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Found 2 results

  1. Let's see about it here. Keep in mind that I'm a 15 year old girl, so that's a bit important: For liking MLP, Sonic, and Pokemon. My looks, which drove my self-esteem into hell. For making mistakes every now and then; a bit of clumsiness. For being quiet... Maybe some other things as well.
  2. I became a brony in fifth grade. Fifth grade was the worst of my life, mind you. My middle school goes from fifth to eighth, so I went strait from being in forth, top of the school, oldest around, to dropping strait down the totem pole. I was now a tiny little kid surrounded by giants, they seemed. My sister was in a completely different house (it was kinda like Griffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw), so I barely ever saw her during school hours. Teachers were mean, kids even meaner. Some of the forth graders from elementary school had the same house as me, and wouldn't let me hear the end of it. See, I had always been lightly teased in elementary, about small things at first, things like my speech impediment and anger issues. I had many friends at that time, though, so I could deal with it. But now it seemed that a new school meant people became more brutal with things like teasing, and to make it worse, most of my friends were now in different houses, and the ones that weren't ditched me to avoid being teased themselves. I was alone. Nobody was nice, it seemed, and the ones that didn't tease me came across as too shy to be good friend material. To make it worse, nobody was crush material either. Every year of my school life I had a different crush, even kindergarten. I guess you could say I was a lover girl. But, with nobody to love, I didn't know how I could continue with my school life. It was always my crush that kept me going, even in the worst of times, but this was too much. No crush, no friends, paired with anger issues and demon spawns for classmates? It was a recipe for disaster. Not to mention I already despised school. I was actually thinking about maybe quitting school or escaping to somewhere where I could be alone. Then came my very good friend, @Thundershock. She was definitely the shy type I was talking about. In fact, when I first saw her, she was sitting alone with her back against a tree. By then it was about a month into the school year, and I would do anything for a friend to talk to, even if only at recess. So, I went over to her and asked her if she wanted to play. She shyly nodded, and within a few days, we were friends. But that didn't mean things were suddenly hunky dory, kids still teased me, classes still sucked, and some days I couldn't handle it. I would run into the hallway crying, only to have it be the next thing kids teased me about. It was a living hell. That's when MLP comes into the mix. I had seen these colorful equines around the Internet, and like most bronies, I absolutely despised them at first. All I know is that they were some adaption of that stupid show I watched when I was three, and it completely eluded me as to why grown men liked something so stupid when an eleven year old girl would gladly take a shit in the face of whoever was responsible. That is, until, during a very fortunate game of Truth or Dare, my cousin dared me to watch the entire two-parter. I did so, to avoid being called a chicken, and, well, it captivated me. Somehow I felt as though I had found the thing my life was missing. Some light needed to be shed on me, and it seemed candy-colored ponies were the sun. That is, until my classmates from the black lagoon heard about it. The teasing level was, well, It was nice while it lasted. I should have known the thing that actually made my life bearable just made it worse. I I don't give up watching it, though. The damage had already been done, nothing worse could happen now. What would be the point in giving it up? So, I watched it more, and soon I came across Season 2, Episode 18, A Friend Indeed. It started off to me as a normal Pinkie Pie episode, then came the world famous anti-depressant, Smile Smile Smile. I couldn't resist it. This show had been my light. It had changed my life definatly for the better. I joined this forum after thinking about it for a while. My Little Pony was the one thing that kept me going. And, for that, I can't thank Lauren Faust or all of the brony community enough. Without any of you, my life might have truly been a wreck. Thank you all so much. I'm actually crying as I type this. Thank you. Thank you. ;-;