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Found 44 results

  1. Whats your favorite edm song? topic title explains its self ^-^ - post your favorite edm song - if possible share the soundcloud link so we can listen to it as well. - anything edm is welcome, dubstep, techno, house, hard-style. my current favorite songs (though their not out yet)
  2. Yo, hows it going all you EDM loving people! - This is a thread where you can listen to mixes made by fellow forums members, and if your a DJ yourself go ahead and post your own as well. - Anything EDM related is welcome but please keep it edm relevant and use a website that allows us to listen to your mixes without having to sign up for an account, like youtube, mixcloud, or soundcloud. - if posting from mixcloud use the specific song url and the player will work on this website to make listening easy. - this is also a good place to have your mixes critiqued if you wish. - don't be afraid to just chat about mixes and new songs as well. - im not going to ban explicit stuff but try to keep it at a lower level or mark your mix as '(contains explicit content)' to warn people so we can keep this topic up without any possible issues. So what are you waiting for, post your mixes and get listening!! don't forget to follow the topic if you want to keep up to date with it!
  3. I have been producing and making music since 2003 - I have over 300 songs made, and am slowly migrating them over to soundcloud - I have an album for sale, and all of my music is free to listen to, just not all free to d/l my facebook music page: enjoy! -shawn- (a small sample of my work)
  4. What up all you EDM loving people!! This is were you can Post your mixes, listen to others, and meet fellow DJs. Anything that classifies as EDM is welcome in this topic. Please post content using a website like mixcloud or youtube or a website that you can listen to with out having an account. Check out my mixcloud, ive been post something about once a month. I usually make mixes using a lot of progressive house, and hard dance hits but i will take requests if you ask, i generally use mostly all very recent music from places like revealed records. my most recent 2 are made using the new tomorrowland 2015 album, and im currently working on a mix using hardwell's united we are album. I cant wait to finish it. For some Sick mixes: my mixcloud => I do welcome suggestions and comments.
  5. I dont think i ever posted about this song but its one of my most popular songs with the brony community. Featuring the sweet guitar solos of my friend SlightlyAmiss (now known as SrightryAmiss) this dance tune was inspired by the Season Two premiere
  6. Okay guys, along with the new OC design, you might have noticed most of my latest projects have been straying away from the techno songs to the more acoustic/punk rock genre. Well i wont say im completely out of the techno genre, but i have been spending more time writing some sweet rock songs for you guys. Heres the deal I had one techno house/punk song i was "gonna" finish. But after listening to the instrumental a couple of times i chunked it. Now on the bright side I have three new songs about to come out, two of which have instrumentals on soundcloud right now. Heres what I'm getting at, currently there are two albums I'm working on: "Raise You're Hooves And Revolt", and "Equestrian Serenades". The first is the big one, this album focuses on my works in hardcore punk, of coarse currently the album possesses one complete project "Until We Are Marked". Well right behind that we will soon have another song titled "You're Always With Me", a song that is about the relationship between Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle (yes im gonna get hate for that). Heres the thing I love the shipping of those two. Now I know a lotta "Twilight Sparkle-Waifu Claimers" have the severe urge to kick Falsh Sentrys plot clean across equestria, well i think it was pretty cool seeing twilight get those "transformed into Teenage girl" harmones raging. Im the biggest nerd for shipping in anime and MLP so yeah you better call UPS cause I ship it! Okay now were really off topic, back to what i was getting at with the song. This song was inspired after listening to music by Prince Whatever on You Tube. This hardcore punk song talks about the times when pony twilight is away from Canterlot high. The song will mix hardcore screams and light warm lyrics for the vocals. I guess you could say it expresses the rage, Sadness, and even hope we feel when were away from someone we care about. The song is my first piece coming out of Apple Logic Pro X and with new equipment and plug ins, the music is much higher quality and professional sounding. The next one doesnt need much explaining, Babs Seed. This is one of my favorite songs in FIM, its got this severe punk vibe, the beat is catchy, and the vocals and lyrics are great. I especially wanted to cover this after hearing an amazing rock cover by Acoustic Brony. But I thought, "hhhm... what if instead i did an 'acoustic rock' version of this song. The song features all acoustic guitars playing both rhythm "and" lead and a deep bass that creates some solidity among the warm guitars. Now vocals havnt been recorded yet for the song but they will be soon. Now since I am a major in audio engineering at Delta State University, I am required to perform three recording sessions per semester. Okay this is the chance of a lifetime because ill actually be working in a studio! But its my first time so were gonna keep the song im recording simple. "You Don't Have to Hide" is an acoustic punk song about my OC and Fluttershy (yep my Waifu). This song was severly influenced by punk band "Mayday Parade". Though I thought about making the song full on pop punk instead of acoustic punk, i thought it would take too much time to overdub the instruments since im on a tight schedule with this project. Now thats not a final decision because I am working on a full rock version of the song as well. So well just see how things turn out. Well that about covers everything up to date with my projects so StealingShad3Z out.
  7. Hi there DjFlareDash here.... I have just released a new song on sound cloud check it out tell me what you think
  8. i have seen other threads like this, do i made one, any music you can dance to is welcome here http-~~-//
  9. Cyberpunk Vinyl Scratch Generation 4 Friendship is Magic pony character design Vinyl Scratch re-designed as a generation 1 custom pony figure. Available for sale in my commissions thread- pics- Description of craft- Pony base is a white generation 1 Glory unicorn. Original body color kept, removed original cutie mark via Acetone/hot boiling water. DJ Pon3’s cutie mark is painted in acrylic paints with some Daft Punk embellishments to the design on the body. Eyes are a fusion Vinyl Scratch’s eyes with the generation 1 eye mold shape, and lashes and shadow I kind of got in a war with a rainbow and the rainbow won. But I sealed it in place with Artists Varnish, so it’s all good~ Eyes are also painted in acrylic paints. Mane and tail are re-rooted in dollyhair’s nylon mlp hair in the colors blueberry muffin, bluebell and daiquiri ice. Hair styled via hair dryer and my hair gel method. Outfit- started with the hind legs. Wide black bias tape with black with white pin striped fabric lining the bottoms. Detailed in steampunk accessories and plastic beads. Jacket- black mesh material with the bottom and sleeves hemmed with turquoise and white bias tape, lined with turquoise hemp cord. Stripes up the sleeves are white maxi piping and turquoise blue silk ribbon stitched to the jacket. White zipper stitched to the front, collar of jacket is the wide black bias tape. Steampunk trinkets, neon blue chain and antique white beads strung across the back to finish. Ruffled skirt coming from one side of the jack is 4 layers of pleated patterned fabrics. Embellished with a glass blue etched boom box, various beads some glass, plastic, and antique. The record at the bottom is crafted from a plastic hoop bead with a metal piece glued on top, then another flat metal piece glued in the center. Entire piece painted in acrylic paints then sealed. Glasses are cut from then hand-stitched from leather, lenses are lavender oval-shaped rhinestones. You can pull the glasses down to peek at Vinyl Scratches painted eyes underneath them. Complete removal of the glasses is not recommended. Head phones- Started with two large black plastic beads. Glued round glittery blue beads on the outsides, lined them with some neutral blue cord trim. Stitched some patent black vinyl to the insides of the beads, glued down a strip of aluminum flashing underneath the strip of vinyl with Gorilla glue, then sealed with mod podge then painted black. Glued a piece of thick black leather in the middle to keep things balanced. Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out my main gallery-!
  10. Hey I'm kind of new here, but I was looking for vocalists that would be interested in singing for a happy hardcore/ uk hardcore song that could be mlp related. Haven't really worked up any lyrics, but the idea is compelling - I would like to combine two of my favorite things
  11. 'Ello! I'm a first time poster, aspiring author, and border brony who was introduced to MLP by the album The Pony Way by All Levels at Once. "Muffs" came from binging on the track Fluttershy's Lament, and I love it too much to just let it sit on my computer, but the core ideas of my some of my other projects are more promising, so I'm putting it to pasture here. Also, I'm a recent high school grad and a Mormon, which means I'll be serving a 2 year mission. I start May 28th, working in Northwest Utah. I'll be putting the internet on hold for that time, and will likely have little opportunity for writing. Which just makes me more anxious to get this in the hands of those who might enjoy it. So put on your headphones, crank up the techno, and (hopefully) enjoy Muffs-Fluttershy's Lament.pdf. Edit 1: Shortened the topic title. Edit 2: "Muffs" is set in modern Earth, albeit with a splash of fantasy.
  12. Ay up fellahs, I've finished my new EP. Mixed bag of genres. Would be honoured if you could give me a listen/some feedback. And if you really love it, subscribe!! I never stop writing music. (psst...i don't know how to embed YT...if anyone could help I would be grateful!!!)
  13. I can't be the only person on this forums that likes Old Skool Techno/Trance/Hardstyle can I? For those of you who don't know what these genre's are... This is Old Skool Hardcore: And this is Old Skool Trance: I can only make 2 youtube links in a single post but everyone knows what techno sounds like So is there anypony else here who likes this stuff or am I a loner? xD
  14. When I first joined MLPForums, @Antismurf9001 encouraged me to post my music. I posted what I believe is my best song - The Spacefarer (, but I never got around to posting anything else. So here's another one I did a while back - a minimalist techno piece called "Snow Mixed With Rain". I had been experimenting with Acid Music at the time, and this song basically wrote itself. Please let me know what you think. NOTE: The attachment link below is broken - the forum apparently can't handle MP3s. Use this link instead: KieferSkunk_-_Snow_Mixed_With_Rain.mp3
  15. Hi everypony. I'm brand new here, and already I had several people say in my post that I should upload one or two of my songs. So here goes. This one is called The Spacefarer. I came up with it about 10 years ago and put it together using ACID Music with the Waves Renaissance reverb library, plus live recordings from a Korg T3 and a Yamaha P-120 keyboard. NOTE: The attachment link below is broken - it worked when I first joined the forum, but it's not working now. This song is available for listening here instead: KieferSkunk_-_Spacefarer3.mp3
  16. Lately I've become more interested in creating electronic music (the interest was already there, but I seem to have run out of patience with myself), and I was wondering what programs you guys would suggest I use. A friend suggested I download Audacity, and I have played around with it a little bit, but I'm not entirely sure about it yet. *Whatever program I get, it has to be free; alas, I am broke and cannot afford to spend on computer-related things. *It also has to be idiot-friendly, as... I am an idiot. -facehoof- *I'm really looking for something that would be good for dubstep and other techno/dance types of music. The ability to easily insert short, random sounds (like blips, beeps, and single words) is kind of important. Aaannnnd... if I'm just being an idiot, and a thing like this does not actually exist, then please let me know that as well, because I would hate to waste my time (or anyone else's) in a vain search for a fantasy item.
  17. Hi all! At the end of last week I brought you Whimsie Pie, a happy, upbeat techno electronica song for Pinkie Pie! This week, I've done another one for you all to enjoy called Eternal Night, a tribute to Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon. Here's the link! Lemme know what you think, thanks!
  18. Hey people! The other day I made a cheerful little electronic tune on Fruity Loops! After playing around with it some more, I felt it captured the happy 'essence' of Pinkie Pie, so I dug up some samples and plopped them into the sequence (much to the glee of my Meesey brony friend), turning it into a tribute to Pinkie! Here are the results! I'm kinda new at the whole music development thing, so I welcome any constructive criticism!
  19. This song took me some time but i made it over a span of one week, its based off a strange but feel good dream i had, i fell like it captured the dream perfectly.
  20. So, ladies and gentlemen, I decided to do something that has been done before, but with a litle twist. Album reviews! But not any album reviews, no. I decided to focus on something that's even better: Electronic & Dance Album Reviews! Now, you might not know this, but I'm a great fan of the Electronic & Dance movement. I've been listening to this since 2004, way before that thing you call Dubstep nowadays (by the way, that's not how Dubstep used to sound at all) got famous. So I know a bunch of things about EDM (no, I'm not being cocky. I'm still barely n00b compared to most of the guys I know). Anyway, in order to review albums, I created a blog here in mlpforums. But this entry is just to let you see the list of albums reviewed and also to take some review requests. This will be limited by whatever I choose, but in the end I'll review almost any EDM album you want me to. The main difference between me and any other reviewer out there? I'll write lengthy reviews, based on the journey (I'll listen to the album as a whole, and then relisten to write about it while listening). I love to give details, even though I'm a bit repetitive (I'm currently working to expand my vocabulary). The genres that I'll review (mostly) are: -House -Techno -Minimal Techno -Progressive House -Deep House -Dubstep -Electronica -Experimental/Ambient -Indie Dance/Nu-Disco -Trance -Drum & Bass This could be both pony-related music or non-pony related music. Requests: 1-"Discovery" by Daft Punk (Requested by @@Princess Twilight Sparkle & me :3) 2-"Degenerate" by Vex'd (Requested by @@Soundgarden) 3-"Killing Blossom" by M.E.G.A.L.O. Concept & Signal R183 (Requested by @) 4-"Refined Madness" by 123MRK (Requested by @@WorldAirWays) 5-"Modjo" by Modjo (Requested by @@ReGen & me :3) (If the list is full, come back later please. I have a lot of free time, but I also have a job ) List of reviewed releases(first to latest): -Sasha - Invol<3r [MOSCD290] (Progressive House/Chillout) -m1dy - Speedcore Dandy XXX [iNR006] (Gabber/Hardcore/Clusterf*ck) -Alan Braxe And Friends - The Upper Cuts [451.1041.028] (House/Hip-Hop) -M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts [9251-2] (Leftfield/Experimental/Ambient/Synth Rock) Thanks to @ for the inspiration (I'll still read your reviews), and to the great musicians creating awesome (or stupid) albums to review.
  21. Hey guys! I just threw together my super-short EP that I just Self-titled. You guys can check it out on my Bandcamp page, or just visit here. It's free to download, but any donations are greatly appreciated. I would actually just hold off on any donations though, (As if I'm going to get any, haha) until I reassure my Paypal is working properly. Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  22. Well guys, I finally decided to post some of my older tracks here. So let's start with this lovely bootleg I made to Thom Yorke's "Skip Divided". Love the original track but I had to find a way to play it on my DJ sets. And this is the way! Note: My DJ/Producer name is Armida. But for pony-related music it'll be Ponyda :3
  23. Hiya, I'm always interested in new music but I'm always so picky. There must be a dozen music sharing threads out there but I'd like to make one a little bit more personal to me. I'm not saying give me your music rather expose me to your music. Let me start off with something I like:
  24. I am new to FiM techno, techno and music altogether I would appreciate it if anyone could harshly (and constructively) criticize my work. Pinkie Pie X Pinkamena