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Found 1 result

  1. Hey I want some feedback/ideas to one idea i just got. It's based on Tekkit, and I'm inspired of the Yogscast Tekkit series. The Idea is an competition. Where multiple teams fight each other.Where doing espionage and sabotage (ofc by some rules.) is allowed.All teams have the same goal, and the team that first finishes the goal wins! A setup I'm Imaging is like.. 4 Teams. Each team with like 2-4 people. One Goal (maybe have additional goals for bonus points that can give you advantages later on?). You start on a fresh map. and you get 30 min in the start to get settled(Where no killing or sabotage is allowed).Then it break lose. The different teams can now sneak into the other team's bases and steal ore/bars or maybe food (depends on how far into game they have come). Use Energy condensers and macerators. steal power (by using batteries) or steal machines. Those rules can be discussed pre-game. Then lets say the first team that builds a Teleporter (As an example. This can be anything from Cobblestone generators to advanced factories). And that's when the game stops. 2'nd,3'rd and 4'th would be decided by how many of the secoundary goals completed. *edit And Each team has a recording player that uploads this on their/his/her channel (optional) Now, I need feedback. is this anything you guys would like to participate in/watch?