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Found 12 results

  1. So i know brushing your teeth is important day and night for every day but what about mornings ? if you brush your teeth at night and not have anything after and just go to sleep then whats the point in brushing your teeth in the morning ? why not just mouthwash in the morning since you already brushed them at night? if u guys want to know yes i do brush my teeth everyday XD lol.
  2. So this may be a weird question but: How many times have you not brushed? I once knew this kid who never brushed. And I mean NEVER. You could see it in his teeth, and he also stated that he never did. He considered brushing his teeth a "waste of time". Now I'm not trying to gross anyone out with that, and I'm also not asking for any personal issues with you and your teeth (they can be a bit mean sometimes). But all in all, how many times have you not brushed your teeth. I know I have a few times this year. Also what reasons have you not brushed? Didn't have a tooth brush with you? Forgot? No toothpaste? Or too lazy? Don't worry, I'm not here to judge you, but i'm not sure about Colgate.
  3. I had the misfortune of needing braces twice. That was not because of forgetting to wear a retainer or anything, but because my orthodontist had a two-phase treatment plan. So I had my braces on and off twice from the time I was 8 to the time I was 15. But in the end, I think it was worth it. I finally felt confident with my smile. Plus, I used to have crooked teeth and ran the risk of permanent nerve damage if I hadn't gotten braces. Has anyone else here had braces, and does anyone currently have braces? I'm just curious to know who else has been through the same thing. :-P
  4. My tooth hurts and I dont want to go to the dentist...
  5. It's been a long time since I have ever had surgery done to any part of my body. Tomorrow (May 27, 2015), I will have all 3 of my Wisdom Teeth removed. I'm wondering if any of you had your wisdom teeth removed yet. And if so, I would like you guys to vote on the poll I have set up asking the question, "Which Anesthesia method should I go with? Keep in mind, I'd rather be asleep when the surgery starts.
  6. I'm always impressed by how ponies can draw and write with their faces. You know: While holding a writing implement in their mouths. So I had this not at all stupid idea to try doing it myself. xD I clenched a Sharpie pen between my teeth and attempted the following Rainbow Dash drawing: Came out better than I expected. x ) Can't say I recommend it, though.
  7. Well i just felt like asking because the idea came to me, and i'm not aware of it being a topic here. Have you ever had braces? I know alot of people have, i mean a good bit of people I know have at one point, of course I'm sure plenty haven't. I actually myself haven't had them yet. The dentist did actually say that I should have them, however I didn't get them for a few reasons. First of all, i'm a trumpet player, and playing trumpet with braces is going to impair me alot, plus I have a trio to play, and I'm definitely not going to let down people by getting braces and throwing my tone and playing away. Especially not when people are counting on me. And also, despite my dentist saying I have an underbite(I think I have an underbite, i forget which ;p, maybe I have an overbite..) i've had people actually compliment me on my smile saying its "perfect" so like what gives? I think i'll keep my "Perfect" smile thank you very much(Even if i don't see whats so special about it.) Also we don't really have the cash to throw away for that. So yeah, I guess even if my teeth aren't perfectly straight they're good enough to the point I don't feel i need or want braces. Not to mention they look painful :/. So yeah, what about y'all? Do any of you have braces? Or had them? whats your experience with them? Or are you just someone with naturally perfect teeth? ;p. I'm curious! So yeah post away! .
  8. They do. They can write with a pencil held between their teeth. Rainbow and AJ could support the weight of a pony with their teeth. Rainbow ripped part of a barn apart with her teeth. Ponies raised a barn with their teeth. Not enough has been said about pony teeth.
  9. You know, when your eating popcorn, and one of those stupid kernel skins gets stuck between your teeth, or when your eating Beef Jerky, and a small string of it gets caught. Ugh, it is the most annoying mildly uncomfortable thing that can ruin your day. Anyway, Have any of you ponies experienced this?
  10. Spoiler: Ponies eating rocks? Wat?! Okay, if you write a fan fiction you can merely dismiss that Ponies eat rocks. Canon Ponies teeth don't look sharp at least, but what kind of crushing strength are we talking here to be able to eat rocks? Are Ponies teeth as hard as diamonds? I guess you can use cartoon logic, but this. With MLP FIM Ponies having these kind of teeth I would be worried about kissing them, (Hey! I'm Commander Shepard if the alien is sapient and pretty I may love it!) if I were teleported into a saucy Human in Equestria fan fiction universe, where everypony loves Humans. I guess, the Ponies wouldn't hurt me, but this has added a worrying issue for me. I mean a Pony could easily kill me with those teeth. But then again cartoon logic may save me and make my body just as strong as theirs.
  11. Hello! Meet, the Dentist. Now, i'm pretty sure most of us have visited the Dentist at least once in our lifetime. We all know the experience of having to nervously wait for your turn to sit in the chair, and I don't believe there is anyone, who wasn't scared just a little bit of this man with his scary tools. Some people are just CrAzY about their dental health, and some just don't care about it at all. Some people brush their teeth 2 - 3 - 4 times a day, and others will be surprised if they end up brushing their teeth at least once or twice a week. This just shows, that this is a very wide topic to discuss about, and that there are many different opinions to be heard. I believe it would be a great idea to discuss them here! My last few visits inspired me to create this thread, because i was interested in what kind of experiences, the members of this forum, have had with dentists. I've searched the general discussion forum page and i didn't find a thread that covered this topic, so i thought i'd make my own . So... Are you scared of going to the Dentist? Is dental health important to you? What kind of procedures have you underwent? Anything related to teeth fits this thread. So, let's begin! I'm eagar to read about your opinions and experiences!
  12. Yea so whenever I eat something hot or cold my teeth fucking hurt. It's been driving crazy ever since I was six. I can't bite into ice-cream or buritos, it fucking sucks :/