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Found 10 results

  1. Well, it has been a long time since I have made a thread. I have been inactive on this website for a few months now because of school, work, and life in general. With all of that said and done I would like to talk about something that really grinds my gears. That's gay. This a phrase that many a teenager has probably uttered at some point in their life and it really bothers me when they do. I'm sure a lot of us can agree, whether you're gay or straight, that this phrase is used in a very malicious way when it comes to teenagers. It's a put down, an insult, or an overall degrader. It would seem to me that many teenage guys are very insecure in their masculinity since they are the worst offenders when it comes to using this phrase. I never understood why we guys are so obsessed with trying to be masculine. That's why I had no trouble embracing a colourful show about ponies. I don't think that most realise what they are saying and how hurtful it can be. Although, I'm sure a lot of people use it because they don't care about hurting gay people. What do you guys think about this phrase and how it is used. Do you think it is hurtful? Or do you think it is acceptable? Let me know your thoughts and opinions and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  2. What is your opinion on teenagers? I'm one myself, so I am curious to know.
  3. Tonight I went to the grocery store with my mom. Usually, I don't think too much of it, but tonight, something totally embarrassing happened. Mom and I split up in the store so we could gather what we needed faster. I go to the frozen foods section, and as I arrive, I see this girl I know from my college. "Hi Derek!" she says in a semi-flirty way. "Hey Katie." I reply. "So what's up?" "Nothing much, just getting groceries." "Oh, well that's cool to see you being so independent. I mean, not that you're NOT independent most of the time, I'm just saying that, and no offense to the other guys at our school, but I get the feeling that a lot of them like, live in their parent's basements or something. Like they don't know anything about real life." "Hehe...yeah.:." "Well, it was cool to see you Derek! Maybe we sometime we could--" That's when mom walks up. "Derek! Is this your friend?" "Uhh...yeah, this is Katie." "Ooh!" Katie cries. "So this is like, your mom?" "Yeah...:" I say as I start to blush really badly. Katie laughs in a way that suggests that she knows the irony of the situation. "I guess I'll, uh..let you two keep shopping! Have fun with your Mom, Derek." "Ok, um..see you around school." As she's walking away, I see her get a small glance at this look on her face that was like "Oh my God, did that JUST happen?" I honestly couldn't tell if she was more embarrassed that she brought up the parent's basement thing, or if she was embarrassed at me for shopping with my mom. All I know is that I'm completely mortified. I do live with my parents, and usually, I don't think anything of it, but now I wonder: What if I'm unintentionally (for lack of a better word) cock-blocking myself by going to public places with my mom? I feel that this is a legitimate concern. I don't know, maybe some girls think that's sweet. But then if they think it's sweet...that's a friend zone indicator. So I really have no idea what to do. What about you guys? Do you feel that going out in public with your parents makes you "lose your cred" in any way? Or do you not think anything of it and happily join your parents for impromptu shopping sessions?
  4. Hello I am a 16 years old Brony and I timhibk being a brony is hardest on my age, I can't go to cons or collect pony stuff, and I am still at school so telling everyone I am a brony will have me a hard time anypony here with my own situation
  5. All right what are your opinions on high school? Well I do think it is better than middle school in terms of maturity of students. But I don't like the drama that happens or how early it starts. My school starts at 7:30 and I live quite a way from there so I have to leave at 6:40. I would prefer it if it started later and ended later. All right discuss away!
  6. Hey guys. I'm not sure if it's okay for me to post stuff advertising people's work here, but here's hoping it is. Some people I know recently wrote a book, which I helped with a little, and one of them asked me to help get it noticed, so I'm doing just that. It's aimed at Christians who might be interested in finding new ways to pray, so, if that's something you'd be interested in checking out, then here's a link to it: Hopefully you'll like what you see if you check it out. If you aren't interested in it, all the best anyway. Thanks for reading.
  7. Taking out the obvious Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and Fox shows, are teenagers you know into cartoons? There's one girl in my school who is into Cartoons (western and anime), and video games. And my table-mates at lunch talk about Avatar, Danny Phantom, Superheroes and Anime alot.
  8. This is a commonly debated topic amongst parents, teachers and even teenagers themselves. From what has been put out by the press, the popular views of teenagers tend to situate around the violent, drunk troublemaker; which we all know is not always the case at all. However, this debate will focus more on the TREATMENT and RAISING of teenagers as a whole. Views from all angles are encouraged. Please give balanced arguments or provide additional support any one-sided points *** Some argue that children grow up far too quickly and enforce a 'younger' lifestyle upon teenagers. This would keep them under parental wing, but could the effects be detrimental later on in life? Some argue that teenagers need to be made adult ASAP, suggesting that having a harsher exposure to reality at a younger age is the better option. But is this just destroying the most innocent and best era of a human's life? Discuss and give own opinion.
  9. Hi everypony. . . this is a fanfic. For now, the first chapter isn'y even finished, but I'd really appreciate some constructive critisicim. (I think spelled critisicim wrong) Anyways, to sum it up, the beginning chapter is about a younger Celestia and Luna in a pre-Equestrian era, before ponies populated pretty much everything. If anything, please, please, please keep an open mind while reading it. I know some of you may not agree with my portrayal of the younger sisters, but the show never says much on how they were when they were younger. I was curious, so I tried to fill a few gaps. I followed a little bit of a different route than what Hearth's Warming Eve said about the history. Enjoy, I hope. My work usually gets slammed pretty hard, so I'm prepared. x3 Epilogue There was not always a country of Equestria. Long before ponies populated the massive sheath of land that is so familiar to us today, there were many provinces and types of creatures that each had their own custom and way of life, some good, some not so good. There was Hoen, which was renown for its strict rules yet lax punishments. The country of Eden, a lush, fertile place where most of the occupants were associated with farming one way or another. There was Caurwrey, River, Deilind- some different, some same, but all suffering in one way or another. All taking out the suffering on each other, one way or another. I grew up in the province of Equestria though, the biggest and arguably the most prosperous in all the land. Equestria then was much simpler than what it is today. I may be old by some standards, (certainly not in looks) but my memory is as fresh as ever. My fillyhood was unstable. I was the youngest of two children, dark and more brooding than my older sister, who was prone to fits of temper and random acts of good will. She was the sunny one. I was often left in the dark. Celestia- Luna. It was funny how our names so affected our personalities. When I think about my younger life in general, I remember tents. It's where we lived most of the time. We were royalty, yes, but we were forcibly humble. I remember tents. . . So that is how I will begin my story.   Chapter One When I was a teenager, I fell in love with the first glamerous stranger that walked up to me, as most teenagers prefer to evantually make themselves miserable. He was everything that fit the bill of 'perfect'- tall, witty, intimidating. He made me crave his approval, run over every sentence I spoke to make sure it didn't sound childish, and cower like a whipped dog when I slipped up just how juvinile I was. I would style my mane a different way every day, and eye him, watching his body language to see if it pleased him or not. He was my obsession. I fantasized about him holding me as I feel asleep each humid night, sometimes more than holding me. His name was Kai. I was laying around in my tent (I did say I would start with tents- I seem to have gotten caught up with myself) the day I met him. It was a sultry afternoon, the kind where you sweat and smell horrid, and where the air is so moist the dust is too heavy to fly around and stick to you. A week before, our small castle had been ambushed and attacked. It was a common occurance, but for our safety we were once again moved to the backcountry, where we suffered through canvas-walled tents and other peasant horror until our home was deemed safe again. He walked by my tent once. I greeted him, and he said nothing back. That is how I met him, but it isn;t how I got to know him. So I resumed being horribly bored and alone. There was some talk of peace amoung the provinces, which the adults were eager to share with me until they found out I had no aptitude for politics and social sciences- that was more Tia's area. As a filly, she would drag me to the staircase ( if we were in the castle) or hide behind some crude wooden wall, the light of the fire faintly flickering off our faces. "Treaties- Hoen and Milderwee have a treaty?" she'd whisper excitedly, her glassy eyes brightening. "Luna- we have a treaty with Milderwee, too. This is great news!" and I'd nod like I had the faintest idea of what she was going on about. She'd shush me, though I hadn't said anything, and then she'd go off about conspiracies and political elections and assasiantions again. Who killed who, who was agreeing or threatening who- it all meant nothing to me. All I cared about was if my family was alright, if we were comfterble and my world wasn't crumbling around me. Soon, it wasn't necessary for us to sneak around. After our father retired, our mother long passed away from a complicated illness, Tia started to be trained in the way that the young become the respected. She was invited to those late-night meetings she'd been so enraptured in as a filly. Oh, she tried to teach me what she learned, but I was a hopeless student in those areas. "Luna," she'd start, a hoof on each of my shoulders, "If Deiland and Hoen declared war on each other, how would at affect Eden?" I'd try to remember what she'd told me- a good part of Deiland was in the desert. Eden was where most of the 'foreign' food came from. Eden was on the other side of Hoen."Uhhhh. . . ." I'd bite my bottom lip, "Eden would make more sales?" Tia, who had to be the most patient and saintly pony I'd ever come by, would sigh and look disappointed. "No, Luna, Eden would make less sales, because there's no way Hoen would let Eden do trade with Deiland- Eden and Hoen have a treaty, remember?" "Yes. A treaty means they won't fight-" "And?!" "Uh- it means-" It means my mind was blank. I'd drop my gaze, tears welling up in my eyes. Why couldn't I be smart and worldly like Tia? I was useless- utterly useless. "Oh, Luna! Don't- a treaty also means that Eden would help Hoen out with the war. There, there, it's okay. It's not even that important, don't worry about it." Tia would pull me closer to her, and wipe my tears hastily away. "It's okay, Luna. Do you want to go for a walk instead?" It would always boil down to that. My frusterated tears, and Tia satiating me with a walk. A walk didn't require any major intelligence- just knowing how to move your legs a certain way, and remembering how to get back home. Out of all the things my sister and I did together, our walks were my favorite. They reminded me of when things were less complicated- certainly before she`d discovered politics were more interesting than I was. It was no surprise to me that she soon became too busy with her studies to humor her little sister with mindless exercize. Now that I think about it- (Because I sure didn't think about it the same way when I was younger) I was lonely and needy, and starved for attention. I did anything for any sort of attention. I acted out, I terrorized younger fillies, I avoided my meagre chores- time after time I would be sent to Tia, my sister, the Princess Celestia and new ruler of the province, to what the officials hoped would be a strict punishment. The visits with my sister would go like this- I would walk into the palace courtyard (during the tent-days, the officials were too busy to be worried about my shenanigans) and drop dramatically onto the carpet in front of her. Most citizens were expected to bow to her- but I considered it ridiculous to bow to my own sister. We had both shared the same cradle, and been nursed by the same mare, and cried on each others shoulders when she was taken away from us. "Luna. . ." Celestia would say, looking up to see me sprawled on the floor a few metres away from her. "Celestia." I'd say shortly. (I refused to call her Tia while she was 'on the throne', which was most of the time. At the same time, I refused to adress her as princess.) "Did you want to talk to me?" She'd stand up to her full height, her glorious mane and tail flowing in the nonexistant breeze, and take a few steps toward me. "Nope." I'd keep a poker face, still lying on the floor in a ridiculous and often uncomfterble position. "Anything wrong?" "Nope." "Nothing?" her voice would end on a high pitch, hinting, politely, that she had much better things to do than watch me be difficult. "Nothing." I'd confirm. "Can I go now?" ___________________________________ So that's part of the first chapter. Feedback is greatly appreciated, although please don't be too harsh. That's a real weenie thing to say, but constructive critisicim, again. Thanks. :3