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Found 52 results

  1. Why do you watch MLP:FiM? I have heard various reasons for watching the show, from the characters helping people feel less lonely, people appreciating its lessons, to it just being an overall good show. What’s your reason?
  2. So, I, myself am American. Which means I speak English. In my native language foreign shows/movies are usually subtitled but it depends on the channel. On Netflix, most foreign shows are subtitled but there's usually an option of dubbing. On Food Network, Iron Chef Japan is dubbed. (I love that show). However, the most common shows to be dubbed in my native tongue are anime. (Pokemon Sun and Moon is my favorite). Also, I know Spanish dubs many shows. However, they typically dub American shows and not most other shows. The only Japanese shows I know of that are dubbed is anime. I do believe Iron Chef is available subtitled on Canal Sony but I'm not sure. Not all American shows are dubbed or subtitled into Spanish. I wanted to learn Spanish so I randomly Googled Spanish subtitles for shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I found nothing. I also Googled Spanish subtitles for The Aquabats Super Show and found NADA! (However, Yo Gabba Gabba is dubbed into Spanish but not The Aquabats Super Show, which is not even subtitled.) However, normally I can find subtitles for Spanish shows, I looked up 31 Minutes (a Chilean show, known as 31 Minutos in it's native tongue). It was a pain in the neck to find subtitles but I eventually found them. I was going on subtitle websites. I only found subtitles for the 31 Minutes: The Movie, though. However, I recently searched YouTube for 31 Minutes and I found full episodes with English subs. Ironically, they were uploaded by the official YouTube channel.
  3. Trulli Tales is a cartoon about four wizard chefs who cook. They get their recipes from Trulli Grandma's magic cookbook. Copperpot, the villain, always tries to take the magic cookbook. The wizard chefs' names are Ring, Zip, Stella, and Sun. They have multiple cooking instructors (professors, maybe I should say). The network varies by country... but I'll provide some information on current and former networks. But first, I'll go back to the series' origins. The original title while it was first in production was "Trullalleri". That was the original, I guess you could say, alpha or early beta title for the series. The articles published (in 2014) that mention the original title are in Italian, which indicates that the idea for the series was created (by Italians) and/or (in Italy). The earliest article that uses the current title, Trulli Tales, was published in English in 2015. Also, note that, in Quebec (Canada), the "Trullalleri" title is still used for the Canadian French dub... in France, however, it's called Trulli Tales just like in the English-speaking world and Italy. Another thing I'd like to add too, is the original language for the series is/was English, but it was/is dubbed into Canadian French, European French, and Italian. Also, the first network to air the series in 2017 was a Brazilian TV network, Gloobinho. And according to the credits, it was produced by the Italian public broadcaster, Gloobinho in Brazil, Disney networks Europe, and multiple French and Canadian production companies. And I'd like to add also, that according to an article published in 2015, it was scheduled to air in 2016, so it must have not been completed by then. Now, anyway, I'll provide more info on networks here. If possible, if I'm not busy, I might try to update you on what networks are currently airing the series too. I'll probably try to focus the most on Nick Jr., though, since they've been airing the series on-and-off, and they're a U.S. network, and the U.S. is where I live. Gloobinho Brazil (2017-present) RAI Italy (public broadcaster) (2017-present) Disney Junior EU (2017-late 2018) Disney Junior UK and Ireland (2017 or early 2018-late 2018) Tiny Pop (UK) (January 2019-present) Nick Jr. (U.S. and Latin America) (October 2019-March 2020; April 2020-June 2020; unknown if it'll air or be reran again; I'm assuming the reason they even started airing it and rerunning it again in the U.S. in the first place was because I requested them to air it again.) Prime (New Zealand TV network) (Part of morning TV schedule) (unknown date-recent date in 2020; unknown if it'll air again.)
  4. So, anyway, I watch The Muppet Show on TV, along with many other television programs and I am wondering if anybody here watches it. If you like it, thank you for your response. Thank you anyway, even if you don't like it. If you don't know what it is, you can Google it, you can find info about anything online. Me watching The Muppet Show...
  5. I was watching the Hunger Games, and I thought of this idea... What if there was a tv channel that existed solely for the purpose of documenting every post on this forum? Would you still be on this website? Would the prospect of potential fame and notoriety make you want to post even more? Assuming that the show had a lot of viewers.
  6. Okay I see there is a thread for the best and worst Cartoon Network shows well I think there should also be one for in Nickeldeon because in my opinion, they're even more in the toilet then cartoon network. At least cncan make a few decent shows, nickelodeon only has like maybe 1 or 2 or maybe 3 Best Spongebob Squarepants (first 3 seasons and movie) The Fairly Odd parents up until Poof got there Jimmy Neutron Angry Beavers invader Zim Rocko's Modern Life Hey Arnold The Avatar series the new TMNT from what saw of it was good Drake and Josh Ned's Declassified Worst Fanboy and Chum Chum Victorious Big Time Flush Rush icarly Nick Studio 10 (Saw a clip of it one time oh my gosh it was terrible) And that's what I've got. Now there are some old nicktoons that I personally don't like that much but they didn't sink as low as this plus I don't want to mention them to accidently ruin someone's childhood or something So discuss away
  7. Is anyone else a fan of the series Naked and Afraid that airs on Discovery channel? For those of you unfamiliar, it’s about a camera crew that follows two individuals as they attempt to survive in the wild fir 21 days and they are without clothes. I have been watching it since its first season.
  8. In case you don't know, it's a show about lifeguards. Sadly, it doesn't air anymore and I can't find it on any streaming services. I can find the movie on Hulu, but I can't find the TV show on any streaming service.
  9. What did you guys think about it's return back at 2017? I quickly went through the old seasons again just for the sake of nostalgia, I really wish there was a way to find the Soundtrack for every episode. Also, anybody remember that one episode when Samurai jack was 'catfished' by Aku when he shape-shifted into a woman?
  10. I looked at the International broadcast page of the MLP wiki, and found out that with the exception of TV Tokyo in Japan (until 2014), the show only airs on satellite and cable television worldwide. What's up with that?
  11. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it seems to me that the recent trend in critically acclaimed shows is to take an established movie genre or theme and make a dark and lurid arc-driven series out of it. Following that trend, here are my predictions for the next ten years of television. Game of Thrones (in space - possibly based off C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy) Game of Thrones (steampunk edition) Game of Thrones (cyberpunk edition) Game of Thrones (Napoleonic edition) Discworld - The Series Doctor Who: Doctors 15 through 20 - (with a female and/or African Doctor) American series attempt at J-Horror (The Ring, The Grudge, etc.) Star Wars (bounty hunter based series) Alien - The Series
  12. Say Equestria has TV and your OC becomes hooked. What kind of shows would they be into? Refund Check would watch crime dramas, the History Channel and Jeopardy!. Ruby Shears would watch soap operas and sitcoms. Fudge Cookie and Sundae Shake would watch cartoons, especially SpongeBob or Gravity Falls. Thrillseeker would watch sitcoms and superhero dramas.
  13. What are your favorite anime? My favorites: Naruto Shippuden Fairy Tail (Still ongoing, guys!) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Durarara!! Soul Eater The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Food Wars! Death Parade Serpah Of The End Digimon Frontier
  14. I have a question for all of you out there that has been perplexing me for quite some time now. Would they come out with a generation 5 of MLP? If so, would it be good or bad? Who would the characters be? And would you want to watch it? I know that it's too soon to tell, but this post is purely for speculation. So let me know what you guys think! :3
  15. All right every pony. Is there a tv show that you like but it's either not that popular or is extremely hated. Well then this is the place to share these shows. here's mine: Total Drama:This one's honestly become a guilty pleasure for me as of lately, I know it's not the most original idea but it's got some funny references to keep me entertained. Dan vs.: I don't see that much talk about this show, it was pretty funny. Too bad it got canceled. The Amazing World of Gumball: The only argument I've seen against this show is that it's stupid. I personally think it's kind of funny and I like how it uses different art styles. Anyway discuss away.
  16. Who is everyponies favorite cybertronian? Why? Just curious. My all-time favorite is Optimus Prime (cliche, I know, but hey.) Definitely my role model, though I feel more like Grimlock most days.
  17. So do you prefer watching shows about real humans, or do you prefer shows that have talking blue bunnies? I choose cartoons over pretty much any live action show. (No, it's not because I like mlp.) it just seems so much more fun to watch. What do you choose?
  18. Might there be further appeareappearances from the background characters? Not just visually but through voice as well? May they have significant roles to play in episodes to come. I mean ALREADY in 1 season we already have 2 episodes that use background characters for significant roles. Speculation? You bet ya! Let me know what you think! :3
  19. There's SO many "artists", whether they're people who make/ sell music, make movies, tv shows, ect. out there, and more flooding through the doors each day. Content is being churned out to the masses at whiplash speeds, and there's quite literally something new coming out every day- if not from one "artist", then from another. But what i don't think many people bother to question anymore is if what they're watching or listening to is made with love and passion by the artist- for the many who dare to call themselves that. Is what we're being supplied by these artists really a work of art, by someone who has a passion for what they're doing, and the content they release is expressive and moving, and brilliant, and just make you FEEL, as art should? There's far too many sellouts who no longer (or never really had, to begin with) passion for the "art" they create, and sell out to make a quick buck; while likely losing the love and passion they had for what they were doing, once someone puts them on a leash and tells them what to make and how to make their 'art'. What do you guys think? Are passionate projects from music, film, tv, ect 'artists' something that you see as a rarity, now, or are they steadily being delivered? Or is there more "muck for a quick buck" amongst all the media that gets bought up, with the more passionate artists to truly consider their craft an art form being largely unheard of and/ or ignored?
  20. Something that's been on my mind lately is cable TV and it's relevance. Now, I'm not talking about the quality of TV today, I'm talking about how much people watch TV anymore. The quality of shows today maybe a factor on why not as much people watch TV as they used to but I think there's a bigger factor: the internet. See, on the internet, there are streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime to watch full seasons of shows any time you want. Even if you don't have accounts, you can still easily find episodes of shows through a simple internet search or buying the DVDs or Blu Rays. This completely eliminates the need to have reruns, since no one is gonna sit through hours of shows they may or may not like just to see the one show they do like. Heck, the only time I watch TV these days is for new episodes of shows I do like, or for the occasional hockey game. But even with new episodes of shows, depending on how popular they are there is probably someone just live streaming the episode so you don't have to watch it on TV. I'm pretty sure the only time multiple people collectively watch TV anymore are for big events like the Super Bowl or the Oscars. I know many people whom I only see watching TV for either new episodes of shows they're following or sports games, so the rerun ratings are probably going down, since once again, people are just watching these shows online. I have a prediction that once people start streaming sports games and award shows (if they haven't already) Cable TV is just gonna die. There will practically be no need for it, (unless you have no internet, but most of the population does). All the networks will just make their own streaming services and release new episodes of the shows there and live streams will be a big thing. What do you guys think? Forgot to mention for watching the news, most recent news is trending on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and if you don't have any of those, they end up on the front pages of sites like Yahoo.
  21. Source: Cable TV: How Much Longer will it Last?
  22. By 2020, I want a new genre of video games to emerge. Something akin to The Sims but more realistic, a video game that was a Soap Opera. So, it would take place in an Emmerdale-style village, and each time you start the game the residents are different, later, different residents die, move out and move on. And new ones will move in, and there would be random events such as explosions that can kill residents, a fair(that can go horribly wrong), and car chases. And you can buy cars and all sorts of stuff, and the AI is Turing Tested, like that Ukrainian Chatbot boy, but the Test will be more better. So there will be no need for voice acting or programming. And it would all be first person and you can create your own character, I would like the genre to be called ''Soap Opera game'' or ''Virtual Soap Opera''. And then the news will say ''Eastenders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Corrie and Days of our lives made obsolete by new game genre''. One more question, and a serious one. How large will Open World's be in 5 years? Can an Open World support 5,000,000 photorealistic km. By photorealistic, I mean ''not like Minecraft's infinite environment''. What do you think? Also, another topic, can a Holodeck be real? And could we play a realistic racing game that puts you in the life of a driver? Can a Holodeck be the solution to life?
  23. What is the goriest Rated Teen movie or game? I saw a PG13 movie of Abraham Lincoln that featured a soilders intestines carved out. Happy Tree friends despite showing organs and severed limbs is rated TV14 The same goes for 1000 ways to die which has live actors. Exactly HOW MUCH violence can we get away in a rated Teen anything?
  24. So, this rant is kind of a response to a current event. So there is this show on Nickelodeon called Oggy and the Cockroaches. I've never heard of this show, but a quick Wikipedia search told me it was made in France. Anyways, there is a controversy going on over a blink and you'll miss it moment. In one episode, there was a shot of breasts for a second or something. Basically, angry parents got angry over this one second shot that's probably a blink and you'll miss it moment, dubbing it "boobgate." (How many gates are we gonna have. There better not be a Pinkiegate :okiedokielokie: .) Our of all the things to complain about on Nick, they chose that. So let me get this straight, there can be an episode of one of their sitcoms involving one of the kids thinking he's pregnant, a cartoon about twerking ducks with one episode revolving around date rape, and an episode where Spongebob, THEIR FREAKING CHANNEL MASCOT dates a sandwich and looks at it kind of seductively. However if there's a shot of that for a split second, that's instantly the worst possible thing? May I remind you that the aforementioned scenes I mentioned were entire episodes dedicated around this? May I remind you that this show wasn't even made by Nick, but in France, you know, where the censors are more light. Honestly, why are the censors so light here in the States? I mean, they show edgy content in kids shows made in other countries. Just look at the Pokemon episode Beauty and the Beach, or the Total Drama series made in Canada. Heck, when the first season of the latter show was airing in the states, they had to edit down so much dialogue, that it made some scenes come off as jarring. Would show you one edited clip I'm thinking of, but I can only find the uncensored version. The reason why we're so scared of edgy content here in the states is all because of angry soccer moms who think that this stuff is gonna scar kids for life or something. We can't even have a scene of a clumsy pony named Derpy without someone getting offended? On a side note, was anyone who is actually mentally handicapped offended by that scene? They seem to get angry at scenes that don't even effect the story, and not stuff that do or entire episodes, making them come off as extremely hypocritical. In a nutshell, make up your mind and stop speaking for your kids.
  25. So, are there any other Stargate fans out there? My personal favorite was Atlanits, though SG-1 was great as well. While I'm on the topic, has anyone seen any good Stargate-MLP crossovers? -Z edit: misspelling