, I feel like the season premiere wasn't too well done and Neighsay's motivations and actions were simultaneously kinda understandable and confusing. So I don't know, I think it'd be better to make him an outright villain, since it may actually provide a decent ulterior motive to not wanting to open the friendship school. My guess is he's actually a disguise for some long-time villain of the Princesses and/or ponies? In a hurry now so sorry if I sound a little incoherent with that last paragraph; I may update when I have time. Thoughts?
  2. Let's watch all the season 7 preview clips and have fun speculating!
  3. The mystery novel I mentioned a while back is finally on its way to being written. I managed to finish my other project, "Dear Friends", and it's allowed me to think of other things. So! Without further ado, I present the first ever teaser for my upcoming fimfiction novel: "NoteWorthy" It'll probably come around in early 2017, so keep an eye out! -RealityPublishing
  4. This is the teaser for this Saturday's episode. Looks like this is a spiritual successor to Dragon Quest, right down to the Mane Six's disguise. As someone who never had an issue with Dragon Quest I'm looking forward to this episode.
  5. WARNING: SPOILERS On July 18th of this year, the official Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube channel uploaded a teaser trailer for their upcoming movie: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. Movie information: Teaser trailer:
  6. More info coming soon, stick around.
  7. Attention all Silent Hill Fans! A new game is coming out. It currently is only a teaser but it is in the hands of Hideo Kojima, the creator of the famous Metal Gear Solid series. The fact that the teaser ends with them playing the original Silent Hill theme says allot. It is either he will revamp the original game or he will make a new game with the first three games formula, but with maybe new mechanics. Who knows, but this is not a bullshit trailer nor a CGI movie. So what do you think? Will you look forward to the new addition to the Silent Hill series?
  8. Well... After who knows how long, we've finally uploaded it. Master thread be here :
  9. Hey, everypony! I've never written a fan fic before, but for the last several days I've had a grand idea for one bouncing around in my head. It's science fiction and takes place in a future/alternate (Leaning more towards alternate, actually) MLP universe. Last night, in a moment of inspiration, I wrote this. It's rather short, making up only part of the first scene in what I imagine would be the first chapter. I'm still in the pre-planning phase and most likely won't start writing it for real until June or July, when I've planned and fleshed out the idea and story a lot more. But, in the mean time, feel free to comment, critique, and just generally offer your opinion (I would very much appreciate it if you did). Enjoy: ***** Initiating wake-up routine. Rise and shine, Ms. Sparkle! From out of the void came the cheery, robotic voice of the ship's computer. Arcanum FTL drives stabilized and cooling. Casket seals depressurizing... There were several soft, electronic beeps and a sudden rush of air within the dark, enclosed space. Now. Twilight's eyes fluttered open as the sleep chamber was abruptly flooded with a blue, fluorescent light. The cold air nipped at her, even through the insulated cryo jumper that clung to her coat like a second skin. Wearily, she reached up with a forehoof and pulled at the mask covering her face. It barely budged, the gel seal around its outer edge stuck fast to the skin around her mouth. Twilight rolled her eyes, sighing heavily into the mouthpiece, and pulled at the contraption with both hooves. After a moment of considerable effort, she finally succeeded in separating it from her head. It came loose with an audible sucking noise, and the frigid air that suddenly flooded her nostrils caused her to scrunch her muzzle in surprise. She pushed the mask aside, allowing it to dangle from the assortment of tubes and cables that connected it to the roof of the chamber--tubes that, just minutes ago, had been pumping her lungs full of vital stasis vapor. Twilight took a deep breath and then spluttered, failing to stifle a cough brought on by the influx of cold air. She could still taste the vapors on her lips. It was a bitter, citrusy tang that would stick with her for long after she had left the ship. And yet she had grown used to it. In fact, all of the inconveniences that accompanied waking from cryosleep only served to comfort her. The taste, the cold, the numbness in her limbs, they all served to remind her that she was still alive. By no means did Twilight consider herself a paranoid mare, but she was analytical. She had read the reports, had memorized the figures. The reputable spacelines rarely reported more than a handful of deaths every year. Even the ship itself had attempted to reassure her before the journey began. With today's advances in cryogenics, the probability of a fatal malfunction occurring on this vessel stands at less than zero point zero zero one percent, or less than one in one hundred thousand! Rest assured that your life is in good hooves! The computer had intoned, shortly before putting her under. Still, the promise had done little to ease her mind. She had needed a couple of depressants before settling into the pod, just to fight the nerves. The thought that she could be that one in one hundred thousand, that all it took was a single, tiny short circuit or miscalculation... Activating climate control. Total time elapsed: one hundred and forty-seven hours. The computer interrupted her musings, and Twilight groaned. Passenger ships, especially older ones, rarely possessed the cutting-edge technology inherent in modern science and military vessels. An Aurora research cruiser could have made the trip in less than two days. Then again, such ships also had access to lanes and starmaps that civilian transports didn't. Regardless, she furrowed her brow in disappointment. Current time is twenty-one thirty-seven Galactic Standard. Casket locks disengaging in five, four, three, two, one... Several heavy thunks signaled that the chamber door had been unlocked, and Twilight could feel the air temperature rising. The view port in front of her was still slightly fogged and frosted over, but the silhouettes of other passengers moving in the hall beyond were slowly becoming more visible. Finally, a small screen above the door lit up with a smiling green emoticon, and the words "Open When Ready" flashed beneath it. Wake-up routine ended. Welcome to Equus Prime, Ms. Sparkle, and thank you for choosing Celestine Air! Managing a small smile in response, Twilight blinked her eyes and then pushed off with her hind legs, breaking free from the soft grasp of the sleep pod behind her. She floated gracefully through the air, twirling around as she welcomed the sweet sensation of zero gravity. That was the one part she always enjoyed about space flight: the weightlessness. Drifting forward, the hairs on her mane suspended in mid-air as if she were submerged in water, she pressed her front hooves against the cold steel of the chamber door itself. It hissed open slowly and easily, and Twilight chuckled as she was greeted by a familiar sight. Before her in the hallway, leaning casually against a guardrail, stood a short, purple and green dragon. His eyes widened in recognition and he shot her a toothy grin. "Sheesh," he chided, "I was starting to wonder when you'd wake up." ***** So there you have it! Nobody else has read over this, so I apologize if there are any grammatical errors that I overlooked (I'm not sure if I used the dash correctly a couple of paragraphs down, the part about the tubes). Thanks for reading, and tell me what you think!