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Found 10 results

  1. Hello i was told my user name says anonymous user next to it well how might i be able to fix that if possible?
  2. Welp, looks like I'm an idiot- didn't realize there was an easily usable button right up there^ Gone are the days of having to type
  3. The results are finally out and the best thing is that I won the Best Technical for the Expo and I am quite happy with it! <3 You can watch the full result on this periscope replay if you want to~ Click here! Also, this is the PMV that I managed to win a category! For those who haven't seen it, feel free to watch it! <3
  4. So, it has been a while since I was really active or on MLP Forums. I have to say, a lot seems to have changed and I feel perhaps not all for the better. What of being able to mention, not only quote a member from their post? What have the formatting and layout of character sheets instead of just lines of text? Those are the two I have noticed right off the bat, though I am sure there has been other changes as well. The first thought that came to mind was that perhaps the membership simply became too large to support such features or too many characters created. Perhaps different servers or site design used which didn't have such features. I am simply asking for a bit of clarity, especially since as I mentioned above I am not sure if all changes are for the better. Thank you, for whichever mod or staff answers this. I have always appreciated you all.
  5. Apparently, whenever I go to post something, it says "you're under the threshold limit required to post" or whatever, even though i'm over the limit. Help?
  6. I found this gorgeous gif right here, but it's too large to go in my signature. So i was wondering; could someone possibly please be so kind as to shrink this gif to the right size for me? I love it so much, i would really appreciate it if someone could do this favour for me. I don't know how to do it myself and the last time i tried, i ended up ruining the gif. URL for the gif: Gif: Thank you so much!
  7. There's a supprising amount of mechanical depth in Super Mario Sunshine. For example, you can spray the ground, dive, then do an endless water slide, which is perfect for fast travel, you can also cancel your spraying by clicking the R trigger and pressing A when your in the air. You can do a spin jump, then go straight into a summersault jump, you can even spin when your in the air. Has anyone actually tried these moves?
  8. Basically what I would like is to hear peoples plain English/layman's terms of technology. For example you are trying to explain to someone who just does not get the difference between an SSD and an HDD. How would you explain it in the most basic of terms. Like an ELI5 type of reddit explanation. The reason why I made this thread is to get the best explanations. Share explanations you heard, gave to someone else or came up with. Sorry if there was a thread like this, I used google search and nothing came up.
  9. Okay, so I am having issues changing my current signature photo to a different one. (I drew the picture). - I uploaded the new picture to (a 600x100 picture because I know that's the size limit). - I copied and pasted the link into the box that shows up after you click on the little photo icon. - After I do that, my picture doesn't show up. It just appears as a tiny icon of a photo. - And when I try to hit "save changes", it brings me to "Oops! Something went wrong!" I have tried repeating the process to no avail. (I have tried using the website and using the links that it provided). (I have tried using the variety of links each site provided afte uploading the image).
  10. i need help! i have a finished autoCAD drawing in aCAD '11, but when i put the drawing in a template some parts are missing! it's just a really simple drawing of a clamp (is that the english word?), but i do need to finish it before monday. i already tried searching youtube and stuff, but i couldn't find anything D: so yeah, this is how they look in the model tab, just fine and dandy, then i put them in a template, and put the parts together, but that's where some lines go missing! does anybody know how this happens?