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Found 11 results

  1. This is just a "Just for the heck of it" post. I'm pitting 5 MLP villains and 5 non-MLP villains against each other. Queen Chrysalis: Leader of the changelings. Antagonist of A Canterlot Wedding AND To Where and Back Again. Shapeshifter. Possess powerful magic Lord Tirek: Villain of Twilight's Kingdom based on his Rescue at Midnight Castle form. Also possess powerful magic, but can also drain anyone of their magic The Dazzlings: Adaigo Dazzle, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze. Their song can turn anyone against each other, and they drain their hate to power themselves up. Villains of Rainbow Rocks Starlight Glimmer: A Powerful Unicorn. Can take Cutie Marks away. Can also alter the fabric of time. Villain of The Cutie Map and the Cutie Remark Midnight Sparkle: An altered form of Earth's Twilight Sparkle. Can create portals. Came close to destroying her own planet. Final villain of Friendship Games Megatron: Basically, ether his G1, Devastation, Prime, War for Cybertron or Titans Return form. Leader of the Decepticons from the Transformers. A powerful Warrior and a brilliant tactician. His transformations include a Gun, a Tank and even a Jet. The Shredder: Sworn enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leader of the Foot Clan. One variation of him can transform into a powerful Tengu, capable of tearing his enemies apart. He can also become a Super Shredder when exposed to mutagen. Ommadon: The Red Wizard from Flight of Dragons. Utilizes a variety of dark magics, and has a dragon to call his own: Bryagh. Cruel, violent and sadistic, Ommadon will go through any means to achieve his goals Smaug the Dragon: A massive, powerful dragon from the Hobbit, who stole the gold of the dwarves and slayed anyone who dare opposed him. His armor is like Shields. His teeth like sword. Claws like spears. The shock of his tail a thunderbolt. His wings are like hurricanes. And his breath.......DEATH! Kylo Ren: Son of Han Solo and Leia Organa from Star Wars. Corrupted by the Dark Side. His use of the Force is beyond even Darth Vader. He's even capable of freezing a blaster bolt in its place. But he often has temper tantrums. So who would win in a 10 way fight? Choose away.
  2. Today, I managed to score myself a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. So out of boredom, I decided to do a drawing focused on both the 1987-era Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the 2012-era Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Both focused on Raphael and the latter's fear of Cockroaches
  3. So wow we are actually getting a sequel..........not sure how I feel about this The first movie wasn't the greatest but it also wasn't the worst adaptation *cough*Next Mutation*cough* and I'm willing to give the sequel the benefit of the doubt.
  4. To the members of the TMNT fandom who have heard of her, I have to ask, do you think that someone working on TMNT, whether it be on a movie, tv show or comic, should give the infamous Venus de Milo a second chance in the franchise? This has been something I’ve been thinking about recently when watching the recent shows. I’m aware that she’s hated by the entire fandom and even the creators of the franchise itself, and for good reason, mind you. She was pretty much the embodiment of a Mary Sue. She tore apart the brotherhood of the turtles, the show itself stating that the turtles weren’t related to eachother just so she could serve as a love interest for one of them and was made out to be this character that the turtles needed on their side in order to fight the villains and yet she doesn’t need them. Hell, I don’t even like her role in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this was a character that just had the misfortune of coming out at the wrong time. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation came out during a period where the franchise had hit rock bottom. During that period we had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, The Red Sky Seasons, the Coming out of our Shells Tour, that awful christmas video and the Image Comics. Let’s be honest, here, the show was complete dud, not only did it say that the turtles weren’t brothers and introduce a mary sue character, it had shitty stories, the costumes were bad, the special effects were bad, the choreography sucked, each fight scene had these obnoxious sound effects, the acting sucked and it was just trying way WAY too hard to be Power Rangers. The Christmas Video and Coming Out of our Shells aside, this show was TMNT at its worst. It took five years after its cancellation to put the franchise back on track with the 2003 Cartoon. No one wanted to touch Venus de Milo after The Next Mutation, in fact she became a bezerk button for Peter Laird, he hated her so much that when Turtles Forever was being made he made it a rule that there was to be absolutely no mention of Venus. Now, while this can be seen as a good thing sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if she was put into the hands of a good writer. Maybe there is a way to pull her off well. Make her a character who’s on equal ground with the turtles, doesn’t ruin the brotherhood of the turtles just so she can be in a relationship with one of them and doesn’t have the entire story revolve around her. It can probably work. I myself wouldn’t mind seeing the franchise give her a second chance. That’s my view on the whole thing, what’s your view?
  5. I was watching the new TMNT series on Nick this morning. I actually really like it. I was wondering if anyone else agrees. I've never seen the older series'. Are they better in any way? Any crossover ideas? Who's your favorite turtle? Mine's Donatello. A lot of girls have crushes on him. I think I have one, too. I'm an April/Donnie shipper, though. Enough about my turtle opinions. Come on down, and talk about turtles!
  6. From my name and avatar, it's obvious I like TMNT and MLP. But I was wondering, which of the mane 6 resemble the characters of TMNT?? I say... Raphael=Rainbow Dash Leo=Applejack Donatello=Twilight Sparkle Michelangelo=Pinkie Pie and just because.... Splinter=Princess Celestia(she's not part of the mane 6, but still) Your opinions?
  7. So I came up with an interesting thought, what if one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became a brony? So I wrote a fanfic about it what I have so far is chapter 1 and there will probably be one more chapter probably 2 more tops. I am a decent writer but editing is not my strong suit though. This is largely based on the 80's and 90's turtles though some elements of the 2003 and 2012 series turtles is also included in this, enjoy. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bronies Chapter 1: Breakfast Without Mikey Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael were sitting down to their usual breakfast of oatmeal cereal pizza with maple syrup but one turtles was conspicuously absent the one turtle whose obsession with anything pizza dwarfed the most enthusiastic of his turtle brothers. Donatello was the first to break the awkward silence as the turtles were waiting for their pizza loving brother to join them for breakfast. “Have any of you seen Mikey? How is it scientifically possible for him to resist the smell of fresh pizza?” Donatello asked his brothers “Can we just start eating already? I believe the phrase you snooze you lose applies here.” Raphael grumbled impatiently as he stared at his meal. “No, master Splinter said that it is rude to start a meal unless everyone is present besides Michelangelo might be sick I keep telling him to cut back on those pickle jalapeno chocolate chip ice cream sandwich pizzas before bedtime.” Leonardo said as he was shaking his head in disapproval “Leo, we all tell him that but does that doofus ever listen to anything other than his cartoons, video games and comic books?” Raphael said in a slightly annoyed tone “Speaking of cartoons, video games and comic books it is possible Michelangelo might just be too caught up in something to even notice you all know how he gets with that stuff sometimes.” “Donatello has a point; maybe one of us should go check on him.” “Alright, Leo I will go see what that knucklehead is up to anything to get this moving along I am starving.” As Raphael excused himself from the table he walked toward Michelangelo’s room, slowly opened the door and saw that he wasn’t there but was greeted by an unusual sight just above Michelangelo’s bed. It was a poster of a strange dragon like creature sitting on a throne drinking a glass of chocolate milk with the word DISCORD in bold letters on the bottom. “Wait, what is this is that dragon drinking the glass itself instead of the milk?” Raphael wondered as he more closely examined the poster “Well, Mikey isn’t here I might as well check the living room and when I find him I have got to remember to ask him what show that creature is from.” As Raphael walked toward the living room he heard a familiar voice “Cowabunga! It’s almost pony time!” “Did Mikey just say that it’s pony time? Nah, even he is not that much of a dweeb get yourself together Raph you are just delirious from hunger.” Raphael thought to himself “Yeah, that is Mikey alright and what is he? Oh no, he really is that much of a dweeb after all” He said in shock and horror as he saw Michelangelo hugging a pink toy pony plushy “Oh Pinkie Pie you are the best pony a turtle could ask for, do you want to watch my favorite show with me? It has you and all your friends in it.” As Raphael watched what in his opinion was the train wreck before him, he decided he had seen enough, walked up to Michelangelo and slapped him on the back of the head. “Ow, Raph what was that for?” “That’s for being an even bigger idiot than usual, breakfast is ready and we are all waiting for you and you are… are playing with a stuffed cartoon pony. Mikey as much as I would like to I cannot unsee that abomination but I can hopefully get my mind off of it for a little while with some oatmeal cereal with maple syrup pizza.” “Oh man, how could I forget about pizza? I got to start scarfing before my show starts.” “Now that is more like it, I will meet you in the…” Raphael cut short as he noticed Michelangelo was already gone As Raphael walked back to the kitchen he noticed that 2 large pizzas were already gone with barely even a crumb left. “Oh come on, I leave for one second and you all start without me.” “Actually Michelangelo started without us and left as soon as he was done” Leonardo said as he shook his head disapprovingly “Yeah, you should have seen him I haven’t seen Michelangelo eat that fast since that one night we bet him he couldn’t eat 12 pizzas in 10 minutes.” “Whatever, listen whoever says we should just start eating say goongalla.” “goongalla!” The three turtles all said in unison as they began to devour their breakfast. As they finished eating they all went to the living room to see what was on TV they saw Michelangelo holding his pinkie pie plushy sitting on his favorite spot on the couch as the TV was playing a commercial. “Continuing up next on the Hub it is the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic mare a thon.” Donatello and Leonardo stared at each other in shock as Raphael face palmed himself in frustration the silence between them suddenly broken as both Leonardo and Donatello burst into laughter. The room filled with the incessant cackling of the two brothers as Raphael with a frustrated sigh quietly walked out of the room to find somewhere anywhere he could be away from Michelangelo and his ponies. “Dude, what is so funny? I am trying to watch my show here.” “I am sorry Michelangelo but it was a bit of surprise to walk into the living room and see you watching a show about…” Leonardo said as he was interrupted by his own snickering “I think what Leo is trying to say is that it is a bit unusual to see you watching a show for five year old girls.” “And how do you know that this is a show for five year old girls? Have any of you even bothered watching it?” “No, but come on it is pretty obvious and besides it is almost time for our morning exercises so we will talk more about this later I expect to see you both in the training room soon especially you Michelangelo you have been slacking too much on your training. Master Splinter said that an undisciplined mind leads to an undisciplined body.” “Yes Leo but he also said that things aren’t always what they seem and you shouldn’t prejudge something you don’t understand. I double dog dare you both to watch at least one episode and still tell me that this is a little girls show. Leonardo stared at Michelangelo quietly contemplating a response and then looked toward Donatello in the hopes he would know how to respond. “Fine I will watch one episode if it will finally shut you up I have to make some alterations to the turtle van so let’s get this over with.” Donatello said as he sat down next to Michelangelo on the couch. “What about you Leo? Are you going to watch an episode with us?” “I will later, I promise” “Do you Pinkie promise?” “Yes I Pinkie promise” Leonardo said as he extended his Pinkie “No no no no, not like that, repeat after me. I Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” “Do I have to do the ridiculous gestures too?” “Yes!” “I cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” “Cool sit with us, I got some popcorn.” “I Pinkie promised, whatever that means, to watch it with you later until later comes I will be in the training room.” As Leonardo walked out of the room Michelangelo turned his attention back to the TV his Pinkie Pie plushy in one hand and a large bucket of popcorn in the other with the remote resting on the right arm of the couch. “Aw dang it I just missed part 1 of the nightmare moon 2 parter, aw oh well I do have the DVR set to record everything and we are still in time for part 2.” “Oh goodie, I can hardly wait” Donatello said in a sarcastic tone “Oh come on don’t be like that, you are going to like this show I Pinkie promise Donnie.” To be continued
  8. This was originally typed as a response to the following blog post by Rockin Rarity I have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan since I was 6 years old and the reaction of Sailor Moon fans to this kind of reminds me of the reactions of some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans to the classic cartoon. The original comic was very dark, gritty and often fairly violent in one of the earliest issues Leonardo decapitated The Shredder. And it also dealt with a lot of philosophical issues and references that are decidedly mature. When the classic cartoon came out some of them thought it sort of spit on the legacy of the turtles by dumbing it down and making it too kiddy. To be fair some of their concerns were a bit understandable even as someone who grew up with the classic cartoon and still enjoys it to this day but it did blind them to the actual positive qualities of it causing some of them to not even give it a chance. It was different from the original comics in many ways but one thing it did have was the comics multiple parodies of different comic book, movie and pop culture parodies and kept the vigilante character Casey Jones faithful to his original comics version even if they had to tone down his more violent tendencies. Fast forward to the last couple of season and the classic cartoon took a darker turn that many fans dub as the "red sky arc" that many fans of the rest of the series hated and didn't give the time of day and while I agree that the change was jarring and could have used some plot development to ease us into it it did have its positive qualities. It had some great storylines and presented some of the same mature philosophical themes that the original comics touched upon and for the most part did them well. It had a feel to it that reminded me of Xmen with the turtles saving people and doing good deeds but people being afraid of them and hating them for being different which also presented some good opportunities to teach that it is okay to be different. Though I will admit I missed the corny humor of the other seasons. In 2003 this happened again with the "TMNT" cartoon which combined the darker themes of the original comics and the lighter side of the classic cartoon quite well. Some fans of the classic cartoon didn't give it the time of day but a lot of comics fans loved it because it was closer to the original comics. When I found out about this reboot I had the biggest fangasm ever and ended up liking it just as much as the classic cartoon and it introduced my favorite villain of the entire franchise Tengu/Demon Shredder who was the real and original Shredder who tormented imperial Japan centuries ago and of course came back. In 2012 another reboot came along and I like what I see so far but do like the classic and 2003 cartoons better for reasons I won't get into. I will say that I love their version of the Rat King and Krang. I have noticed this same trend though with some fans not willing to give it the time of day one of them being the same friend who told me about the 2003 reboot who is interesingly enough the same guy who introduced me to ponies. I know my wall o text isn't about Sailor Moon but I thought I would bring this up because it is relevent and shows that these sorts of reactions are not unique to one fandom.
  9. I grew up with a lot of great stuff, too much stuff to keep to one topic so I will only mention a few notables. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic series: the gritty, dark and violent comic may have come first but the 80's and 90's cartoon brought the turtles into the mainstream. I have been a turtles fan for over 20 years and still am, back when the cartoon aired I had nearly every toy you could imagine and watched that show religiously. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first fandom I ever became involved with and am still glad to say I still am one. I saw the 2003 series and it felt like falling in love all over again and I have been eagerly watching the 2012 series since it premiered and with the exception of a few nitpicky things here and there I love it because it combines the silly humor from the classic cartoon with the darker elements of the 2003 series and the original comics. Power Rangers: This was another thing I was into where I had nearly every toy you could imagine and never missed an episode. I may no longer be into this fandom but still have some very fond memories of it. Batman the Animated Series: This show is what started a love affair with Batman that is yet to slow down. I have seen many different versions of Batman throughout the years but this is without a doubt my personal favorite. Animaniacs: I love that the HUB has started airing this show, it is like they took the best of the old school cartoons and combined it with clever modern (as in modern back then) and old school references into an entertaining cartoon that never took itself too seriously. Hey Arnold: Like MLP it had great morals and lessons and presented them in a way that while it was simple enough for children to understand were profound enough to where even adults could apply them without being too preachy. And it was an all around entertaining show with engaging, relatable characters placed in very interesting situations.
  10. So one of the dumbest ideas for a TV Show ever is in fact Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh no don't get me wrong, its among my favorite cartoons of all time, but just breakdown that title. Teenage, Mutant, Ninja, Turtles... If anything came out like that in these days we'd just label it as trying way too hard to be random. Yet its is so perfectly stupid that it has launched one of the best TV Show franchises of all time. It worked so well that it made a full cartoon, a series of live action movies, tons of toys, actually good video games, ANOTHER cartoon, a 3D animated movie, and yet a THIRD SERIES! The Turtles have seriously burned themselves into our memories and they are not leaving any time soon. The third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is made by Nickelodeon which has been home to some of the greatest cartoons ever as well as some great children sitcoms and movies. Hell, they even had an extremely good 3D Animated cartoon (see Jimmy Neutron) which is something I can't seem to find anywhere else. That being said, if a 3D animated cartoon of TMNT were to be anywhere I'm glad its with Nickelodeon. Lately they've been kinda dropping the ball as far as cartoons go, but perhaps TMNT is their road to redemption... well... I'm not going to say that the new TMNT series is bad, generally speaking, but so far it has proven to be my least favorite cartoon adaptation. The premier has shown it to be a half decent cartoon, but if you are looking for the great return of the Turtles, you may find yourself a bit dissapointed. The visual style of the new TMNT cartoon looks very... geometric? The 3D models look a bit "shapey" with unnatural looking corners and sides. Kinda like if they were living in some kind of oragami world of sorts. Its very stylized and its something you just either appreciate or you don't. Personally I kinda like it, except when it comes to the environment. Some areas of land just look really empty and just have a few model trees set around to try to fill in the gaps, but it looks really plain when they try for a wide open area. The character animation is good though. Nothing too special are spectacular on character movement, but when it comes to character expression they seem to have adopted an "anime" inspired style to convey emotions on the characters. Once again something very stylized that you'll either love or hate. I rather like it actually, but if you don't like anime then it might be a bit annoying. The audio work of the premiere was where I felt a bit dissapointed. There was nothing really wrong with the sound effects or background music, but there were a few issues that annoyed me. To start with, the theme song is your usual TMNT sound, but with a bit of a twist. They turned it into a full on rap that kinda takes on the cheesey cartoon rap appeal. Its not too insulting, but it feels just kinda bad. But my main audio issue was the voice acting. They kinda threw out the "surfer" style voices of the turtles and focused more on giving them inner city voices. Donatelo's voice is probably the most heavily city accented voice out of all of them. Its alright, but it just feels off. Though I will admit that Mikey's voice work is pretty bad. He was definitely getting on my nerves by the end which is a shame since he's my favorite Turtle. One thing that made me laugh too hard was when Shredder got some lines at the end and revealed his deep dark James Earl Jones-like voice. Deep and dark is funny and all, but it just can't compare to the original Fresh Prince "Uncle Phil" Shredder. The writing is also something that has somewhat both surprised me and upsetted me. One issue was that they changed the villain Kraang from just one villain, to an entire alien species. I find this change to be really disappointing. I am glad that they decided to include Kraang into the new adaptation, but it feels slightly insulting to see his character removed and he's just a bunch of alien thugs inside of body suits. They do have a funny erratic pattern of talking while in the suit though which is kinda funny. The Turtles stay pretty faithful to their character personalities... well they seem to have a heavy focus on changing Donatelo though to being a tad bit too obsessed with April. Speaking of which, April is a little girl instead of a 20-something reporter. Its an odd rewrite that I'm sure will getting on people's nerves, but this oddly puts her at proper age for the Turtles... wait... I see where this is going.... So its yet another rendition of the Turtles cartoon. I'm sure that the kids will love it. It seems more gear towards kids who are discovering it now rather than old fans of the original. I guess that isn't bad since it kinda stands on its own then, but also a bit disappointing to older fans such as myself. I reccommend watching it so you can make your own judgements. I'll probably be checking out the rest of at least the first season to see where things go with this and see if I like it or not. The premiere at least seems promising that it isn't going to be totally horrible, so I guess that's all I can really ask of it.
  11. I was thinking about my name TMNP, and drew this pic of Michelangelo. Enjoy. Silver Arrow Edit: